After the Rapture #28 :: By Dick Ainsworth

After the Rapture – Part 28
A 2,000-year-old parody

I wonder what this world would be like today if we would have had the technologies 2,000 years ago that we have today. Would the world be a better place to live or not? Would there not be as many false religions and unbiblical gospels being preached? Would more people be following Jesus and spreading His Good News?

If we had the social media along with iPhones, worldwide computer networks, big screen TV’s with numerous channels, a mass of security cameras thicker than flies, all forms of media everywhere, etc., then this might surely be a much different world today than what we have at the present. But is that good or bad?

Bear in mind that Satan and his hordes would also have had the same systems and tools to do their evil and deceptions with in opposition to the good works of the Christian believers.

Let’s take a speculative look at what the CNN and New York Times regional offices in Jerusalem might have been reporting 2,000 years ago. I will inject Bible chapters into their speculative reports in parenthesis for your information. CNN and the New York Times would never do that because they probably don’t know where to find them!

Let the “fake news” begin

The shepherds were watching their flocks by night (Luke 2) and, lo, the angel of the Lord came upon them, and the shepherd’s camera cell phones were flashing. Later on at a manger in Bethlehem’s city stable, a crowd had gathered including the paparazzi. One of them was heard to say “this is really front page stuff!”

About 30 years later, Jesus is about to start His ministry. His second cousin John the Baptist already established a large following and ministry, much to the anger and envy of the Pharisees and Sadducees who observe his large crowds that they wished were filling their pews and heaping up the tithes in their collection plates. He is this wild-looking man in a smelly camel-skin coat who is preaching and baptizing at no charge. No collection plates are passed. He says it is a free gift from God. He is satisfied with some wild honey and a handful of locusts. We just can’t figure this guy out?

The large crowd has no idea what the Blessed Holy Trinity of God is but neither do we. It must be some fabricated concept? We never heard of “it” before?

The large, assembled crowd is the first to witness this “Trinity” together. The Son is waist-deep in the Jordon River while His Father speaks out loudly from heaven; and the Holy Spirit takes the form of a shiny, bright-white dove that flies down from heaven and alights on Jesus’ shoulder (John 1). So we will report that they believe that their Holy Spirit is a bird.

The Pharisees and Sadducees continue to mock John with a series of gotcha questions; but they need to watch their mouths as the cameras are rolling, and this is all recorded in case any of them have political ambitions in the future. We can file the good and bad stuff away and use it either for or against them in their campaigns.

This Jesus guy fed 5,000 men plus women and children with a youngster’s sack lunch of 5 loaves of barley bread and two small fishes with enough fragments left over to fill seven baskets (Matthew 14). He did it again to 4,000 men besides women and children (Matthew 15) and with a total of nearly 20,000 people present at the two happenings. You know there had to be plenty of cameras and iPhones present to record it all. The TV nightly news just isn’t going to believe this without actual proof.

There had to be a sneaky trick in there somewhere. This took a lot of planning beforehand to pull these two stunts off.

The Cana wedding was packed with so many people that they ran out of wine early in the celebration (John 2). And you know how large weddings go. Nearly everyone drank a lot of wine and brought a lot of cameras, so I hope some were videotaping those stone water pots? We don’t know how He pulled that one off. We were very close to the wine all day long and didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary.

Rome’s IRS is still puzzled on how Jesus was able to pay His and Peter’s taxes by catching a fish in the sea and pulling a silver coin out of its mouth (Matthew 17). Maybe it’s a new form of counterfeiting, and Jesus is cheating on His and Peter’s taxes? Anyway, it is something to leak to the other fake news people. They really appreciate stuff like this.

Then there was the time the apostles left Jesus behind and headed out over the sea in a small ship, when they were surprised to see Jesus walking on water towards them (John 6). Nobody is going to believe that. But wait. The ship is equipped with a dash cam, isn’t it? Let’s see if it got anything on tape?

One they can’t doubt is the temple and all of the money changers (Matthew 21). That place was covered with security cameras since there was so much money floating around, so nothing was missed. They say He didn’t steal a single dime. All He did was dump everyone’s money on the ground and did a lot of yelling. Get ahold of our legal department. There has to be a law against that. He had to be pocketing something for Himself somehow.

