After the Rapture #12 :: By Dick Ainsworth

After the Rapture – Part 12 

Please Pass the Potato Salad

Oh, the joy of the rapture! It is so mind-boggling that I can’t imagine all of this happening quicker than I can blink an eye.

No matter if I’m sitting and watching a Chiefs game or the Daytona 500 on TV, at a family BBQ with the whole family in our front yard, at a checkout line at Walmart or a hundred other places and activities we earthlings engage in, we true Christians leave all of that behind in a nanosecond. We will all be changed to be like our resurrected Lord and Savior.

I will again have two good eyes, two good ears, and go from one crippled-up leg to two good and complete legs. I’ll never have to see a doctor again for anything, plus never have to waste time on the phone asking Medicare why they haven’t paid my bills yet.

The most important aspect of my new, eternal adventure is that one second I’m on earth swatting flies off of my BBQ ribs and the next I’m personally in the clouds thousands of feet over my former BBQ meal, face-to-face with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He is not mad at me for my sinful life on earth but rather is happy to see me, which tells me all my past sins have been forgiven and forgotten.

The only thing I will ever dread in heaven is the Judgment Seat of Christ, or Bema seat, where Jesus will confront me with rewards for the handful of things I did in His Name; but the smoke from my wood, hay and stubble will be a dreadful reminder of the many times I let my Lord down with my sloth and bad decisions (1 Corinthians 3: 12-15). I will then receive the chastising I righteously deserve.

Then it’s on to the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. I don’t really care where the Lord seats me as long as it’s close to the potato salad! Man, will that ever be a magnificent feast. I will no longer have a weight problem no matter how many times I go back for second’s and third’s. No more diabetic diets because I will no longer have diabetes. And my wife will no longer nag me with “you can’t eat this, you can’t eat that. And you have too-o-o much on your plate.”

And truckloads after truckloads of wine, the non-alcoholic kind, that is better than what the Lord provided at the Cana wedding (John 2: 1-11). I suppose this wine will be served minus the waterpots. Or maybe not? Life on earth will be past and forgotten, and the Lord has saved the best wine for last.

Meanwhile, back on Planet Earth all hell has broken loose. All the true Christians had disappeared, leaving behind scared, confused and bewildered families and friends. Some of them are searching franticly for all that stuff their “crazy uncle” said he was leaving behind. And where are all the good cops we used to have? Why are good friends so angry and hateful? What are those piles of clothes in the middle of the kitchen floor?

They had better enjoy all of that leftover BBQ while they can because it won’t be long until they will be feasting on dandelion greens and pond water.

They will be living in constant fear and spending their nights sleeping with one eye open. At night they hear a slight noise outside their cave. Is it a hungry wolf or lion or bear? Maybe it’s the antichrist’s gestapo sneaking up on them while they sleep? Or could it be a tattletale in their group sneaking off to give them away to Satan’s army?

It rained cats & dogs last night, and it sure is cold. I wish I had a blanket or a jacket. But at least I survived one more night in the wilderness. I’m thankful for the good clean rainwater for breakfast. It is sure better than that skunky-tasting pond water. And what’s for breakfast? Wow! A big ole cold, raw turnip! I’d like to warm it up but I can’t risk a fire.

Meanwhile, back up in heaven, I’m asking the Apostle Paul who is sitting next to me, “Hey Paul. Would you please pass the potato salad? And I’d also like a slice of that sweet potato pie.”

What you have read thus far is my tongue-in-cheek parody of what it might be like in the near future for the true Christians in Christ’s Church, and also the lukewarm and non-believers who have been left behind after the rapture. Please don’t email me a long list of all your criticisms and my inaccuracies. I did say “tongue-in-cheek parody,” didn’t I? I’m fairly sure there won’t be any potato salad or sweet potato pie in heaven. It will be much better than that.

It isn’t a laughing matter, though, before the rapture and definitely won’t be after the rapture for the left-behind groups. The left behind will go through hell on earth because Satan is in control and there is no opposition to his reign of lies, terror and trickery.

Before the rapture Christ’s Church goes through much persecution, rejection and heartaches as they watch family, friends and total strangers reject their efforts on their behalf and continue full-blast into earthly desires and instant gratifications.

But after the rapture they will be free of all of that and be continuously and eternally in a state of sheer happiness and bliss.

I use this parody to remind those who haven’t come onboard yet of the blessed hope (Titus 2: 13) for those who will be taken up in the rapture, and a stern warning to those who won’t heed God’s prophecies in the Bible as to what is to come for them.

I think the end times will be especially tough on the rich, well-to-do people who have lived in comfort most of their lives. They are used to luxury and comfort so I don’t expect them to adjust to pond water, dandelions and cold damp caves very well. They might be the 666 mark’s earliest victims. Their luxurious lifestyle has made them soft targets for Satan. They will have a choice to either toughen up or perish for eternity.

I think homeless people and those brought up in the slums and on farms, who might see the light, will survive a lot quicker than the comfortable rich folks.

