After the Rapture #51 :: By Dick Ainsworth

After the Rapture – Part 51
How crowded will the tribulation wilderness be?

This is my 51st article in the “After the Rapture” series, and I dare say I doubt if many articles were posted where I didn’t say that the left behind should flee into the wilderness when the tribulation period starts. Now I think I should spend a few paragraphs and let all of you know how much wilderness is available so you crazy uncles might inform those left behind where to consider hiding from antichrist and his gestapo. I’ll touch on the USA first, and then other countries like Canada, Australia, and end with my observations from elsewhere throughout the world.

I would have liked to cover every country on the planet, but what I have presented in this article might give you an idea on how to start research on others countries I didn’t mention.

The USA’s total landmass is 2.3 billion acres with 17% of that in the USA’s largest state of Alaska. I wouldn’t suggest fleeing into Alaska’s wilderness even if you are a long-time native and resident who’s the most hearty and very knowledgeable in outdoor living. The summers up there are great, but winters are bitter cold and deadly. And their massive wildlife population is on the hunt for food constantly, which could be you. Avoiding antichrist is the main problem, so don’t add to it. Make it easy on yourself. Antichrist’s mob will be everywhere.

The lower 48 states contain 1.9 billion acres, so using 2018 population figures before-the-rapture numbers are subtracted from the present 328 million (not counting illegals); that figures out to 6 acres for every legal man, woman and child. If there are the suggested 10 or 12 in your group, that can amount to 60 to 72 acres for your small group. Then consider that many left behind will either remain or move to the big city and urban areas for what they erroneously believe is security and the necessities of life. That means more acres for those seeking Jesus Christ. So that can amount to over 100 acres per group before the rapture.

You can walk over a 100-acre fairly level plot in less than an hour. Also consider that a 100-acre plot of level farm land is much different than 100 acres in the Rockies, Ozarks or Smokey Mountains.

Next to Alaska comes California, Texas, New Mexico, Montana and Arizona which have large wilderness areas, but I would think twice about California and God’s Plan to pour out extreme wrath on sinful man. My guess is that places like California, Washington, Oregon, New York, New Jersey, Illinois and others will feel God’s heavy wrath and justified hand at full force very soon. Look at the present forest fires in California.

NOTES: 24% of USA land is U.S. Government owned. 47% of that is unoccupied and undeveloped. The earth is 70% covered with water. There are 640 acres in a square mile.

The USA has a population of 328 million (legal and counted) in 2018. The populations of Canada (37 million), Australia (24.8 million), Russia (144 million), China (1.4 billion), India (1.35 billion), and United Kingdom (66.6 million: there’s that “666” number again!). The landmass is nearly the same as the USA in Canada and Australia but is less than Russia, China and India.

The United Kingdom will be a very dangerous place to live during the trib (even more so than the present) as the growing Muslim population is one-third of the total population in the London-Manchester areas. London has a very anti-Christian mayor who is a radical Muslim.

India has a 1.4 billion population with multiple religions. Hinduism is by far the largest there, making up for 79.8% followed by Muslims with 14.2%. The remaining 6% includes Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains, many folk cults and Christians.

Many believe Islam is mainly the strongest religion/ideology in the Middle East (Iran, Iraq, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, etc.) but India ranks 2nd in the world with a 198.8 million Muslim population. They follow only close-by Indonesia with 230 million Muslims.

I have noticed in recent years the ever-increasing number of hurricanes, volcano eruptions, earthquakes and other disasters in that Islamic island country of Indonesia where Obama received his early schooling and religious training. Then I think of end-times Bible prophecies where islands and mountains will disappear from sight.

The persecution of Christians and Jews are ever-increasing all over the world as Satan and his minions increase their violence, hate and anger towards their Creator who has offered them everything good and eternal. I have reported frequently on the “Light of the World” ministry in southern India, whom I befriended over 26 years ago, and what hardships they have suffered and endured yet continue to serve the Lord from under their many emotional and physical scars. They appreciate your donations and many prayers (

Being left behind in this big ole world will be terrifying enough to say the least. Crazy uncles need to take a lot of information into consideration so as to be better prepared to answer questions and to inform and advise those they believe will be left behind.