They say the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5) and the Olivet Discourse (Matthew 24, 25) are going to be transmitted by satellite worldwide in all languages to all nations! This guy Jesus is just getting too big for his britches. Something needs to be done to stop him and quiet him down.

And there are numerous reports of the many people He healed of incurable injuries, diseases and illnesses. It is even reported that He brings people back to life from the dead, but we doubt that as no human being can do that. That’s just more of His phony scam to benefit Himself and build His image, reputation and following. He will surely cash in big time with these tricks.

Did anyone get anything from that Mount of Transfiguration stunt He pulled? (Matthew 17). And where do they get off with that Moses and Elias stuff? Those two have been dead and gone for years! So don’t believe it unless you actually see it reported in the media. We never get anything wrong.

A lot of people were at the grave of Mary and Martha’s brother Lazarus where he had been buried four days ago, yet this guy Jesus shows up and speaks out, “Lazarus, come forth.” Then the large rock rolls back from the sepulcher door, and out walks Lazarus completely normal and alive. There is plenty of film footage on that. We are examining it very closely to see if an imposter or a stunt-double was used.

The media have been advised that an arrest is imminent of this longtime person of interest named Jesus of Nazareth. The authorities have infiltrated His inner circle with a mole named Judas Iscariot who they got cheap for only 30 pieces of silver. Squads are on the way to a garden called Gethsemane (Matthew 26) to take this accused criminal and fugitive from justice into custody.

During the capture and arrest, one gentleman got complete film footage of Jesus speaking out loudly and all of the troops and centurions falling backwards onto the ground, plus this guy named Peter losing his marbles, pulling out his sword and chopping off the ear of Malchus (one of the priest’s servants – named in John 18) only to have this Jesus guy put the ear back in place without a single stitch or a single bandaid or piece of tape (Luke 22). This gentleman is selling copies of the video for two pieces of silver each. They will be on sale at the courtyard and palace souvenir booth.

At His trial, this Jesus fellow was quickly convicted of we’re-not-really-sure-what and sentenced to death in front of a cheering crowd of Jewish citizens and Roman authorities. He didn’t put up much of a defense, which made it easy for the ruling judge Pontius Pilot, who has a PhD and law degree from Swamp University, to make his decision.

Jesus claimed He would be resurrected from the dead in three days; so the government authorities had an extremely large rock placed in front of the sepulcher doorway (Matthew 27, 28) with 24/7 guards and centurions to insure no hanky-panky took place to deceive the people with a hoax resurrection. Somehow they pulled it off as three days later the tomb was empty, and his followers rounded up over 500 people to claim they actually saw Him walking, talking, eating, walking through walls, etc., over the next few weeks.

Some even said He was “raptured” up into heaven from the Mount of Olives (Acts 1) with a small group of His followers witnessing this trick. They have film but we believe it has been doctored-up and is also a hoax. Maybe some of those trick wires like they use in Hollywood movies were used.

His followers can’t accept the fact that He is dead. They seem to become bolder in their irrational behavior and outrageous speeches and presentations. His followers have gone completely mad. There is no reasoning with these radicals by using common sense and  logic. They need to be forced to return to reality.

Shortly after the Mount of Olives stunt, they assembled and put on another show they are calling “Pentecost” (Acts 2) where they acted like they were possessed by a Holy Spirit or something similar, who forced them into intoxicated jabbering in many foreign languages. But we didn’t witness any bright-white birds flying around that were possessing people.

During that day, the gang increased in size to about 3,000 people. They all entered into a body of water for another ritual they are calling “baptism.” It was all quite entertaining to witness, even though their actions and activities are quite dangerous to the general public at large. Somebody could have drowned! The government authorities need to regulate and deal with this sort of dangerous activity sternly.

And they are recruiting others into their cult, with the most recent being the honorable Pharisee Saul of Tarsus, who has changed to an alias name of “Paul.” He reportedly had what they are calling his “Damascus road experience” (Acts 9) in which they claim this dead Jesus appeared to him in the sky on his road trip to Damascus and gave him orders as to what he is to do in the future.

