After the Rapture #7 :: By Dick Ainsworth

After the Rapture – Part 7

We live in a life consisting of a continuous string of making choices. Some are good choices while others are poor choices. Some choices are temporary while others are eternal. We can go back before mankind began and see what a horrible choice the most handsome and brightest of God’s created angels (Lucifer) made. And when God cast him out of heaven and onto earth, he also cast out his followers, which were one-third of the angels.

Now I have often asked myself “one-third of what? Just how many is that?” My guess is God kicked out over 8 billion fallen angels. We know that Lucifer (Satan) is not omnipresent; only God is. So Satan needs help if he wants to lie and deceive the present 7.4 billion humans on earth. That would work out to be about one demon per human.

I think that is why Satan works so hard at starting wars, creating violence, riots and “commotions” (Luke 21: 9), millions of worldwide abortions, AID’s, lethal “recreational” drugs, and a host of other death traps. The world population is getting too large, and Satan just doesn’t have enough demons to go around. So he is a big supporter of population control.

I’ve often wondered about the meaning of 1 Corinthians 6:3, “Know ye not that we will judge angels?”). My current belief is we all have at least one fallen angel/demon that pesters us to no end, tempting us with sin in a wide variety of ways. I think this verse simply means that the fallen angels’ time is fast approaching when we, whose sins are all forgiven and forgotten by our Lord, will stand in judgment of them for every sin they caused us to commit.

In Christ’s time on earth when the world population was a lot less, there were up to 2,000 demons in one man (Legion). Jesus drove them out and into a herd of pigs (Mark 5: 9-13); thus, Satan had more than enough demons to go around back then. There are other examples in the Bible where multiple demons were in possession of individual people.

Following Lucifer’s downfall, there was another bad decision on the part of God’s first human creation, Adam and Eve. Their lives weren’t cluttered up with a lot of decisions to make. Just one: don’t eat from that certain tree. They had it made with no sickness, stress or hard labor, plus a gigantic acreage of gardens and orchards of perfect food to gorge themselves with – a natural ongoing all-you-can-eat buffet except for that one tree. If they wanted a large sweet cantaloupe with a big handful of plump juicy blueberries, they could just reach out and grab them!

But they made a bad decision; and soon thereafter they were cast out of the Garden of Eden and into the real, continuous decision-making world, which was a lot better than what the left behinders will experience in the near future.

In this 7th chapter of the “After the Rapture” series, I don’t plan to write a large book on all the good and bad decisions by people in both the Old and New Testaments. Judas Iscariot does come to mind very quickly, which was a very bad decision for him but a wonderful decision for us sinners. We should learn from these poor decision makers even though what is past is past. Let’s focus on the decisions we will be confronted with in these end-times to come.

God gives every living soul on earth a choice between an eternity in either heaven or hell. He doesn’t twist anyone’s arm and make them go to heaven, but Satan’s Islam will chop your head off if you don’t convert. We all have to choose between accepting Him and His Son, which means trusting and obeying Them or rejecting Them and Their Word, which is disobedience.

The obedient will be raptured into a perfect heaven that doesn’t lack for anything good, while the disobedient will be digging caves in the wilderness. The obedient will have perfect fellowship with millions of other saints and angels, while the disobedient will be hiding from the satanic hoard of antichrist’s gestapo who are trying to separate their heads from their bodies.

And in hell the self-condemned soul will be all alone with millions of other self-condemned souls. After all, they all freely chose to be there instead of heaven.

I believe it’s similar to prison inmates “in the hole” or solitary confinement, except those in prison do have some hope. So don’t believe the atheist or secular humanist who grins and says they can’t wait to go to hell, as that is where all of their friends are, and they are really going to party and have a helluva good time. All of their friends might be there in hell but they won’t “fellowship” or “party” with a single one of them!

Also in this life and the afterlife are the menu choices all will make. In heaven the Marriage Supper of the Lamb will be, I believe, a “catered affair” where it won’t bother me a bit to be eating eggplant and squash (which I don’t like one bit)! I would prefer a steady diet of BBQ and cherry cheesecake with all of the butter pecan ice cream I can shovel down. But the Marriage Supper menu just might be different, and I trust Jesus to arrange it. After all, Jesus does have very good taste.

But the left behinders will have to be content with lukewarm tepid pond water to wash down all of the dandelion greens they can find and harvest.

