After the Rapture #10 :: By Dick Ainsworth

After the Rapture – Part 10

More Hide & Seek

During the first four chapters of this “After the Rapture” series, I briefly touched on establishing a camp for your small group of new believers to reside in. I’d like to bring another strategy to your attention that may be more suited in the terrain and environment where you choose to reside; but it does have some drawbacks..

We have a lot of rivers, streams, ponds and lakes here in the U.S. and they offer both advantages and disadvantages in seeking out a safe camp site. On one hand you have a ready supply of water for washing one’s self and your laundry plus for drinking purposes. And a tracking dog can’t pick up your scent out on a lake.

But shelter is usually only available along the shores; and the ground along the shores is usually muddy, which means you’re apt to be leaving footprints and other telltale signs of your presence along with other signs of human activity and a scent for the dogs to follow.

It is advisable that you use lakes instead of ponds. Ponds are usually manmade while lakes are usually a product of nature. The water quality is usually cleaner and better plus easier to purify. A large lake is easier to hide in, and the fishing most generally is a lot better. Plus vegetation is thicker and better for concealment and shelter. Setting animal traps and snares near water will have better results as animals seek out their sources of water.

Try to conceal animal traps from out in the open where antichrist’s gestapo might discover them and give your position away.

If you have time before antichrist goes wild, you might consider stocking the lakes and ponds in the area you have chosen with bass, catfish, crappie, etc. They probably already have fish in them, but stocking ahead of time will insure a good supply of fish in the future. Lakes and especially ponds can easily become fished out.

Even if the Great Lakes are in your backyard, God will be pouring out His harsh judgment on the fresh water sources of the world. Read Revelation 8: 10-11 and 16: 4. Then decide what water purification products and equipment you might need.

You can build rafts but that requires chopping down trees (LOTS of trees). So remember what we said earlier about leaving stumps that will give away your location. Residing in raft boats and house boats are easily spotted from the air, even along the shorelines.

You can sometimes make a successful break for it (escape) if you have a mountain bike. You can move quicker, and the bike will leave less of a scent for dogs to follow than being on foot. A dog that picks up a scent usually doesn’t know if they are following a trail or backtracking. They just pick a scent and follow it. Maybe they will go in the opposite direction.

But hauling much gear, supplies, etc., is much more difficult on a bike, plus they are sometimes easier to detect.

So it’s best to dig caves and cellars close to a natural source of water but always curtail your outdoor activities when it rains or snows. Leaving footprints and visible trails will give away your location, so stay in your cave and hold a Bible study (don’t forget your reading glasses). A sentry system of lookouts is advised to avoid the gestapo from sneaking up on you while you are singing hymns!

No matter where you set up camp, everyone should have a TO-GO bag in case you have to vamoose in a hurry. Here is another free website for survival wares and supplies. Most free websites are usually selling something, but it doesn’t cost you anything to look!

I will be quoting from one of their recent December articles; and if you want that entire article, that website is:

The theme of their bug-out-bag article is for those caught in a tornado, hurricane, earthquake, etc. Ours is slightly different, where you might be fleeing a forest fire or the antichrist’s gestapo. EVERYONE in your small group should already have this bag packed and ready to go if the occasion arises. It should be ready to go when you leave “civilization” for your remote camp. There is no reason to believe you will be in the same remote camp for seven years. You will probably have to move several times, and some with very short notice. So have your BUG-OUT bag packed and ready to go.

The main thing is, keep your bag as light as possible and don’t pack or carry items you really don’t need. If all you have is the packed bag on your back, its contents should keep you alive for 72 hours. The more you pack, the more you have to carry maybe through miles of woods and rough terrain.

Look at the book bags college students wear, packed down with heavy books; but they are only traveling from their dorm to a classroom. There are sturdy lightweight backpacks that are readily available. Final Prepper recommends the Rush 72 by 5.11 Tactical and the Maxpedition Pygmy Falcon II. Also check out your local Army Surplus Store.

Don’t lug 2 or 3 gallons of drinking water on your survival hike. Final Prepper suggests you only carry a one-liter bottle of water plus a good water filter like the MSR Miniworks EX Microfilter or the Sawyer Mini Water Filtration System. The Miniworks weighs 1 pound while the Sawyer weighs in at only 2 ounces. Also carry a good supply of iodine tablets.

They suggest you use a plastic bladder with the filter. They suggest the Naigene water bladder which weighs nearly nothing and will work with the Sawyer to make 100,000 gallons of dirty water drinkable. Some of you can expect some diarrhea problems until your body system gets used to the water.

