After the Rapture #45 :: By Dick Ainsworth

After the Rapture – Part 45
Bats and Owls are on God’s Endangered Species list

The angel Lucifer (Satan) and one-third of the angels in heaven were the starters of the apostasy or the falling away from God’s church. And did they ever fall! Only God knows how many “one-third” is, but rest assured that it is probably a really big bunch.

Years late, a very large falling away followed when the entire population of planet Earth (except for the eight in Noah’s immediate family) found out it was virtually impossible to tread water for forty days and forty nights. Their eating, drinking, marrying, partying, fornication, etc., came to a quick and wet ending when God “poured out” His harsh judgment on a disobedient and sinful world society and culture. The flood era was engulfed in their own “new normal.”

But God’s creation still didn’t learn to be obedient and follow God’s Laws and Commandments, as God showered the Sodom & Gomorrah area with fire and brimstone in the Old Testament time’s forerunners of today’s 21st century LGBT movement. Lot’s family was the only one spared. God would have postponed judgment if ten righteous persons could have been found. But guess what? They couldn’t be found.

God instructed Lot’s family not to look back at the sin they were being saved from, but Lot’s wife had to have one last peek which resulted in her being changed into a pillar of salt (Genesis 19:26). Satan tempted Lot’s wife with disobedience just like he did Eve in the Garden.

The next harsh judgment will come in the near future during the 7-year tribulation period. The rapture of Christ’s Church will contain much more than ten righteous people who faithfully know that “none are righteous, no not one” (Romans 3:10). But His Church also knows they were forgiven unto righteousness at the cross.

After His 21 judgments that will literally rock the world, it will be the face-to-face judgment with the Lord and King Himself . No more continuous flood water, fire & brimstone or 100-pound hail stones falling from the sky. This will be “THE BIG ONE.”

My belief is the White Throne Judgment will be a thorough cover-to-cover recap of each God-rejecting person’s life finalized with a conscious never-ending eternity of pain, suffering, torment and regret in their eternal 24/7 conscious second death. This autobiographical “movie” on each of the condemned earthly lives will be repeated over and over by eternal memory as part of their torment. Plenty of repeats but no do-overs. It is final. Regret for their choice of disbelief will be a major part of their eternal torment.

I’ve said this before in my own speculations, but I believe those condemned to hell will be able to see family, friends, loved ones, crazy uncles, etc., enjoying the continuous happiness of an eternity in heaven with their Lord and Savior. I base that on Luke 16. “The rich man” was surely not the only person in hell (torment), but he appeared to be isolated as I’m sure that many others were also pleading to Abraham? They will also see, remember and relive each of the raptured’s witnessing efforts they rejected during their earthly life.

As their tongues stick to the roof of their mouths, they will see the billions of heaven’s inhabitants drinking freely from the River of Life flowing from the throne of the King. The condemned will never die of thirst, as they are no longer physical but eternal. But they will suffer extreme thirst, begging for someone to dip their finger in water to cool their parched tongues (Luke 16:24).

They will witness from afar the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, and through their ongoing pains and illnesses see the leaves from the Tree of Life freely consumed by heaven’s permanent citizens before they are needed. No pain or sickness at all for the saints and angels; but for hell’s population there will be pain and suffering continuously with no aid or relief in sight. But the condemned are eternal so will not “die” from the never-ending suffering and pain. Disbelief and disobedience comes with a very heavy never-ending price tag.

But I don’t believe those in heaven will see any happenings in hell. I believe God protects us from seeing the horrors and sufferings of family, friends and the lost general population at large in their everlasting pain and torment. God assures us heaven will be a place of sheer happiness with no heartache or grief at all. That won’t be possible if one can witness the pain and agony of loved ones or anyone else in hell? I believe God in His love and mercy will erase the memory and the sight of those we knew and/or witnessed the Good News of His Gospels to while we were together on earth.

For example, I believe a set of close twins on earth might be that the one in heaven won’t remember or see the one condemned to an eternity in hell while the one in hell will see every second of the other’s joyous eternity in heaven. This will be part of the lost’s continuous torment in hell, while those in heaven will enjoy perfect happiness in their afterlife with those memories of a loved twin erased and nonexistent forever?

Knowing this might be true, it is even more motivation for crazy aunts and uncles to shift into a higher gear as time is short before the rapture. There is a gigantic number of human “bats and owls” (people who live in spiritual darkness) who need to come into the light and truth of God’s will and promises. This is an extremely large portion of our world history’s apostasy. And “the light” won’t get done if good Christian believers just sit in the corner looking up for their own personal rapture.

Not everyone that follows the Rapture Ready website are Christian believers. I get a lot of anti-Christian hate mail. Many admit to not being Christian, so I often wonder why are they following the Rapture Ready website at all on a regular basis? I feel it is mainly because they just want to argue and bash the Bible with their erroneous ideology and satanic brainwashing. Of course, I’m glad they are on the website. You never can tell when something might stick to the wall?

Some of my most recent hate mail is from lost people with the initials of W.A., R.M., and B.P. Before using these initials, I went back to one of my 60-year-old high school yearbooks from my small school of 287 students and found 38 students with those same exact initials. I didn’t count the initial numbers from the New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago and St. Louis phone books nor the rest of the world, so I don’t need more hate mail crying about my using “their” initials!

Most of the liberal progressives are so radical and don’t listen to Christian conservative common sense, so I just don’t bother to respond to his or her mindless ramblings anymore. No sense in feeding the alligators!

B.P. is just one of several who say Christians are always trying to “cram their religion” down other people’s throats and that we should just leave them alone to live their lives the way they want. No Christian worth their salt will disobey God’s commandments. God commands us to preach the gospel and spread His Word to every living soul on earth (Matthew 28:18-20, Mark 16:15, Luke 4:43, Colossians 1:23), and we are not to cram down throats or twist arms to save them from themselves heading for an eternity in hell. You merely tell them the truth, and they have free choice to either accept or reject God’s promises for them. That is not forcing one’s religion on anyone in any way. Christianity is not a religion.

Jesus also said for us to spread the Word; and if they reject it, then move on. We are wasting time and efforts on mockers and scoffers, thus robbing others of your time and efforts (Luke 9:4-5, Matthew 10: 13-14, Mark 6:10-11).

For years I had a problem with this. I kept going back over and over thinking “I can get through to this person” until I finally understood the above-mentioned verses. If I can’t get through on my first try, someone else might get through later on. I now only go back the second time if they show some interest in God’s truth. That is proper follow-up. Otherwise, I now move on to someone new.

R.M. has been a true pain in the rear for months. So much so that I don’t bother to even try to shed any light in his world of darkness anymore. Like bats and owls, he sees everything clearly in the dark. His last effort was a 16-point rant where I was wrong on nearly everything in the world; and he spewed out his utopian nonsense that appeared to me to have been written by Hillary or Obummer’s speech writers? Wild fluffy promises for everyone that they have no intention of keeping. All they want from their sucker base is their votes, after which they are rewarded with more broken political promises.

And his anger is also aimed at hard-working, motivated, successful people who aren’t paying “their fair share!” Who does he think is now paying for all their food stamps, housing allowances, their free dope, needles and supervised free shooting-up areas, kid’s K-12 education, the taxes they don’t pay themselves, etc.? I guess they all need a raise in their “entitlements” and other freebees?

W.A. blew a head gasket when I pointed out the Socialist-Democrat Party’s position on abortion and LGBT activities, and he said there was nothing in the Bible about either. HUH? He also said believing in the rapture is “B-S” and is the same as ISIS and thus dangerous to all that believe in it. He is a retired high school teacher, so heaven only knows how many young minds he has corrupted over his 30 years as a teacher?

One of my sins is not being able to forgive people, especially the spiritually stupid who are under the control of Satan and his minions. I am required by God to forgive these Biblical fools that reject God’s clear message of His eternally joyful salvation in heaven—that He offers to everyone freely who accept Him and reject Satan and his deceptions. Final judgment belongs to the Lord, and He will deal with the lost living in darkness in His own time and in His own way.

No doubt what I am writing now will generate a ton of hate mail telling me how spiritually stupid I am and how they can “straighten out my thinking and beliefs.” God will judge us all; and my guess is that these “spiritual owls and bats” are in for a very big surprise at the Great White Throne Judgment!

Most of you crazy uncles & aunts are going through the same mindless rejections I now write about (plus a bunch more!). Christ tells us clearly we will suffer intense rejection and persecution in His Name during these end times. I urge you to read and reread the September 8, 2018, Rapture Ready article Alice Childs entitled I Choose Forgiveness. It really helped me in my inability to forgive which came directly from Satan. Thanks, Alice!

Satan’s “creeping crud” is upon us!

To many of us believing Christians, it is a “creeping crud” that slowly and quietly sneaks up on us in stealth fashion; the world is so active in massive areas that many events that arrive just hit us with little fanfare or forewarning.

Not so with Satan. His time is short (Revelation 12:12), and even the WWII Japanese kamikaze suicide pilots quietly sought out their targets before making their loud, explosive hit.

Here in America we are wrapped up in earthly pleasures and activities that serve as camouflage for Satan’s wide-open kamikaze attacks from many planned plots all over the world. We Americans are so wrapped up with “Dancing with the Stars” and the NFL, we don’t notice the “evil big 4” (Hollywood, mainstream news media, Socialist-Democrat secular humanist political take-over, the apostasy of Christ’s church) sucking the holy oxygen out of our once Godly country. The USA is loaded with many diversified branches of evil.

Worldwide, Satan has many “irons in the fire” (so to speak). Islam is in every country of the world and is gaining large followings and influence. In western countries, it has taken over control of Great Britain and nearing a takeover in Canada, Australia and several South and Central American countries. The USA is growing in Muslim power thanks to the support and promotion of “the evil big 4.”

India is 80% Hindu, and their radical element is as evil, violent and hateful as any Muslim mob. The same holds true for countries like Thailand and the Buddhist fundamentalists. China president Xi Jinping has recently ordered the mass burning of all Bibles confiscated by his government police, plus ordering all Chinese Christians to sign government documents rejecting Jesus Christ.

This just scrapes the surface of Satan’s worldwide conspiracy against God. Satan is getting everything in order for the arrival of the antichrist and the false prophet after the rapture. Their ultimate goal is to rid planet Earth of all Christians and Jews. “The fake trinity” will say anything to please the population. They have no set religion. Just like Obama in front of an American crowd who proclaimed he was a Christian; but when he was overseas before a Muslim crowd in the Middle East, he would say, “I am one of you.”

Satan hates all Christians and Jews as does Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Satan worshippers and a long list of other false religions, cults and fake gods including godless atheists and agnostics. Satan doesn’t care which false religion or ideology takes over as long as the God of the Bible is squeezed out. All are under the power and direction of Satan. His time is short on earth, and our time is nearing a happy and problem-free eternity in heaven.

Wilderness Survival Tips

A Rapture Ready follower (Anthony Hamm) emails us and highly recommends that all crazy uncles get the 162-page Crazy Crow Trading Post catalog (free to all inside the USA) which is packed with Native American goods. Most of the catalog is filled with arts and crafts, but he vouches for their Green River knives. The catalog has over 10,000 items, and Crazy Crow Trading Post was established in 1970. Contact them at plus he states there are some really good prices.

He continues: “Pray that some have a good .22 rifle. You can carry a lot of ammo for it. Buy life straws. I pray that we leave soon. See you in the Kingdom.”

My suggestion is you get a single shot bolt-action .22. A semi-automatic has too many moving parts, so getting parts would be a problem since there would be no gun shops or mail order in the wilderness. Extra rim firing pins, the tools needed to install, a ramrod with patches and a can or two of gun oil should be all you’ll need.

Two or three bricks of .22 ammo ought to be enough. Even more can be used for barter. Ammo is easier to get now since Trump became president. Obama and his Socialist-Democrats were unable to ban firearms in the USA; so they went after the ammo makers with heavy government regulations, especially on lead production. Ammo was very hard to come by during the Obama years. Smarty-pants Obama knew guns were useless without ammo.

Another option is an over-and-under shotgun/rifle firearm. The most popular is a single shot .22 on top and a single shot 410 shotgun down under.

Some other Native American websites (also a lot of arts and crafts but some wilderness survival tools) are:

About 25 articles ago, I mentioned that my Lehman’s Hardware catalog was my most valuable book next to my Bible. The store was established 63 years ago (1955) for Amish, Mennonite and those who live in remote areas with little or no electricity. They have a free catalog featuring thousands of non-electric tools, utensils, etc. My left-behind room and boxes have a lot of Lehman’s items packed away. You can contact them at

Also get a catalog from

I did a write-up on Claude Davis’ latest book (on outdoor first aid growing in the wild) a while back with a follow-up a couple of articles later on all the natural remedies found in the wilderness, color photos of the plants/weeds, what they cure, etc., in that book. He also authored other survival books that are available at Ask-a-Prepper (

Here are some more wilderness remedies: Activated Charcoal (healing skin wounds, removes splinters, absorbs infections); Chamomile (pain and inflammation from wounds); Turmeric (stops bleeding); pure honey (heals burns); Aloe Vera (instant pain relief, heals wounds); Garlic (wound healing).