The unknowns include the number who will be taken in the rapture, plus how many of those left behind will spiritually survive the evils and the forced hardships of the tribulation period? Then we don’t know where and how much effect the 144,000 witnesses will have.

It might be safe to assume that those left behind probably won’t be praying to our Lord and Savior any time soon. If they were to start praying now (before the rapture), they will have a much better chance of escaping Satan’s antichrist and his prophesied terror and soul destruction here on earth.

We know some new left-behind believers in Christ will live through the tribulation period until Christ’s Second Coming. Those men and women will populate the millennium. The left behind need to know that now, so when the terror and pain begins and the left behind begin to realize the reality of it all, hopefully that will motivate them towards Biblical beliefs; it is much more than just evading the antichrist.

Naturally the antichrist will have a massive army, all of the advanced up-to-date technology and equipment, and other unlimited resources in order to seek and destroy new believers. But I believe God will protect some of those new believers from tribulation-period death to populate the millennium just like he saved Noah’s family from the flood.

Satan will be using every lie, trick and deception he has as he dangles fresh hot pizzas and warm, soft, indoor beds in an attempt to lure the left behind away from God’s truths and promises.

And through all of this, God still sits back and lets His creation exercise their own free choice.

Some people accuse me of trying to scare unsaved souls into heaven. Well, maybe so. But I believe what I write, and I know Satan is trying to trick those same unsaved souls into hell. So their choice might be being scared into heaven or tricked into hell.

Let this be a lesson to you

Why is the American political left wing so outraged over President Trump creating more jobs for USA citizens, bringing American industry back inside American shores, cutting food stamp program dependency along with other tax consuming welfare lifestyles (bad habits), closing the present open borders to illegal deadbeats, drug traffickers, criminals, contagious diseases and terrorists, etc.?

The Socialist progressives claim free 100% public healthcare is a “right” for everyone inside USA borders (legally and illegally), and after that they are registered to vote Democrat-Socialist. The caravans organized and promoted by Democrat-Socialists are nothing more than dressed-up border coyotes. Just like putting lipstick on a hog! Most in the caravans don’t know they are being used for one-world-order political reasons designed by Satan.

The main reason the progressive-left Socialists hate Trump so intensely is because he is not one of them. He is not a member of “the swamp.” And he and members of his staff and administration pray regularly to God in private and in public. That runs Satan’s insane mob up a tree!

Now we see why Obamacare is so popular amongst Satan’s mob and some others who are deceived and/or uninformed here on earth. Their main source of political “news” is from CNN, “The View” and Nancy Pelosi? Good Grief! No wonder the USA is going down the dumper so quickly!

The ever-rising homeless segment of society (both here legally plus the illegals) has it made in the shade, as many sanctuary cities now support them fully (including pro bono legal services for the crimes they commit) on the taxpayer’s nickel (or their many, many nickels). Then they appear before progressive socialist judges to receive their routine wrist slapping. Now you see why the Satan-inspired intense opposition to President Trump’s judicial nominations is what it is. The recent Brett Kavanaugh hatchet job comes to mind. If they don’t have legitimate proof, they just make something up!

These aren’t random events that just happened to happen. They are all well planned pieces of Satan’s overall scheme of things (see article #39 entitled “The ultimate plot and conspiracy”). So how do these pieces fit into the end-times tribulation period plan by Satan in his final attempt to defeat God?

Socialists and communists believe with all of their evil hearts and darkened souls that government can provide mankind with all of their needs so they can live in a utopian society lifestyle where everyone is equal and happy. Nobody has more than others no matter what they’d like for breakfast. Webster defines “utopian” as “social and political schemes, impossibly ideal.”

So that’s another good reason why sane people say liberal-progressives don’t have a lick of common sense. They have no need for God. Man can provide all of their needs so they can do it all by themselves.