A pup tent or two shelter halves isn’t a bad idea to bring to your new area; but if you have to bug-out on short notice, they are too big, heavy and bulky to lug around in the woods. You might pack an Aqua-Quest heavy-duty tarp (weighs 3.4 lbs.) or the ERO Pro Fly Rain Tarp (weighs 22 ounces), or several large size (30 or 33 gallon) trash bags to make a shelter out of.

Food should be lightweight and not apt to spoil. Peanuts, shelled walnuts, jerky, dried fruit like raisins, MRE rations, etc. High calorie foods serve you well as do freeze-dried foods. You are eating for survival and not a full belly.

And don’t forget to pack a Bible!

It wouldn’t be a bad idea for believers to put together a few bug-out bags now that are ready to go, and leave them in or near your left-behind boxes. Those who will be left behind probably won’t put their bug-out bags together themselves now, because they don’t understand the urgency. So you can do it for them. Maybe it will lead them to examine and more fully appreciate the other items (like Bibles) you leave for them.

Reaching the Right People with Robots

It has bothered me for some time that this Rapture Ready (RR) website hasn’t been able to “directly” reach those who really need reaching. The main way RR does this is to run Holy Spirit inspired articles that their saved readership can pass on to lukewarm or unsaved family, friends, neighbors, etc., in hopes some of it will stick to the wall. The ones who really need this website are occupied somewhere else doing earthly things.

This concern hit me again as I read Terry James’ article in the Nearing Midnight section dated January 29, 2018, entitled “Like a Snare” ( If only all of those who will be left behind after the rapture could read this article NOW instead of waiting to find it in your “crazy uncle’s” left-behind box where about all they can get from it is “we told you so?”

An article comes along every now and then that really knocks my socks off. Here are two that EVERYONE (saved, unsaved, lukewarm, etc.) needs to read, as they are enlightening pieces. They are perfect for the left-behind boxes. One is entitled “Mimicking Christianity” by Geri Ungurean in the January 29th New Articles section of the Rapture Ready website, while the other is titled “We are Summoning up Demons” by Jan Markell at These pieces prepare all that read them for the coming of the antichrist.

No matter what the left behinders do, it will be nearly impossible for them to escape antichrist. Their only chance is to take to heart the truths of the Bible.

These very human-acting robots won’t have to take the 666 mark because they don’t have a soul to lose. When God’s final judgment falls on earth and all of its unsaved human beings, Satan, his fallen angels and imps, the antichrist and the false prophet will then take their rightful place in hell for all of eternity, while all the robots will be piled up in trash heaps awaiting the first-of-the-week garbage pick-up.

If more people would read and heed these three articles, I bet a lot more would be taken up in the rapture. It really gives an in-depth study of what end-times deception and false teaching will consist of outside of what we think we know about it today.

And it is scary. Those who will be raptured will thank God over and over for saving them from these horrors, terror and pain to come. And those left behind will need to hike deeper into the wilderness and dig those caves much, much deeper.

If you haven’t read these three articles yet, please go back and do so. Then act accordingly.

I must repeat myself in that spiritual preparations are by far more important than physical preparations. This became evident again while I was reading Daymond Duck’s January 28th column in the New Articles section in the Rapture Ready website entitled “New Developments.” I have had a tendency to put a lot of emphasis on digging caves, stockpiling iodine and looking out for the gestapo and their tracking hounds. I need to stay more on track.

Proper and complete spiritual preparations will last for eternity while proper and complete physical preparations will last for seven years…maybe.

Other Survival Tips

Don’t be a litterbug and leave your trash in plain sight. Why don’t you just leave the antichrist your business card? Either use your trash for something or bury it a distance from your cave and camp. Don’t burn it as the smoke, smell and ashes can tell on you.

Everyone should have AT LEAST one good knife and a sharpening stone. The best knife to stand up over time and use will have a stainless steel or a carbon steel blade.

Fuel for campfires and heat can come from animal turds. Don’t use those from meat-eating (carnivorous) animals (bears, wolves, lions, etc.); Instead use those from plant-and-vegetation eaters like deer, horses, cows, etc. These have body waste which, when dried, will burn and put out strong heat.

Wet wood can be split so that the inner wood is dry and burnable. You can also shave the wet bark off the wet wood, and the exposed inner wood will burn.

Besides matches, lighters and pioneer methods of starting fires, you might want to pack ferro rods, flint & steel, and magnesium sticks in your bug-out bags as fire-starting gear. You can find natural tinder or pack cotton balls, petroleum jelly, etc.

But avoid fires unless you really need them. Antichrist’s gestapo will be looking and smelling for smoke as a telltale sign of human activity. The gestapo will be patrolling and hunting during the cold winter months, so they will be on the lookout for campfires.

