After the Rapture #15 :: By Dick Ainsworth

After the Rapture – Part 15
Only One Safe Space

In issue #12 we presented a report on the dreaded end-times scourge of “Artificial Intelligence” (AI) and how the evil powers-that-be in control of this satanic monster just might be waiting for the rapture to take out Christ’s Church so they may have an open road to inflict this evil system on an unsuspecting and Biblically uninformed mass of left-behind souls.

In this issue, let’s take a quick look at AI’s two ugly sisters, EMP (electromagnetic pulse) and CME (coronal mass ejection). They are the “ugly trinity” that goes hand-in-hand with the “fake trinity” and the “evil big three” often mentioned in these pages. What a team of losers!

EMP is a high-altitude nuclear weapon blast that interacts with the earth’s atmosphere, its ionosphere and its magnetic field. It will cripple nearly everything on earth below its enormous blast area in outer space.

Both North Korea and Iran have developed EMP warheads with ICBM’s (Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles) that can deliver them to wipe out America. I believe their plan is for both evil empires to launch at about the same time, North Korea aimed at the west coast and Iran aimed at the east coast. Both countries are close allies and have been working on their nuclear weapons programs together for years.

Russia and China also have EMP weaponry and both also side with North Korea and Iran (no matter what CNN reports). But I don’t see them jumping into this battle unless needed. All four of those enemies can’t use up all their bullets on America when their primary target is wiping Israel off the face of the earth.

Russia has military bases and seaports throughout their ally, the country of Syria, and is poised to strike Israel from the north and west. They recently announced they have developed drones that can carry a nuclear warhead. China has their highway to the east that can move 200 million troops to the Euphrates river near Israel’s eastern border (Revelation 16: 12). Libya, Sudan, Yemen, Nigeria and others will attack Israel from the south. So Israel is surrounded by Satan.

The main purpose of North Korea’s and Iran’s EMP attacks on the USA is to pre-occupy the USA so they can’t come to Israel’s defense. Iran is very anti-Semitic while a nearly bankrupt North Korea wants to share in the spoils of a war with Israel. They both believe Israel will be easy pickings without USA involvement, but God has other plans during the Gog and Magog battle.

Zechariah 12 is the “trembling cup” and “burdensome stone” chapter in the Bible where God will destroy all nations who come out against Jerusalem. This falls upon deaf ears as none of Israel’s enemies accept and believe God’s Word—they all reject Christianity.

Until then we all live in a culture of sin and death under this earth’s planetary rule of Satan; and, like birth pains, it will increase and get worse until Christ’s return on a magnificent white stallion along with His angels and all of us raptured saints. Then Satan and all of his imps and fallen angels plus the fake trinity will be cast into hell or the bottomless pit with their collective tails between their legs.

I personally believe that President Donald Trump was placed in office by God, as the end-times are near and He doesn’t wish that any should perish (2 Peter 3:9; John 10:28, 3:16). So far I feel President Trump has done an outstanding job considering he has to battle daily with “the evil big three” plus Satan and his demons and imps. But don’t expect President Trump to remedy all of our social, political and Christian ills. America and the world are too far gone for anyone other than Jesus who can and will fix it all.

We are beyond mankind’s solutions for our problems and disorder. It hasn’t worked for 6,000 years—even when God sent His Son to earth to offer salvation firsthand to the wayward earthlings. Instead He was mocked, rejected, spit upon and murdered by a kangaroo court, only to rise from the dead three days later. Yet only a handful of earth’s population was convinced to teach His Word to the world.

Look at the worldwide mess the so-called Christian church system is in today! President Trump can’t fix that but he can bring a few more souls to the saving Grace of Jesus Christ by his example, policies and leadership.  What we really need now is a young, vibrant, Holy Spirit-filled Billy Graham from the 40’s and forward.

CME events are worse than anything North Korea, Iran, Russia and China could come up with. They are a mass of solar winds and magnetic fields being released from the sun in one gigantic blast into space. We have had them for centuries but they have mainly missed the earth. A regular CME blast takes about 2-4 weeks to reach earth from the sun, but in 2012 the largest ever recorded narrowly missed the earth. Its travel time was only 18 hours and traveled at a speed of 7 million miles per hour.

Had it been released a week earlier, it would have hit earth dead center and it would have been a worldwide major disaster.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) says there is a 100% chance of a future massive CME heading our way. In that case (of a direct hit), 9 out of 10 earthlings would die within a year.

DHS calls it a “KILL SHOT” as it would demolish all worldwide electrical grids, commerce and economic systems would be fried, food and water supplies would be wiped out, etc. Some small electrical appliances with battery and/or solar back-up might be saved if unplugged and placed inside a Faraday box, which is easy and cheap to acquire. But you would need a solar battery charger for later.

