After the Rapture #30 :: By Dick Ainsworth

After the Rapture – Part 30
Another way to defeat Satan

I dare say that most of us who are “born again” in Christ Jesus don’t experience the situation where we know all of our sins past, present and future were forgiven at The Cross; yet, in a weak moment in time, a sin from the past pops back from our memory and into our minds that puts a grin on our face, resulting in a happy memory of the sins past.

And I am sure most of us force those thoughts from our minds as we don’t want to be guilty of that same sin all over again, even if only in our minds (Matthew 21–22, 28).

It is one thing to have this breakthrough regarding others – totally forgiving them and destroying the record of their wrongs; It is quite another to experience the greater breakthrough – total forgiveness of ourselves.

So many Christians say, “I can forgive others, but how can I ever forget what I have done? I know God has forgiven me, but I can’t forgive myself.”

It means we are still hanging onto guilt that God has washed away. We are refusing to enjoy what God has freely given us.

Either 1 John 1:9 is true or it isn’t (“If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness”). If we have confessed our sins, we must take this promise with both hands and forgive ourselves – which is precisely what God wants us to do.

Forgiving ourselves is a very efficient and effective way of defeating Satan at his own game. He loves to move in at our weaker moments and take over our thoughts and minds with his lying and deceitful mind games.

As far as memories of past sins popping into our minds unexpectedly, we should read the teachings where Jesus taught us to pray to our Father, crying out for help for ourselves (Matthew 6:7-8), to pray to God as our friend, to provide a need for another friend as intercessory prayer (Luke 11: 8), and to pray to God when we suffer an injustice (Luke 18:6-7).

Our intercessor is Jesus (Hebrews 7:25) and our advocate is the Holy Spirit (John 14:16).

Our world is so cluttered up with news and activities that a lot of the bad stuff slips by either unnoticed or is just given a passing glance.

The constant flow and bombardment of school shootings, terrorist attacks, hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanos erupting, evil politics, sexual violence on children, and so on does give many of us a brief twinge of sadness and concern, but there is so much of it and it isn’t in our back yard, so it is usually out of mind very quickly.

I believe Satan uses this to his advantage. He has many of us “looking around” instead of “looking up.” He is causing the distractions as he gets about to everyone either directly or indirectly involved.

Those directly involved in a bad or frightful incident (either directly or on our family members) feel the hurt and pain firsthand. And it is long-lasting.

But for those who aren’t directly involved or who are not a victim of the event, it is another of many fleeing moments that quickly disappears from mind and heart. So we become lax, thus opening up (but not intentionally) to Satan’s evil plans.

While the victims of the school shooting are tending their wounded and burying their dead, those not involved are on the way to the Packers game or the closest open golf course. Satan wins both ways.

Instead of plowing through to the 19th hole (the clubhouse bar), there are victims who need prayer that Satan and his imps are scared to death of.

We live in a violent, sin-saturated world that too many people are taking in stride as they go about their lives with a calmness planned and orchestrated by Satan. Very soon the antichrist and the false prophet will arrive on the scene to give Satan a major bump in support. Believe me, that when the left behind find Jesus during the tribulation period, their calmness will quickly disappear. They will finally get serious about God. They need our prayers and guidance now before the rapture.

One thing I learned from my many years of prison ministry was I mailed out many Bibles to inmates all over the country. Quite a few would contact me back and ask for the small pocket-size Bibles (usually about 4½” x 6”) that would fit into their jumpsuit pockets. When they went out into the yard for daily exercise, most weren’t allowed to carry anything from their cell. So they could carry their Bibles with them concealed in their jumpsuit pockets.

How many people have a small lightweight Bible in their golf bag or the car’s glove box? We need to be spending more time in deep prayer and witnessing rather than shooting under par.

Food Preservation

I have suggested various methods of preserving and storing food throughout this series so those left behind might survive in the wilderness for up to seven years. You won’t dine like kings and queens but you will survive.

