After the Rapture #52 :: By Dick Ainsworth

After the Rapture – Part 52
An Orange Jumpsuit for CNN’s Jim Acosta?

I watch a lot of Fox News but I continue to flip it over to CNN, MSNBC, and other liberal-progressive news outlets from time to time to check on their lying and fake news “reports.” I believe it is wise to keep track of what the enemy is saying and doing. And anything and anyone influenced by Satan is my enemy.

Being born, raised and having lived my entire 80 years of life in Missouri, I wasn’t the least bit giddy over Senator Claire McCaskill losing big time to Josh Hawley. I was thankful to God, though, as that is the way I prayed it to be. God does answer prayer. Another loss for Satan, especially when another Supreme Court Justice may be selected in the near future.

I watched the post-midterm election presidential press conference from the West Wing of the White House on November 7, and it turned out to be another of the many recent sorry examples of how far the far-left media is dragging this once great country towards the pits of hell. I speak of CNN’s Jim Acosta taking over the press conference and making a total ass of himself (as usual).

When recognized by the president to ask his two questions, Acosta chose to take over complete control of the briefing; and instead of asking questions (what real reporters are trained to do), he carried out a long-winded diatribe mainly consisting of insults, anger, falsehoods, slander and nearly everything else any Satan-inspired liberal-progressive is led to do.

Acosta put a death-grip on the White House microphone and refused to give it up in spite of repeated requests to do so. This resulted in nearly the rest of the press corps falling in line with a “monkey see, monkey do” routine, showing the world they could act as stupidly as Acosta. So, the mass media would be standing and screaming out their own list of insults and slander at the president.

And the president and his staff stood there quietly and took it, realizing it is a useless effort to try to reason and carry on a civil discussion with a wacko out-of-control mob that has no idea what two sides of an issue are. Nearly all the questions asked by the so-called press were of the “gotcha” variety.

I think the president and his press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, did a remarkable job of maintaining their composure throughout this entire disgusting ordeal.

And if another God-fearing conservative is picked for the next Supreme Court nominee, the Jim Acosta-types will go berserk. Their intense anger is Satan-inspired and orchestrated, so they’ll lose complete control of themselves even more so than they are presently, starting with the 2016 presidential election. That’s when the left really lost it and have aggressively built on it since.

I feel qualified to speak on a journalist’s conduct because that was my choice of professions for 47 years starting at age 28. I started as an independent freelance photo-journalist and then was promoted up to a managing editor’s position in a small print shop (1968) in Mexico, MO., where I accumulated a lot of ink under my fingernails. After coming up through the ranks and learning all phases of the business (including advertising sales, production set-up, operating printing presses, circulation, publication layout and print preparation, dark room operations, paste-up, maintenance, sweeping floors, etc.), I went on to own and operate three specialty publication newspapers as publisher, editor and janitor starting in 1971 before selling out and retiring in 2009.

People like Acosta are not reporters or journalists. I don’t care how many communications degrees they have. In my day a good reporter sought out “the five W’s” (who, what, where, when and why). You asked those questions and then sought out details. Since Acosta seems to be a know-it-all, he doesn’t need to seek out the five W’s and ask questions for details. It is then reported in article and story form from their distorted and twisted minds and then relayed on to the reader and viewer followers under the guise of “truthful reporting.”

But Acosta has all the answers, so why ask? He is a biased critic who is issued a press pass and parades around the White House, CNN studios, etc. with his chest puffed out like a proud Banty rooster.

In the bubble news world, he is trapped in by Satan; he “reports” what his master dictates. At this stage of the game, he has little or no other choice.

He evidently feels his job is to berate, scold, chew out, belittle and slander the President of the United States to his face on live TV. Then when he is finished, the proud and conquering Banty rooster marches back to his CNN studio desk and again berates, scolds, chews out some more, belittles and slanders the president on his programs. Ah, modern-day journalism at its best.

Acosta doesn’t qualify to be called a pundit. In the early India culture, the word “pundit” came about describing a wise, knowledgeable, trustworthy scholar. They were very useful for those seeking truth, knowledge and guidance. In the 1700’s America adopted the word; but now in this present day, it has drifted down to include “educated opinion makers.” Many of the political radio, TV and print media editorial writers and hosts are commonly referred to as “pundits.” But that group is now infiltrated more and more with “biased opinion presenters.” A pundit just isn’t what they used to be.

