After the Rapture #27 :: By Dick Ainsworth

 After the Rapture – Part 27
Doing it the Right Way

“But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither has entered into the heart of man, the things which God has prepared for them that love Him” (1 Corinthians 2:9).

It amazes me that we can somewhat disregard the unlimited joys and pleasures to come in our eternal future because they are unseen, untouched and unhandled by us, and they seem so distant and far away; yet we flock to our computers to place orders online for a ton of stuff that we only have a photo of or some brief consumer reports by total strangers. We ought to embrace God’s Word over an ad or report on our first jar of Blue-Emu or Super Beets. I plead guilty as charged on both counts!

Sure, I buy online, too. That is where I get my Buddy Holly and Merle Haggard CD’s. But my left-behind boxes are packed full of “stuff.”

I hope will make life in the tribulation period safer, more bearable and Biblically informative in that horrible era of the left behind’s earthly existence to come. And if I only knew the time and date of the rapture, I’d feel more at ease maxing out my credit cards to buy those left behind the “stuff” they are really going to need after they can no longer buy or sell without the kiss of eternal death from the “fake trinity.” I have already maxed my cards out once, paid them off, and I’m ready to max them out again.

Those left behind will utterly hate the tribulation period. But they should give the Lord a sincere, heartfelt prayer of thanks for giving them one more chance at a perfect, joyous eternity. He does this out of love and mercy for His unrepentant sinners.

After all, it is the left behind’s own fault they were left behind, so there is no need to cry over spilt milk but to suck-up and make the best of a lousy situation. Use the trib as a tool to build your once lukewarm relationship with God into a vibrant passion for His truth and His way. God wants you to come to Him. He stands at your door and knocks. All you need to do is open the door unto Him (Revelation 3:20). You can’t say that it can’t get any worse than the tribulation period, because it most assuredly can.

“And the third angel followed them, saying with a loud voice, If any man worship the beast and his image, and receive his mark in his forehead, or his hand, the same shall drink of the wrath of God, which is poured out without mixture into the cup of his indignation; and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels, and in the presence of the lamb: And the smoke of their torment ascended up for ever and ever: and they have no rest day nor night, who worship the beast and his image, and whosoever receiveth the mark of his name” (Revelation 14:9-11).

Those of us raptured will be in our new, glorified bodies that are eternally perfect physically, mentally and spiritually. Those left behind will still be in their weak, fallible human bodies jam-packed full of fear, indecision, anxiety and bad judgments, and that are also prone to injuries and disease, being in the wrong place at the wrong time, making bad decisions and a long list of other human frailties. It will be a long, difficult seven years for them (if they can last that long).

These present days prior to the rapture will seem mild compared to what lies ahead. With all good law enforcement either raptured or forced underground, the only “law” will be antichrist’s gestapo that will allow public rape in broad daylight on the open streets. And you can surely count on the satanic gestapo being active participants in that violent sin.

Murder rates will skyrocket, as who will be able to tell the difference between an actual murder in a robbery or drug deal or a love triangle over the gestapo killing someone for refusing the 666 mark?

The total number of murders in Mexico for 2017 was 29,168, which should rise dramatically when the actions of law enforcement are curtailed and reduced by the rapture. The big city and urban areas are where the illegal criminal aliens flock to. Lots of dead bodies lying around on the city streets.

This is another good reason to flee the big cities and large population areas for a rural wilderness location with your small group of 10 or 12. Most of the action will be where the people are, so get away from people and so-called “civilization.”

National statistics say over 80% of Americans live in urban areas. The wilderness will have plenty of survival challenges of its own for you to tackle and cope with. Find a place to move into, but always be prepared to move out on short notice.

The Bible calls the antichrist “the son of perdition” (the son of hell) who is the lawless one, and lawless is exactly what the world will be after the rapture (John 17:12; 2 Thessalonians 2:3). You won’t be completely free of the antichrist’s Gestapo, but your chances are much better away from populated areas. Antichrist knows where the city people are, but he will have to hunt and search in much larger areas for those escaping and hiding in the countryside.

Your new area can be temporary while you scout around for a better location. It should be away from small towns. You need to get used to not going to town for anything and everything you want. Antichrist will be enforcing the arrest of deplorables and those without the mark everywhere. So instead of buying, you might be tempted into stealing.

Your new area should be as far rural as you can get, plus it should have a ready source of good water and a hilly area where you can dig concealed caves and cellars that will be out of the flood plain. High ground is also good for observing a large area – a lookout post, if you will.

Remember, antichrist’s gestapo, renegade park rangers and conservation agents, etc., will have all the cell phones, radios, drones, modern police technology, etc., at their disposal to hunt you down and make your life and afterlife miserable.

High on a hill is also a good place to hold prayer and Bible study, weather permitting.