More and more, once-good Christian people are falling for these lies each day. Their side is getting bigger and stronger all the time. Satan is very successful at recruiting and promoting the likes of George Soros, Barack Hussein Obama, Hillary Clinton, etc., as his generals against God. And Satan has a massive army of troops with “the evil big four” (Hollywood, mainstream fake news media, the Democrat-Socialist Party, the apostasy driven church).

In order for the Socialist utopia to come into being, it is important that all the people give up their rights and become dependent on their “providers” for all their needs. Who needs “rights” when everything is provided? Food stamps, housing allowance, government healthcare, monthly welfare checks, free education for children (unless you care to cash in those free abortion coupon vouchers), government controlled and regulated drug programs for all which eliminates illegal drug trafficking (ain’t government grand?) and that never-ending list of additional “benefits” that will continue “for all of earthly eternity” (their very brief tomorrow).

Families who have worked hard their whole lives and paid taxes yet are not close to God will adjust to the new utopian system quickly. The farther they drift from God, the closer they are to an eternity in the lake of fire.

But there will be those amongst the masses who won’t give up their rights yet want to enjoy and benefit from the new utopian system. So a way to identify “the good from the evil” must be devised. ID cards won’t work, as fake and counterfeit cards would be too easy to “corrupt” the system. Marking each “good” person individually will be foolproof – maybe a scanable chip in the hand or forehead? That way the “evil” element won’t be able to cheat within the “good” system. Problem solved (Isaiah 5:20; Revelation 14:9-11, 13:16-18).

Those “evil’ individuals who won’t get with the program will be given the opportunity to change their minds. When they go to Wal-Mart or the medical clinic and the mark scanner goes “beep,” out rush the security personnel. The rebel would probably be sent to a government re-education center to have it explained to them that being a rebel isn’t the best way to go! A line of guillotines may be close by and in plain sight to the approaching slow-moving vehicles transporting rebels to the center.

So the left behind are really left behind! Besides missing the rapture, thus giving up being forever safe, happy and without worry and turmoil, they are “guaranteed” utopia by Satan’s antichrist. The rebels will also be left behind from the new utopian society that seemingly has it all handed to them on a silver platter. It will be very tempting to conform with the masses and seek earthly comfort in the here and now rather than an eternity of ageless comfort, peace, utter wall-to-wall happiness and never wanting for anything promised by God. It would have been so much easier to have made the right choice before the rapture.

Have your knees quit shaking yet?

So those who are “detained” and heading for their closest re-education center but refuse “their offer” must get in line at their nearby guillotine service. Keep telling yourself the guillotine will be fast and it will be over with quickly. But don’t be surprised if antichrist’s gestapo makes the re-education experience as heart-wrenchingly slow as possible. Your last chance to “repent” might be when they slowly parade all the rebels individually past the large baskets of severed heads.

As you stare down into the baskets of wide-eyed lifeless heads with some faces you recognize as former friends, relatives and acquaintances, you are given one last chance to “turn and burn.” But they don’t mention the “burn” part. Just “turn.”

Jesus told the world three times in rapid succession about those condemned to the lake of fire that will be tormented non-stop forever in their wide-awake conscious “second death” (Revelation 20:14, 2:11). Jesus told us in Mark 9:44, 46 and 48; He described the lake of fire as the place “where the worm never dies and the fire is never quenched.”

Now, He told us that three times; and anytime God repeats Himself, He is very serious and wants to emphasize its importance.

The “worm” is believed to be eternal maggots that live forever and are never consumed by the flames of hell, yet eat and chew away on the conscious, wide-awake, condemned rebels’ flesh who are never consumed. Imagine, if you will, watching in terror forever without end a swarm of crazed, hungry maggots eating away at your eternal flesh? They never consume the flesh off of your bones, but you watch and feel the pain of them eating away forever? A forever eternal state of frantic, helpless terror.

