After the Rapture #9 :: By Dick Ainsworth

After the Rapture – Part 9

The Bible tells us that in the end times life on earth will be good and prosperous like the time of Noah before the flood. The people will be eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage (Matthew 24: 38), and this is a sign that the time is near.

America and much of the world is now going through the “new” good times. And like the times of Noah and Lot, people didn’t see the coming of God’s wrath, because the pleasures and prosperity of the world were good; thus, people were blinded in this earthly happiness and prosperity, and they took their eyes off of God.

We in America can see this all too well. We just finished eight years of the Obama Administration dragging this once great country to become the laughing stock of the world. Our economic, military, social and moral values sunk to all-time lows.

Then along came President Donald “Make America Great Again” Trump, and he is off to a flying start, dragging America out of the pits of darkness and towards the light. Everything is going good and seems to be heading for better times. And its people are “eating, drinking, marrying and giving in marriage.”

America and the world has for decades taken their eyes off of God. And instead of it getting better, it keeps getting worse. A glimmer of light shines through every now and then, but evil and hate is so intense and common throughout the world that the glimmer is quickly extinguished.

Much of this evil and hate is created and promoted by what I will refer to from here on out as “the evil big three,” also known as Hollywood, the mainstream media, and the liberal progressive political powers that be. The “evil big three” have worked together for years towards common  evil goals.

Granted, there is a slight remnant of good folks in amongst the evil big three.

Hollywood has a few who put out family friendly movies, music and TV shows. But they usually have to be independently financed and produced. The rich fat cats in Hollywood do produce a  “biblical epic” from time to time but their script writers take quite a few liberties in their Bible interpretations (Revelation 22: 18-19).

The same is true of news media. You can just about count media outlets on your fingers that have true journalists who don’t report fabricated and distorted news. What this evil big one refers to as “news” is usually editorials and their personal ideology in sheep’s clothing. Even our president Trump sees what an out-of-control problem this is, so he arranged for “The Fake News Awards” show televised in January on FOX News in prime time. And it was a truthful report backed by facts and actual un-doctored video and audio that the people could actually believe.

FOX News has a ways to go before they can be called pro-Christian, but at least they don’t regularly bash the Christian people and their values like most of the “lamestream” media. In order to be true to their motto of “fair & balanced” they do employ several political and spiritual loons like Juan Williams and Marie Harf to show their viewing audience through debate just how unconscious to good moral principles and how unbiblical the demonic left really is.

It would indeed be a rarity to find a true and faithful servant amongst the present-day liberal progressive Democratic Party. But the really sad trend is that Republicans are now acting more and more like Democrats each and every day.

After the rapture the planet Earth will accelerate from awful to “the worst.” The evil big three will have no resistance as they steamroll Satan’s agenda downhill towards hell at breakneck speed.

Hollywood and their related industries will be wall-to-wall filth with every Commandment in the Bible repeatedly broken and then presented again as entertainment to the public. Their wardrobe departments will have to close down because no one will be wearing clothes anymore. Their dictionaries and vocabularies will contain nothing but four-letter words, and all forms of entertainment will likely feature a segment on sex with men, women, animals and any combination and number thereof participating in putting on an “entertaining” show.

They won’t belittle and bash Christians anymore because there won’t be any Christians around to belittle and bash. Reality TV will likely feature live orgies complete with vulgar language and video replay. The primetime family hours will no longer be, as it will now be 24/7 sin and shame. Entertainers will no longer have to use the cop-out term “wardrobe malfunction,” as it will now be openly intentional.

Fake news media will drop the word “fake” from their much deserved title and continue reporting as they have in the past. But it will now be mainly antichrist’s propaganda and lies. So both the news media and Satan will continue to have their continued excellent working arrangement.

The political scene in America will no longer be in constant gridlock, with angry rhetoric and the ongoing battle between good and evil. It will do an about-face and become true harmony where both sides (or the one side now!) is in complete agreement with itself. The U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights will be shredded; and whatever the antichrist and the false prophet say for this government to do, they will do with a smile on their collective evil faces.

There will be no law at all, just outlaws, dictatorship and tyranny. The smarter left-behind people will run for the hills and try to build their faith and knowledge of God’s Holy Word while in hiding.

