After the Rapture #39 :: By Dick Ainsworth

After the Rapture – Part 39
The Ultimate Plot and Conspiracy

Webster’s Dictionary defines both plots and conspiracies being of evil and fraudulent nature when like-minded people come together in a private and secretive meeting(s) to “plot” and “conspire” dastardly deeds and disguise evil to look good, and vice versa (Isaiah 5:20). So we know for sure that the three persons of the Godhead (the Blessed Holy Trinity) have nothing to do with this stuff (other than becoming a target), as They never lie; and all that They say and teach is above board as to the way it is to be. In other words, in your face! It is what it is because He is the “I AM.”

Satan is the opposite. First, he is a spirit and can’t do anything physically to any of God’s creation. He may be wearing himself out whispering into the world’s collective ear; but all he can do is lie, make sin look oh-so-good, deceive, trick & fool, and put together very well-thought-out plots and conspiracies. If you don’t believe he is very good at what he does, just check the one-third of God’s angelic population (before Adam & Eve) who got kicked out of heaven with their boss Lucifer (alias “Satan”). Satan started out with a very large, powerful force before the “evil big three” officially came into modern-day being.

But all of his fallen angels, demons, etc., are also spirits and are limited to the spiritual world to mainly ear-whisperings one person at a time. Only the Godhead is omnipresent and can be everywhere all over the world all at once. That is why the Bible tells us “every eye shall see, every ear shall hear, every knee shall bow” (Revelation 1:7; Romans 14:11; John 5:25; Isaiah 45:23). This includes the dead from their graves, and the living and dead blind and deaf. They will again hear, see and bow by God’s divine power.

Satan can only whisper into one ear at a time, so his demons have a world full of us little people to pick from. I can just imagine a brawl between a crowd of demons fighting over who gets Maxine Waters? But Satan himself probably always gets the big names like Judas Iscariot, Adolf Hitler, George Soros, Barack Hussein Obama, Hilary Clinton, etc. (my opinion).

But Satan needs working humans with souls to lose in order to carry out his conspiracies and plots. So the ear-whispering continues to round up his conspiracy gang to carry out his plots. And for many, it isn’t much of a stretch at all.

But Satan can’t plot and conspire by himself. He is spirit only but needs a group of like-minded humans to put his God-hating plans into working order. He needs and already has a fast-growing gang of evil, corrupt plotters and conspiracy freaks. I could write volumes on the vast number of plots and conspiracies covering about every aspect of human life on earth. I have slightly touched upon a few in this series thus far. Just recently I have skimmed the surface on apostasy and the great falling away within our worldwide church system. That is a 100% demonic conspiracy!

And those of you who follow my writings already know my invented terminology like “crazy uncles,” “the evil big three,” “the fake trinity,” “antichrist’s gestapo,” etc.

In this article I will briefly touch upon one subject (my wife tells me I can’t say anything briefly). And that subject is the present illegal foreign invasion along our USA borders. Satan needed a squad of people who would divide the US population into small groups that would be at each other’s throats (divide, separate, conquer).

So Satan’s hand-picked demonic followers and conspirators are made up of liberal progressive secular humanists from all walks of life, also known as “Jesus haters.” The “evil big three” (Hollywood and its related industries, mainstream dominating media, and the political liberal progressive Democrat/ Socialist parties) lead the way, but the “three” may become “four” as the church world has nearly been taken over by Satan. All of these 3 or 4 satanic groups have large, faithful followings that are paying for their own sin and eternal destruction with their souls and billfolds, plus an angry smile upon their stone-cold, evil-eyed faces.

But Satan is an equal opportunity guy who wants to include everyone. So that might be why we see so many “conservative Republicans” acting more like his liberal progressive Democrat-Socialists each and every day.

After the Rapture and Christ has removed His Church safely into heaven, “the fake trinity” will rear its ugly head. This includes Satan (who thinks he’s God), the antichrist (who is the opposite of Jesus Christ) and the false prophet (the Holy Spirit wannabe). Jesus saves and rewards. Antichrist will condemn and destroy.

