After the Rapture #26 :: By Dick Ainsworth

After the Rapture – Part 26
Saving the Children

An alarming and disappointing trend I have noticed since starting these weekly articles in late 2017 is the large number of prayer requests I get for wayward young people from both parents and grandparents.

I didn’t keep statistics on this. At the time, I didn’t see the need. I was featuring the “Prayer Requests” section as a spiritual service for those who were seeking prayer from a large audience of readers which, in my mind, was a good thing to do. Plus it was for the true prayer warriors who willingly offer prayer to those in need. I know I have enjoyed the good results of prayer from others.

Actually, I have only gotten prayer requests in three different classifications. A few were seeking healing for family or friends with health problems. One sought God’s protection from satanic terrorist attacks on their ministry. But the overwhelming number is for the salvation of family and friends.

There is a fair number from grown adults seeking the salvation of their parents or a spouse, but the biggest number by far is parents and grandparents concerned about the eternal destiny of children, from young-aged to middle-aged adults.

This gives me a hint as to who puts a lot of faith in the power of prayer and who doesn’t, not so much. Maybe it’s us old timers who were raised in a more traditional era when people depended more heavily on the Almighty for our wants and needs. And who even took the time to ask?

Don’t get me wrong; I’m not saying young people don’t pray. I’m saying that it is becoming more of a lost practice now than in those days of old when we were more dependent on God rather than on ourselves. Maybe we need to return to the days of The Lone Ranger when the announcer said, “Return with us now to those thrilling days of yesteryear ….”

I hate to tell you, “I told you so,” but I did tell you so; we have seen the “evil big three” gain and build up the power and influence they have in our children’s everyday lives. Our public schools, colleges and universities are a spiritual and moral disaster, with Satan’s hand-picked administrators and faculties leading the way in doing everything in their evil power to sweep our youth into the everlasting fires of hell.

An administrator, teacher or professor might disagree with my assessment and react to it by saying they aren’t trying to put any kid into hell, but rather to teach, inform, guide and council their students in their developing minds and future lifestyles. Strange, but Satan and his imps are trying to do the exact same thing.

It used to be that parents could enroll their children in a Christian school to hide them from Satan in the government schools, but that has changed in recent years. Christian schools, parochial schools and higher education colleges and universities are sinking to new moral lows, mimicking what the government’s public educational system has force-fed on our youth for years.

Satan has his filthy fingers into anything family friendly and acceptable by God. The homeschooling families have been under blanket attack worldwide and persecuted by government regulations on a growing basis, with some national identification systems quickly identifying “violators” for further legal actions. In Germany (and other countries), children have been taken into custody out of their parents’ homes for their parental disobedience to government’s secular humanist policies regarding the training and education of the parents’ offspring.

Why the drastic changes? Christian and homeschools push life skills like reading, writing and arithmetic, traditional family values, God & country and loving your neighbor as yourself, while the government wants to brainwash your kids with alternative lifestyles; a glossary of popular illegal drugs; the benefits of abortion; an index of the many homosexual lifestyle situations of their choosing; and the how-to methods of hating anyone who is different than you.

And it doesn’t help their cause when homeschooled students time and time again are winning televised national championship spelling bee and history bee contests over the taxpayer-funded public school students.

It doesn’t stop there. Our once beloved Christian seminaries have been a disgrace for years and are heading downhill like a snowball headed for hell; they turn out weak-kneed pastors by the truck load whose major goal is to fill church pews and collection plates. The church world is asleep to this rejection of God and His Word. It only comes to light when some of the dwindling numbers of true watchmen on the wall try to make it known to the flocks of sleeping sheep.

Satan has also taken control of most on-campus social and political organizations and groups to shut down free speech to Christian conservatives, and replace it with Satan’s speech and agenda. So many of the Christian conservative groups move their operations and efforts off campus only to have Satan follow them there with the support of media, frequently the police, and almost always a gaggle of twisted lawyers.

The brainwashed, closed-minded college students of the ‘liberal progressive socialist persuasion’ get their political savvy from the likes of Jimmy Kimmel; Bill Maher; Nancy Pelosi; The View; Jimmy Fallon; MSNBC; Keith Ellison and Hilary Clinton, among many others. No opposing viewpoints are allowed within their massive peer groups. A gigantic case of “monkey see, monkey do” if there ever was one.