This has led this mentally unstable Paul to be beaten, stoned, mocked and ridiculed during his travels while being under this group’s influence. At one time, he and a cohort called Silas were arrested for their unlawful public behavior and locked away deep into the city’s prison in shackles and chains (Acts 16). But after midnight when the guards and prison keeper were asleep, they attempted a jail break, which was partly successful.

Authorities did finally recapture them only to release them later. But more damage was done, as the two captured radicals brainwashed the chief jailer and his entire family into joining their cult. And the whole bunch seemed to be so very happy about it all. They have all gone nuts!

The latest episode by this renegade outlaw Paul is he was finally captured and sent to Rome to be tried by Caesar. They shipwrecked en route but made it to shore to a small island called Melita (Acts 28). As they were building a fire to stay warm, the fugitive Paul picked up an armful of firewood, and a deadly poisonous viper clamped down on his hand. Paul shook the viper off into the fire and went on about his business like nothing happened. Others examined his hand and found no swelling at all when he surely should have died very quickly.

This leads one to wonder what kind of trick and delusion Paul used to pull this fake event off? The viper perished in the fire, so we were unable to see and prove it had been defanged.

Justice was finally served as this renegade Paul was finally executed under Roman law in the year 67 AD.

So what does it all mean?  

Fake news might have gotten its start back then, but just imagine how it might have grown into something much bigger than the worldwide false media disaster it has become today?

I don’t know if we’d be better off spiritually today or not? That’s the main problem with writing “what if” articles. Nobody will probably learn anything from this article thus far, but I do hope it will lead some to think of where we are today and where we will be in the near future, and also ponder what could have been?

Granted, if we’d have had today’s technology 2,000 years ago, where would our technology be today? To me, that’s a very scary thought. I think Satan might have had an excellent chance to win that one?

I do believe true Christianity would have been much more widespread worldwide today, but so would Satan’s evil deceptions.

I believe the reason for this is Satan is much more dedicated to spreading his word than the Christian world is in spreading God’s Word. The main reason for this is we earthlings have too many earthly activities to do besides the spiritual, while Satan and his mob of demons have but one thing to do. Since they have but one priority, they put all of their efforts into their one and only hell-bound goal. We need to readjust our priorities as to what’s most important in our present life on earth.

I’m not taking this negative tone at all towards the dedicated, hard-working Christians who work tirelessly at witnessing to the lost and promoting what Christ did for us on the cross. Their dwindling numbers are breaking their backs against very strong opposition.

But they are too few and too far between. Satan’s bunch is a tightknit group and united with one angry and hateful goal in mind. They are all going to hell for all of eternity, and they know it. So they will try to take as many good souls with them as they can.

There are no lazy spirits in Satan’s army. They pound away constantly 24/7 forcing deception and evil on the world. Satan’s human army is also very dedicated to evil. But humans are humans. Look at all the evil policies and actions Barack Hussein Obama forced on America and its people as president. But think of how much worse it could have been if Obama hadn’t been such a lazy president.

I believe the Christian world plays too much defense. Many times they wait for Satan to attack, and then they defend. And Satan attacks constantly while Christians defend almost constantly.

Christians can’t stay 100% in the spiritual world because Satan uses his complete earth and world control to spread his evil and deceptions. So the Christians battling evil get sucked into the world affairs, as that is where the war between good and evil is being fought. That’s another great reason to steer people away from being left behind in the upcoming 7 years of world tribulations.

We Christians have “guardian angels” which is a good thing, but our angels are outnumbered by Satan’s fallen angels two to one. So I hope God has a large army of attack angels. We must pray to God for His angels to go on the attack against all evil. We need help. We need to be blitzing their quarterback more.

Satan and his horde know they have but a short time (Revelation 12:12) while our side knows we have a joyous eternity awaiting us. I guess that makes it easy for us to sit back, relax, take our eternity for granted, and wait on God’s final bema seat judgment. Satan’s side is angry and scared to death at what awaits them at final judgment, so they plan to go down swinging. Instead of them going down swinging on their own, our side needs to be knocking more of them down.

I think one of our major problems is our weak and oftentimes non-existent prayer life. After all, we have the all-powerful creator-of-everything God on our side who we know answers prayer when we ask. But are we too busy doing our earthly chores that we forgot first-things-first? This is a sad situation we will pay for in the end with the lost souls who will not be included in His Kingdom because of us and our lack of action and prayer?