With God’s Grace, the “KILL SHOT” won’t occur until after the rapture, which wouldn’t be at all good for the left behind. The Bible tells us that World War III won’t start until Christ’s Church is safely with Him in heaven. Those who could be left behind need to think about their only safe place to be. And that place is “beyond the clouds.”

Better Watch That Dirty Mouth

When I was a kid, my mother FREQUENTLY washed my mouth out with soap for saying a “bad word.” By the age of nine I was pretty darn proficient at cussing up a blue streak. But I quickly outgrew that by the 7th or 8th grade. In my old one-room, country schoolhouse days, a few of us boys would stand around a few girls at recess and let fly with some choice cuss words. Then all the girls would stand there red-faced and giggling. School days have surely changed! Nowadays many of the girls are making the boys blush and giggle!

The following will be a couple of recipes for making lye soap in the wilderness. It can be a bit strong compared to store-bought soaps. So don’t wash anyone’s mouth out with this lye soap or they may never cuss again!

Lye (or pure Sodium Hydroxide) can be bought in many hardware stores. Good brand names are Roebic and Red Crown. Don’t get products like Drano as they have chemicals and additives. But making your own lye in the wilderness isn’t that difficult. Collect pure rainwater (No tepid pond water; that’s for your drinking!), put the ashes from your campfire in the water, and heat while stirring. Hardwood ashes (oak, maple, walnut, etc.) are best. Take it from the fire and let the ashes settle to the bottom of the pot. Drain off the lye water for use.

But if you use store-bought lye, here are your ingredients: 14 ounces rainwater, 5 ounces lye, 38 ounces hog lard. You will also need rubber gloves, goggles, food thermometer, food scale, cooking pans and molds. You might be able to find gourds growing wild that you can make molds out of after you dry them out. And you can make molds out of clay or sand. Much of this gear you need to round up ahead of time to plant and store in your camp area before antichrist’s gestapo comes a-hunting.

DIRECTIONS: Mix lye and water; stir until lye is dissolved. Set aside. Put lard into pan over fire until melted and liquified. Heat water/lye and melted lard each to 120 degrees (F). Combine the two and mix/stir until it starts to thicken. Pour in a large mold for 24 hours to set and then slice into bars. Then wrap bars in paper, etc., and store away to cure for 4-6 weeks before using.

If you don’t have hog lard, you can use tallow from beef or mutton. Collect the fat after butchering and trim off all the bloody meat bits until it is pure fat. Cut into very small pieces, dump into a skillet and let cook until fat is melted down. The ingredients are: 2 pounds tallow, 10 ounces rainwater, 4.4 ounces lye.

Soap making is time consuming and a lot of work. If you have a group of 10-12, it would be best to do a batch for the whole group at one time. Always have water close by if you get lye, etc., in your eyes, face, skin, etc., so you can rinse off quickly. Cooking down animal fat will create an odor that every animal in the jungle will latch on to.

You could catch a break if your camp is near a farm where the occupants were God-fearing Biblical Christians who escaped this evil planet in the rapture. They would be leaving behind their hogs, cattle, chickens, tools, etc. How’s that for a “super left-behind box?” And it wouldn’t be stealing. I’m sure those God-fearing Biblical Christians would want you all to have their earthly possessions. They have no use for them anymore.

If you want to learn more on soap making beyond my brief article, Google words like “tallow soap,” “lye soap” and “lard soap.”

Staying Warm in the Wilderness

Since you won’t have electric space heaters, kerosene heaters or potbelly stoves, you will need to find other ways to stay warm without giving your location away. Some of the information in this article is from Mark at Prepping 101 in a piece he titled “9 Ways to Heat Yourself Post-SHTF.” You can get the entire article at:

The best way to keep the body warm is to avoid heat loss. In your bed you should have a thick layer of debris (piles of leaves, grass, etc.) between you and the ground. Raise yourself up off the ground as much as possible. If you have a way to heat rocks, they can be placed under your covering near your feet. I doubt if you will have a hot water bottle.

Body heat is also lost when air moves over exposed skin (wind chill); so use gloves, scarfs, insulated boots, hats/caps, etc., to help retain body heat. At least three layers of clothing can help, with the first being to eliminate evaporation loss from sweating. Plastic bags over the feet might help but you will have to control your sweaty feet.

The middle layer should be dry fleece, down or wool. The top or outer layer should be waterproof, which is another reason to pack along a good supply of 30 to 33 gallon trash bags.

Keep moving, as that helps generate body heat. Have you ever noticed a group of workers out in the cold doing their “two step” as they stomp their feet up and down on the ground to stay warm?

Mark gives a short list of what food you should eat to generate heat. Most are raw root vegetables like potatoes, carrots, beets, peanuts, etc., and maybe some hot peppers. They should be raw, as raw vegetables are harder to digest; thus, the digestive system causes the body-heat generation.

So now you can crawl into bed with your hot rocks and a raw turnip!

Billy Graham Funeral

Did you notice that, during the Billy Graham funeral in the big tent by his library, when speaker after speaker gave a positive gospel message that glorified Jesus, a large applause would follow and the TV cameras would pan the seated audience only to show about half sitting there stone-faced, quiet and emotionless?

Sort of reminded me of this year’s State of the Union address when President Trump would, for example, speak about his new massive tax cuts for Americans; about half would stand and applaud loudly while the liberal progressives would remain seated, quiet and stone-faced; and a few would stand-up and walk out of the hall.

And that reminded me of the 2012 Democratic Convention; whenever the Name of Jesus was spoken into the microphone, the large crowd would loudly boo His Name. This happened several times.

I think there will be a very long waiting line at the Great White Throne judgment.

Reader Feedback

I’m getting enough email responses to this After the Rapture series that I think it is time to start a “Reader Feedback” section. As long as I’m getting printable responses, I’ll run them with maybe some commentary. So keep it clean, folks!

Jim in West Virginia warns about his experience with stored bottled water. He states that much of the store-bought water now comes in bottles made from bio-cellulose materials that are supposed to decompose in a year or less. His parents left a case of Aquafina; and after a year the bottles split open, shriveled-up, cracked, etc. Some of the water became cloudy and not safe to drink.

For your Bug-Out bag I would suggest you get a strong durable bottle (that can last 7 years) at camping stores (like Bass Pro Shop, etc.) or Wal-Mart. Even a one-liter, used soda pop bottle is made of good stuff because of the carbonation.

Jim also suggested this fire-starting tool for your Bug-Out bag. He says to take used dryer sheets out of your clothes dryer, spread out flat, clean out the dryer lint from the trap, center in the flat sheet, add some cotton balls and soak with Vaseline. Tie the corners up and put in a Ziploc sandwich bag. About 5 or 6 will fit in a single bag. Then place in your Bug-Out bag.

Anthony in Florida has a similar method for fire-starting tinder. He takes an empty medicine bottle and fills it with dryer lint and cotton balls, soaks in Vaseline, puts the cap on and tucks it away in the Bug-Out bag.

Jim also suggests that you store food at least 100 feet away from your cave or sleeping area. Animals with their keen sense of smell can be a problem if you sleep with or near your food.

Jim brought up rabies in animals and humans. I recently reported on Chronic Wasting Disease (or Zombie Disease) that has been discovered in deer, elk, moose, etc., in both Canada and the USA. It has no known cure as of yet.

Rabies can be contracted, spread and infected by many wild and domestic animals (including humans). He relates back in years when he was growing up where they got most of their meat from wild animals and how they dressed them with their bare bloody hands before going on the dinner table. He has a theory as to why none of his family, friends and neighbors ever caught rabies. He said his father or grandfather who was cooking the meat, cooked it all (head and all).

When it was time to eat, they cracked the animal’s skull open and everyone took a big scoop of cooked brains to start their meal. His theory is that when rabies is contacted it travels to the brain, which causes death. Since many vaccines are made from infections, he believes the cooked brains might have acted as a natural vaccine. But he says it is only his theory.

Some of you might be a bit queasy at the idea of eating animal brains. I’ve eaten them but didn’t really care for them that much. I was a liver & onions guy. But a guy I was in the Marines with was in “hog’s heaven” when he could get a plateful of fried calf brains and scrambled eggs.

While on the subject of animal diseases, I’d like to mention rabbit fever. You can pick it up dressing or handling rabbits. And you can die from it.

Also beware of Lyme disease, which you can get from tick bites. In the Marines, we used to sit in circles in the camping area and “burn off” the ticks we picked up in the swamps that day (Camp Lejeune NC).

The smokers and non-smokers mainly used lit cigarettes, being careful not to kill the tick with too much heat. If this happens, you are forced to pull the dead tick off by hand, which usually leaves its dead head under the skin. You want to heat the tick’s backside up enough that it pulls its own head out of the skin, and then you can dispose of the tick in the closest fire.

If it is a crab tick, you will see its legs flailing about as it pulls its head out. If its legs quit flailing, you killed the tick. Hard-shell ticks don’t have visible legs, so heat slowly and give the tick the time it needs to pull its own head out.