So you might ask what’s the difference between a Sean Hannity and a Jim Acosta? They are both biased critics? Yes, but Hannity is truthful and Acosta is “Mr. Fake News.” He makes up his own “facts.” If Hannity and Acosta were to debate each other on a political issue, Hannity would merely tell the truth and win the debate, where Acosta would be forced to lie his way to a possible victory. The truth would be on the conservative’s side if an unbiased judge could be found with a good team of equally good fact checkers.

Being a pundit or an opinion writer is really a license to lie. They can present anything their imagination can dream up; and if their lies are exposed, they scream “First Amendment Rights and Freedom of Speech” which any judge and court in the land will uphold. So, they will legally get away with their lying with protection from the courts.

Many of the “pundits,” opinionists, etc., don’t knowingly believe that they are lying, thanks to the powers of influence dictated by Satan who leads them to believe their own lies.

CNN or any of the other Trump-hating media outlets could just as well send in Rosie O’Donnell, Jimmy Fallon, Joy Behar, etc., who could easily be substituted for Acosta without missing a beat. I have no doubts that if Acosta does follow the likes of Rosie, Fallon, Behar, etc., he would be nodding in agreement continuously to their words.

Those microphones at White House press conferences belong to the White House and are paid for by American taxpayers. CNN is a private corporation and owns their own mikes. If I were in the White House, I’d rig all the press conferences’ mikes with a remote shut-off switch like what Bill O’Reilly had on “The O’Reilly Factor.” At times O’Reilly would get a loony guest who wouldn’t give up the mike and let Bill and the other guests speak. So after repeated attempts to take control of his own show, Bill would flip his switch and shut the loon off. The cameras would keep rolling showing the loon’s jaws moving up and down in utter silence while Bill switched on another guest’s mike and the show continued. One such loony guest, if I remember correctly, was Phil Donahue.

And the Socialist-Democrats are quick these days with petty lawsuits. Has anyone thought to have Acosta arrested on theft charges? He had one of the government-owned mikes and refused to return it when repeatedly asked by the president to do so. A White House aide even attempted to retrieve the mike only to have Acosta jerk it away. It’s on video. Look it up and then “Lock him up.” (This speculation is tongue-in-cheek, and the possibility of it happening to a liberal is next to nothing. The double standard in our judicial system usually sides with the sinners. But it is fun at times to dream a little bit of actual justice.)

Pay no mind to the rules and regulations

Liberal-progressives are horrible at following fixed laws and rules. That’s the main reason so many of them have one foot in hell. They are so used to being unlawful that God’s laws aren’t considered, yet alone man’s laws. They make their own laws based on their own personal beliefs, desires, ideology and agendas.

All Acosta needed to do was follow White House press conference rules which were to stand when called upon by the president, ask their two questions, shut the heck up, sit down and let the other press members ask their questions. Look at how orderly that would be instead of the present press member practice of 100 reporters standing and screaming who-knows-what at the same time. No information is relayed to the press, yet most all returned to their media offices and presented detailed answers to questions that were never asked or answered!

(Note: The White House issued 212 press passes in 2018 for West Wing news briefings. 138 go to newspapers, magazines, periodicals, etc., while 74 go to TV (13 alone to CNN), and other broadcast media).

There are usually about a hundred reporters present in these briefings that usually last from 45 to 75 minutes. Acosta hogged the cameras for his showboating “performance” that included yelling and shouting-down the President of the United States. Some of the remaining press members lost their opportunity to ask questions.

I hate to waste good article space on events like this, but Satan’s time is short and he and his demons and imps are pulling out all the stops in a hopeless effort to defeat God within His own creation. If you are like me, the Acosta loons of this world continue to aggravate each and every one of us seeking Our Lord and Savior. This is all part of Satan’s well-planned-out conspiracy (see #39 “The ultimate plot and conspiracy”).

God is nearly shut out of the overwhelming fake news media. Nearly all are reporting the words of Satan himself. The scant handful of conservative Christians are drowned out by the massive yelling and screaming of the lost souls on the left. Sort of reminds me of about 2,000 years ago when mobs were screaming “Crucify him! Crucify him!”

Jesus said in His dying breath, “Forgive them, Father, for they know not what they do.” And they don’t.

Acosta and many more like him are fools in the eyes of the Lord. God uses the word “fool” 139 times in the Old Testament and 42 times in the New Testament, and all of those times are condemning.

The sad results of all of this angry, false reporting is that the Acosta-types have large followings of readers, listeners and viewers. Look at the audience response and high TV ratings of evil programs like “The View” where fools like Joy Behar, Whoopi Goldberg, Rosie O’Donnell, etc., are treated like rock stars. Or the Comedy Central channel with “stars” like Trever Noah (The Daily Show) and Sarah Silverman. Or late night shows featuring the likes of Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel, Conan O’Brian, etc.