Jesus said in John 8:44 that Satan is the father of all lies and there is no truth in him. That’s a good place to start. The “evil big 3 or 4” plays “follow the leader” and do as their master instructs them. President Trump wanted to beef-up vetting of new immigrants coming into the USA to help weed out the criminals, MS-13 gang-bangers, jihadist terrorists, drug cartel members, sex traffic traders, etc. He also beefed up border patrols and ICE. He even wants to build a wall, but Satan and “the evil big 3 or 4” are fighting against it all with their ultimate evil conspiracy.

A massive effort in Congress to close down and eliminate ICE is rapidly gaining support and may become reality before too awful long. President Bush established ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement), and it was made a branch of DHS (Department of Homeland Security) just after 19 illegal jihadist terrorists hijacked 4 commercial jetliners filled with passengers and then ran through their suicidal kamikaze-style plan (or plot) to crash them into pre-determined targets from New York City to the Pentagon in Washington, D.C., killing 2,996 innocent men, women and children and injuring nearly 6,000.

Shortly thereafter, Satan’s people succeeded in having an Islamic mosque built close to the New York Twin Towers massacre (one of Satan’s little-bitty buddies, Nancy Pelosi, recently referred to the 9-11 attack on the USA as “an event!”), and that mosque has now become a memorial to the 19 jihadist terrorists who lost their lives “pursuing peace.”

Many Americans accepted this move as no one wants to be a known as an “Islamophobe!” Shortly after the attack, world TV, internet, social media, etc., repeatedly showed large cheering crowds in Muslim countries with armed terrorists passing out candy to little children who were to become the jihadist terrorists of tomorrow. Webster’s latest edition now defines Islamophobe as “discrimination against Islam!” Satan has now taken over our dictionary!

Since Trump has taken over the presidency, he has beefed-up ICE funding and built the numbers of staff agents, only to have sanctuary city mayors instructing their police and legal departments not to honor ICE hold & arrest warrants. Much of Federal law is unenforceable in sanctuary cities unless you want federal grant money. President Trump tried to withhold that federal funding, but Satan’s people have taken him to court in a lawsuit and will probably win that one, too.

Last month, ICE put in 911 calls for Portland, Oregon police back-up and ambulances to be sent to the scene of a radical leftwing public protest (riot), but the mayor’s office ordered 911 staff not to respond! City government again sided with the criminal element.

Let’s look at how much bang the U.S. taxpayers are getting for their buck since Trump took office. Before Trump took office, Obama was cutting ICE staff and funding so he could build more mosques in the USA and fund Middle East and African terrorist groups, among many other anti-American/anti-Israeli policies and projects. Trump turned that around with ICE alone (2017), making 143,470 illegal alien arrests – a whopping 92% having criminal connections – with nearly all being removed and deported.

Since most sanctuary cities refused to obey federal law, President Trump sent ICE units into those cities to make independent raids and arrests. That led to the arrested receiving satanic-influenced legal teams (pro-bono), naturally on the taxpayer’s nickel. Some are asking $1,760.00 to fight individual deportation orders. New York Mayor Bill DeBlasio has established four medically supervised free zones for illegal drug users to shoot-up “safely” from ICE interference at taxpayer expense. Such a kind generous mayor who really loves his illegals!

In the month of June (2018), President Trump’s independent ICE raids yielded a nationwide 4,143 arrests of illegals, and that was going against Satan head-to-head. Major raids in Ohio, New York, Iowa and Kentucky totaled 919, while Satan’s helpers are offering classes in Iowa on how illegals can stand up for their “rights.” After all, many illegals paid coyotes a thousand or so dollars to sneak them into the USA, so they can’t quit spending now!

The poorly guarded Canadian border contributes to high Muslim-populated states, which includes Washington, Oregon, Montana and North Dakota in the northwest; over to New York and all the New England states in the northeast; with the highest populations in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois and Michigan. Satan is attacking the USA from all directions.

So, why all of this intense effort by Satan’s people to get the undesirables into America? The farm worker, busboy or minimum-wage factory worker needs only to enter any one of 48 border crossings on its 1,954-mile border (average of one legal crossing every 39 miles) and apply for legal entry.

Sure, legal paperwork takes some time, and you don’t need to know that foreign language of English to get in. But if you are an MS-13 gang-banger, a drug cartel runner, a Middle East jihadist terrorist, have a criminal record and have been deported before, etc., you won’t pass the vetting process and would probably be denied entry.

But they still have the “illegal ID market” to change your identity to nearly anything you want for a price, naturally.

