After the Rapture #43 :: By Dick Ainsworth

Is Fox News changing directions?

In this day and age of wall-to-wall “fake news,” even some of our few once-trusted news sources are becoming less trustworthy. The mainstream media (MSM), pit of outright lying to the gullible news-hungry public, grows stronger. A little over a year ago, President Trump, in his sometimes crude way, threw a jab at the fake news media by actually calling them “fake news” to their collective faces. Many of us nodded our heads and chuckled in agreement while the fake news people blew a head gasket and cried out a united “Trump is lying about our lying” sort of rebuttal! But the new label stuck almost instantly and is now a part of our culture.

And as Simon Crum (Ferlin Husky’s alter ego) might say, “By doggies, there Lavender; he’s right!”

Many of us since 1996 have depended on Fox News as one of our main sources of accurate and trustworthy news and information. They were believable, and it was refreshing to wake up in the morning to smiling cheerful faces rather than the angry frowning faces with glaring eyes of the liberal progressives on the other channels. And after the 2016 Trump presidential victory, those angry frowning faces took on a new thick layer of sheer out-of-control hatred. They became livid in their uncontrollable rage to where the First Lady’s shoes were a major story. But, for the previous eight years, they just weren’t used to seeing a First Lady with class.

And they continue to call themselves “unbiased journalists”? GOOD GRIEF!

Many of us weren’t overly alarmed because we had Fox News and could just ignore Satan’s MSM altogether. We knew where to go for accurate news.

But in recent years I have noticed Fox News beginning to slip away from their “fair & balanced” format and leaning more liberal. MSM has taken them on in a united effort, orchestrated by their satanic master. Fox was exposing much of the fake news, so someone had to shut them up. Cover up the truth. Infiltrate and conquer.

Fox’s ratings have consistently soared far ahead of the liberal Democrat/Socialist party-controlled opposition to where they have been #1 in cable news 16 years in a row. This last quarter had Fox up 9% while CNN was down 35% and MSNBC dropped 19%.

My wife and I have been faithful Fox viewers for those 20-plus years, watching them grow along the way. We’d wake up to Fox & Friends and leave it on Fox nearly all day except for my ballgames, motorcycle races, Christian programs, etc., and my wife’s American Idol, Dr. Phil, etc. Most of that we recorded.

But since the 2016 election we shut it off daily when Shepard Smith News comes on (except if President Trump is giving a speech, etc., and the Trump-hating Shep is then pre-empted). Fox wouldn’t drop an inch if they hired Rosie O’Donnell or Rachel Maddow to replace Shep. I usually go to “Gunsmoke” reruns while my wife might go to a cooking channel. We want news or entertainment and not an hour of Trump-hating rhetoric.

But the management at Fox is evidently so pleased with Shep’s style of work that last month they renewed his multi-year contract that pays him about $10 million a year. They are basically telling him to “keep up the good work.” He also bears the official title of Fox News Managing Editor, so he strongly influences the content of the other Fox News reporters. He’s their boss.

Fox News still reports newsworthy happenings that MSM chooses to either cover up or distort and slant. And they report and defend traditional Christian family values much more than MSM’s nearly non-existent efforts.

I haven’t let it bother me that many of Fox’s anchors and reporters are Catholic (RCC). I was born and raised Catholic for the first 47 years of my life, so I know the difference between actual strict literal Bible teachings from RCC teachings. Fox never has been pro-Christian, but their on-air staff doesn’t try to push RCC teachings onto the viewers. They just don’t bash Christians and Jews to the extreme like MSM. Plus I would much rather have a Catholic reporting to me than a lowly MSM secular humanist.

But I have noticed Fox News slipping away from what they once were. It really hit early this year (2018) when Roger Ailes’ replacement as CEO, Suzanne Scott, took over; and one of her first moves was to change Ollie North’s office into a mini-mosque complete with prayer rugs facing Mecca.