There are many, many more pluses in heaven over life and survival during the tribulation period. One that pops immediately into my mind is that there will be no more fake news media or social media trying to lie and deceive the people. Since we will be “changed” on the way up (at the rapture) into being like Jesus Himself, I believe we will become all-knowing and won’t need information and “knowledge” from outside sources. We will all actually become “know-it-all’s!”

There will be no need for Bibles and Bible study classes in heaven. Since there will be no sin in heaven, there will be no need to study right from wrong. We will all be living a sin-free existence without temptations. And any questions we have about God, He will be right there amongst us to answer. But I don’t think we will have questions about our past earthly lives. That would be a lot of bad news that God has forgiven and forgotten.

But those left behind on earth have a limited amount of time to get it right this second time around. That is why I wrote in an earlier edition that Bible study and prayer are the most important activities the left behind must completely be involved in.

But some of the left behinders will be sitting outside their cave with their hand-cranked solar radio trying to pick up a distant station now controlled by antichrist. The broadcast contents will probably consist of his propaganda and threats, plus perks like an offer of free steak dinners to all of those who come in (surrender) and take his 666 mark.

And since Satan is the father of lies (John 8:44), I doubt if you can trust the weather news and its reported forecasts either.

The steak dinner sure sounds a whole lot better than pond water and dandelion greens. Or does it? Those of us who will be raptured eagerly look forward to the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.

The best way I know to avoid all the agony and fear with being trapped in Satan’s 7-year tribulation period is to avoid being left behind in the first place. So don’t make another bad decision by being left behind.

If you are worried about family, friends, neighbors and total strangers who will surely be left behind, they are the only ones who now think you are a “crazy uncle” (see the first edition of “After the Rapture” to see what a “crazy uncle” is).

You see, I’m a “crazy uncle” too. But I know Jesus would never refer to any of us trying to spread His Gospel throughout the world (Matthew 28: 19-20) as a “crazy uncle.” And neither would Satan and his fallen angels/demons. They are scared to death of us and our prayers in Jesus’ Name. So don’t let up. Pour it on the evil ones hot and heavy. The Holy Spirit is on our side and will protect us.


Another useful item for the left-behind box is books and instructions on how the early pioneers (such as Daniel Boone and his sons) and the many tribes of native Americans built and set out snares and traps made from the materials available in nature. The trappers today use more modern traps and equipment, which is readily available in outdoor stores (such as Bass Pro Shop).

Various types of animal traps in days past include deadfalls (where a heavy rock or log is propped up on one end with a stake, a piece of meat under it as bait, and a trigger set to cause the rock or log to fall on the prey when an animal hits the trigger while going for the bait).

Snares and trapping pits also work well.

Fishing weirs are built using wood or rock to form a narrow channel that funnels the swimming fish into a narrow corridor for easy pickin’s.

Spear fishing takes a lot of practice.

I live 8 miles from the Daniel Boone saltlick, just outside of the town of Boonesboro (or 12 miles from the city of Booneville, and 14 miles from Boone County). I wonder how all those places got their name? And there are natural caves in the bluffs along the Missouri River where people from the Boones to Frank and Jessie James resided at times

The pioneers salted the fresh meat they trapped to preserve it from spoiling and rotting, since there was no refrigeration in those days. Some of it was made into jerky which had a long life. You basically cut lean meat into thin strips, trim off all the fat and let it dry in the sun.

Besides jerky, pemmican can also be made from lean meat, dried fruits and berries, nuts and fat, and it stays preserved very well. Roll into balls or shape into bars, and you have the original Native American energy bars. How many western movies have you watched where a cowboy would bite off a chunk of jerky or pemmican from his saddlebags while on a cattle drive, chasing outlaws, etc.?

And those animal skins and pelts can be tanned, smoked and cured if you know how. So read a book! You will have to start making your own clothes soon.

Learning the art of camouflage is important to conceal one’s self from antichrist’s gestapo. That is why your clothing should be hunting or military with camo designs. This type of clothing is more rugged and designed with pockets in all the right places for carrying your stuff.

The Boones mined salt, packed it in hollowed-out logs, sealing the log ends with mud (allowing it to dry), and floating them 140 miles down the Missouri River to the salt merchants in St. Louis at the junction of the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers.

A useful website is They recently released an article on building your own root cellar (root vegetables store well if kept cool, which includes potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, onions, turnips, etc.). These are the types of vegetables you need to be raising, as they store well over the winter, plus they conceal from view and detection better. It was a good article with lots of useable information, but its main thrust was building this root cellar in the basement of your home. But you won’t be in your home for very long!

