After the Rapture #32 :: By Dick Ainsworth

After the Rapture – Part 32
Tribulation-Period check-list

The following partial list is some of the items crazy uncles should consider for their left-behind boxes and/or rooms, plus the bug-out backpacks and bags they plan to leave behind for their left-behind families, friends, neighbors and total strangers. This list isn’t complete by any stretch of the imagination but it can be used as a starter list.

More information on many of these items, their uses and some of their contact sources are within the first thirty (30) articles of the “After the Rapture” series on the Rapture Ready (RR) website ( A listing of articles by number and posting dates with a brief list of each article’s contents will be in article #33.

This list is also a good item to leave in the left-behind boxes for those left behind. The Bible doesn’t tell us how much time there will be between the actual rapture and the revealing of the identity of the antichrist and when he will appear on the scene. Plus, it doesn’t tell us when the false prophet will be revealed or when both of them will begin their joint dictatorship.

With that being said, we don’t know how much time the left behind will have to find a wilderness camp and an alternate site or two, plus to pick a group of 10-12 new baby Christians and stock the new wilderness home with supplies, equipment, and do camp development (like digging caves, cellars, etc.).

I would hope that immediately after the rapture – when Jesus Christ’s Church vanishes up into the clouds – some of those left behind will be shocked into action almost immediately. I hope it supercharges their spiritual batteries into fast forward and upward!

This list is by all means not a complete list. It is mainly items I have picked out from my previous 30 RR “After the Rapture” articles. So you can add to and take away from this basic list. It all depends on how much time you have to prepare for antichrist and the false prophet.

But with or without antichrist and the false prophet, maddening crime and violence will surely break out immediately after the rapture. One only needs to look at what happens after a disaster like a hurricane, tornado, massive forest fire, riots, etc., breaks out and how the criminal elements move in almost immediately to loot, steal, destroy, etc. And to many of those left behind, the rapture is such a disaster.

If you have the time, it would be best for you to find your preferred wilderness area and a nearby additional place where you can then start stashing equipment and supplies. You need to do this while you can still buy gasoline and drive a car so as to have a way to haul the heavy and bulky stuff, like the homemade solar water-distilling box to the new location. You want to be secretive about this move, and the only ones you can trust will probably be within your group of 10 or 12.

When you are buying your stash, no doubt you will use credit cards, which leaves a paper trail for the gestapo to follow. They will have a complete record as to what you bought; and if they find camping gear, equipment and supplies on that list, they will have clues to what you are doing. You can also get cash on your credit card to buy stash; that leaves a less visible trail.

Here are a couple of tips to mislead the gestapo:

Leave a map with markings on it from another state to leave the impression that this is where you have relocated. Or you can mail yourself a letter from the next town over, inviting yourself to come live with “them.” Naturally you want to use an address from a home where the occupants have been raptured, and sign their name and address to the letter. After the rapture, there should be plenty of vacant homes to pick from. Also, if you are close to an airport, walk through it looking for discarded ticket stubs, boarding passes, etc., that you can pick up and leave in your house to make antichrist believe you took a plane somewhere.

But double check your home before leaving to make sure that you don’t leave any evidence as to your new, true whereabouts. “No sense in feeding the alligators!”

Once you have stashed your stash, you need to move in. I would suggest you park your car in the bad end of a fairly distant town with about a half tank of gas and leave the keys in the ignition in plain view and the doors unlocked, and maybe a window or two rolled down. It would surely get stolen and driven hopefully in another direction. The car won’t be reported as stolen (its owner is gone into the wilderness “somewhere”), so the car thieves might want to leave the area unnoticed and undetected. They might believe they are getting away with a crime, but they are really helping those left behind to escape.

You and whoever is with you will need to hike into your wilderness area on foot; and since it might be a long walk, you might want to have backpacks with food and water to last on your hiking trip. You don’t want anyone in your car that is physically unable to hike a long distance. You might leave them at your stash locations on your last stash drop-off run to wait on you to get there on foot. Be sure they have food, water, matches and a sleeping bag for their wait.

Another option is to take a bus after parking your car close to the bus depot where it has a good chance of being stolen (some people riding buses are usually without transportation, so a vacant car with keys in the ignition will be tempting). The bus can let you off on its paved route several miles from your wilderness camping area. You can hike in and set up camp for a week or two while you look for another camp area that is much, much deeper into the wilderness.