Mobs usually don’t have leaders unless your name is George Soros. The tribulation period will soon be jam-packed full of young, fresh, leadership minds that won’t have the foggiest idea of what this planet is coming to. But “the fake trinity” will fill them in quickly with their version and vision.

Meanwhile, the younger elementary and high school students are being educated also. Second graders are taught how to use a condom; fifth graders on where the closest abortion mill is located; and many in all grades are duped into genderless, unisex mindsets.

They are going home to a one-parent household (who might be working two jobs) so they can do their “homework” on what they learned in school that day and be entertained by 200 channels of trashy TV, unrestricted social media, continuous video games and their “family of gangs.” They are taught the “many positives” of Islam while the Christian football coach is being fired for participating in a team prayer after the game.

That skims the surface on what the “evil big three” are doing to our youth. And I don’t question it one bit why so many parents and grandparents are in a panic over the eternal salvation of their beloved children. They had such big dreams for them in the future, but now their main objective is to keep them out of hell. So they pray to God to save the children from publicly endorsed evil.

Hollywood and the entertainment industry have been the major movers and shakers in the efforts to corrupt the minds of our youth and to tear down the moral fiber of this world. Their so-called ratings system means nothing anymore, as today’s youth have easy access to the most vile movies, games, programs and live presentations in history. The college-age crowd flocks to this satanic trash because they are “of legal age” while the underage youth have little trouble gaining access, as age requirements are loosely and rarely enforced. Hollywood’s bottom line has always been “selling more tickets.”

The fake news people in mainstream media wholeheartedly endorse and promote the entertainment industries and the progressive, liberal, socialist zoo of animal’s agenda that has destroyed our political system. I have sometimes wondered how the “evil big three” crowd will react at the Great White Throne judgment if God brings up the subject of “bearing false witness” and “thou shalt not covet” as openers.

So what can we do about it? Their side has nearly all the earthly power, money, influence and exposure in the world, so they have the upper hand at the present time. Ephesians 6:12 tells us that our battle is with the “rulers of darkness of this world, spiritual darkness in high places.” Except our Almighty and powerful God “has overcome the world” (John 16:33).

But in the meantime, Satan continues to destroy souls and lives in huge masses. Some will eventually come to the Lord during the tribulation period, but many will be lost. The present system is raising our children to be left behind at the rapture.

That’s a good thing about reading the end of “the book” first – so you can find out what happens. We are talking about a huge number of people whose eternal destiny was sealed at the first moment of their physical death during the last 6,000 years, and up to and including the present. That doesn’t look at all good for our children who are being raised and educated into the spirit of antichrist.

The “evil big three” haven’t the faintest idea of what “evil” really is. They have lived that way for so long that it is imbedded deeply into their characters. And it is normal for them to pass it down through their generations, and to also “share” their knowledge of life with the world.

“Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; put darkness for light, and light for darkness; and put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter” (Isaiah 5:20).

We know we are not saved by our good works (Ephesians 2:8-9). Jesus’ stepbrother James agrees with that, but adds that faith without works is dead (James 2:17-26), and we need to do more. Prayer is a form of works that more of us need to take advantage of and use in the face of the overwhelming attacks we constantly face from the “evil big three.” It would be wonderful if all of us would be in prayer the moment the trumpets from up above are sounded.

We have a monopoly on prayer. God hears all prayers from His creation in the remnant church, in the Christian world. It comes from all over the world, and He hears each word and answers in His own time and way. But who do the “evil big three” pray to? Maybe they pray to their hidden Swiss bank accounts? Or who does the soon-to-be “fake trinity” pray to? If it is to anyone, it is to a god of their own making inside their own inner circle.

So we have a 100% to zero advantage over Satan in prayer to where it really counts—to Almighty God. Ole Lucifer just hasn’t figured it out yet as to who is really in charge of things. But he will get the message loud and clear in a little more than 1,007 years from now. I understand the bottomless pit really doesn’t have a bottom.