In article #7 I reported on how to make meat jerky and pemmican; both store well. Jerky is very simple to make while pemmican has a wide variety of different recipes available (Google “pemmican recipes”). Many are kitchen recipes requiring food processors, blenders, etc., so you need to find recipes and methods used by pioneers, Native Americans, homesteaders, etc., as those are best suited for the left- behind environment and “lifestyle.” There are plenty of those on these same sites.

Jerky can be prepared in the open sunlight with some breeze to keep the flies away. It might take seven or so days. Slice your lean meat in ¼” slices, trim the fat and hang or lay in the sun, occasionally turning or flipping over so both sides get evenly dried out.

Also dried fruit slices using the dehydration system is a sure way to build your food supply and use what is growing wild that is in the harvest season.

A smokehouse gives added flavor and taste but it requires a slow fire over a long period of time. Smokehouses are simple enough to build but they put out an odor that carries over a long distance. So animals, the gestapo and other enemies can detect the location and will surely be paying you a visit shortly.

The right heat for a smokehouse is if you can hold your hand over the heat source (fire) for 8-10 seconds without moving your hand from where you would normally be placing the meat to be smoked; the temperature is about right. Some folks might call this “very slow cooking.”

Many refer to pemmican as the “caveman’s protein bar,” and some claim their bars will store up to 50 years under ideal conditions. But we are only concerned with about seven years here.

What is important is saving up a stockpile of food for several good reasons.

If you have a bad garden year, the stockpile will keep you fed until you can replant, raise or locate a new harvest or source.

If you have to bug-out quickly with little or no notice, taking a ready-made bag of dried food or pemmican bars is easy and efficient.

If you relocate elsewhere, in all probability there will not be a ready supply of food available. You might get pretty darn hungry! So take something lightweight and effective (for proper nutrition) – dried foods and bottles of One-a-Day type of all-purpose supplements. Also a supply of heirloom garden seed (see below for partial list).

When your fruit, berries and veggies are ready to harvest, that is the best time to start drying food for storage. Naturally it is the smart thing to do in preparation for the winter months, but you also want to be prepared for the unexpected like a weather disaster, forest fires, surprise visitors (like the gestapo, starving and panicked city folks, hungry wildlife, etc.) where you need to grab what you can and bug-out quickly. And if you must flee your present home in the wintertime, prepared ready-to-eat food is a must.

This is another good use for your solar water distilling box we featured in article #28. But you must keep an eye on the heat temperatures within the box as, instead of drying the food, you might be baking or cooking the food. One suggestion would be to prop open the glass lid to release and regulate the heat inside the box.

This would also be a good way to speed up the drying process (like on jerky) to less than seven or so days in the open sun. But distilling water should come first, and then use the box for other things. Always make sure you have plenty of drinking water.

You should have a supply of heirloom garden seed for when you flee into the wilderness for your new 7-year home. Take lots of seed and don’t plant it all in one season. Save enough for a couple of upcoming seasons. You can’t plan on events like a bad garden year, God’s wrath and judgments being poured out on all the earth, forest fires, having to bug-out on short notice, and a host of other unforeseen events.

If you have to bug-out unexpectedly, be sure you have seed in your bug-out bag for planting at your new home site. It’s lightweight and doesn’t take up a lot of room in your bug-out bag. And always remember to save seed from your own garden to harvest.

Here are some sources for heirloom seeds. Most have online catalogs or will send you a printed catalog. Just ask.

And you can get more heirloom seed sources on Google. has 1,200 varieties of seed. has 1,800 varieties. has a variety of seed plus other wilderness survival gear, supplies and equipment.

Other sites for a large variety of heirloom seeds are:;;;;;;;;

Wilderness Survival Needs

Your #1 book for eternal survival is without question your Bible. No doubt about it. You don’t go anywhere without it. I have about 50 copies on a shelf in my “left-behind room.” I hope and pray that whoever finds them will put them to their intended use.