Throw in on top of that the intense sulfur fire and brimstone that never ends. The condemned never sleep in that scorching fire and intense heat. And if someone would just dip their finger into water to cool their dried-up parched tongues? (Luke 16:24).

All the while, the condemned view the millions of saved souls in paradise drinking freely of cool clear water from the eternal River of Life. Those millions that accumulated in heaven over 6,000-plus years have more fresh sparkling water than they will ever be able to use, but the condemned in the lake of fire don’t have a single drop between the whole bunch of them! They never die of thirst. They just suffer from thirst (amongst many other forms of intense pain and torment) for all of eternity. This is 24/7 around-the-clock forever!

I personally believe that, while all of this eternal torment is happening for each individual, they all will have a perfectly complete memory of each and every sin they ever committed while on earth, while realizing how easy it was to leave all of those sins lying at the foot of the cross and to be spending eternity in perfect happiness on the other side? Those regrets, along with remembering each and every word of the Gospel and the times they were witnessed to, will add to their torments and pains.

Those in heaven will have no memory at all of past sins on earth, as those sins were forgiven and forgotten by Our Lord and Savior at the cross.

I haven’t written anything here that the crazy uncles of this world don’t already know. We all know that the times are short, so we must witness our hearts out trying to reduce the numbers that might be left behind after the rapture.

And we must pray with all intensity that the Holy Spirit will soften and open the hearts of those on earth still under the controlling hands of Satan and his imps and demons. May the comforter and restrainer bind their hands of evil and blow away the hateful clouds of lies and deception.

I’d like to end this article with a quote from Todd Strandberg’s November 12 Rapture Ready “Nearing Midnight” editorial:

“It is just amazing that she (Nancy Pelosi) has been to more gay parades than I’ve had birthdays, and people in Red states don’t care that they are voting for someone who will have Pelosi as their leader. Few people care about moral issues these days. So, as long as they have job growth and strong health care, they don’t mind if America turns into Sodom and Gomorrah.”

Reader Feedback


You might want to read this article.  While the details have not been released officially, they are out there.

If you’re interested, you can track the progress of these peace talks day by day on my FB page, The Terminal Generation. There are lots of other articles which show other details of the plan as it’s been leaking out.



Just a quick tip Dick from a former 0311. Never ever place a hideout or camp within hearing distance of flowing water. It masks the sound of approaching threats, and the sound of flowing water has a tendency to lull sentries to sleep.

Donald McPoland

(Dick’s reply): I recently received an email from this Marine now discharged calling me down for referring to myself as a “former Marine” or an “ex-Marine” and telling me “once a Marine, always a Marine!” I stand corrected. But I also correct you with a “former 0311, always 0311.”

For those unfamiliar with Marine Corps talk, “0311” is a form of a job description code. 0300 is “infantry” while the two-digit number designates the actual job. Donald and I were both 0311 with the “11” stating we were both infantry rifle platoon squad leaders.

Thanks for pointing out the moving water noise bit of info. I guess I overlooked it because I could always sleep anywhere through anything!


Preach on brother – time is short and only light can defeat darkness. May Our Lord Bless and keep you.

Gary Hakes


Dear Friends,

Begin to plan for our Christmas Dinner. On December 1st we will be hosting our annual Christmas Dinner. Come out and bring someone with you. We will make sure that they hear the Gospel and that they feel loved.

In His love,

Sean Gooding


Mississauga Missionary Baptist Church


I’m not having a good day! My two youngest daughters are going to a satanic wedding. I told them they would be inviting in a demon, but they are going there anyway. One said she was safe from demons because she was taking a cross and some holy water with her. Worse was when I prayed for them, but the Lord urged me to back off.

Anthony Hamm

(Dick’s Reply): If it is a Satan wedding, demons are already there in force with bells on! The cross and so-called “Holy Water” isn’t any protection from Satan. It is just the opposite. That is probably why God’s Holy Spirit urged you to back-off? But if they are covered by God’s Holy Spirit, that is tons better than a 50-gallon barrel of holy water. I was Catholic my first 47 years of life, so I am very well familiar with so-called “holy water.” The only true holy water I know of in the Bible is the River of Life in Christ’s Kingdom!