I think we are very lucky we didn’t have today’s technology 2,000 years ago. Think of how bad CNN would be today if that were so? As hard as Satan works to destroy the Kingdom of God, and how we are battling back by making efforts at building it up, it is a good thing that the New York Times is only 167 years old.

Solar Water Distilling

I’ll present this article in two sections. The first will be general information on the subject with some contacts, while the last will be a do-it-yourself (DIY) brief plan at making a basic apparatus.

You can distill many other items besides water, such as hydrogen oxide peroxide which is good for the immune system, curing some flu and pneumonia, etc.

You can also distill ammonia. One use for ammonia that is a good protection tool against unwanted wildlife in your camp area is to keep a toy water gun filled with ammonia close by. And when a snake or coyote or whatever comes at you, give them a good healthy squirt or two in the face, nostrils and eyes, and they should vamoose quickly. Gunshots make a lot of noise which can give away your location to the gestapo, and it would take too long to get your bow and arrows out and ready to go. Anyway, have you ever tried to hit a moving snake with a bow & arrow?

I won’t discuss distilling alcohol, as you need to be clear-headed and alert for up to 7 years. What good will it do you in the eyes of God to go to prayer and Bible study, and then get smashed afterwards?

I am only going to cover solar distilling, as I discourage the use of open campfires unless absolutely necessary. You would have to maintain and fuel a campfire all day and maybe into the night, which is risky. Solar does just as good of a job; it just takes more time. And it is far less visible to the authorities.

Distilling salt water from the sea and ocean works out well for fresh, drinkable water with most distilling, but you have to clean up more often the build-up of elements, salt deposits, etc., extracted from the dirty water. Not doing this can cause kidney stones and other health problems from future distillings.

You can go on the internet to find store-bought units and kits under “solar water distilling.” Here are a few low-cost models: Alexapure 6-32171 stainless steel unit ($40); Kokido Duomo ($80) Ph: 1-800-356-3025; has a $50 kit.

Now for a simple DIY design that can be made cheaply.

You crazy uncles and aunts can make these on your own, but try them out first and see how much clean water it will put out in a day before putting in your left-behind box.

Remember, you will get more water on a bright and sunny warm day than a cloudy and cool day. And you can distill during the winter as long as the day is sunny. Pray for snow and you won’t have to distill.

Since solar distilling takes more time, it is suggested that you set it out early in the morning when the sun is first coming up. On top of a hill that is close to your caves and cellars is suggested.

Here are the materials you will need: I am making a plan for a 20” x 36” distilling box. If you want bigger, make two boxes or adjust my measurements.

You will need a can of flat black outdoor or motor engine paint (must be heat resistant paint); a tube of black caulk; roll of 1” duct tape; a 20” x 36” sheet of glass; lumber (3/4” thick), plywood or board planks; 3 baking pans or casserole dishes 10” x 30” x 3” (estimated: just make sure they fit inside the box and the glass lid will close completely) that are made of baking glass or stainless steel; and you also need another pan as a catching tray for outside and in the front of the box.

The wooden base or floor should be 20” x 36”. Two side panels should be 20” long and 6” high at the back and 4” high at the front (trapezoid shape). The back board should be 34½” long x 6” high, while the front board is 34½” long and 4” high. The front board should have a 1½” to 2” long and 1” deep notch or gap cut in the middle for the distilled water to run off the glass and into the catching pan or container.

Put the box together with nails or wood screws. Paint both the inside and the outside of the box with the heat resistant flat black paint. Caulk all box board seams, including those if you construct using board planks. If you don’t have black caulking compound, then do your caulking before you paint, and paint over caulk with the flat black paint. The box should be completely sealed and completely painted flat black inside and out. It should be airtight except for the top glass cover and the draining notch.

The sheet of glass is the lid, and all exposed edges of the glass should be taped to avoid finger cuts and add strength to the glass. A line of caulk should be placed on the inside of the glass, starting about 3” from the bottom (or forward edge) on both ends or sides of the glass and running down in a straight line to the center draining notch. This forms a funnel or berm effect to channel the water into the notch and into the collection pan.