And then I noticed a flood of new liberal progressives hired as “Fox contributors” with increased speaking time on the various news and program segments. Many times they go unchallenged, thus dominating the debates. Juan Williams, for example, is frequently on four or more Fox shows a day giving his “expert” whimpering and whining commentary.

Fox News has lived by the motto “fair & balanced” from the beginning, so I have tolerated the likes of the late Alan Colmes; Kristen Powers; Bob Beckel; Susan Estrich; Geraldo Rivera; Mara Liasson; Marc Lamont Hill, etc., in years past. It is good to have wacky liberals to show the difference between right and wrong, good and evil.

People like Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity really irritated me when they used to shout down and drown out liberals they disagree with and not let them get a word in edgewise. They didn’t realize that the best way to beat a liberal is to shut up and let them talk. They most generally will stick their foot in their mouth. The Fox News’ viewing audience is not stupid. They know moral and political stupidity when they see and hear it. Most of them have their heads screwed on straight.

But I believe Fox is slowly and quietly changing for the worse. They have their regular left-wingers like Arthel Neville but have planted infiltrators that are helping the takeover of the Fox narrative. Over-the-edge radicals like Juan Williams, Marie Harf, Geraldo Rivera and Jessica Tarlov are frequent regulars on shows like “Outnumbered” and “The Five” with a five-person panel on both. You would think each person would get one-fifth of the on-air speaking time, but not so. They take over and dominate the debate, plus they pop-up frequently throughout the day and night on the other Fox shows as “contributors” and “expert analysts.”

More support for the liberal progressive mindset is added by Fox’s paid contributors such as Lanny Davis; Jehmu Greene; Joe Trippi; Jedediah Bila; Julie Roginsky; Dennis Kucinich; Leslie Marshall; Pat Caddell; Mara Liasson; Richard Fowler, and the list goes on and on.

I believe this is a subtle satanic conspiracy to change Fox’s “fair & balanced” format to a liberal progressive evil takeover slowly in stealth fashion without the viewers noticing. It is not Satan’s style to hit you all at once with his evil. It appears to me that he is working on the daytime programming first while primetime schedules remain solid with the likes of Bret Bair; Martha MacCallum;  Tucker Carlson; Sean Hannity; Laura Ingraham; Shannon Bream; Mark Levin; Jeanine Pirro, etc. But their time is coming.

See article #39 on Satan’s conspiracies.

A perfect example of “performance journalism” is the CNN loon, Jim Acosta, their Chief White House correspondent. This fool continuously harasses White House Press Secretary Sara Huckabee Sanders with his rants and diatribes at White House daily briefings; and this CNN darling is one reason why the Red Hen restaurant in D.C. refused supper service to Sara and her family. It was because she worked in the Trump administration. Due to other violent left-wing efforts, Sanders is the first press secretary in U.S. history to now have Secret Service protection.

I firmly believe by the end of this year (2018) you won’t recognize Fox News from what we’ve grown to know over the years. And it won’t be very pretty either? A satanic takeover is in progress.

Getting honest news is becoming difficult. The Newsmax channel is small with too few viewers, even with notable and trustworthy programs like the “No Spin News” with Bill O’Reilly, and appearances by Greta Van Susteren, Eric Bolling, etc. But the MSM won’t allow them to get as big as Fox.

Podcasts have a popular following with Glenn Beck’s “The Blaze” and a lot of good talk radio headed by Rush Limbaugh.

But just like Fox in the past, they won’t promote Christianity. They just won’t bash it openly like MSM does daily, but won’t say much to promote it.

Christian radio and TV cable channels are becoming poor sources for solid Biblical information with their move to promote their prosperity gospel nonsense. I continue to go to the archives of deceased pastors and teachers like David Hunt, J. Vernon McGee, Adrian Rogers, David Breece, Billy Graham, etc., who are also on YouTube. We get 9 Christian cable channels but only watch programs on two. “DayStar” has several like John Hagee, Robert Jeffress, etc. We do watch TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network) for two programs: Hal Lindsay and Huckabee (which is a variety type of show but has good Christian and political segments).

I really became aware of how deep Satan’s conspiracy was working when I tried to do research for this article. I use several search engines and found several messed with. I found Google to be the worse as Christian subjects I usually go to were reduced, blocked or disappeared. Pastors I go to who used to have many pages on the internet were completely erased or cut back to one or two pages, or taken down completely. I don’t use Facebook that much but they are taking down my and other’s Christian articles.

Here’s a way to check “fake news” out by seeing if they don’t print it, or they change the facts around to fit their agenda:

Go to and read though “Rapture Ready News” (daily) and the “Prayer Center” (the prayer concerns are very “newsie” as presented) on the left side of RR’s home page. Also check Breitbart and World Net Daily (WND) and compare with what 24-hour Fox and the “fake news” is reporting? Then compare and see what you are missing!

Maybe if Christians and potential Christians begin to realize what is going on inside the world of news media reporting, they will chuck it all and go back to the only true source of truth… HIS WORD IN THE BIBLE.

Reader Feedback

Hi Dick,

You probably mentioned this but I’d put it out there for guys like me that might have missed it.

While the Tribulation saints are trying to get by in a cave, foxhole or dug-out, it’s worth noting that the AC gestapo will be deploying dogs that are trained to search-out freshly dug earth and decaying flesh, not to mention ashes.

  1. I’d let people know how we can serve our Holy master with a few scriptures to say over the dearly departed. This will lift up the host of survivors and will send a message that everyone’s in it for life!
  2. Recommend deep graves, tools, de-scent gear, as well as recommended distance from camp. Also, deploying a dummy grave/corpse can work wonders for throwing the enemy off the trail when things get tight.

BTW, I’ve been a prophecy follower for years. Had a great nephew accept Jesus’ grace just a couple weeks ago. One for our team!

For God’s Glory

Mike Lichty

(Dick’s reply) Mike, thanks for the tips and information. I might also suggest you go to RR Archives and pull up my Article #13 entitled “Wilderness Boot Hill.”


Hi Dick,

Just read Gary’s rebuttals on President Trump and his advisors. He is probably right on all their issues. If they were perfect, they would be angels.

Oh, wait a minute; angels are not perfect. About one third of them are here on earth trying to destroy us. We live in a broken world and nothing is perfect. That’s why we turn to the Perfect One, Jesus!

I can see God do miracles through Trump. He did come to Christ like all of us. He did get spiritual advisors, but ones in Christ not Mohamed. He did establish relations with the nation of Israel and moved our embassy to Jerusalem on their 70th-year anniversary.

Ken Kellner


Hi Mr. Ainsworth,

I’m intrigued!

What did Hay-Lale say to convince 1/3 of the Angels to rebel? They knew the Lord; they were most likely told the consequences of their actions and still went ahead with it.

I don’t expect you may know the answer, but “you may know the answer” heh… and I suspect that 1/3 became us; just hear me out.

He (The Lord ) knew us from before the world was formed, etc, and the Bible doesn’t state that 2/3 stayed.

So I figure:

1/3 Rebelled against The Lord,

1/3 Stayed with The Lord, and

1/3 Decided to become us. Because the battle is for us, why are we worth so much?

Cheers from down under

Nick Lagos

(Dick’s reply)  And just when I thought I was beginning to get it all figured out!?

Referring to article #38: History has shown repeatedly that, to take down a powerful country, you must be able to take it out internally.

Case in point: The Roman Empire.

The empire at certain times had very good leaders. But every so often they would be saddled with a bad leader such as Nero and Caligula.

Eventually the empire collapsed due to political corruption and incredibly bad leadership.

Sensing blood in the water and easy pickings, barbarian tribes attacked. Mind you, they had help from conquered territories.

It will be the same for the United States.


Kieran Roberts


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