Is 666 Just a Number? :: By Mike Ecklund


There is much research into genetics in hopes of curing diseases and improving life spans of human beings.  Medical researchers are teaching our T cells to attack cancer and mixing our DNA with animals in hopes of growing compatible human replacement organs.  In a previous article I submitted (“What’s Genes Got to Do With It”), I brought out information by a genetic scientist that shows that our DNA is losing hundreds of bits of information, degrading by each generation.  It has resulted in increased cancer and will result in the eventual extinction of our race, if nothing intervenes.

The golden pill would be a way to permanently repair the DNA and return it to its perfection that was present at the beginning of creation.  As I believe the degradation is part of the curse of sin and God’s way of assuring the death of our sinful flesh, this attempt at immortality without the forgiveness and implementation by the Lord will not be allowed by Him.

The books of Enoch and Genesis tell the story of angels coming down and mating with human women, which resulted in a super-human hybrid.  The DNA of angels was combined with humans to make a three-strand hybrid DNA.

Authors have now made a connection between UFO’s and presumed aliens and an ongoing demonic deception.  I have personally researched UFO’s in the past, hoping to figure out the means used for propulsion, incorrectly believing they were originating from an advanced race that God had made somewhere else in the universe.

I had never seen anything I could positively identify as an unknown flying object until two years ago when I observed two orbs of unusual orange and blue colors flying in formation.  They moved across the road in front of me on a clear, cloudless sky in the early evening and disappeared in a bright flash that I would conclude was a dimensional rift.  Having been a flight instructor, weather observer and first responder in my past, I have no doubt about the credibility of my observation.

In the book of Revelation, the person of the antichrist is presented.  He is described as having a head wound that is miraculously healed.  Those that accept his ‘mark’ have been, up to this point, believed to be taking only a symbol of allegiance to him so they can continue business as usual.  Those that receive the mark are forever damned, incapable of obtaining forgiveness through the blood of Jesus Christ.

How is it possible that every other sin can be forgiven but not this one?  What could be so alluring about the mark and change a man into something else that is no longer capable of obtaining salvation?

The antichrist and those that follow him are changed by the third strand of fallen angel/alien DNA that gives a new code, which will seemingly heal the broken human DNA.  It will give humans the apparent ability to heal from injury and sickness and will be required by a government in need of total control and loyalty.  Note also, that despite being subjected to numerous deadly plagues during the tribulation, humans with the mark will seek death but be unable to find it.

This alien deception has been ongoing since early civilization.  We have been groomed to believe in ever more sophisticated ways that aliens are our ‘gods’, seeding humanity in our primordial past and supposedly only interested in helping us move into their universal consciousness.  If they should show up after a catastrophe on some worldly scale, offering benevolence in the form of a way to repair our flawed DNA, it will likely be no surprise and receive a welcome from a previously prepared humanity.

The number 6 is not just a number, but the symbol of the helix – the double helix being the design of our DNA.  666 is, in my opinion, the symbol of the demonic hybrid three-strand DNA, which will be Satan’s final tool he will use to destroy and take as many human beings as he can into eternal judgment.  Many will see the deception when they receive Christ as Savior during the tribulation period, but the decision to refuse the mark will cost them their lives.

I write this as a warning of what is soon coming.  Believe that God sent His Son to die in your place and raised Him from the dead now and avoid the tribulation. If you wait, you can believe and be saved after the rapture; but it will be a terrible trial to endure.

Mike Ecklund