But your #1 book for physical survival is probably a Lehman’s old-time hardware store catalog. The Amish, Mennonites, rural backwoods folks without electricity, etc., have used Lehman’s for years finding old fashion stuff you thought was discontinued and obsolete. My “left-behind room” is loaded with Lehman’s store-bought stuff that fits in nicely for those who will be left behind.

The catalog does not replace my #1 survival manual entitled “Nuclear War Survival Skills” and sub-titled “Lifesaving Nuclear Facts and Self-Help Instructions” authored by Cresson H. Kearney and published by the U. S. Department of Energy. We talked about this manual in article #5. Don’t let the word “nuclear” scare you off as it is much more than that. It covers many of the wilderness survival skills the left-behind folks can definitely use.

Anyway, a nuclear bombing, EMP attack, etc., are not out of the question considering the wide selection of satanic loons that are now in power all over the world. And who knows what antichrist is going to do?

I suggest all of you crazy uncles get a copy of their catalog and go through it page by page and see the many items you need to be leaving behind for the left behind. Plus, get the above-mentioned survival manual if you haven’t already.

Many of the other Amish stores mainly sell handmade furniture, candies & sweets, wooden toys, etc., because that is what sells the best to non-Amish Americans. But here are a few more that have a line in tools, hardware, non-electric appliances, etc.;;;;

Disappear from the digital world

After the rapture, this is going to bring a lot of tears to a lot of eyes, but if you want to escape antichrist’s gestapo and the left-behind bandits, those left behind need to “digitally disappear.”

That means the whole digital world. It is too easy for anyone to find you, especially antichrist’s gestapo, the authorities, former lovers from the past, bill collectors, etc. The computer you are on right now has an IP address that can easily be tracked and traced.

Do a word search of your name on sites like Whitepages, Spokeo, Zabasearch and PiPi and see how easy you are to find.

After the rapture, those left behind need to get rid of all contact with cell phones, credit card purchases, travel check-ins, toll booths, etc., to name a few. You can use your credit cards to stock-up on supplies, tools and equipment you will need in the wilderness, but use those cards while living at your present home.

After you move to your new wilderness home, discontinue using the cards. To use the cards, you either have to go into a store or use your cell phone to order. That is too risky and leaves gestapo clues and a trail as to your new whereabouts. It may take credit card companies from 60 to 90 days to sic the bill collectors on you, but the gestapo will know almost immediately at the point of sale.

As an example, private eyes and collection agencies solve many cases online without leaving their chairs.

Who are you going to call on your cell phone anyway? Your crazy uncle is in heaven and doesn’t have a cell. And you can talk to Jesus directly without a cell. You should have been talking to Him more long before the rapture, but better late than never.

To become completely anonymous, you have to eliminate all cell phones, credit cards, web surfing, computers, etc. If “they” don’t know you exist, how are “they” going to know how to find you? Generally speaking, of course. Never underestimate antichrist.

Also, your small group of 10-12 new believers needs to follow in line. One simple cell phone in the group can cause the whole bunch of you to be found, captured and arrested. So all 10-12 of you need to cease contact with the outside world.

At this stage of the game in these end times, you don’t need any contact with the world outside of your wilderness home. There is nothing good for you out there. All there is out there are a lot of risks, troubles, danger and capture. Your only outside contact should be straight up towards Christ who waits on you to open your door and let Him in (Revelation 3:20).

Get rid of your cell phone. Most can give away your location that can be triangulated based on your cell signal. You don’t even need to make a call to be traced, as the cells are always talking to towers to get the best signal. Their built-in GPS makes it easier. Let the weekly trash pick-up truck have your cell, and it should lead the gestapo to the closest city landfill.

But if you just have to have a cell phone (for what reason, I do not know?), remove the battery when not in use. The second you replace the battery, you are sending out a tracing signal. Don’t make direct calls, but use prepaid calling cards.