Drive in two small 1½” nails three-fourths of the way down on both sides (leaving 3/8th inch to hold glass lid in place) and on top of the front board so as to keep the glass from sliding off the front end of the box. You can tape the back (top) and front of the glass on windy days to the box on days when the wind might lift the glass plate off the box and break it. There are no hardware stores in the wilderness to get a replacement glass lid.

Try to locate and position the box in the open sunlight and avoid the shade so as to increase the amount of distilled water produced. You paint the box both inside and out as you want the box to get as hot as possible. You use flat black paint as it absorbs the sun rays and heats better than gloss black paint, which will somewhat reflect the sun away from the box.

Now you place the three trays inside the box and fill with the undistilled water. Put the glass lid in place and wait for it to start perking. Tape down the glass lid at the top and bottom securely.

Then place your collection pan at the front and under the draining notch. You might have to make a short trough to get the distilled water that drips off the glass and into the collecting pan. That trough should be tilted downward from the box to the collection pan for gravity flow. Keep checking periodically to empty the collecting pan into saving containers (like one-gallon plastic jugs) and keep the inside pans full of the dirty water to be distilled.

The only time the lid should be opened from the box is to add undistilled water to the inside trays. Leaving the top lid open lets all the built-up heat escape and actually cools the box off. It slows down the distilling process.

Distilling water using the solar method is slow and time consuming. But you can use the idle time to pray and study your Bible. You never can tell, but it might speed up the distilling process?

It would be good to store away water to build up a supply of clean drinking water in reserve. Medical and dietary experts say a person needs up to three liters of water a day to maintain proper heath. But you can survive on less than that. One-gallon jugs and 2-liter soda plastic bottles are good for clean water storage. Be sure to sterilize the storage containers before using. And it wouldn’t hurt a thing (except maybe the water’s taste a little bit?) to add a tablespoon of bleach to each jug of finished water.

In the winter you might use your cellars for water storage to avoid freezing. But in the winter you may also have snow that you can melt down to drink and survive on.

Also, collecting rain water is a source of drinking water. Rolls of plastic sheeting or putting together large plastic trash bags can be used laid out on a slanted hill to collect rainwater. The slanted hill will also allow the water to run downhill (gravity flow) into collection containers.

This solar equipment works on the same principle as the sun causing evaporation of water on earth up into the clouds, where it cools and then rains fresh rainwater back onto earth. This is referred to as a natural cycle of nature. It didn’t “evolve.” God created it!

The black paint absorbs the sun’s heat rays which will cause the pan water to heat and boil, letting off vapor, sweat or steam that rises up onto the glass lid where it returns to liquid. Gravity causes it to run down the glass and out into the collection pan.

The heating process is similar to the heartbreaking events on the news lately when adults leave a child or pet in a closed car on a hot summer day with the windows rolled up. Then they come out of the bar or whatever to find the child or pet dead from intense heat stroke.

Another use for your solar box is for oven-baking food if you don’t mind waiting around for dinner. Soups, stews, casseroles, etc.

Survival Tips

Two good websites to browse for survival gear, information and equipment is:  www/ and also

MPOWERD has an inflatable solar LED lantern for under $20 that weighs 4.4 ounces and gives you up to 12 hours of light on a 7-hour solar charge in the sun.

They also carry a Puralytics solar water purifier that has a reusable filter and lasts a very long time, as long as you don’t damage or puncture the water bag. It purifies 100 ounces (3 liters) of water in two hours.

Both items plus more are available at:

If you are in a city with a large population, be sure to not do anything that will draw attention to you by the gestapo, tattletales or security cameras. This includes jaywalking or litter-bugging or a host of other minor infractions. You hear on the news where some criminal is on the run (under the speed limit, of course) after a crime but is stopped by police for a minor infraction like a burnt-out tail light, an expired license plate, etc., and is arrested. So don’t draw unwanted attention to yourself.

I’ve repeated over and over to stay away from high population areas after the rapture. I believe that where the people are, that is where the antichrist’s gestapo will be. Here is another good reason why.

It will be a lawless 7 years under antichrist. His gestapo will swear allegiance to him even before he implements the 666 marking system. The entire world will become borderless, so deporting criminals and undesirables won’t mean a thing since the world will be under the complete control of criminals and undesirables. I don’t think they will deport themselves.