The main cause of death in a survival situation is “panic.” Homeless people, slum residents, farmers, etc., are more apt to be calm and analyze, adjust and adapt to a strange wilderness survival situation than many urban dwellers without air conditioning and microwaves, who might panic and let their adrenaline pump wildly in their veins.

People in a state of panic might run around frantically screaming something like “WHAT DO I DO? WHERE CAN I GO?” This panic can lead to a fall that breaks an ankle, or to hitting their head on a low-hanging tree branch that opens a big gash in their head, or to getting bit by some critter hidden in the brush. There are no medical clinics or ambulances in the wilderness. You have to tend to your own wounds and injuries yourself.

It would be best if the left behind would have a compass in their gear. In thick wilderness you can get lost within 100 yards of your cave. Those that know the sun comes up in the east and sets in the west, or that moss grows on the north side of a tree, would still be better off with a compass.

Panic is the number one cause of death or injury in a survival situation. Next is hypothermia, which isn’t limited to freezing conditions. Just getting cold or wet can lead to hypothermia, so dry off if you sweat a lot, and stay dry in a shelter.

Dehydration is also a problem that can sneak up on you. Always have a source of safe drinking water and have a good filter and iodine tablets readily available. If bad water gives you a case of diarrhea, that can dehydrate you very quickly. Leaving a 5-gallon sealed bucket of iodine tablets in your left-behind box isn’t farfetched. Pure bleach is another good way to purify water (one teaspoon per gallon of water), but liquid bleach has a shelf life. Pure bleach tablets would be best for the survivalist.

But it could be worse. You could be left behind in Mexico where there were 25,329 murders in 2017. That makes Chicago look like a children’s daycare center!

The Best Reason of All?

Several times in this series of articles I have voiced my disagreement and dismay with those who believe anyone left behind after the rapture of Christ’s Church is hopelessly lost. If so, I don’t understand the purpose and point of God establishing a 7-year period of tribulation, placing two witnesses on the streets of Jerusalem for 3½ years, sending 144,000 to evangelize the remaining population, and allowing the 666 mark of the beast as a way to choose up sides between good and evil.

If everyone left behind is lost, why is God going to all this trouble to provide them a way to be saved?

According to these mockers, our efforts like leaving behind a “left-behind box” is a waste of the time, space and the money it takes to fill those boxes. What are those hopelessly lost people going to do with those left-behind Bibles?

If that’s the case, then why does this evil planet need an antichrist and a false prophet? Their appointed jobs are done before they get here? Then what is the point of God’s 21 scroll, trumpet and vial judgments being poured out on the earthlings? Wouldn’t eternity in hell be enough if that were the case?

I have been reading with a great deal of interest the articles on artificial intelligence (AI) that have convicted my mind that Satan has more evil in store for those left behind. Rapture Ready (RR) writers like Jan Markell and Geri Ungurean, among others, have voiced warnings on AI; and RR posted another great article (February 7 in General Articles) by Ronda Lane entitled “AI: The Serpent’s Deception Revisited.” It is packed with scary facts and testimonies on the subject by those instrumental in implementing Satan’s evil plan.

Let me warn you upfront about Ronda Lane’s article. After about one page, some of you are going to be tempted to leave her article and move on to something else. I know I was. I thought “This is too technical and scientific. I want more Bible teachings.” But her mention of “artificial intelligence” held me in there, so I endured until the very end and I’m glad I did.

She goes into detail of what Bible prophecy has to say about these end-times near the end of her text. Don’t quit at the end of her writing. Go on to the many references and video testimonies she has posted at the end of her informative and enlightening piece.

I came away with many more concerns for the fate of those left behind. When AI comes into being worldwide after the rapture, I feel those left behind will need to hike deeper into the wilderness and dig those caves much deeper in order to have a chance to escape this AI threat, which I believe could very well be the 666 mark of the beast.

I say “after the rapture” because I think “they” have the technology and know-how now to release this soul-condemning plague on earthlings but can’t (or won’t) because there are way too many Christians on this planet who could throw a monkey wrench into their scheme. Satan wants as many souls as he can get, so he must wait until after the rapture when those left behind will be mainly ignorant of Bible teachings, when his lies and deceptions will be much more effective.

Some countries like China are already in AI’s formative state. They have been able to document and follow nearly all of their 1.5 billion population. But the worst is yet to come.

Anthony Lewandoski, who has an extensive decades-old background in computers and robotics, is a leader in the AI industry. He is also the founder of the “Way of the Future” AI church, where he claims he has “created a god.” His church is spreading in the U.S. and in other countries. This is a ready-made asset for the false prophet and the antichrist.

The present technology is that small super-computers the size of a grain of sand are injected under the skin of the hand or forehead. This two-way street means that: (1) every word, thought, idea, emotion, etc., is recorded and transmitted back to “headquarters,” and (2) the reverse can be implemented as the “headquarters” directs all of the same actions and functions on the people injected.

I got an email from Severina who brought to my attention that, at this present time, EMP (electromagnetic pulse) is the only hope to disable AI temporarily. I’m sure the AI people know this and are surely working on a way to combat this obstacle.