To recharge your battery, use a solar-powered charger. Amazon has a selection under “Powertraveller Powermonkey Explorer solar chargers.”

Final Prepper has a good article on this entitled, “How to wipe yourself off the grid.”

“FinalPrepper/CharlesHayek” <>

Prayer Requests

Please note that I frequently rerun prayer requests for good reason. (1) Some readers might have missed it the first time it ran. (2) It never hurts to pray for the same things over again. God does not get weary with too many prayers. (3) The more we pray, the farther down the hole we stuff Satan. All prayer gets good results. There is no such thing as too much prayer.

I would also appreciate it if those of you who send in prayer requests would get back with me when you see good results from the group prayer. Just a quick email. I like to run these results as it is an encouragement to those who are praying for you and yours, plus it also encourages others to send in prayer requests as they see others getting positive results. And those total strangers praying for you appreciate your “thank you” and will pray again and maybe even harder.

Email your prayer requests to:

COLLEEN urgently requests your prayers for her lost family. She writes, “Please pray that my 2 nieces and 8 nephews, 3 brothers-in-law, one ex sister-in law, one brother and 4 sisters will have a revelation of who Jesus Christ is, that they will accept Him as their Savior. Please pray that they will have others that know Christ who will come into their lives.

“Please pray that each one of them will have their eyes opened to the truth of who Jesus Christ is and their need for Him. Please pray that my husband will have a hunger to follow Christ.

“Please pray that God will cure my health issues so that I might have the physical strength to serve God and seek after Christ. Please pray that my heart will be surrendered to Him and that I will be led by God and His Spirit.

“Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I have lost my focus and will to even know how to be a testimony in these times.

“In Christ alone,


(Dick’s comments): Colleen hasn’t lost the focus and will as to how to be a testimony for Christ. People who have lost their focus and will can’t write a prayer such as what Colleen just did. Satan is the author of confusion and it is he who tricks people into believing they have lost their focus and will. If Colleen wasn’t doing God’s Will, Satan wouldn’t be battling her so fiercely trying to convince her otherwise and for her to just shut-up. But Colleen is a true prayer warrior who doesn’t let illness and physical ailments stop her from serving God and being a strong witness.

KATHY FRAZIER is requesting prayers for several of her family members. Her 87-year-old Dad is not saved and has a very hard heart towards anything to do with God.

“Also please pray for my older brother and his family, my younger brother and his family, that they all will come to Christ. And also my daughter that she draws closer to Jesus.

“And please pray for my Mom, who has been diagnosed with a rare cancer three years ago, and so far has been in remission (she’s outlived the prognosis by 2½ years!). She is experiencing some symptoms that have her worried, even though she just had a great check-up and lab work with her oncologist. Pray that she feels better soon! I love my Mom so very much.

“And please pray for my husband’s parents who are not saved either. Please pray for them!

“Thank you so very much, prayer warriors! You are so appreciated.

“In Christ,

“Kathy Frazier”

SHERRY asks for your prayers for salvation and deliverance from drugs for her adult son …… His name is Joe. And also for her daughter Amy for her relationship with the Lord be restored, and for her healing from several health issues she has been having. Also pray for the salvation of Sherry’s two grandsons.

“Thank you and God Bless all of you.”

SANDY is asking for prayers for all of her family members. She has been praying for them daily to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior into their hearts. “I need your prayers so very much.

“And I thank you all my dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ.”

RHONDA WILLIAMS is requesting your prayers for the unsaved members of her family which includes her two grown sons (Daniel and Charles), her two granddaughters (Amiyah and Saniyah) and three sisters and a brother (Faye, Vickie, Sharon and Greg). Please pray for them all.

She also has nine nieces and nephews who do not know or accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. So Rhonda is requesting prayer for all of them by name: Christopher; Misty; Jake; Travis; James; Tabitha; Matthew; Steven, and Christine.