Your group of 10-12 ought to be together by then, so you can pack your stash into your new location. If you have a lot of stash, it might take two or more stash-transfer trips. But be sure to transfer the most important stash first.

The following is your starter list:

TOOLS                                                                          SOLAR  EQUIPMENT

Axes                                                                                    Hand-cranked solar-powered radio

Hatchets with sheath                                                   Battery charger, rechargeable batteries

Pick axes                                                                            LED battery powered lanterns

Shovels                                                                                              Solar water purifier

Garden hose                                                                    Solar-powered security cameras

Wire cutters                                                                     SURVIVAL MANUALS & BOOKS

Pliers                                                                                   First Aid camping manuals

Saws                                                                                    Gun Safety

Hammers                                                                          Pioneer, Native American, etc. living

Sledge hammers                                                            Boy Scout manuals (the older editions)

Manual hand drill with bits                                         Military field manuals

Wood chisels                                                                   “Nuclear War Survival Skills” by Kearney

dinnerware (has other uses)                                   USAF Survival Handbook

OUTLETS (for survival supplies)                               “Seed to Seed” book

Bass Pro Shops, etc.                                                      Lehman’s Country Hardware catalog

Army Surplus Store                                                       “DON’T FORGET TO BUILD A SOLAR

Orscheln’s Farm & Home Supply                                             DISTILLING BOX & ALSO TO TEST IT

SUPPLIES                                                                           GEAR & EQUIPMENT

Rolls of wire (bailing wire)                                          Guns & ammunition

rolls of duct tape                                                            Bow & lots of arrows

Rolls of rope                                                                   extra bow strings, bows

Rolls of cord string                                                       Swiss Army Knife

Rolls of plastic sheeting                                               Seine nets for fishing

Gunny sacks & burlap bags                                        Fishing gear, hooks, lines, floats,

5-gallon buckets                                                             Compass

Rolls of aluminum foil                                                   Water filters & bladders

Hot chili powder (for tracking dogs)                       To-Go or Bug-Out backpacks

30 or 33 gallon trash bags                                            Heavy-duty tarps

Waterproof matches                                                    Hunting knives with sheaths

Cigarette lighters w/extra flints, lighter fluid        Sharpening stones for knives

Paper tablets or legal pads                                         Mylar or thermo blanket

Wooden stick pencils with rubber erasers            Hand-crank grinder for food, grain

CLOTHINGS                                                                      FOOD & SUPPLIES

Camouflage heavy-duty and all-weather                              Heirloom seed for planting

Thermo work boots (2 pairs per person)                               Lots of One-a-Day supplements

Insulated underwear                                                     MRE’s

Gloves, hats, scarfs                                                         Freeze-dried food

Overalls                                                                                Long-storage food (nuts, raisins)

Lots & lots of socks                                                        Cans of salt, pepper, cinnamon

Rain gear                                                                             SPIRITUAL

MISCELLANEOUS SUPPLIES                                         BIBLES,BIBLES,BIBLES!!!

Ferro rods, magnesium sticks                                     Bible study courses books

Plastic zip-lock bags and twist ties                             Concordances, dictionaries

–Zip-lock bags assorted sizes                                     All teachings, articles in “Left-

Water filters & bladders                                            behind” boxes from “Crazy Uncles”

MEDICAL SUPPLIES & EQUIPMENT                                         ATTENTION!

Snake-bite kits                                                                              It is suggested that as you furnish

Liquid iodine with eye dropper                                               and equip your new location and

Large container of iodine tablets                                            build-up your inventory and stash,

Assorted sizes of bandages, dry-wraps                               you do so with 7 years in mind.

Elastic wraps, rolls of tape                                                         You don’t want to run through your

Book on nature’s remedies from wild plants                    7-year supply of anything in the

first year. But rather you must

There are many good large first-aid kits on                        ration to make sure your supplies

the market that contain a large supply of                           last. There is no guarantee you

equipment, tools, supplies, etc. These are                       will make it last seven years but

usually for industrial use where a large work                   go into this period believing you

force is present. This is what your 10-12                                            will. Just make it to the 1,000-year

person community needs. Go online and                          Millennium where everything is

Google “industrial first-aid kits.”                                                            provided and nobody will run out of anything!


Dick Ainsworth