Those that are raptured will now have complete peace, and the evils on earth will no longer be present and a factor in their eternal life in heaven’s paradise.

I really appreciate the kind words and encouragement I get from Rapture Ready followers since the start of this series of articles, but I am concerned about a trend from others that are both alarming and disturbing.

I get a growing number of emails that tell me that those left behind are hopelessly lost. They seem to say the remnant church won’t get any bigger.

Are people so busy in life that they don’t have at least a little spare time to try to bring some lost souls to Jesus?  I’m not the kind of person who is content to sit around on my hands and do nothing when there is a chance my efforts might be the difference between heaven and hell for one single soul.

The remnant church doesn’t have a fixed number. It will be as big as we make it. There is plenty of room left prior to the rapture before Christ comes in the clouds to take His Church home with Him (John 3: 16).

I am reminded of the 1992 presidential election when Texas billionaire Ross Perot kept talking about “that giant sucking sound.” Of course, he was referring to jobs leaving America and headed for Mexico. But I prefer to think of the rapture as being “that giant sucking sound?”

And those trumpets will be one beautiful sound!


Since there are still a lot of unknowns about our current U.S. President, Donald J. Trump, you can count what I am about to write here as a combination of “my opinion” and “wishful thinking.” But he has been in office for over a year and he now appears to be what he claims to be.

Is President Trump really a Christian? At face value, he appears to be (without my knowing what is in his heart). He started out by establishing an evangelical advisory board of a long list of names. Some have resigned since then for a variety of reasons.

His initial list contained names that I follow regularly like Jack Graham, David Jeremiah and Robert Jeffress. But I have wondered why two of my favorites, John Hagee and Joe Chambers, aren’t on his list? I don’t know if it was his decision or their decision?

Other names I follow when I can are Jentezen Franklin, Tony Perkins, Ralph Reed, Michele Bachmann, Richard Land, Jerry Falwell, Jr., and James Dobson. There were many names I have only heard of briefly and a few I won’t watch at all (see edition #6 on apostasy in the church).

The reason for this list of names is to give readers who are not familiar with President Trump’s evangelical advisory board an idea of his Christian plan, position and values.

It has been reported that he invites family, administration and staff members to his office for prayer about once a week. He also holds weekly Bible study classes in the White House (first time in over 100 years) that is reportedly well attended including Vice President Pence and several cabinet secretaries like Jeff Sessions, Ben Carson, Betsy DeVos, etc., just to name a few.

But the liberal progressive left is trying to shut the prayer meetings and Bible study down. The infamous Freedom from Religion Foundation has sicced their lawyers on the White House over these Godly activities.

He has done a number of Christian events, most notably lately his endorsement of the Right to Life nationwide march in many cities. He gave the keynote speech at their annual meeting, all in January. In contrast, Obama gave keynote speeches at Planned Parenthood during his administration.

During Trump’s campaign he swore to cut off all taxpayer funding to Planned Parenthood but the Democrats have partially blocked his efforts thus far. They want to continue with Obama’s $500 million a year in taxpayer’s money to this evil industry.

The abortion industry is responsible for 60 million murders of unborn babies since the passing of Roe v. Wade in 1973. Usually anything Christian or moral will be opposed by the progressive liberal left.

He has made a good number of pro-Christian decisions and policy changes this first year in office. It is a big change from the recent past where one of the first things Obama (who claimed to be a Christian) did was cancel the 22nd annual Day of Prayer and substitute a weeklong celebration of the Islamic holiday, Ramadan, in its place for the next eight years at the White House.

But President Trump brought the National Day of Prayer back to the White House in his first five months in office on May 4, 2017.

President Trump is criticized constantly for his daily tweets, plus his language is a bit raw at times. But the way he tweets and talks is sometimes different from what he does. It is refreshing to me that a political candidate actually does what he promises, or tries to do. The evil big three fight him at every turn. I believe he could announce tomorrow he had discovered a cure for cancer and the evil big three would be up in arms trying to obstruct him while insulting his efforts.

So I have decided to not let his rough talk and twittering bother me. After all, anyone who only sleeps 4-5 hours a night, likes cheeseburgers and donates his entire monthly paycheck to charity can’t be all that bad. I like the change to a kick-ass president from a whining wimp in the Oval Office who hid under his desk every time the going got a little rough.