His gestapo will be made up of unsaved, left-behind people from all occupations and walks of life who continue to reject Jesus Christ. This also includes drug cartels, gang-banger groups like MS-13, Muslim jihadist groups, secular humanists, atheists, Satan worshippers, heathen, liberal-progressive socialists, pagans, agnostics, etc., and the list goes on forever. And all of the above mentioned have a nasty, satanic attitude towards God and His children. So don’t look for any favors.

Satan’s fallen angels, imps and other evil spirits will constantly be prodding the gestapo into sin as rewards for their faithfulness to antichrist with pleasurable abominable sins such as homosexuality and violent rape that becomes their normal way of life. And the gestapo will be most grateful for these perks from their higher-up’s. Or maybe I should say “from their lower-up’s?”

The big city and high population areas will become sexual and violent amusement parks with everyone not in the gestapo becoming fair game. That includes man, woman and child. Nearly all gestapo members were frequently active participants in gang rapes and the homosexual life styles before the rapture, and it will increase rapidly in volume and intensity when there is no longer any law enforcement.

You won’t be able to hide from their evil. There will be just too many of them who will use their power and control to get what they want when they want it.

King James Bible online

I am sure most of you readers already know about this; but for the benefit of the few of you who don’t, here is a quick, handy, time-saving way to use your King James Bible.

For several years I have had the entire King James Bible on my drop-down list of computer “favorites.” I also did the same with Webster’s Dictionary. It is extremely helpful to me in my article writing, answering correspondence from people I’m witnessing to, and a host of other situations.

I am the world’s worst at memorizing scriptures. Years ago, I tried for weeks to memorize the 23rd Psalm word-for-word but I just couldn’t do it.

Don’t get me wrong. I can paraphrase KJV from one end to the other, but don’t ever ask me “exactly what does it say?” And now as I await my 80th birthday, I don’t need to tell any of you about the brain-fade that comes with aging. In other words, I am becoming a mental mess!

My KJV Bible has sat on my desk for a very long time, piled high with other paperwork. I mainly use it as a paperweight these days.

I especially love the online search engine. Many times I can’t remember book, chapter and verse on anything but I can place a word or two from that verse that I’m looking for in the search engine, and it pops up. For example, use the word “antichrist” in the search engine, and a complete list of locations in book, chapter and verse where that word exists will come up.

But you might ask me, “don’t you just read your KJV for yourself?” I sure do, but I do it online. Since everything I read these days has to be in large print, I can adjust online what fits my eyes the best.

Want a good laugh? Watch me try to read the small print in five languages of warnings and disclaimers on the back of a very small pill bottle! It’s hilarious!

You can Google “King James Bible” or else go to:

Prayer Requests

Email your prayer requests to:

SHERRY asks for your prayers for salvation and deliverance from drugs for her adult son … His name is Joe. And also for her daughter Amy, for her relationship with the Lord to be restored, and for her healing from several health issues she has been having.

Also pray for the salvation of Sherry’s two grandsons.

Thank you and God Bless all of you.

SANDY is asking for prayers for all of her family members. She has been praying for them daily to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior into their hearts. “I need your prayers so very much. And I thank you all my dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ.”

RHONA WILLIAMS has nine (9) nieces and nephews who do not know or accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. So Rhonda is requesting prayer for all of them by name: Brother and sister Christopher and Misty need Christ in their life. Misty claims to be Wiccan. Also pray for nephew Jake; brothers Travis and James also, with brothers and sisters Tabitha and Matthew, and Steven and Christine.

Rhona also says, “It’s exciting to know our prayer requests are going around the world.”

GRETA BRYANT needs prayer for her lost family that consists of three grown sons with families, plus her husband and his family.

LIGHT OF THE WORLD ministry in India continues to struggle, trying to recover from the devastating Hindu terrorist attack that burned their church building to the ground, plus many of their teaching materials, tracts, Bibles, etc.

Also pray for their safety as they travel to remote areas to preach the Gospel to young and old alike. May God guide and protect them with his protective hand against the evil that confronts them continuously. Pray for the widows, orphans and others in need of God’s Blessings.