And was it a wooden empty cross or a crucifix? The Catholics pray to and worship a cross with the dead body of Jesus hanging on it not yet risen. They call it a crucifix. The empty wooden cross designates “Christ risen,” which is a good thing. Our sins weren’t forgiven until Christ died and rose from His tomb. The Catholic cross designates a dead Jesus not yet risen. That is very pleasing to Satan. Both, however, are graven images (Exodus 20:4-6) and should not be prayed to or worshipped at all.

Your daughter might have been influenced by Catholics and maybe watching too many vampire movies? My advice to them is to skip this event and just send “the couple” a nice gift by UPS. Maybe a Bible with a study course on the Bride of Christ, the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, and maybe toss in John 4:5-42 on the Samaritan woman at the well. In that, Jesus discussed and taught on the subject of “water.”

Wilderness Survival Tips

In the fall of the year, it is a good time to forage in the wilderness for plants that may store well. In previous articles I have listed good wild plant books to help in identifying, preparing, do’s and don’ts, etc., and where to obtain them.

Some of the edible foods are: burdock, chicory, dandelion, nuts (walnuts, hickory, pecans, hazelnuts), acorns, apples, wild pear, hackberry, rosehips, elderberries, watercress, and amaranth.

Be sure to note their locations so you can return the following fall year.


I was again thumbing through my Lehman’s catalog the other night, and it dawned on me to make a short list of items that might be useful to those left behind. In case you missed my writings on Lehman’s in past articles, they were founded and established in 1955 for the Amish, Mennonites, those that live off the power grids, etc. So, there are a lot of items that don’t require electricity, gas, other power sources, etc., that crazy uncles might consider for their left-behind boxes.

They come out with frequent updated catalogs. Here are just a few items I noticed at a glance from their fall catalog:

Hand-cranked flashlights; emergency survival kits; life straw water filters; hand-cranked food grinder; bucksaw; solar powered AM/FM/weather station radio; hand-cranked lantern & spotlight; hanging solar food dryer (5 trays, 6 sq. ft.); fermentation crock kits (wide selection); bug-out bags; washboards; wide variety of freeze-dried foods, pickled, canned, organic (by Amish with many food items having a 25-year shelf life); wood carving kits; wood drilling hand tools; wide selection of knives; clamp-down food grinders; water disinfectant tablets & filters; wood splitters, axes, hatchets; gravity-powered lanterns (no matches needed); many powerless hand tools.

Lehman’s will send you a free catalog as long as your mailing address is inside the USA. Outside the USA there might be a postage fee.


In article #48 I mentioned that those left behind need to have county maps that detail wilderness layouts, etc., and where to get them. Anthony Hamm emailed that the public library has maps that can be downloaded. He listed the Smoky Mountains, Appalachians, Cumberland’s, Catskills, Alleghenies, Ozarks, Rocky Mountains, Sierra’s, etc., and that is just parts of the USA. Those of you outside the USA should have public libraries with the same map access.


The latest email newsletter from presented a list of what a basic first aid kit should contain. Naturally more can and should be added:

Bandages! Lots and lots of them, of all shapes and sizes;

Alcohol wipes;

Trauma dressing;

Hand sanitizer;

CPR mask;

N 95 respirators (one for each family member);

A SAM splint;

Instant cold packs;



Antibiotic cream;

Iodine tablets (in case of radiation)

Rubbing alcohol;



Prayer Requests

A good way to build a stronger prayer life is to print off hard copies of Prayer Lists #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7 and following, and at any time of day or night when you as an individual want to pray to the Lord, take out your printed copies and read/pray over them again. This also great for family group prayer and home church group prayer. God has a very big memory, and all prayers are recorded by Our Lord and Savior.

Go back in RR’s archives ( for previously posted Prayer Lists and prayers:

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I have a new email address: Email new prayer requests to:


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