At one time the biggest threat to the planet was aliens from another world and their UFO’s. But that has been replaced by AI of whom a critic says, “We are our own worst enemy.”

I believe we are close to the time of the rapture, so it is important for those who will soon be exiting this planet to familiarize themselves as soon as possible with the artificial intelligence plan for the human race. For the most part, those left behind will have no idea whatsoever what AI is and its dangers to their eternal afterlife. The few that do know will have no way to communicate it to others. There will be no social media, cell phones and computers in their wilderness caves!

You’re not going to hear about AI from the secular media. Fact is, when the time comes, I’ll bet that same media will be one of its biggest supporters. So the shrinking number of Bible-based churches and prophecy televangelists need to preach and teach from their pulpits the eternal dangers of AI.

And all of you crazy uncles need to get it in gear on behalf of all of those family, friends, loved ones and strangers you don’t want to see spending eternity burning in hell. That is the biggest and best reason of all.

Another Method for Passing out Tracts

One reader emailed a method they use to distribute tracts. When they get the unsolicited mail usually selling something, some include a self-addressed, postage-paid, reply envelope. Slip some tracts inside the envelope, seal and drop in the mail. Great idea! So I started using that method myself on February 1.

Church Burning Update

I contacted Light of the World Ministry in southern India for more details on their February 6 arson fire by Hindu terrorists (see article #11) that leveled their church building and pastor’s training library. The Hindu-controlled government determines which churches can be insured and which are denied. India does have a law that supposedly insures freedom of all faiths and religions; but the local and providence governments are controlled by Hindu politicians and bureaucrats, which frequently discriminate against Christians. This is widespread throughout India. Thus, the Light of the World church was denied fire insurance.

The fire department was called but was very late arriving. The police were notified and charges were requested to be filed, but as of February 11 the police have not responded.

But the ministry continues with services, Bible teachings, baptisms and aid to their orphans and widows program even though Hindu terrorists attacked their street-teaching team the week before. These terrorists put two pastors in the hospital with severe beating injuries and held a public burning of their Bibles, tracts and teaching materials.

They are presently holding services and Bible classes under the trees in their area. They lost their portable tents in the arson fire that they use in their traveling ministry to the remote areas, quarries and villages.

I am hoping that you take their cause and hardship to your prayer group meetings, and also include them in your daily personal prayers. The ministry asked me to request prayer for the Hindu terrorists and government leaders so that they may come to the Saving Grace of Jesus Christ.

I have been associated with this ministry for nearly 20 years, and violence and persecution is common and frequent. But this ministry keeps bouncing back year after year, incident after incident. If you want to contact them for further information and offer other assistance, you can do so through the Senior Pastor’s daughter, Deevena Kumari Koyya, 1 Pangidi – 534342, West Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh, India.

More Tips for the Left Behind

Avoid Interstate roadside parks, even those late at night. You will be tempted by their hot and cold running water, clean bathrooms, warm heat, etc., but they will be patrolled regularly by gestapo, robots, tattletales, etc. You are a dead giveaway if they see people walking around at a roadside park but no car or means of transportation in sight.

Any travelers who just pull in or the over-the-road truckers can’t be trusted as they have a vehicle with gasoline in it, which means they are probably sympathetic with antichrist’s controls – or else they’d be on foot and living in the woods like you.

Even be wary of strangers on foot as it might be gestapo or a robot trying to infiltrate and trick you and your group.

After the rapture, highway travel will be largely reduced as the Christians with cars will be gone (except for their vacated cars) and light traffic will make patrolling much easier by the new authorities.

All-night truck stops will be in the same situation as roadside parks. If you have cash money, it probably won’t be any good as the world society will probably now be cashless. So trying to buy something with cash will probably set off a red flag and give you away.

I’d even advise against “dumpster diving.” For those of you unfamiliar with the term, it is what many homeless people use as a source of food, boxes, and articles thrown away in big trash dumpsters. They “dive in” looking for pizza crusts, half a taco, etc., as their next meal. Gestapo, robots, etc., will patrol these dumpsters, especially those behind restaurants, cafes, convenience stores, etc.

Another lying trick antichrist’s forces will likely try to use is telling those volunteering for the 666 mark and the captured left-behind victims that taking the 666 mark isn’t permanent—that one can reverse it at any time if they decide to do so.

This is a lie but you have to consider the source (John 8: 44). When you make the decision to accept the 666 mark, that’s it. Case closed. The Holy Spirit flees from your heart and soul FOREVER. There is nothing good in you so that you can make a righteous choice or decision. You will then be doomed for all of eternity.

The only way to avoid this pending horror is to be martyred in Jesus’ Name. It could be over with quickly (or maybe not), but you must withstand and endure until your earthly end. Then you will become one of the martyred tribulation saints who will join family, friends and loved ones who were taken up for eternity before you in the rapture into the presence of Jesus Christ and an eternity in a perfect paradise (Revelation 13: 13-18; 14: 9-13; 15: 1-4, 16: 1-2; 20: 4-5, 13-15).

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