Anthony was born and raised a Kentucky hillbilly but now has lived in the Florida swamps for several years. He tells how maple and willow bark can act as a form of aspirin for ills and fevers. I’m not familiar with maple bark but willows work well. You should peel the bark near the top of the willow tree or from a high branch. Getting bark from down low on the tree trunk can kill the tree. It’s best to try and find a willow bed where you have an ample supply of willow tree bark.

Anthony also provided a short list of edible wild plants such as cattails (never ate any but us kids sure used to have a lot of fun with cattail fights!). He also mentioned mulberries, lambs quarter, wild chives, onions, carrots and dandelions. You can cook or make a salad out of the dandelion greens, blossoms and leaves. You can also dry out the roots, grind them up and make a coffee-like beverage.

Not all of the email I receive contributes to the betterment of this series. Fact is, a small amount of them do the opposite. But I will include some of them, not that I want to be “fair & balanced” like FOX, but that some of these stinkin’ thinkin’ emails might encourage those of you who have it Biblically correct to stay the course and continue to follow God’s literal Word in the Bible.

Here are some I hope make those in Christ’s Church thank God that they believe the way the Holy Spirit has led them to believe.

One starts out asking me if I was on drugs when I wrote #13, then goes on to tell me the movie “Red Dawn” was for simple-minded teenagers and not serious theologians. He goes on to promote “Predator” as his favorite movie, which I assume is for “serious theologians?”

I went back to #13 and found very little of a theological sense in my favorite war films list. The movie “Sergeant York” did have a strong Christian message and some religious scenes.  The purpose of my series segment was to discourage those left behind from forming a militia to take on antichrist’s gestapo hordes. Then I advised them to instead go to their caves and pray.

I now sensed there was a liberal progressive in the house! They ended their email with this statement: “The rapture is theological nonsense.”

I’ve noticed over the years that quite a few liberal progressives don’t believe or follow the entire Bible. The few that do read the Bible have a pick & choose method where they pick out the verses they like and reject or substitute their own private interpretations to what they don’t like. I believe that, if they followed the complete Bible literally as they should, they wouldn’t be liberal progressives.

And when Christ’s Church meets Our Lord and Savior in the clouds, it won’t be “theological nonsense!”

Another email claims they spent a career in the mental health business and they “felt sorry for me and my grandiose thoughts, paranoid tendencies and extreme fears of reality.” I was then advised “to sit under an apple tree and think about my life in a rational manner.”

I guess that is what the new class of shrinks does these days? They meet with their patients in a fruit orchard?

I think we might have found the perfect replacement candidate for Nancy Pelosi.

And now back to the good emails!

The following email from Prism in Alabama is a response to article #6 in this series, which exposed the prosperity gospel preachers and how far from God’s Word our so-called Christian church system has sunk to in recent years. Then we point out ways we believe this can be fixed before the rapture.

Prism’s email reads: “I attend the First Baptist Church in Foley, Alabama, and was also a Sunday School teacher where I heard the preacher say “Don’t bring your kids to me for salvation. You tell them about Jesus.

“Also he promoted Rick Warren books to the whole church. We went from a KJV to a NIV Bible, and now he is using the ESV version.

“Maybe 1% of the people in the church speak about Jesus outside the church; but, based on my questions to the majority, I doubt it.

“I have been a Southern Baptist my whole life. 61 years to be exact. But I am having second thoughts that this is the best place to be at this stage of the game. The church today has its head in the sand.

“Thanks for the good articles and I wish more Southern Baptists would read this article and wake up.”

Prism’s email is very typical of many literal, Bible-based Christians who are disappointed and displeased with their present country club church. I urge them all to pull up article #6 in this series and get a group of like-minded people to act on it before the rapture. You don’t want the false prophet to take over the church’s moral and religious teachings. When he arrives on your church’s front door step, all he needs to find is an empty church building!

One thing I’ve noticed for years is that many small towns (let’s say 3,000 people) will have 3 or 4 one-denomination churches (let’s say “Baptist”) inside their city limits. One will be a conservative church; the others will usually be liberal, moderate and African-American. And all four are usually barely squeaking by financially as all of the Baptists are spread out all over town. So the four start doing fund raising and attendance-increasing projects that aren’t pleasing to the Lord so as to increase their bottom line and keep their heads above water..

It’s simple enough to fix. The sheep need to use their hearts, minds and Bibles to find their way in a new direction and location that literally follows Christ’s church design (Revelation chapters 2 & 3).

Dick Ainsworth


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