You can contact and get more information on this ministry from Sister Deevena at

CYNTHIA is most grateful for everyone’s prayers for her family, and she reports that she is seeing positive results firsthand. She is especially happy that her daughter and her husband are doing an about-face with regards to Jesus. They are now both looking forward to the rapture and are getting closer to the Lord and reading His Word.

But her daughter has major health problems, and that is why the court awarded custody of her now ten-year-old son to her atheist ex-husband. His girlfriend later moved in and is constantly keeping the whole family situation in turmoil by doing everything she can to try and limit contact.

Both the atheist and his live-in would prefer it if the son’s mother, stepfather and grandparents weren’t in the child’s life at all. But the court ruled the mother could have visitation. If her health problems could be healed, they could go back to court and get the custody ruling changed. The son is very unhappy in his present situation and wants to be with his mother, stepdad and grandparents.

Cynthia is really in grave need of prayer from all of you to pray for her daughter’s health issues to be resolved and her quick and complete healing and recovery so she can regain custody of her son, and this good Christian family can be back together. The young son is not allowed any exposure to Jesus Christ and His Gospel at all by his atheist dad who presently has legal custody.

Cynthia is still asking for prayers for her atheist son as well.

Please pray that God will come to their rescue and also find a way for her grandson to learn about his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ so this family can be together forever after the rapture.

MATT JACKSON requests prayer for the Rohr family and their daughter Rachel. He also wishes the Lord would find a way for him to come into contact with this family again so he can continue to witness the ways of the Lord to them.

DICK wants to express his sincere appreciation to those who have prayed for his family and his improving health. Some of his family members are really coming alive spiritually, and it is easy to witness to them now and answer their questions.

The doctors told him they are going to keep him on antibiotics for 30 more days, and that he is showing improvements health-wise.

RHONDA WILLIAMS is requesting your prayers for the unsaved members of her family which includes her two grown sons (Daniel and Charles), her two granddaughters (Amiyah and Saniyah), and three sisters and a brother (Faye, Vickie, Sharon and Greg). Please pray for them all.

PAULA PARSONS is requesting prayer for her good friend Nicky White who has started chemotherapy and radiotherapy for her cancer. Nicky had drifted away from God in recent years but lately has come back to the Lord. She really wants to thank everyone for their prayers.

Paula also wants to thank everyone who has prayed for her daughter to return to Christ. She is a new person and is growing stronger each and every day.

COLLEEN urgently requests your prayers for her lost family. She writes, “Please pray that my 2 nieces and 8 nephews, 3 brothers-in-law, one ex sister-in law, one brother and 4 sisters will have a revelation of who Jesus Christ is and that they will accept Him as their Savior. Please pray that they will have others that know Christ who will come into their lives.

Please pray that each one of them will have their eyes opened to the truth of who Jesus Christ is and their need for Him. Please pray that my husband will have a hunger to follow Christ.

Please pray that God will cure my health issues so that I might have the physical strength to serve God and seek after Christ. Please pray that my heart will be surrendered to Him and that I will be led by God and His Spirit.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I have lost my focus and will to even know how to be a testimony in these times.

In Christ alone,


(Dick’s comments): Colleen hasn’t lost the focus and will as to how to be a testimony for Christ. People who have lost their focus and will can’t write a prayer such as what Colleen just did. Satan is the author of confusion, and it is he who tricks people into believing they have lost their focus and will. If Colleen wasn’t doing God’s Will, Satan wouldn’t be battling her so fiercely, trying to convince her otherwise and to just shut her up. But Colleen is a true prayer warrior who doesn’t let illness and physical ailments stop her from serving God and being a strong witness.

KATHY FRAZIER is requesting prayers for several of her family members. She writes: My 87-year-old Dad is not saved and has a very hard heart towards anything to do with God.

Also, please pray for my older brother and his family, my younger brother and his family, that they all will come to Christ. And also my daughter that she draws closer to Jesus.

And please pray for my Mom, who was diagnosed with a rare cancer three years ago, and so far has been in remission (she’s outlived the prognosis by 2½ years!). She is experiencing some symptoms that have her worried, even though she just had a great check-up and lab work with her oncologist. Pray that she feels better soon! I love my Mom so very much.

And please pray for my husband’s parents who are not saved either. Please pray for them!

Thank you so very much, prayer warriors! You are so appreciated.

In Christ,

Kathy Frazier

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