You might notice how Satan has set this all up. He knows much of the viewing public won’t tune in to news programs in those time slots, but if you disguise news as “entertainment,” people will tune in. So, a comic can open a show with a news item like 20 people getting killed, make a joke about it, and the next thing you know the audience is laughing and applauding over 20 people being killed! Satan knows what he’s doing!

“The View” is very good at this. They take the news of the day, both good and bad, and make the good into evil and evil into good (Isaiah 5:20). And their vast audience cheers them on.

After the Rapture, the liberal loons win and take control of earth for the next seven years. It’s a shame they can’t realize that and come to Christ before it’s too late. A few will but you just can’t fix stupid. Thank God we will be out of here!

But many of those left behind will have already been deceived by Satan and his minions. We crazy uncles are vastly outnumbered by hell’s massive collection of evil warriors. We witness to individuals and small groups, while Satan controls the mass media which reaches millions continuously 24/7 with their entertaining “gospel” that doesn’t put people asleep in their pews. So just about any channel, station or publication spews out constant anti-Biblical lies with pro-Satan rhetoric. They are bound to have much more success than us.

With Satan’s ever-growing control over “the evil big four” (entertainment world, mass news media, political government control, apostolic church), this is a huge recruiting tool to build his forces of evil. Only the rapture and the 2nd Coming of Christ will fix the problem.

Our job for Christ is to bring as many new souls to Christ before the rapture as we can. And those we are not successful with now, plant a ton of good seed that we pray will sprout and grow during the tribulation period.

I believe, in my own crude way, I am on the right side and doing what the Holy Spirit is leading me to do. The Bible tells us the followers of Jesus Christ will endure increased anger, persecution and hate as the end-times quickly come to a close.

My stack of hate mail grows taller and deeper

I get a steady flow of hate mail, but it really exploded through the roof when I posted #49 (Midterm Elections: Good vs. Evil) as Satan’s little buddies really opened up on me. I have never gotten so much anger-laced hate mail for any one article.

I don’t respond to any hate mail anymore. That is what Satan is trying to trick me into doing – waste my time on Satan’s lost people who aren’t going to budge an inch on their present false belief system. I can use that same time offering light into the dark world of those open to God’s truth. Those that write the hate mail I get are not open to change. The devils won’t allow it.

They believe the exact opposite of me, which isn’t to say I’m right about everything I write. But Rapture Ready (RR) has a well-qualified Biblically knowledgeable team of proofreaders and fact checkers that give all articles by all authors the once-over before they pass muster prior to posting for you readers. So, I don’t have to worry much about myself getting it wrong.

I wonder why so many anti-rapture people follow the RR website at all? I believe a lot of them just want to argue. And if they reject the Word of God, why do they follow this site? The good thing is that MAYBE one day something will stick to the wall and the angels in heaven will rejoice with another saved soul. Never doubt the power of God’s Holy Spirit (Luke 15:4, 7, 10).

But we must never give up, and keep pounding away until He takes us out of the way. The Holy Spirit will guide us in the pre-trib times and will guide those left behind during the tribulation period. Some of those left behind will be saved, so it is up to us to be sure we plant good seed in their hearts and souls so that, if we can’t convert them before the rapture, they will be converted with the help of the Holy Spirit during the tribulation period.

The worst-case scenario is getting them into the millennium where we will have a thousand years to pound some Christian sense in their heads, hearts and souls. So that is something we all need to be praying for now is for God’s guidance and strength to prepare those left-behind souls now, so they’ll be more likely to turn to Christ during the tribulation and go into the millennium. We will soon run out of time, and we can’t let Satan have the final word with regards to left-behind earthlings.

Is the upcoming tribulation period a God-sent blessing?

I am presently going through another attitude and belief change and adjustment that I’d like to present to you for your feedback and comments.

Many of us crazy uncles have dreaded the fast-approaching tribulation period all along for the sake of our unsaved family, friends, neighbors and total strangers from all over the world who we fear will become victims of Satan, the antichrist, the false prophet, their gestapo, the evil big four, and the masses of demons and imps that have controlled the ever-growing numbers of so-called innocent bystanders that are being tricked into hell.

We see little return for our efforts; we suffer defeat after defeat to Satan as he steamrolls through the world’s population with apparent ease, while we struggle endlessly for each and every victory we might achieve (with major assistance and guidance from the Holy Spirit).

I now believe the upcoming dreaded tribulation period is just what is needed to bring lost people to God’s open arms. Let me use a childhood experience to further explain.

As a youth of age 7 or 8, I had dreams of galloping the plains with Roy Rogers and Gene Autry, chasing down the crooks and outlaws in the name of the law. TV hadn’t come along yet to our home (after WWII in the late 40’s), so I would rush home from our one-room schoolhouse to get my chores done so I could tune into the after-school radio shows like Straight Arrow, Sky King, Captain Midnight, Bobby Benson & the B-Bar-B, Tom Mix, etc. At suppertime (6:30 p.m.) it was The Lone Ranger on Monday, Wednesday and Friday with The Cisco Kid alternating on Tuesday and Thursday. Saturday night was a live Gene Autry Show from Melody Ranch.

My really big day was Saturday afternoon when the family drove the whole 2½ miles into town. Mom and Dad went shopping at the feed and seed store (mom had to pick out the feed-sack patterns for making shirts, underwear, etc.), and they paid bills at local merchants, hardware stores, etc. They would drop me off at the local movie theatre for the Saturday afternoon matinee (usually featuring The Durango Kid, Tim Holt, “Wild Bill” Elliott, Red Ryder, etc.). If I needed a haircut, they’d give me 50 cents (25 cents for the haircut, and 25 cents for the movie which was broken down to 15 cents for the movie admission and 10 cents for a coke and popcorn). And this was the time when I’d get to meet and get to know the “townies,” and they got to know us “hicks.”

What this has to do with the tribulation period is this: From time to time in the cowboy movies, the hero would get into a fistfight when he would knock out a bad guy. As the crook laid spread out on the floor, the hero usually had a bucket of water handy that he would throw into the face of the bad guy who would quickly regain consciousness and get back up from the floor or ground.

I think there is something good in everything God does. We know the 7-year tribulation period is God’s harsh judgment on a sinful and disobedient, earthly mankind, mainly in the form of 21 judgments. After the rapture, an extremely large number of God’s Creation will be left behind. God doesn’t wish that any should perish (2 Peter 3:9; John 3:15-16). So I believe that the tribulation period is God’s bucket of cold water He will cast into the unconscious faces of those who have yet to awaken to His many promises of eternal salvation promised by God to all of His creation.

Those left behind are victims of Satan’s knockout punch. God will cover the earth with His gigantic bucket of spiritual water. We crazy uncles, with the Holy Spirit’s guidance and leadership, will have sown a ton of pre-rapture seed that just needs “watering!”

But the 7-year judgment will only get that last-chance bucket of water. After that, it’s all over with. Those who survive the 7-year trib having turned to Christ will join and be a participating part of the huge mass of new-born in the millennium. The tribulation survivors will join us (the raptured Church of Jesus Christ) along with the angels and saints for one humongous thousand-year Sunday school class.

Anyone who says we don’t have a loving God who doesn’t love His creation is as nutty as a fruitcake. God did not create evil people. He created good people and gave them all the free choice to either accept or reject Him. Adam and Eve were created “good” but chose to sin, disobey and reject Him. Sure, Satan tricked them into disobedience, but our loving God is also a just God. That is why He sent us a much-needed Savior.

Lucifer and all the angels were created “good” but also had free choice, and a third of them made the wrong choice and are now amongst us today. They were definitely present and active during the above-mentioned post-midterm election press conference.

Like the parable of the sower (Matthew 13:3-8, 19-30; Mark 4:3, 14-32; Luke 8:5-18), sowing seed is what us crazy uncles need to be doing with extreme vigor until we are raptured home. Then the seed we have sown and scattered will follow the ways of the above-mentioned parable. Some of our seed will fall amongst the thorns, or on the rocks, or on good, rich, fertile soil.

You may think your seed is now falling amongst the thorns and rocks due to the rejections you receive. But I must remind you that people do change. Cast as much seed as you can now before the rapture. God has this big bucket of clear, pure water (His Holy Spirit) ready to let fly. Then we will find out in the millennium where your scattered seed fell.

So, scatter as much seed as you can like you are firing an automatic machine gun. If you pull the trigger and fire a hundred rounds, you’re bound to hit someone! Then there was always that one platoon leader yelling out “Spread out. Don’t gang up in that lone foxhole! One hand grenade will get you all!”

So, let fly with all of your spiritual hand grenades and belts of ammo before the rapture. You’ll never know what you will hit until you pull the pin and clench that trigger.

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