Besides faith, belief and prayer, we can also add good works like starting on left-behind boxes for each family member and good friends with their names clearly printed on the outside of the box. In those boxes should be personal letters to each individual, but also author letters to those same people to be distributed and discussed before the rapture. You’ve been mocked and scoffed before, so don’t sweat it one more time for what might be the very last time when you can have a face-to-face with these individuals.

If Satan has a short time remaining (Revelation 12:12), our time on earth is even shorter.

The whistle has blown for the 2-minute warning, as they say in the NFL pro football games. Some of us need to quit being so timid in these end-times and become bolder in our witness for what little time remains. Satan’s vast array of mind games causes Christians to become lazy and slothful. He’s the cause of Christians becoming timid. He is the one who whispers in your ear that your prayers are going unanswered by God.

Some people have accused me of trying to scare people into heaven, So what if I am? If I am telling them the scary truth, why is it wrong if it helps lead them to heaven? To me, that’s a good thing.

Satan has done a good job of getting people to lose their fear of God and His spoken Word and truths, while making the condemned, sinful life look appealing and inviting. James tells us that the devils believe in God “and they tremble.” So what are they trembling about? Or in Matthew 8:28-34, Luke 8:27-35 and Mark 5:1-16 when Jesus drove the numerous demons out of the possessed man called Legion; the demons all pleaded with Jesus not to “torment them before their time.” Those demons sound pretty darned scared to me.

Many places in the Bible tell us of our holy fear of God. Proverbs 9:10 tells us “the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom.” Acts 9:31, Isaiah 29:23 and Luke 12:5 (among others) also promote the fear of God. Having holy fear of God is a good thing we all need plenty of.

We can’t knuckle under and let Satan have his way. That is happening too much as it is. We have to battle back and take back the souls that righteously belong to God. At birth they all belonged to God, but we are allowing them to slip away. We need to be the overseers and custodians of what belongs to God until He comes.

And we must take on Satan head-to-head. He can’t harm us with God’s Holy Spirit on our side (James 4:7). Satan is on the wrong side of the fence but just doesn’t know it yet. We know because we have the truth from God, and we’ve all read “the back of the book.”

Years of the Beast

I’d like to mention again my favorite end-times witnessing full-length movie (one hour, eleven minutes) “Years of the Beast.” I say “again” as I did mention it back in December 2017, so there are those following this series of articles who might have missed it. I have had very good results with this 1981 movie. I’ve been showing it for over 20 years. It works well if you show it and then open the floor for discussion afterwards. This is a movie that needs to be shown before the rapture, as it can change some minds.

If you leave it in your left-behind box, it has some good wilderness survival tips the left behind can use. But it is Biblically accurate and is very useful in keeping people out of the tribulation period. And the Q & A afterwards works well because you will still be on earth to answer, comment and witness. I’ve watched it many times, and it never gets old.

You can get “Years of the Beast” on YouTube or you can purchase a copy at for about $7.00. You can also get it on Wal-Mart, Amazon, etc., but their prices are a lot higher.

Prayer Requests

Please keep the LIGHT OF THE WORLD Ministry in India in your daily prayers as they struggle to rebuild their church building that was burned down by Hindu extremist terrorists in February, also for God to cover them with His protective hand against more vicious attacks. You can contact the ministry through Sister Deevena at:

CYNTHIA is requesting prayer for her atheist son and her daughter who is Christian in name only. Her grandson is open to the Lord, but his father forbids any mention of the Lord around him. Also her husband’s parents are lost.

DICK wants to thank all who prayed for members of his family, as three have recently accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Please continue to pray for the remaining seven who haven’t yet committed.

Reader Feedback

Keep your emails brief and to the point. They can be edited for size, content and language:

LANGSTON ROWE emails regarding #23:

Hey Dick,

Ephesians 2:8-9 was a good verse to use. I like the (not of works) part of it “lest any man should boast.” I also like 1 Corinthians 15:1-4 which is the Gospel of Jesus. I believe Jesus made salvation so easy that a lot of people miss it; also our church members will have people think they have to act a certain way if you are saved. Now, when I tell people about Jesus, I use 1 Corinthians 15:1-4 and if they believe this: “that all who call upon the Name of the Lord shall be saved.” It’s really that simple.

I hope you have a lot of readers.