It could be that the rapture might nearly empty the White House and cut the numbers in half in the Congress and Senate. This is some of my “wishful thinking” mentioned earlier. If so, there is a swamp full of liberal progressives ready to wade in and do Satan’s work.

This is another reason the left behind need to dig in at some remote area away from large population areas. Antichrist will have control over the whole world, and the U.S.A. will be his prime target for takeover and control due to its vast military, economic and industrial resources.

An excellent article by Pete Garcia entitled “Trump: God’s Man of the Hour” is posted in Rapture Ready’s New Articles section that I urge you to read.

President Trump, his family, his administration and his staff really need our daily prayers for them to do God’s will while in office and in power. If we do this, then it is possible that the rapture will include more saved souls, thus more empty seats will be filled at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.

“Let Trump Be Trump!”


Prepping 101 has released a short list of the top five survival skills people need to know before they are forced to take residence in an unknown wilderness. Naturally, there are more than five, but these are what Prepping 101 says should be at the top of your list:

1) Finding and consuming eatable plants and animals in the wild. This will vary depending on what part of the country you are in, or what country.

2) Navigation and compass skills are important when you are in strange and unfamiliar surroundings. Picking and knowing landmarks helps but marking trails is dangerous when the antichrist’s gestapo is hunting you down wanting your head! So get a compass.

3) Finding and producing safe drinkable water is a must. We have covered this in several editions of this “After the Rapture” series. We suggest you buy as large of a supply of iodine tablets while they are still available. A lot of these tablets don’t take up a lot of space and don’t weigh that much if you have to pull up stakes and flee the scene.

You need manuals and supplies for emergency First Aid. If everyone in your small group has some of these supplies, they can be combined to have remedies for many of the medical needs your small group might encounter.

We have repeatedly written on the dangers to your head & hide by having an unnecessary and too large of a campfire. You should only start a fire when you absolutely need one. The smoke and cooking odors can be smelled a mile away in the woods. But having a variety of fire-making supplies is necessary. Look back through previous editions of this series for what to obtain. Most of the items are lightweight and many are waterproof.

Boiling water is the best way to purify but fires can be a problem if you’re in hiding. So Iodine is next best. But be careful what you buy. Many iodine products are merely vitamin supplements and for your thyroid health. You can get iodine in tablets or in liquid form.

A good example of liquid iodine is from Nascent who offers high potency drops. Whatever liquid drops you might get, be sure you get an eye dropper to avoid waste, and make sure you put the right amount in your water. Nascent has a 2-ounce bottle that holds about 1,200 drops for about $25.00. That can purify 300 liters of water.

Aquatabs has a wide variety of tablets. Their AQT 100 series has 50 tablets for $6 to $12.00; but you aren’t going on a weekend camping trip, so you’ll need a lot more than that. They also have bulk tablets packages of 10,000 tablets for $450.00 and lesser amounts like 250 count bulk packs. Aquatabs is worldwide, providing tablets for disasters like in Haiti, Syria, Puerto Rico, etc.

Don’t use the water you have purified for your Saturday night bath or for washing your wolf-skin pants. Keep the tablets dry and don’t let water get into your drops so as to dilute them. Iodine doesn’t like cold weather, so keep your supply warm or at a temperature similar to room temperature.

Iodine or boiling will give you safe water to drink, but without a filter and a bladder all you have is safe dirty water to drink. We will go into detail on filters and bladders in an upcoming article, but I will give you a preview: a Sawyer filter with a Naigene plastic bladder will provide you with 100,000 gallons of clean water. And their combined weight is very light. For more details:

As a rural farm boy we all got used to wells and spring water. Our family had a cistern. Imagine my surprise when I left the one-room country schoolhouse in the 8th grade to ride my first school bus to town, where my new school had indoor flushing toilets, water fountains in the hallways and hot & cold water showers after gym class!

Many of you will also be “surprised” with your first experience with wilderness water. Many of you will probably “have your bowels in an uproar,” literally. But don’t worry, as you will get used to it. Your inner system will adjust.

Think of this nation’s early pioneers and the Native Americans. They had no idea what an iodine tablet or a Sawyer filter was. They drank their water from the same place the horses and buffalo drank from for decades. The main way they knew a waterhole had bad water was if there was a bunch of dead animal carcasses lying around.

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