After the Rapture #13 :: By Dick Ainsworth

After the Rapture – Part 13
Don’t Start or Join a Militia

I’ve watched the 1984 movie “Red Dawn” several times. I like it about as much as John Wayne’s “Sands of Iwo Jima” and Gary Cooper’s “Sergeant York” as far as war movies are concerned. It stars Patrick Swayze as a Colorado high school student who, along with a small group of other students, forms a teenage militia who get in their pick-up trucks with their shotguns and rifles and take on the Russian Army, which had just pulled a surprise sneak attack on America.

And this handful of patriotic teenagers wins battle after battle against Russian tanks, assault helicopters, jet fighters, paratroopers and special forces, as only can happen in the movies.

Don’t even think about it! Antichrist’s gestapo will have you out-numbered, out-manned, out-gunned and out-trained, as they will have massive evil forces that have complete possession and control of America’s military might, their police departments and the Pentagon. You won’t stand a chance with a few rifles, shotguns, pistols and what little ammo you were able to carry with you. If you want to please God, go to your cave and pray.

I’m not suggesting that you not defend yourself and your group if need be. But there is a difference between defense and offense. I’m sure Jesus would rather that you prepare yourself to meet Him and be in His presence than to fight His battles for Him. After all, the world has rejected Jesus Christ, so He will return to clean house and make everything right. Jesus doesn’t need any battlefield help.

I received an email from a young man named Steve who is married, and they have an 18-month-old child. He had noted in my articles that I was in the Marines, so he told me he was considering enlisting; thus, was asking my opinion.

I told him I enlisted when Dwight D. Eisenhower was still President, and that was a different time and era some 58 years ago. I didn’t regret for a minute enlisting and was very proud to have been a Marine. But we live in the end-times now and it is much different. He has a different responsibility now with a wife and family than I did then being a single guy with a Ford convertible and a fast motorcycle.

I then referred him to RR’s Terry James’ Nearing Midnight column posted on February 12 entitled “Earth’s Nuclear Destiny.” Near the end of the tribulation period, all hell on earth will break out in an all-out nuclear war where millions of military from many nations will be slaughtered (Zechariah 14: 12; Revelation 9:15-18).

I feel Steve’s remaining time on earth needs to be devoted to the eternal salvation of his wife and child, and that all three of them will be raptured together. They need to be spreading the Good News to those who are still trapped in earth’s material pleasures and life. He can’t do that from halfway around the world fighting Satan’s army. I hope he realizes the need to be at home taking care of God’s Business.

But those left behind who realize they missed the boat will go through a mixture of emotions including anger and hate towards the forces of evil who now have complete control of Planet Earth. The left-behind military will have a new Commander-in-Chief (antichrist) whom they will have to obey and take their marching orders from.

All of the left behind will have up to seven years to develop a new attitude adjustment directed towards the love of Jesus Christ and away from the hate for those hell-bound forces of evil. Maybe they will finally heed the word “REPENT” this time. It is definitely their last chance.

Revelation 19 tells us how our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ returns to Planet Earth on a magnificent white stallion with His Church (the raptured saints) and puts “the fake trinity” in their proper place. The raptured will be with the Lord, while those left behinders’ days of pond water and cold, dark caves will be over without firing a shot.

Be Careful of What You Eat

Those left behind after the rapture of Christ’s Church will have agony, fear, stress and rugged, uncomfortable living to tend with until either antichrist kills them or they make it to the 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ.

Some of the emotional and physical pain they will endure each and every day will be antichrist’s gestapo (which could include his Robot forces), tattletales, forest fires, hungry wild animals, freezing and extreme heat, hunger, untreatable injuries and sickness, violent weather (including earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, volcanoes, torrential rains, mud slides, tsunamis), and human predators (at last count there were 38 Muslim Jihadist military training camps spread throughout the U.S. in wilderness areas), etc.

These are some of the birth pains referred to in Matthew 24:8. We have had some of these woes around for centuries; but in the end-times when God releases His wrath down on a sinful and disobedient earth, a variety of new and unheard of judgments will pop onto the scene, adding more stress and fear to the remaining lives.

A new disease has now been discovered in North America and Canada called Chronic Wasting Disease, or “Zombie Disease.” It is similar to Mad Cow disease and has been found in mule deer, white-tailed deer, elk, moose and reindeer, so far. It hasn’t been determined if it can transfer to other animals or to humans. It has been discovered in 23 U.S. states and two Canadian Provinces.

I hope left behinders aren’t planning on venison steaks or moose burgers for supper? On the other hand, the Marriage Supper of the Lamb will be “perfectly safe!”

Monkey See, Monkey Do?

Chinese scientists have successfully cloned two monkeys and claim this is a giant step forward towards cloning human beings. It is also a giant step towards the rapture.

Dolly the Sheep, the two monkeys, etc., are one thing as they are animals, and God didn’t create animals with souls.

But God, who is the creator of everything, created human life with souls so they might be saved. I can’t possibly imagine how a cloned human would have a soul? Jesus didn’t die on the cross for cloned beings and robots.

And how will antichrist go about administering his 666 mark on cloned “beings?”

It will be interesting to see how the abortion industry reacts to this? Will they start going to science laboratories to make house calls?

Wilderness Boot Hill

Up to two-thirds of the world’s population will die during the tribulation period. That’s a lot of graves to dig! Between God’s Justice in the form of His wrath, plus the hate and anger of Satan, that should account for many of the deaths.

Some of those who are left behind and don’t take antichrist’s 666 mark will make up many of the saved number of those dying or being killed. This is good reason why all members of your small group should be baptized as soon as possible (baptism isn’t required for salvation, but it is a public profession of faith). If the martyred die at the evil hands of antichrist, he will dispose of the corpses in his own crude, evil way – maybe mass disposal by burning in furnaces or huge, Caterpillar dirt trenches.

Of those left behind who are hiding out in the wilderness, many will die from animal attacks, extreme weather events, forest fires, etc., and a number of other ways. So, in many cases, those remaining will need to dispose of the dead bodies.

You don’t have to bury a person 6-feet under. That method began in the 14th century in England when their king declared that anyone dying from a contagious disease would be buried 6-feet under so the living people wouldn’t be exposed to the dead person’s diseases.

The remaining left behinders need only bury the remains in a shallow dirt grave and cover the top with large heavy rocks or logs that will keep scavengers like wolves, coyotes, buzzards, etc., from digging up the corpse. Animals have a very keen sense of smell. We recommended in a previous article that you put a supply of 30- to 33-gallon-size trash bags in your left-behind box(es). Two of those trash bags can be fitted together to make a lightweight body bag.

But they have to be buried to avoid telltale signs like the decaying odor. The body bag will help there since bags of lime won’t be available. The rocks or logs then need to be covered with dirt and seeded so no signs of a grave are visible. Weed seeds are good for this purpose as they are plentiful, hearty, spring-up quickly and blend in with their surroundings. Weeds will reseed themselves from year to year. The graves should be hidden back in thick underbrush with no grave markers or crosses. Antichrist’s gestapo will be on the lookout for signs of human life, and visible graves are a “dead” giveaway (no pun intended).

Weed seeds can be gathered starting in the late summer and early fall. Different seeds from different weeds need to be mixed and blended so when sown it will produce a natural appearance of mixed plants in the wilderness. Store your packet of mixed weed seeds in your underground cellar for use whenever you need to disguise raw, open, dirt plots.

Remember that when a person breathes their last breath and then dies, their eternal destination is permanently sealed. “Absent from the body, present with the Lord” (2 Corinthians 5:9).

There is no reason for a group of people to stand around saying good words and singing hymns over a dead body. Those who do are leaving a mass of footprints and scent trails for the gestapo and their hounds to pick-up on. Our funerals today are the result of human and world traditions.

Tracking hounds could be a problem if it is a new or recent burial. But if buried away from the camp and after several good rains, the dogs shouldn’t find it. And loved ones need not visit the gravesites periodically as that leaves a scent trail for the dogs to follow. Bury them and then leave that gravesite permanently.

Free Easy Survival Skills

Here’s a “must have” for your left-behind box: a series of publications by renowned survival expert, Kurt Saxon. If you Google “Kurt Saxon survivalist,” you come up with a variety of sites with free downloads. His “Survivalist” series comes in three volumes, plus other fine publications like “A Poor Man’s James Bond.”

I planned on a segment on distilling water, ether, ammonia, etc., in the wilderness, but since Kurt Saxon has free downloads on his articles, I just let those of you who are interested go to his sites.

Since distilling requires a heat source and I am discouraging all left behinders from starting unnecessary fires, plans and instructions on how to make a solar distillery can be valuable.

I am urging you to include these publications in your left-behind box, as much of it is skills and know-how that our great-grandparents used in the good ole days.

Branch Offices for the Antichrist’s Gestapo

In previous chapters, I have predicted that antichrist would recruit jihadist terror groups all over the world to become a functioning part of his tribulation period gestapo that is financed, equipped and under his direction. This has been underway here in America since 1980 when Mubarak Ali Gilani formed Muslims for America. In the beginning, he established two terrorist training camps in remote wilderness areas of the U.S. At the last count I could find, it is now up to 38 such camps all across America.

Besides the increase in camp locations, their populations have skyrocketed. Some jihadists are here legally (thanks, Obama!) but most are illegals (thanks again, Obama!) that are now flowing across the Canadian border (both male and female) since President Trump’s increased border security against the Mexican invasion.

Population increases mainly come from jihadist males who nearly all have multiple wives, who have lots of children. Those born in the 1980-beginning are now about 35 to 37 years old, which is terrorist age. And many of these same 35-year-old jihadists now have teenage children raised in their father’s way and also are having children, making their third generation of “dreamers.” The males are trained to be terrorists, while the females give birth to many new, little suicide bombers.

The government regulation of these terrorist groups is practically non-existent. If the Muslims for America leaders are questioned about their lifestyle and activities here in the states, they answer with their Koran-inspired command to “taqiyya” (lying to infidels) by saying that they are peaceful Arabic families “seeking the American dream” away from the sinful American society.

So what does this have to do with those left behind after the rapture? It could be quite a bit if you picked out a good camp area and thought you were all alone in the wilderness, only to find out a gestapo gang of bloodthirsty, satanically controlled jihadists are your next-door neighbors. And you thought the only thing you had to worry about was a few hungry bears and an occasional forest fire? You’d be hiding from them and they’d be hunting for you!

So keep those TO-GO backpacks loaded and ready to go on short notice. The gestapo will have all the cell phones, computers, drones, ATV’s, lots of guns, etc., and you won’t have squat.

Dick Ainsworth

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