(Dick’s reply) – God did make it easy so all could understand. In Matthew 13:10-13, Jesus’ followers asked Him why he spoke to the people in parables, to which Jesus replied that it is given to His followers to know and understand the mysteries He unveiled to them; but the people hear but don’t understand. So the Lord spoke to them in parables to make it simple to everyone.

My mother-in-law was an illiterate Filipino woman who taught children’s Sunday school for nearly 60 years but couldn’t sign her name. God doesn’t wish that any should perish, so He made His Word accessible and easy for them. But we also have educated people today who have Master’s degrees and higher but still don’t understand the simple Gospel.

BILL PFEFFERKORN writes, “It’s funny how this one (#25) is on a letter, cuz that is what God put in my heart to do. I was drawn to write a short book (couple of pages) packed with how to be saved, what the last seven years were to contain, and hand them out to everyone regardless if they are Christian or not. It is time I am in panic mode to hand these out. I didn’t even think about the suicide rate after the rapture. Wow!”

(Dick’s reply) – Be sure to pray before writing and handing out.

The unsaved and lukewarm are not in a panic mode as of yet, so it is up to the crazy uncles to “panic” for them. Great idea to pass out many copies to many people. What can happen is the person actually reads it and has an attitude adjustment. And they pass on your “book” to others you don’t even know. And they might have an attitude adjustment, pass it on, etc. Or else it gets pitched and discarded where a total stranger picks it up, etc. The Holy Spirit has many ways of putting people onto the straight and narrow path.

Outdoor Food Cellars

In earlier articles, we discussed the location and construction of outdoor food cellars so your small group of 10-12 can have food the year around, but not be visible for antichrist’s gestapo’s prying eyes to detect. The discovery of gardens and food cellars is a dead giveaway that human beings are close by in the area.

Since we have already discussed locations and camouflage earlier, let us now turn the page on what and how to store, plus other tips. Much of this is from Prepping 101, plus my own homestead upbringing.

Here is a list of items that store well. And when the late fall arrives, that is a good time to be storing seed for next year’s planting. Don’t start out with hybrid seed. Use “real seed” usually available in seed catalogs, the Amish, etc. And food like shell beans, peas, etc., are ready to be harvested and bagged for the winter.

APPLES: Tart apples store much better than sweet apples. Pick out all the bruised apples and remember the old saying, “One rotten apple will spoil the whole barrel.”

BEETS : Remove the green leafy tops and cut 1-2 inches off of the root.

CABBAGE: Red cabbage and late fall varieties are best. Harvest after the first frost. Store away from other veggies, as the cabbage smell and odor will spread into other stored food.

CARROTS: Harvest before first frost. Cut green tops off. Will store up to 6 months (carrots, turnips, parsnips, rutabagas all store alike). Keep separate with air spacings.

GARLIC: Spring and fall harvest. Keep dry. Let cure for 2 weeks. Lasts 5-8 months.

LEEKS: Will store 3-4 months.

ONIONS: Store in gunny sacks or burlap bags that have air to breathe. Let dry. Last 5-8 months.

PARSNIPS: (see Carrots)

PEARS: Store like apples. Look for an old, wild pear tree in your area.

POTATOES: Red potatoes store a lot better than white. Store in gunny sacks or burlap bags. Last 4-6 months. In the spring, let them get wet so they will sprout eyes to make seed potatoes for planting.

PUMPKINS: Sort out damaged to eat now and store undamaged. Save seeds.

RUTABAGAS: (see Carrots)

SWEET POTATOES: Let cure. Last 4-6 months.

TOMATOES: Store in dark cellar when still green. Let ripen in cellar.

TURNIPS: (see Carrots) Last 4-6 months.

WINTER SQUASH: No zucchini; it doesn’t store well. Plant only Acorn, Butternut, Crown Prince.

ADDITIONAL TIPS: Root crops are underground vegetables; therefore, are less visible to your enemies. Bruised food will spoil faster and will cause other food it comes in contact with to spoil also. Any bruised or damaged food should be eaten immediately (if not spoiled or rotten), and the unbruised and unspoiled stored in the cellar. Do harvesting during the dry weather. Check the cellar contents frequently for spoiled and damaged food, and remove.

Dick Ainsworth