Many employers pay low wages (cash under the table) with no income tax, social security and Medicare withholdings, so you can go out immediately and apply for food stamps, welfare, and public housing benefits, since you are low income and poor. Those dumb Americans will pay for it all.

The Canada-US border is a different and easier plot for Satan’s people to work their evil. The border is 5,525 miles in length (longest in the world) with 108 crossings. Some are understaffed, some are only open 8 to 12 hours a day, and some are “unstaffed.” Just walk or drive across. Alaska is a US state, and all crossings there are open to anyone from everywhere. Once inside the USA, one can travel quite easily and freely. Many ships, for example, travel regularly from Alaska to USA ocean ports in West Coast states. Vetting means next to nothing there.

Like Mexico, don’t expect much or any help in border patrol from the Canadian government. Their Prime Minister starting in 2015 was the Liberal Party candidate Justin Trudeau who doesn’t have a term limit but is appointed “at his/her Majesty’s pleasure.” London’s mayor is a Muslim and has established “Islamic safe zones” where gang-rape under Islamic Sharia Law rules is protected.

Both Great Britain and Canada have seen Sharia Law taking over. Their public schools, for example, have student prayer from the Koran facing Mecca and special diets for Muslims – but no such considerations for Christians or Jews as it would be offensive to the Muslims. Justin Trudeau is commonly referred to as “the Canadian’s Obama.”

At last count, the USA has 38 Muslim permanent camps protected by the U.S. Constitution’s First Amendment “Freedom of Religion.” They are governed by Sharia Law and all have multiple wives with multiple families, so they draw multiple government welfare benefits, again courtesy of the U.S. taxpayer. They are breeding like rabbits, thus forming the basis for jihadist terror groups of tomorrow.

Meanwhile, persecution of America’s Christians and Jews is mounting and increasing daily. I wonder who designed that deep, evil conspiracy?

So, why so much hate aimed at the American people? Satan hates God’s Chosen People, the Jews, and His Son and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who was born, raised and died a Jew. America has the strongest military, economic and governmental power in the world plus is the country of Israel’s strongest ally. Enough said.

So Satan’s conspiracy is simple: Destroy the USA from within. Bring in undesirables inside USA borders, have a system of nationwide sanctuary cities protected by his own laws and our money; get all illegal aliens registered to vote for Democrat/Socialist party candidates; kill off as many “haters” (conservatives who vote “the wrong way”) as he can which will intimidate other “haters” to stay away from the polls and not vote at all; ban the Bible as “hate speech,” and get lawmakers on his side. People will abandon the Bible out of fear, including those in obedience to their “master.”

Only Christ’s simple plan of salvation will allow people to escape all this in the rapture.

In July (2018), Pope Francis made more public statements to “tear down walls and build bridges” that supports his ongoing support for the international borderless ethic among world leaders (who are listening intently). At this same time, he was supporting and excusing pedophiles and sex abusers within the Catholic church’s clergy for their sins of the past and ongoing sins.

Many end-times prophecy teachers were saying before Francis became pope that this pope would be the final pope before Christ’s Second Coming. I have followed this notion with great interest for years. I do continue to fear for the millions of Catholics who are still so easily deceived. They need to escape the clutches of the RCC and follow Jesus Christ and His Words alone.

Since the nature of the illegals Satan wants inside and in control of the USA couldn’t pass a Trump entry vetting process, he has to find other ways to sneak them into the USA. Open borders are the easiest, quickest and cheapest way for Satan and his conspirators.

The attitudes and belief system of America’s population have changed. Satan has spent 6,000 years changing the world towards his way of thinking. And you can now see what a good liar he really is and how Isaiah 5:20 (woe to them that call evil good, and call good evil, etc.) is really a forewarning of these end-times events.

The “destroy America” open borders and wipe-out Israel agendas are only two of his many conspiracies in full bloom at the present time. Add in his conspiracies on worldwide abortion and population control; the LGBT worldwide movement; the apostasy and the falling away assault on God and His Word; etc., and all the crazy uncle followers of Christ know  good and well the Time of His Coming is near. And it is our time to awaken those who are asleep at the wheel so we can take one last busload to the peaceful and safe other side of heaven’s walls.

There is much eternal urgent work to be done in the Name of the Lord.