Reader FeedbackBottom of Form


Just wanted to comment about your most recent “After the Rapture” article. You mentioned EMPs. I just don’t believe that there will be an EMP attack, either before or after the rapture. Possible? Yes, but not likely. Here’s why:

If you remember, the 2 witnesses will be killed and lie dead on the streets of Jerusalem for 3 days; and then God will bring them back to life and lift them back to Heaven. Everyone in the entire world who is still alive will witness this. How would it be possible for everyone in the world to witness this but for satellite television? They couldn’t. Plus some might witness it on YouTube. Not only that, I believe their dead bodies will have a live cam on them the whole time while they lie dead. I even heard recently that they put up live cams near the Wailing Wall. Could these be the cams that focus on the bodies of the 2 witnesses?

EMPs would wipe this all out. Not going to happen.

Anyway, that’s what I think. If you think differently, that’s fine. I enjoy your articles!

God Bless,

Matt Henderson

(Dick’s reply) I don’t disagree as you made some very good points that bear thinking about. But let me expand my thoughts on the subject. Isaiah 55:8 clearly quotes God telling us that His ways are not our ways, so I don’t care how many EMP’s hit all at once; if God wants everyone to see the two, everyone will see. Same is true when Jesus sets foot on the Mount of Olives (Zechariah 14: 4). God is in control of EVERYTHING! If God wants it done, mankind’s technology, advanced war weapons, etc., don’t mean squat! So EMP or not, “Thy will be done” (Matthew 6:10).



I just read your commentary/opinion of possible scenarios on aborted babies etc., and children who have not reached the age of reason. My understanding has been that when the rapture takes place we would receive our glorified bodies. I also understood that we would always be with Him forever. How is it that God would bring back aborted, miscarried, stillborn, etc., babies and children that have not reached the age of reason (such as mine) in the millennial kingdom so that they could have an opportunity to choose Him?

Seems like that would also have to apply to people who are severely mentally handicapped as well? There would be a lot of tears in Heaven if mothers like myself would have to part with their children so they could be brought into a millennial kingdom to have an opportunity to choose Christ!

In fact, it’s downright disturbing! If my children are raptured up and are transformed in the twinkling of an eye, why would they need to be tested? That makes no sense to me! Is this not the age of grace!? One thing that has comforted me about the Lord’s return is the fact that my small children would be raptured and safe with the Lord forever and not have to grow up in this evil, depraved world. I thought that we’d all take part in the wedding supper. No matter the age of the baby, child, mentally handicapped person.

Heather Carmichael

(Dick’s Reply) I am not disagreeing with what you write, but I am not agreeing with everything either. So allow me to expand on my article #44.

Our God is just and righteous, so I don’t worry about all living souls not being treated justly and righteously. God’s ways are not our ways (Isaiah 55:8). We all need to take comfort in His Words.

There will be no need for calendars or wrist watches at the rapture for Christ’s raptured church. God created time for earthly people but there will be no time in eternity. If that were so, God would have put a number of years on the length of eternity. And I don’t know if infinity is a number? The raptured church would then be subjected to aging. I don’t think so?

All those raptured must appear before the judgment seat of Christ (Bema seat) and answer for their earthly service to the Lord. After each was “born again” the Lord will chastise their laziness and sloth but reward their good works. All of their sins (past, present, future) were forgiven at the Cross, so the raptured appear before Christ at the Bema seat sinless. He will then judge their works with chastising and/or rewards.

Those raised during the millennium will be both lazy and energetic just like the pre-rapture days. All of the millennial newborn will be in human bodies until God changes them.

A fetus has never sinned nor reached the age of reason; so if they were to appear at the Bema seat, there would be nothing for Our Lord to chastise or reward. I believe that fetus must reach the age of reason so they may make a personal decision to either accept or reject Our Lord. I realize all earthlings are “born” with original sin inherited from Adam and Eve, but I don’t know if an unborn fetus applies? I would guess that a fetus has a soul, so therefore might have original sin. Catholics wrongly believe that sprinkling an infant shortly after birth rids them of original sin. The Bible says “He that believeth (becomes born again) and is baptized shall be saved” (Mark 16:16, my emphasis added).

You write about the personal pain and agony that a lost fetus might cause a mother, but who is to say that those same mothers wouldn’t have the opportunity to raise that “fetus” in the Lord during the millennium? Since after the rapture I believe that pain, agony, etc., will be non-existent for all of eternity for those raptured, so it might be one happy and rejoiceful reunion in the millennium? Mothers would not suffer but rather rejoice in watching their “fetus,” etc., grow to accepting their Lord and Savior.

The final judgment will be at the end of the 1,000-year millennium which will include those raised during that millennium. The Bible doesn’t say anything about two Bema seat judgments, but I’m sure God has it all planned and worked out in a just and righteous manner.

Personal Note:

This will be my last article for a while. I am heading back into the hospital.

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