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After Rapture – Part 53

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Article #1 – (posted on Rapture Ready: December 5, 2017) This was the first article in the “After the Rapture” series giving a brief explanation of what is to come at the end of the church age and Biblical end-times, and sometimes why. Please note that since this series began there have been changes in email addresses and other contact info. My present email address is:

Article #2 – Sources of info for wilderness survival, some do’s and don’ts (posted on Rapture Ready: 12/17/2017).

Article #3 – Forming an underground church; avoiding antichrist’s gestapo; group baptism; a list of supplies and equipment needed for wilderness survival; digging caves and food cellars (posted on Rapture Ready: 12/22/2017).

Article #4 – Gardening; Bible study; tribulation-period lifestyles; antichrist takes world control (posted on Rapture Ready: 12/29/2017).

Article #5 – West Virginia abandoned coal mine caves plus living off the land; sources of survival equipment; safe drinking water; left-behind rooms and boxes for the unsaved (posted on Rapture Ready: January 5, 2018).

Article #6 – Forming an underground or home church free from apostasy and Biblical impurity; The Holy Spirit’s presence during the tribulation period; bits and pieces of end-times info (posted on Rapture Ready: 1/14/2018).

Article #7 – Satan’s plan to deceive the world’s population; Introducing the “crazy uncles”; more wilderness survival info; Robots, drones, power grid blackouts (posted on RR: 1/19/2018).

Article #8 – A 30-year report on how I established a Gospel tract distribution ministry; The “third testament” (posted on RR: 1/26/2018).

Article #9 – Introducing “The Evil Big Three”; President Trump and the Christians; More survival tips for the left behind (posted on RR: 1/31/2018).

Article #10 – More hide & seek from antichrist’s gestapo; Bug-out bags; Reaching the right people with robots; more wilderness survival tips; The sex life of the left behind; Tweeting the 666 mark; “No sense in feeding the alligators!” (posted on RR: February 7, 2018).

Article #11 – “The Fake Trinity”; Hindu extremist terrorists burn down church; Are many Jews post-tribbers?; No-shows at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb; The left-behind should form-up in small groups; Help Wanted: Job Opening; A final note (posted on RR: 2/11/2018).

Article #12 – “Please pass the potato salad” (a tongue-in-cheek parody on the Marriage Supper of the Lamb); More left-behind woes; God will save left-behind converts; Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the antichrist; Updates on passing out tracts and the church burning; more left-behind tips (posted on RR: 2/16/2018).

Article #13 – Don’t start or join a militia; Be careful of what you eat; Monkey see, monkey do; Wilderness Boot Hill (graves for the left behind); Free & easy survival skills; Branch offices for antichrist’s gestapo (posted on RR: 2/25/2018).

Article #14 – Prayer kit for the crazy uncles to use and to leave behind (time is running out); (posted on RR: March 4, 2018).

Article #15 – Only one safe place (CME’s, etc.); Better watch that dirty mouth! (making wilderness soap); Staying warm in the wilderness; Billy Graham funeral; Reader feedback (posted on RR: 3/7/2018).

Article #16 – Tribulation-period happiness; More hope for the left behind; A once great Christian nation; More left-behind survival tips; Reader feedback (posted on RR: May/7/2018).

Article #17 – Only two kinds of law in this present world; Welcome visitors in the tribulation wilderness (144,000 witnesses); More survival tips and info; Prayer requests; Reader feedback (posted on RR: 3/16/2018).

Article #18 – Introduction to the final 1,007 years (Pre-rapture, post-rapture, tribulation period, the 1,000-year millennium, the final great white throne judgment (posted on RR: 3/27/2018).

Article #19 – Join the Crazy Uncles Club now; Bold and Faithful Servants; More wilderness survival tips; Reader feedback; Prayer requests (posted on RR: 4/4/2018).

Article #20 – The “Pick & Choose” Christians and their fate; The dummy, Satan, is a fool; From the tribulation to the millennium; Reader feedback; Prayer requests (posted on RR: 4/13/2018).

Article #21 – Good seed vs. Bad seed (posted on RR: 4/18/2018).

Article #22 – Think small (keep your group small. There are many problems with large groups); Wilderness survival tips; Prayer requests (posted on RR: 4/21/2018).

Article #23 – Acts 16:31 (unsaved family members); A “before the rapture” letter for those who might be left behind; (posted on RR: 4/21/2018).

Article #24 – Striking gold the easy way (help with the unsaved); Suicide after the rapture; Reader feedback; Prayer requests; Wilderness survival tips (posted on RR: 4/25/2018).

Article #25 – Once saved, always saved (OSAS) (posted on RR: May 1, 2018).

Article #26 – Saving our children (Satan is steamrolling our kids); Years of the Beast” DVD on YouTube; Prayer requests; Reader feedback; Outdoor food cellars (posted on RR: 5/4/2018).

Article #27 – Doing it the right way (preparing the left behind to be left behind); Reaching out to the homeless and poor; Kicking Satan’s butt; more wilderness survival tips; Prayer requests (posted on RR: 5/8/2018).

Article #28 – A 2,000-year-old parody (fake news in Christ’s day?); Solar water distilling; more wilderness survival tips; King James Bible online; Prayer requests (posted on RR: 5/18/2018).

Article #29 – Date-setting the rapture; EMP attacks revisited; Is Aadhar a forerunner to Revelation 13: 15-18; more wilderness survival tips; Kicking Satan’s butt #2; Disease and pestilence judgments; Prayer requests (posted on RR: June 3, 2018).

Article #30 – Another way for us to defeat Satan; Food preservation; Wilderness survival needs; Disappear from the digital world; Prayer requests (posted on RR: 6/6/2018).

Article #31 – To flee or not to flee? That is the question? Prayer requests (posted on RR: 6/9/2018).

Article #32 – Tribulation-period checklist (a partial list of items, equipment, supplies, etc., that crazy uncles should consider stockpiling in left-behind boxes and rooms) posted on RR: 6/14/2018).

Article #33 – Directory of articles (this article needs to be overlooked as it is obsolete and has been updated with the present article you are now reading. The main differences are links to each article have been added so you can quickly and easily find articles instead of searching RR archives. Also, more lengthy and complete descriptions of the content of each article have been added.

Article #34 – Really spreading the Gospel (a review of Pastor Billy Crone’s DVD series entitled “The Seals”); Updating the list; Reader feedback; Prayers answered; more prayer requests (posted on RR: 6/24/2018).

Article #35 – End-times money madness (the tribulation period and its “funny money”); Great new TV programs (another parody); More solar water distilling info; Prayer requests suggestions offered; Prayer requests (posted on RR 6/2018).

Article #36 – Those falling away will be left behind; Reader feedback; Prayers answered; Prayer requests (posted on RR: 6/30/2018).

Article #37 – The disappearance of Trump-Pence; Medical needs in the wilderness; Wilderness survival info; Prayer requests (posted on RR: July 8, 2018).

Article #38 – Most urgent left-behind survival information; Following up on the falling away; Prayer requests (posted on RR: 7/15/2018).

Article #39 – The ultimate plot and conspiracy (a glimpse at a portion of Satan’s worldwide plan to unseat and defeat Our Father God); Prayer requests (posted on RR: July 5, 2018).

Article #40 – Setting up a wilderness family unit; Reader feedback; More wilderness survival information; About the prayer requests; Prayer requests (posted on RR: 8/11/2018).

Article #41 – God’s wrath on us for a wrong Israel-PA peace agreement (posted on RR: 8/25/2018).

Article #42 – The trap of being saved; Hiding evil in plain sight; Wilderness survival tips; Reader feedback (posted on RR: September 2, 2018).

Article #43 – Is FOX News changing direction? (liberal changes within the trusted news source); Reader feedback (posted on RR: 9/4/2018).

Article #44 – Aborted babies in the rapture? Wheels in the wilderness; More Wilderness survival tips (posted on RR: 9/6/2018).

Article #45 – Bats and owls are on God’s endangered species list; Satan’s “creeping crud” is upon us; More wilderness survival tips; Reader feedback (9/21/2018).

Article #46 – Will God lead and guide President Donald J. Trump? Martyrdom; Reader feedback (posted on RR: October 10, 2018).

Article #47 – Dreams that will soon become “reality”; Reader feedback (posted on RR: 10/21/2018).

Article #48 – Adding to and redirecting our prayers; More tips for the left behind and their crazy uncles; Reader feedback; Wilderness survival tips (posted on RR: 10/28/2018).

Article #49 – The midterm elections: Good vs. evil (an overview of Satan’s handiwork) (posted on RR: November 11, 2018).

Article #50 – This listing of previously posted articles is now obsolete and has been replaced with an updated and improved Article #53 that now includes links to all articles.

Article #51 – How crowded will the tribulation-period wilderness be?; Let this be a lesson to you; Have your knees quit shaking yet?; Reader feedback; More wilderness survival tips (posted on RR: 11/18/2018).

Article #52 – An orange jumpsuit for CNN’s Jim Acosta?; Pay no attention to the rules and regulations; My stack of hate mail is getting taller and deeper; Is the upcoming tribulation period a God-sent blessing? (posted on RR: December 2, 2018).

Article #53 – Updated directory and listing of all “After the Rapture” articles with direct links.