After the Rapture #49: Midterm Elections (Good vs. Evil) :: By Dick Ainsworth

After the Rapture – Part 49
“If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land” (2 Chronicles 7:14).

“Woe to them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; and put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” (Isaiah 5:20).

The two verses above may well describe what was at stake in our November 6 midterm elections. It is my contention that God divinely placed Donald J. Trump in as USA president and also to be guided by the Holy Spirit. The next question is whether President Trump, his administration, staff, his base and the voting people did a good enough job in obeying God and fulfilling His will?

I would give it a “half yes” considering the constant, intense, satanic attacks and obstructions the president has had to endure since being elected. He has worked tirelessly since taking office with minimum sleep, long hours and choosing to donate to charity his wages that he is rightfully entitled to. Forget the fact he is rich. The Clintons and Obamas were well off also but I doubt it if similar acts ever crossed their greedy minds.

Compare that with years of the Obamas and Clintons who milked the taxpayers, outside interests and our own government for every penny they could get. Both couples are now considered filthy rich. Obama was, without a doubt, the laziest president this country ever had! It appears to pay well to be a professional political disruption.

We know that God is all-knowing past, present and future, He knows what the outcome of this election would be long before earthly time began. President Trump has done a very good job of turning this hell-bound country around plus inspiring half of its population to a revival of old-time patriotism and leading many to pray for their president and the nation. Like all humans, President Trump has his faults and shortcomings; but as I see it, his pluses outnumber, by far, his negatives.

His bold, honest leadership has given many Americans the encouragement they needed to open up in prayer. He is also setting a good example for other people, governments and nations of this world to follow. God hears and records it all no matter how short the time remaining might be, and He will answer in His own perfect way.

This country was an outrageous mess; thus, President Trump had a nearly impossible task ahead starting in November 2016 (he started getting things done and correcting misgovernment policies over two months before he was sworn in). Even if he had no opposition at all, cleaning up the mess the swamp spent decades creating would be a gigantic uphill job, to say the least.

I watched most of the Trump rallies on YouTube, and I don’t know where the president gets all of his endurance and energy. Obama held a few rallies; and after a couple, he was complaining about a sore throat! But he became well known for his whining.

Obama’s style hasn’t changed. He was still looming over everyone; thus, he was nearly always talking down to the people with his lectures, unlike President Trump who was definitely in a higher pay grade than most of us. He talked to the people on their level about their cares and needs. Trump is a true leader while Obama is a misguided boss.

Obama mainly talked about himself, trying to take credit for President Trump’s many accomplishments. He stayed true to his Muslim teachings from the Koran (the command and teachings of ‘taqiyya’). With that he can look down his nose on Americans with his “I can tell these dummies anything and they’ll believe it” polished-over-time routine. Obama has always been known for his gift of gab. Otherwise, “the great pretender” was truly empty and you couldn’t believe a word he said. He had the big teethy grin with evil eyes and a dark heart.

President Trump’s crowds rivaled what Elvis or the Beatles might draw. Rush Limbaugh made the observation on a rally held by one of the leading liberal-progressive stars, former vice president “Uncle Joe” Biden, who held a rally in the final week. Rush said Biden’s crowd “wouldn’t fill a phone booth.”

I started writing this article (both in my mind and jotting down notes) in early September, feeling the outcome either way was a win-win for Christ’s Church.

If ‘evil’ wins over ‘good,’ then the rapture and the tribulation period would grow nearer and God’s devastating wrath on earth was about to begin. We born-again believers would be outta here and the cares of this exploding sinful planet would be for us out of sight, out of mind. We will now be where we always prayed to be. Our prayers will have been answered.

If ‘good’ wins over ‘evil,’ then our Christ has more work for us to do before the rapture. We are to witness face-to-face and spread His Good News to every living soul in every way possible. We will know that we will have more time; but that new time will be short, and we need to get into a witnessing frenzy before Our Lord calls us home. The souls of those left behind depend on us.

The Apostle Paul answered the win-win dilemma with Philippians 1:23.

I don’t know how God will judge this nation over the results of this midterm election. Fake news worked very well for Satan who picked up the win in the House of Representatives, so major committee leaderships will switch over to Satan’s captains such as Maxine Waters, Elijah Cummings, Adam Schiff and 18 other Socialist-Democrats and will probably find Nancy Pelosi returning as the House Speaker. Lord have mercy and help us from that crazy, mentally unstable woman and the Trump-hating house committee heads!

World Net Daily (WND) has released reports on massive illegal voting orchestrated by the liberal-progressives mainly in the south. Illegal aliens headed the list by far with dead people and fake identities also voting. Lots of outside money was also a factor, headed by liberal progressive billionaires like George Soros and Michael Bloomberg.

God can’t be pleased at all with his children who voted for evil, thus favoring those who consistently voted against God’s Word in the Bible. God does know how everyone voted in all elections worldwide! Those voters who voted against the Bible need to confess and repent for their voting sins or else face His harsh judgment. And it is a sin to vote for sin.

Some of the people did vote for more conservative senators, but it won’t cancel out what was lost in the house. Don’t get overly enthused that the election came out half-right. What God will write down in His book is the house part that made the election come out half wrong. The liberal progressives elected have voted and/or voiced support on sins against God’s commandments including abortion, homosexuality and anti-Semitism, plus many others.

A glimmer of hope did come out of this with a new organization called “Walk Away,” which I hoped would have grown bigger. It consisted of Democrats who woke up to Satan’s lies promoted by their beloved Democrat-Socialist party. After realizing what their party was really all about and how they had misled everybody, including their own, they decided to “walk away.” We can only hope and pray that this grows and more enlightened people “walk away.”

I know Democrats will vote Democrat and Republicans will vote Republican, but I was disappointed on how many Independents voted for more sin. I believe many people claiming to be Independent are really liberals or “wolves in sheep’s clothing.” But they must answer for that at final judgment if they refuse to confess and repent.

The opportunity for us crazy uncles is if these “walkers” realize that their political beliefs were wrong, then they are ripe for picking for God in that they were also lied to concerning atheism and secular humanism which is embraced by the left. They might be open to hearing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

If the urgency to act now following this recent so-so outcome of these midterm elections doesn’t move you, read Jan Markell’s series, “I Never Thought I Would See The Day” ( and tell me our very patient Lord won’t be waiting much longer. Don’t let Him find you sitting on your hands. Act and pray NOW.

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