There is no reason at all for you to cancel a prayer and Bible study. You should have alternate locations depending on the elements and surrounding conditions. You didn’t participate in much prayer and Bible study before the rapture, so look at where you are at right now? You have a lot of catching up to do. And now is the time you really need to pray and learn His Word.

You should start and end each day with group prayer. The left-behind boxes should contain KJV Bible study guides. And the 10-12 people should be doing individual prayer throughout the day and all awakening hours on their own time. So get used to it. Your eternal salvation depends on it.

Reaching out to the homeless and the poor

The Bible instructs us to care for the poor and needy, but it is getting more difficult to do as the time of the rapture draws near. Government intervention is a major problem; good Christian people are sucked into and bogged down with government regulations that dictate suffocating Christian worship in the public square, so they can no longer spread the gospel at will. This is by intentional opposition against and towards God.

Take soup kitchens for example. There was a time when each person attended a short, Christian-based mini-service before they got the free meal. But the left-wing liberals put an end to that as they provided food grants and other assistance paid for with taxpayer money to the kitchens. Then they started screaming “separation of church and state” and “the homeless and needy have rights, too” at the top of their lungs.

Our U.S. First Amendment gives us freedom of religion, and not freedom from religion. In spite of that, any mention of God and the gospel was stopped immediately, or government funding and other assistance would cease.

But some Christians would take it upon themselves to speak the Gospel to those as they passed through the chow line. But usually it was a tattletale who turned the VOLUNTEER WORKER in to management, who would quickly reprimand them and order them to cease the witnessing or else the kitchen might lose funding. All you get now at a soup kitchen is a meal with government censorship but no God. So the homeless and needy are thankful to the secular-humanist socialist government for “thy daily bread.”

The same is true of nearly all food banks and food pantries.

About the only way to pull this off these days without Satan’s interference is to do it privately within a church body or a private Christian group. You would have to locate it on private property such as using, for example, a city park’s shelter house which is usually taxpayer funded. You would have to provide the food and furnishings yourself, but you can’t put an earthly price tag on a person’s soul. And you also need to beware of frivolous lawsuits.

Several times in these articles, I have suggested to those who are not pleased with what is coming out of the pulpits of their present church to pull up stakes and start your own home church and Bible study (see #6). This would be an excellent project pleasing to God to periodically hold a dinner-type function for the poor and needy people that you know in your area. Here are some suggestions:

Make it family-style with everyone sitting at a table with church members intermixed with the local poor. Don’t preach, but use prearranged dinner chat. You can arrange a program of topics beforehand.

You might use subjects like the 7-year Marriage Supper of the Lamb (Revelation 19:7-9). Many might not know about it, and that everyone is invited. Use God’s Word in scripture to prove it. Also tell them about the “many mansions” (John 14:2-3) and their new rent-free perfect home hand-made by the carpenter himself, Jesus. Explain how there are no classes of people in heaven. Everyone is equal. Everyone gets a mansion.

Many of them probably don’t know the truth about the rapture. Now is a good time to explain it to them through scriptures – and the horrors and pain of the 7-year tribulation period if they miss the rapture, which can happen at any time. Then explain how easy it is to go up in the rapture.

Now would be a good time to show a video like “Years of the Beast” (#26) with dessert afterwards and informal chat. End the get-together with prayer, and go around the table starting with one of your church-group members. This will break the ice for the invited ones to freely open up with personal prayer of their own. Beforehand, it should be pointed out how group prayer has great power in the eyes of God.

The food can be potluck and covered dish where each church member is volunteering something. The church members can all chip in for the meat, like several fried chickens. After the get-together is over, the leftover food should be divided up for the needy to take home with them. And we are now into the warm summer months where this can be an outdoor event.

As the rapture draws near, now is an excellent time to expose those not in the know about the rapture and eternal life in the hereafter for people who don’t live too pleasant of a life at the present time here on earth. Maybe they can thank you for your witness when you are all seated at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.

Kicking Satan’s Butt

I started the “Prayer Requests” section in this column about two months ago as a means for Rapture Ready readers to place their own personal family and other prayer requests in front of a vast Christian RR readership. I write this now as a testimony to how the power of group prayer is working.

Satan and his imps absolutely fear and hate prayer by Christian believers directed to their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. They know God answers the prayers of those who love Him, and since these prayers are anti-Satan in content, Satan sees souls slipping away from his evil grip on a regular and growing basis.

IT WORKS, I am here to say. I get a regular flow of positive responses from people who have requested prayer in the past, and the positive results that are coming their way through God’s Holy Spirit. They mainly want to thank those that prayed for them and their loved ones as they truly believe the group prayer has caused positive changes in their lives. So even if you don’t have a particular prayer request, you should be praying for those who do.

It is also very important that we continue to pray for those who are converting to Christ that they stay and grow stronger and not backslide and become part of the falling away.

I have been somewhat disappointed in the low numbers of prayer requests I receive. A good week is two or three prayer emails. It should be many more, especially when you consider the times in which we now live. Time is running out to where it will be too late for the raptured to pray for those left behind.

And it is especially bothersome to me personally as I have been on the receiving end of God’s generous grace recently with three family members coming to Christ, plus my improved health. I’m on home hospice now, and the doctors didn’t expect me to live past March. But here it is May, and I feel better each day. I just can’t understand why more people don’t join in on our joint prayer group? Believe me, it works!

By God’s Will, Satan is in control of the earth but has no control over God whatsoever. So our main and most powerful weapon against Satan is prayer. We must use that weapon frequently and intensely.

So if you want to break Satan’s evil heart, send in your prayer requests, plus always read and pray for all of those that have been posted already. My email address is further down in this article under the prayer requests section.

Survival Tips

Stash away several rolls of aluminum foil; it has many uses.

Need BOILING WATER but have a fire and no extra pot to boil it in? Dig a hole in the ground a bit bigger than the size of a pot. The increased size is to compensate for the size of the hot rocks you are about to use.

Clean and wash the medium-sized rocks before building a fire. Line the hole with aluminum foil, fill the hole with water, and use a shovel to transfer the very hot rocks you outlined your campfire with into the water pit. Let sit until water starts to boil. If you are boiling drinking water, let it sit boiling for about an extra 4-5 minutes to make sure the water is safe to drink. The rocks will be purified by the heat and flames from the campfire. When through boiling water, save and fold-up the tinfoil for future uses.

Cooking foods without pots and pans? Unskinned potatoes and other large root veggies and some whole fruits can be hand-packed in clay or mud and set in the fire to bake. The mud and clay will harden into a brittle shell; and when the food is baked thoroughly, crack the hardened mud-and-clay shell off, peel or skin, and they are ready to eat.

When we were kids, and the late fall came around to when we burned off all the brush, dead weeds, wood and saplings to make open garden space for next spring’s garden, we’d pack unpeeled baking potatoes, apples, and pears in clay and mud. Mom would wrap a big chunk of beef roast with spices, seasonings, onions, carrots, tomatoes, etc., in tinfoil (aluminum foil) and place in an open fire. By the time the sun went down, supper was ready! Unwrap the foil, plus crack open the veggies and fruits packed in clay, and what a great mouth-watering smell!

Prayer Requests

(Email your prayer requests to:

GRETA BRYANT is requesting prayer for her lost family that they will come to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior before the rapture. They are three grown sons with families and her husband and his family.

Continue to pray for the recovery of the LIGHT OF THE WORLD MINISTRY in India who is still trying to rebuild after Hindu terrorists burned down their church in February. They continue to be very active in the Lord under such discouraging and heartbreaking circumstances. Any other contributions towards the rebuilding of their church would be greatly appreciated. You can contact Sister Deevena at:

CYNTHIA wishes to convey her heartfelt thanks for your prayers for the lost members of her family. She so appreciates all of you. Thanks to your prayers, her daughter and her husband have recently drawn closer to Christ. They are now asking questions and looking inside their Bibles. Pray that they both not backslide but instead grow stronger in their faith.

But Cynthia’s atheist son still needs prayer as does her ex son-in-law who forbids her grandson from having any exposure to Jesus Christ. Pray that God will provide a way that her grandson can break through these stumbling blocks placed in her grandson’s path by Satan.

She continues to seek prayer for her husband’s family who has yet to come to the Lord. She also seeks prayer for the unsaved members of Dick’s family, plus his poor health conditions.

MATT JACKSON continues to seek your prayers for the Rohr family and their daughter Rachel who are being deceived by a false religion. Please pray that their eyes will be opened to the light and the truth of God.

MARILYN YORK requests your prayers for her unsaved family, including her sister and brother.

RHONDA WILLIAMS has many unsaved members in her family, including her two sons (Daniel and Charles), two granddaughters (Amiyah and Saniyah) and four brothers and sisters (Faye, Vickie, Sharon and Greg). Please pray for them all.

DICK wishes to thank all who have been praying for unsaved members of his family. He reports that three recently have turned to Jesus.

PAULA PARSONS emails in a lot of good news she credits prayer to. Her good friend Nicky White came up negative with the cancer testing so will start chemotherapy and radiotherapy before surgery. Doctors are expecting a cure and full recovery. Nicky had drifted away from God in recent years, but she was overwhelmed by the prayers from others and has come back to the Lord. She wants to thank everyone who prayed for her.

Paula also wants to thank everyone for praying for her lost daughter who has now accepted Christ. She is growing stronger each day and is a different person. She is now distributing tracts and had her first experience at witnessing to someone face-to-face.