Prayer Requests

There have been some changes beginning with the “prayer requests” section. Due to space limitations and the growing popularity of prayer in these end-times, my articles will now be divided into two separate posts: (1) Will be the title subject of the article in the “After the Rapture” series, and (2) a new series of articles for “prayer requests” only entitled “A Pre-Rapture Prayer List.” Also in these articles will be some “Reader Feedback” emails. So instead of getting the entire article in one place, you may now get it in two.

I’m requesting that those of you seeking prayer to please update your prayer requests when needed. You may want to add to or take away from, so I depend on you to keep the prayer list current. Also get back with me via email when you are getting a positive result from group prayer so I can report it to the worldwide prayer warriors. That will be an encouragement to them that their prayers are being heard and acted upon by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

The following are the new prayers that have recently come in. They will be transferred to a new “Pre-Rapture Prayer List” when it is necessary to do so.

Go to in the new articles (right column on home page) for a post entitled “Prayer” by Alice Childs (posted July 22). What I did was run off hard copies of the prayer, plus I also posted it on my Facebook page. However, Facebook deleted the “Prayer” post in less than a day.

The first “Pre-Rapture Prayer List #1” was posted July 24, 2018 in RR new articles or articles archives.

“Please pray for our son (Nathan) who has been deceived to believe that you can be a gay Christian. Our life is on hold as we pray for God to release him, our only child. We need prayers for him and ourselves. Give us a testimony to your Greatness, Jesus.

“Karen Mayercsik”

(Dick’s reply): Here are some verses from both the Old and New Testaments which clearly point out God’s commandments and judgments for practicing gay homosexuals. People deceive others with the old worn out “God hates the sin but loves the sinner.” So God loves you no matter what you do. That’s true, but God is also just and righteous who also loved His Son Jesus; yet He allowed Him to be beaten, tortured, nailed to a cross and die a slow painful death for the sins of the world. Jesus didn’t commit a single sin. He was punished for all of your sins: past, present, future. Your only way to heaven is to accept Him as your Savior, confess those sins (even in your own closet – Matthew 6:5-6) and repent. There is no other way.

The verses are: Genesis 2:24; Leviticus 18:22, 20:13; Jude 1:7; Romans 1:23-27, 32; 2:2-8. Especially focus on Romans 1:24-32.

Another email prayer with medical suggestions concerning Nancy Schumacher’s son Ryan and his intense migraine headaches that I last reported in “Pre-Rapture Prayer List #2” is as follows along with Nancy’s reply:

“Regarding Ryan’s migraines, I suffered for years with most painful ones where it felt like my head would explode. No pain medicine brought relief. Finally a doctor recommended Sumatriptan. Pain went away instantly! Maybe Ryan’s mom could talk to Ryan’s doctors about this medicine.

“For Ryan …. God Bless,


(Nancy’s response): “Thank you very much. Ryan is getting through a bad migraine that started days ago. As soon as I get our insurance reinstated for him, I will ask our neurologist about that.

“He just saw his aunt (who is a doctor), and she said they were trying to treat migraine with Dayquil along with Tylenol to cause restrictions of the blood vessels and other parts of the body. She gave him Compazine to go along with his Fioricel.

“We were camping together at a family reunion in Bar Harbor. Please keep the prayers coming; even half the pain would be more bearable. We appreciate all suggestions, and I am happy to hear this one.

“Nancy Schumacher”

“Prayer is still the saint’s most powerful weapon. They (the left behind) will need to use it a lot. Where should I go, what to do, and what to eat & drink? Consult your Master before you do anything else.

“Anthony Hamm”

MIRA ACKMAN AND HER FAMILY are requesting prayer for Jennie, Bradey and family. Please pray for their family as they grieve. Their daily struggle of coping with their September 2017 tragic loss of husband and father Brian has yet to lessen. They are still trying to live through their new normal.

And please pray for Sandra as she is going through some health issues.

(Dick’s note): I need to make some corrections from this prayer when first posted: Brian was a high school coach & teacher who was in-route, taking his cross-country team to an event. He was driving the school bus when a driver swerved onto the wrong side of the 2-lane country blacktop road and caused this head-on crash. The driver had several DWI convictions and had his license revoked at the time of this tragic wreck.

Send prayer requests to: