After the Rapture  #44 :: By Dick Ainsworth

Aborted babies in the rapture?

In this article I will revisit a subject I have touched upon briefly in articles past, and that is “what happens to aborted babies after the rapture?” Sorry, but I don’t have a clear answer yet; however, I can pass on a little of what God tells us in the Bible which isn’t a lot.

I believe, and I think many of you do also, that life begins at conception; thus, life begins with a soul. After birth, there is a physical human body and a spiritual soul. The person dies physically but their soul continues to exist and live forever. “Absent from the body, present with the Lord” (2 Corinthians 5:8; 1 Corinthians 5:3). I believe this holds true with an aborted baby. The abortionist kills the unborn baby while inside its mother’s womb, but its soul goes into the presence of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

None of these unborn babies ever reached the age of reason, so they never made the choice to either accept or reject Christ. So then what? At the rapture, the true believers only will be raptured up out of their graves (1 Thessalonians 4:16), so the souls of those unborn babies would possibly not be taken in the rapture as they were never given the chance to become believers.

I see a couple of possible outcomes.

One is I believe they will go into the millennium after the tribulation period ends with human bodies and be allowed to grow to maturity where they can make a choice for Christ or not? And they would then be able to be “fruitful and multiply.”

Or they go into the millennium with eternal bodies where they make the same choice. After the millennium, everyone will have eternal bodies. Some will spend eternity in heaven while the rest will spend eternity in hell. I don’t believe there are any such places as Limbo or Purgatory. And if those poor innocent babies were in eternal bodies, they could not reproduce.

If either of my speculations are true, the millennium would have a gigantic population on day one. Besides the new born-again Christians who lived through the tribulation period, there could be a massive number of aborted babies coming back to life for a thousand years.

As of September 3, 2018, worldwide abortions were numbered at 1,506,939,617 (that’s 1.5 Billion) since 1980 ( there are no stats on abortion numbers from after Noah’s flood up until 1980.

Add to that the number of child deaths outside of the abortion figures who hadn’t yet reached the age of reason. This would include times of extreme famine when mothers butchered and cooked their own children in order to live; and some infants who just died of starvation; the satanic cults that perform child sacrifices; child sex trafficking resulting in death; ghetto violence; child and infant death due to disease; King Herod ordering the killing of all male children under age two (Matthew 2:16); abandoned homeless children; worldwide child abuse, etc.

And with the outbreak in this twenty-first century of increased child abuse, violence against children, child sex trafficking, etc., we can see Satan and his minions are in a full battle attack against Christ and the little children He loves so dearly. Those 6,000-year numbers will be mind-boggling when added to the abortion figures, so the first day of the 1,000-year Millennium might have a massive population to start with?

There would also be a huge number of people headed for an eternity in hell for those satanic deeds (Luke 17:2; Mark 9:42; Matthew 18:6-7). God will use up a lot of millstones (Luke 17:2; Matthew 18:16; Mark 9:42). Of course there will be some who confessed, repented and accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior so were snatched up in the rapture. I wonder if there will be any direct reunions between a mother and her aborted “fetus.”

All children, infants and unborn babies under the age of reason are 100% innocent. Period. We have a just and righteous God who always does the just and righteous thing. I feel God will give every soul He created the choice to choose or reject Him.

Wheels in the Woods

Most of this series thus far has focused on foot travel and hiking in the wilderness, but I will make mention of motorized travel for the benefit of those loaded crazy uncles who have the bucks to leave behind vehicles for the left behind. I have repeatedly written that in case of an EMP attack and/or immediately after the rapture, the left behind need to head for the hills and escape the big city populations.

In case of an EMP attack when nearly all electronics will be fried, the roads and highways will be jam-packed with dead vehicles. So if you have vehicles, make sure they are older models which didn’t rely on modern electronics to operate. The big cities rely heavily on electronics; so grocery stores, public water supply and its pumps, medical emergency services, etc., will come to a halt. Imagine how disease and pestilences will spread rapidly after medical services stop and the doctors, nurses, etc., come down with untreatable ills?

Claude Davis posted a fine article on EMP-proof or resistant vehicles. I will briefly summarize a list of vehicles he recommends ( You can read his article but also Google each brand, make and model. Also, since most of these vehicles are military models, you might contact your Army Surplus Store. Military models are manufactured more rugged for rough terrain and low and easy maintenance.

Some are diesel and others are gas-operated. Crazy uncles need to stockpile products like Stay Lube for the woods to save and preserve stored gasoline and diesel fuel.

The prices listed are approximate and wide-ranging. Here’s his short list:

Harley-Davidson MT350E which is the American version of MT500 British NATO off-road bike. It has an electric starter but also a kick-start in case of an EMP. Price about $1,250 but your local Harley dealer might not stock them on their floor; so you will need to order from the factory.

Jeep CJ7 civilian version of off-road military Willys GP built in huge numbers from 1944 to 1986. Electronics free. Price about $6,000.00.

Jeep Cherokee Chief AMC SJ is more modern but still mostly EMP proof. About $14,000.00.

Volkswagon Thing Off-Road Type 181 updated WW11 Kubelwagon which is based on VW Bug. Easy to maintain. Large storage & hauling area. About $9,000.00.

Toyota Hilux mini-truck (1978-83) Minimum electronics. Approx. $4,000.00.

Toyota Land Cruiser J40 (1960-84). Hundreds of thousands available. Minimal EMP.

International Harvester Scout 2 (1971-80, originally 1961). Approx. $22,000.00.

CUCY Army model 1980 Chevy Blazer. Models M1008 and M1009. Prices range from $1,000.00 to $5,200.00.

HMMWV Model M998. Avoid the civilian Hummers. Consider military models only. About $5,000.00 from Army Surplus Dealer.

Land Rover 90/110. Consider a 1980 model. From $12,000.00 to $35,000.00.

Wilderness Survival Tips

Crazy uncles can help insure the left behind don’t starve to death by making up a large supply of hardtack. If sealed and stored properly, it has a shelf life of 50 years plus. Vacuum packed and ziplocked bags with the air removed works fine.

Hardtack is simple to make. A small batch recipe is 5 cups of flour, one cup of water and a half tablespoon of salt. Mix into dough, roll out with rolling pin into a 3/8-inch thick slab. Cut into 3” squares, poke several times with a fork and bake flipping over once to brown both sides.

Crazy uncles will have access to rolling pins, bags of flour and stove ovens to bake in. In the wilderness you can make a rolling pin from a smooth straight 2” or 3” in diameter tree branch. Cut into a 1½-foot log, peel off the bark and you will have nearly the same rolling pin the Native Americans and pioneers used.

Since you won’t be able to run down to your local store and pick up 50 pounds of flour, in the woods you can make your own. You will need a manual non-electric portable food grinder that has a wing-bolt mount for a kitchen table or counter. Of course you will have to find something else sturdy to mount it on in order to crank and grind the food you want to process. My mom developed pretty big arm muscles hand-grinding meat and vegetables back in the 30’s and 40’s. We couldn’t afford store-bought hamburger (ground beef) in those days, but we raised about 300 chickens and a few hogs each year; so I got used to chicken and pork burgers early on.

These food grinders are available from Lehman’s, Walmart, Home Depot, etc. You will want at least two for a group of 10-12 plus extra outside blades (you need a different blade for soft vegetables to meat to grains, etc.). If you need flour, you can take hardtack and break it up in a baggie with a hammer and a flat rock, and then run it through a food grinder into flour. Sometimes you have to run it through twice to get finely ground flour. Those left behind should have some 1” x 10” or 12” board planks about 2 feet long for food preparation (cutting board) in the wilds. Crazy uncles can cut up several of these cutting boards for the left behind boxes before departing upward into the clouds.

If you can’t find field wheat, soybeans, field corn, etc., to grind into whole wheat flour or corn meal, etc., you can make your own out of root vegetables like turnips, beets, potatoes, etc. You peel and slice the root vegetables into thin slices and then sun-dry the slices completely (like store-bought banana chips, potato chips, etc.). Or if you built a solar box like we outlined plans for in articles #28 and #30, that would be a quicker way to make “turnip flour,” etc. Slice, dry and grind potatoes so then you can make true “potato pancakes!”

One of our recipes for pemmican is in article #8 which has a shelf life of about “forever,” so crazy uncles can be whipping up batches of “primitive energy bars” especially for those in winter areas. Since we don’t know when the rapture will happen, crazy uncles ought to be able to make up a ton of pemmican and store properly for the left behind.

Something those left behind need to store away in their grey matter is what to do when they have to evacuate their present camp site and move on to a new camp area. The perfect situation is leave your present area looking like nobody had ever been there. But that is nearly impossible to do, especially if 10-12 people have spent any time there at all. You just won’t be able to erase all signs of human activity.

And if you have spent any time at all in one area, it will be nearly impossible for 10 or 12 people to pack up everything they have accumulated over that period of time and haul it off to your new area. Some stuff, especially the big heavy stuff, will have to be left behind. So your escape plan needs to be putting the most important essential items at the top of the list.

You will be tempted to hide and conceal left behind items you can come back for at a later date, but that is a dangerous idea. If the gestapo knows that humans have been in the area, they will be on the lookout for them to return. This will probably be by using solar-powered security cameras planted in the woods. These days they are “a dime a dozen” what with business store fronts, parking lots, inside shopping malls, etc., covered these days front & back, night & day, etc. And the antichrist will have complete control and access to all of these surveillance systems.

So try not to leave behind anything you cannot do without and cannot reproduce yourself at your new camp area in the woods. Since your 10 or 12 are on foot while the gestapo isn’t, you will have to hike deeper into the wilderness to remain concealed. So plan escape routes and plans well in advance.

This is by no means a foolproof escape plan (even though the gestapo is made up of “fools”); but they aren’t stupid, and they are very well-equipped. So expect some of those left behind to be captured. One option is for the 10 or 12 in your group to split up and go in pairs to 5 or 6 different directions with the plan to reunite at a later date at a predesignated meeting spot (preferably your new camping area). If you do this, one of the first projects will be to establish a new alternative camp site if and when you have to pack up and move out again.

Prayer Requests

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Pre-Rapture Prayer List #1, #2 and #3 are in the Rapture Ready archives. Please go to them and download into hard copies and pray through them regularly.

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