When the left behinders are deep into the woods, there will be more to worry about than just the antichrist’s gestapo, such as a pack of starving wild animals or a raging terrorist-set forest fire. Like what Final Preppers so wisely said, “Five minutes before the prom is not the time to learn how to dance” They need to prepare for anything, especially the unexpected.

Your location has a lot to do with what might threaten your existence. For example, people in North Carolina are probably safe from the expected Yellowstone Super Volcano  disaster that’s expected to happen, but people in Kansas might be in its path. California folks are probably safe from another gigantic, Atlantic Ocean hurricane but the Californians have enough disasters to worry about with earthquakes, torrential rains, forest fires, drought, mudslides and Nancy Pelosi.

An EBOLA outbreak could kill a lot of people, but those in the woods might be self-quarantined somewhat and be safer. Violent weather is everywhere and mostly unexpected, considering the National Weather Service will be in a shambles after the rapture. Pandemics are unexpected and deadly.

The world is in grave danger of a nuclear war outbreak with so many unstable governments and terrorist groups armed with nukes and ready to do Satan’s work. North Korea has an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) nuclear weapon they can explode in the earth’s atmosphere over the U.S., which would cause millions of deaths from violent weather, starvation, disease, social collapse, knocking out electrical grids, etc.

So how do you prepare for all of this? As best as you can knowing it is all possible. However, it won’t affect at all those who are raptured. They will be “above” it all!

But I repeat, the best preparation is for you and your small group to go to your cave with your bug-out bags and Bibles to pray to the One who can only save you (before and after your demise). At that time you must face Biblical facts and truths.

The Sex Life of Those Left Behind

Who would have ever thought that we would discuss people’s sex lives on the Rapture Ready website? Here are a few things to think about if you haven’t already:

Can women get pregnant during the tribulation period? I mean the left behinders with or without the mark?

And women who are already pregnant, will they give birth after the rapture or will that unborn baby just “vanish” from their womb at the rapture?

I remember one of my favorite pastors, the late Dr. David Breece, saying once, “God has reserved the whole south side of hell for the abortionists.” My guess is the whole south side of hell is going to be mighty crowded!

There have been millions of abortions over the centuries. So where are all of those unborn aborted babies now? They all had souls. And Jesus loves the little children.

I’m sure many of you have noticed how liberals, when caught saying or doing wrong, make it okay by changing its name or the wording. They used to be “liberals,” but it became too nasty of a term. So they changed it to “progressives.” That sounds better.

They did the same many years ago when some Christians would claim that abortion was the murder of an unborn baby. The liberal progressives would say “no, we aren’t killing an innocent unborn baby. We are only terminating a fetus.” That doesn’t sound as evil.

Will women be able to get pregnant after the rapture? I am absolutely sure that when antichrist’s gestapo is underway in force (which will be made up of Muslim terrorists, prison sex offenders who hadn’t confessed and asked for forgiveness from God, anyone and everyone taking the 666 mark, etc.), that the acts of forced rape and sexual abuse will be as frequent and common as breathing. Christian men and women captured will undergo sexual violence and mutilation like never imagined. So will the demonic forces be able to get women pregnant during those times? You tell me?

Most of the preachers I follow say that young children who have not reached the age of reason will be taken up in the rapture. And they say those past the age of reason are treated like adults. Any argument with that?

It might be good to leave the following info in your left-behind box. But better yet, use this bit as a warning to those you witness to before the rapture. It might help change some minds.

Tweeting the 666 Mark

In issue #5 we featured an email from Jim and Mary from West Virginia who reported on their area, which had abandoned coalmine caves plus a regular Garden of Eden jungle of fruit, nuts, herbs, game, etc., where left behinders would have a nearly readymade hideout from antichrist’s gestapo.

Jim just emailed some “Food for Thought” in that it is possible antichrist could lure and snare a sizeable section of the world’s population overnight with one simple proclamation and sentence as follows:

“Without taking this mark, you will not be able to operate your cell phone or access your social media.”

Jim continues, “Quick, painless and to the point with this generation growing up in the techno age and the rate at which addiction to texting, twitter and social media is rising exponentially.”

Here’s The Antichrist

I’ve got an answer for all of those who want to know when the rapture will occur, who the antichrist is, and when he will appear on the scene. If God wanted us to know those things, He would have revealed them to us through His Word. But if it were revealed to us, then it would also be revealed to Satan, the antichrist and the false prophet (the fake trinity).

“No sense in feeding the alligators…”

Dick Ainsworth

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