The main purpose of these letters is steering clear of the antichrist’s Gestapo, which means you need to head for the woods. FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) now has regulations against hoarding by the general public, and antichrist will be taking over their operation when his time of arrival comes. So let’s stick with our original plan (covered in letters #1, #2 and #3).

I am suggesting that after you dig out your cave and cellar and have them in use, travel 2 or 3 miles away and dig out your cave #2 and cellar #2.

Sure, tracking dogs can follow your scent to the new location, but there are some tricks you can pull on the evil ones and their tracking dogs. Don’t think for a moment you can hide your scent from the dogs. But you can confuse and disrupt them. And don’t forget the red hot chili pepper ground powder.

An example would be if your initial camp is north, then go (say a work crew of 4) several miles south to dig out camp #2. When returning to camp #1 in the evening, head back the way you came in (or the same trail) for about 100 yards. Then two of you go east and the other two go west, and wander around in a 10-acre or so plot doing wide-sweeping figure 8’s while crossing and crisscrossing paths. The two shouldn’t walk side by side but rather split up to make two separate scent trails.

The next day when the work crew of four returns from more digging, pick different areas to lay down scent trails. You can even go farther past your camp #2 to the south and walk out more dizzy figure 8’s.

A trick you can pull on the tracking dogs and their handlers is find a steep and deadly bluff or cliff. Walk up to the very edge and then walk backwards on the same trial until you come to a figure 8 or a creek. There’s a chance an excited dog on a scent trail will trot off the edge of the bluff. If they survive the fall, they will run around in circles at the bottom of the cliff trying to pick up a scent that isn’t there. If it looks like they picked up a trail, it is probably a rabbit trail, but the handler probably won’t know that. He just sees the dog picked up a scent but doesn’t know which scent.

I believe there will be a shortage of good dogs in those days. Many of the new dogs won’t be good trackers, and their handlers won’t know if they are following or back tracking a trail. The dog doesn’t know that either. They are following a scent, and inexperienced dogs might be following a rabbit instead of a human. A lot of the dog handlers will also be inexperienced, so both will be going through “on the job training.”

This isn’t like the gangster movies where the dog handler takes an escaped convict’s piece of clothing and gives their dog a good sniff. They will be hunting total strangers. So since the dogs won’t have a scent to start with, many will be chasing more rabbits and squirrels than people. So don’t leave your dirty shorts outside where they can be found by the gestapo!

The “over the bluff” trick will also work on creeks and streams. Walk up to the creek’s edge and backtrack to a figure 8 escape route. The dog will track to the water’s edge and lose the scent there. The handler will probably take the dog over to the other side where it will run frantically up and down the shore line, hunting for the scent that isn’t there. Or maybe another rabbit?

But I would guess that early on most of the dogs and their handlers will be in the cities, suburbs and other high-population areas hunting down people. That’s where the large populations are and where they will get more captures. This gives the small left-behind groups more time to establish their camps in the wilderness.


It is my guess that those left behind will have a short time to get their wilderness hide-out in order. I base that belief on the thought that immediately after the rapture the whole world will be in mass confusion and lacking in organization. And antichrist will probably go after the city folks first, as they will be easier to find and capture.

Naturally this applies to normal people who were left behind but also for the antichrist. He has to get people in place to replace the raptured saints. Later he will probably replace “people” with “HIS people.”

So, something for your left-behind box is strong advice to get started immediately before antichrist gets his gestapo organized. He won’t be able to use his demons and fallen angels to do physical work, as they are spirits and will continue in their supervision duties of tempting and influencing.

I don’t know where robot technology will be at that time, but you’d better believe that antichrist will use them if it benefits his evil objectives. Robots don’t have to swear allegiance to anyone. Just keep them oiled and all of their screws tightened!

Antichrist will have complete control over all of the world’s satellite systems, so he will have his eyes on everyone and everything. He will also be using drones that will be equipped with powerful security cameras, so the wilderness will be spied upon from above also.

Power grid blackouts might hinder the antichrist’s operations at first, but he will remedy that quickly. This will probably be caused by nuclear weapons exchanges where their blasts go off in the outer atmosphere of the earth. That is why those new tribulation saints need to know pioneer living and wilderness survival quickly.

Dick Ainsworth

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New Franklin, MO 65274