Rhonda also says, “It’s exciting to know our prayer requests are going around the world.”

MARILYN YORK requests pray for her entire family, including her brother and sister.

GRETA BRYANT needs prayer for her lost family that consists of three grown sons with families, plus her husband and his family.

LIGHT OF THE WORLD ministry in India continues to struggle trying to recover from the devastating Hindu terrorist attack that burned their church building to the ground, plus many of their teaching materials, tracts, Bibles, etc.

Please pray for God’s Blessing over Pastor Param and wife Asha’s youngest daughter Amulya and her husband Solomon in their recent marriage. This is Deevena’s younger sister. May God Bless the entire family ministry as they continue to serve Jesus during their many hardships and stumbling blocks placed upon them by the devil.

Also pray for their safety as they travel to remote areas to preach the Gospel to young and old alike. May God guide and protect them with his protective hand against the evil that confronts them continuously. May God protect their street pastors who witness on the streets of their cities, bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost. Pray for the widows, orphans and others in need of God’s Blessings. And also for their youth Bible class groups.

You can contact and get more information on this ministry from Sister Deevena at

CYNTHIA is most grateful for everyone’s prayers for her family, and she reports that she is seeing positive results firsthand. She is especially happy that her daughter and her husband are doing an about-face with regards to Jesus. They are now both looking forward to the rapture and are getting closer to the Lord and reading His Word.

But her daughter still has major health problems and that is why the court awarded custody of her now ten-year-old son to her atheist ex-husband. His girlfriend later moved in and is constantly keeping the whole family situation in turmoil by doing everything she can to try and limit contact.

Both the atheist and his live-in would prefer it if the son’s mother, stepfather and grandparents weren’t in the child’s life at all. But the court ruled the mother could have visitation. If her health problems could be healed, they could go back to court and get the custody ruling changed. The son is very unhappy in his present situation and wants to be with his mother, step-dad and grandparents.

Cynthia is really in grave need of prayer from all of you to pray for her daughter’s health issues to be resolved and her quick and complete healing and recovery so she can regain custody of her son and this good Christian family can be back together. The young son is not allowed any exposure to Jesus Christ and His Gospel at all by this atheist dad who presently has legal custody.

Cynthia is still asking for prayers for her atheist son as well.

Please pray that God will come to their rescue and also find a way for her grandson to learn about his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ so this family can be together forever after the rapture.

THE USA NEEDS GUIDANCE from God’s Holy Spirit to lead many lost people to God’s Saving Grace. The president and his family along with the vice-president and his family need protection from Satan and their deceiving ways as our nation’s leadership tries to lead this country closer to God. The president’s administration and staff are under continuous attack from the earthly forces of the devil and need God’s help to battle through these evil forces to do what is righteous for Americans in the eyes of God (Daniel 2:21). So please pray for the entire Trump administration.

Also pray for America’s many enemies and adversaries within the USA and from the four corners of the earth that they will come to Jesus Christ soon and their hearts will be changed for the good, and away from evil.

MATT JACKSON requests prayer for the Rohr family and their daughter Rachel. He also wishes the Lord would find a way for him to come into contact with this family again so he can continue to witness the ways of the Lord to them.

DICK wants to express his sincere appreciation to those who have prayed for his family and his improving health. Some of his family members are really coming alive spiritually, and it is easy to witness to them now and answer their questions.

The doctors told him they are going to keep him on antibiotics for 15 more days, and that he is showing improvements health-wise. Pray his health will still improve after he is taken off the antibiotics.

PAULA PARSONS is requesting prayer for her good friend Nicky White who has started chemotherapy and radiotherapy for her cancer. Nicky had drifted away from God in recent years but lately has come back to the Lord. She really wants to thank everyone for their prayers.

Paula also wants to thank everyone who has prayed for her daughter to return to Christ. She is a new person and is growing stronger each and every day.

Email prayer requests to: