After the Rapture #11 :: By Dick Ainsworth

After the Rapture – Part 11
The Fake Trinity

Those of us awaiting the rapture (Luke 21:28; 1 Thess.4:16-17) have the Holy and Blessed Trinity (The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit—The Godhead—The Three in One) that we obey and follow; but during the upcoming tribulation period, those left behind will have the evil impersonators of what I call “the fake trinity” (Satan, the antichrist and the false prophet) who will be lying, deceiving and tricking with all their might to lure souls away from heaven and into hell.

In our expected short time remaining on this earth, many of us are putting together a strong effort to educate and influence those we feel might be left behind to become a part of Christ’s Church and to accompany us upward to ever be with our Lord. If we can’t convert them and change their hearts now, we are trying to leave them Bibles, supplies, instructions, etc., so they might experience change and become tribulation saints during the tribulation period. It is the hard and painful way for them to obtain eternity in heaven, but better late than never.

We might be gone but the Holy Spirit will be with them if they ask. However, those left behind are going to have to get their trinities straight and not be fooled by the counterfeits.

The Holy Spirit of God is just that – an omnipresent “Spirit” of God. But the third person of the fake trinity (the false prophet) is a walking, talking, lying human who can only be in one place at a time and will be guided by Satan, who is out to trick and deceive all who seek the Lord.

The same is true with the second person of both trinities. You have Christ and then you have the antichrist. Both perform miracles, but the miracles by Christ are true and for the good of us all, while the antichrist will perform deceptive tricks that appear to be good and true but are in reality evil and destructive.

The first person of the Holy Trinity is God the Father who is the creator of everything good and wonderful, while the only thing Satan ever created was evil, sin, pain and sorrow.

Through the efforts of the false prophet, a one-world religion will be formed made up of most of the left-behind false religions on earth at that time, plus a few new ones. There will be some “so-called Christian” groups included, and this one-world religion will falsely believe there are many ways to heaven (John 14: 6; Matthew 7: 13-15). They will believe and follow “a god” instead of following “THE GOD.” If they were truly Christian, why were they left behind?

Go back to #10 and read the section entitled “Reaching the Right People with Robots.”

God Bless America?

I just got the February 2018 “Proclaiming the Gospel” newsletter where Evangelist Mike Gendron’s opening commentary is something that everyone should read and pass on to those who really need it. It is entitled “God Blessed America” where he states he is tempted to take a black felt marker when he sees a bumper sticker reading “God Bless America” and write in the letters “ed” to the word “bless” so the sticker would now read “God Blessed America.”

He continues by saying God has already blessed America more than any nation in the world, yet America continues to reject His Word. He lists the blessings and the disobediences, and then states that a better bumper sticker should read “God, Have Mercy on America.”

To read his commentary in full and/or sign up for his free monthly newsletter via email, go to:

Hindu Extremists Burn Out Christians

I have been working with this ministry (Light of the World) in southern India for nearly 20 years, and over that time they have endured violence and persecution from radical, Christ-hating Hindu fundamentalists on a regular basis.

In our part of the world, we are faced with Islamic jihadists, secular humanists, etc., on a regular basis; but in India it is the Hindu groups that are equally evil and hateful. This past three weeks they inflicted their hateful, violent, satanic actions in two separate events:

The first was an open attack on their street-preaching pastors where two had to be hospitalized. All of their tracts, Bibles and teaching literature was confiscated, piled up and burned in a public display of hate.

The most recent (February 6) was the burning to the ground of their church building, which also included their long-time pastor’s library where they have trained many pastors over the years. They have nothing left but themselves.

If you can help them either financially or with materials like Bibles, tracts, teaching materials, etc., in their Telugu language, please do so. You can contact them at:

Deevena Kumari Koyya, 1 Pangidi – 534342, West Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh, India. Email:

Are Many Jews Post-Tribbers?

In our big hurry to pray and prepare for our left-behind family, friends, neighbors and strangers, we might be forgetting to also pray for and assist God’s Chosen People, the Jewish population. Many of them are in as poor a spiritual condition as are our Gentile masses. Most of them are still looking for the Messiah to return and save them, as they didn’t accept Jesus as their Savior in the first place 2,000 years ago.

That being said, it appears these Jews are believing in a post-tribulation salvation event and probably don’t know it. So it is important that we, who will be raptured, pray for and attempt to enlighten the Jews while we can. And those Gentiles who are left behind in the wilderness must add the left-behind Jews to their prayer lists and meetings no matter how miserable the Gentile left behind are in their current environment.

I inquired at Rapture Ready (RR) offices as to what kind of response they are getting out of Israel, as RR translates their articles and teachings into 36 different languages. RR informed me that response from Israel has been very low, so all of us need to be putting extra effort towards awakening the Jewish people before it’s too late.

Since many of the Jewish people don’t know who they are looking for, the fake trinity will probably be very successful in deceiving them and wrestling them away from God in heaven.
Some Jews will be raptured – those that know and accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. We need to pray for and witness to all Jews who don’t yet know this Biblical truth.

In the rapture those caught up will not depart as Jews or Gentiles, but rather they are part of the Body of Christ, or His Church and His Bride.

When Jesus was on earth as a man, He was Jewish. But after His Resurrection He had no nationality—as He is God, our creator.

I believe in heaven we will have individual identities, but we will be “like” the angels. We will not actually be angels, since we will have glorified bodies like Christ’s did after His resurrection (1 John 3:2), but will be like the angels in some ways, such as there won’t be marriages in heaven (Matthew 22:30).

Since Satan or his crew won’t be in heaven to tempt and lie to us, there will be no conflicts, biases or battles of any kind. It will be eternal peace, harmony and happiness for all.

The United Nations (UN) voted against President Trump’s decision to move the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to its rightful place in Jerusalem by an overwhelming vote of 128 to 9, with 35 countries abstaining (by hiding under their collective desks). God has said that “those who are not with Me are against Me.” And abstaining at this vote is not with God.

Why America’s future looks so grim is because we just went through eight years of the Obama Administration where this once great country went into the dumper very quickly, both politically and spiritually. I thought Jimmy Carter was the most anti-Semitic president we ever had until a Shiite Muslim took office for two terms. I firmly believe that Barack Hussein Obama was truly an intense and dedicated Jew hater. But that is my opinion.

People ask me what religion I think Obama is. I simply say that by totaling up his words, actions and policies over his eight years in the White House, I have to say he is mostly a secular humanist that was influenced by Islam. He claimed many times he was Christian, but I’ve never heard of a pro-abortion, pro-homosexual, anti-Semitic “Christian.” That sounds to me more like a walking-talking oxymoron!

Now we have a “stupid and ignorant” president (Donald J. Trump), who led the way for the stock market to explode through the ceiling, lowering taxes for most Americans, causing thousands of new jobs to be created, unemployment numbers to drop very low, border safety increased, a stronger military and defense department, better relations with many countries, etc. And the liberal progressives have fought him every inch of the way on these accomplishments.

We need more “stupid and ignorant” people like that running this country! But what do I know? I’m one of the ignorant “deplorables!”

But after the rapture all believing Christians in government will be gone, leaving a new and invigorated swamp full of people to take their place and fill that vacuum. God has a way about Him to punish nations that don’t follow His laws and commandments, and that is to put evil leadership to rule over them for a while until they get it back on track.

I believe there are two classifications of Jews. You have the Jewish ethnicity and the Jewish religion. Those of us Gentiles who follow God do so with the Old and New Testaments, or the entire Bible. Many Jews, on the other hand, strictly follow the Old Testament or a version thereof and don’t believe the New Testament. Since they don’t acknowledge Jesus as their Messiah and Savior (and are still looking for a Messiah to come), they will be left behind.

Those of us who don’t travel outside the U.S. much need to contact Jewish-Americans here in the states and present the complete Gospel to them. Many of them have family members in Israel and they can reach them much easier than we can.

Do you work with someone or are a neighbor to some Jewish people? Start with a conversation and find out their family ties outside the U.S. And then begin your witness. And if you know Jews who now believe that Jesus is their Lord and Savior, try to encourage them to become a witness for the faith to bring the Good News to other Jews.

It will be very difficult for those living in Israel, as many prophecy experts say the antichrist will come out of the European Union (EU), while the false prophet will probably be the pope out of Rome.

The Vatican can’t join the EU because it is a theocracy. The Vatican also is a permanent observer state of the UN and has very close ties with both. Israel is in for some very tough times after the rapture, being surrounded by Arabic states who hate them and losing the U.S. as their strongest ally due to a drastic change in the U.S. leadership.

There are many Christian ministries in the U.S. that are very active in supporting the needs of the Jewish people. I am mostly familiar with John Hagee Ministry’s Christians United for Israel (C.U.F.I.) and the worldwide Jews for Jesus group. But there are many more very good and active ones who minister to the Jews.

No-Shows at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb

In edition #6 I tried to cover my thoughts on the kind of church that should be on everyone’s street corner and in the left-behind’s wilderness cave. It should teach and preach the Bible literally to all ages and be a house of praise and worship for our God. It should not be a religious country club that “tickles the ears” of their sleepy congregations while insuring that all ages are having fun, and neglecting to preach the Gospel that saves.

This should be the standard both before and after the rapture. And if more churches would follow this standard before the rapture, then I feel many more people would be filling some empty chairs at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. Christ has dinner reservations for everyone as He doesn’t wish that anyone should perish. All you have to do is show up if you do the following:

“That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation” (Romans 10:9-10).

As it is, it appears that there will be a bunch of no-shows. That is why those of us trying to fulfill The Great Commission have to be putting out every effort to fill some chairs for the Bridegroom. There isn’t much time left until the banquet hall doors are closed and the Supper Bell rings.

This model of church should also be the plan for the one after the rapture when you are in your cave quietly praising the Lord, so as not to give away your location to the antichrist’s gestapo. This brings us to another situation that needs to be considered.

At the start of this series, I advised against letting your small group get too big. You don’t need to form a megachurch that has thousands of members. You’d really have to have a very big cave for that!

If I were to get left behind (HEAVEN FORBID), I doubt if I’d want more than ten or twelve people in my group for a lot of reasons:

(1) A small group is easier to keep track of everyone. If you have to move quickly, it is easier to get everyone together and make sure nobody is left behind.

(2) A small group is easier to conceal from the antichrist’s gestapo.

(3) Less people equals less problems and mess-up’s.

(4) A small group is less likely to have spies and turncoats. The larger the group, the less likely you are to know all the people in it very well.

(5) A large group leaves too big of a footprint. The needs are larger which requires more movement and activity.

(6) It won’t take long in the wilderness before depression and despair sets in. Thanks Satan! Some of the left behinders won’t be able to adjust to sleeping in a cold cave and a diet of dandelion greens and pond water. A smaller group will have stronger unity, which leads to closer fellowshipping amongst its members. This can help temper that depression and despair. But in a large group, it can be a major problem. It can spread throughout all the members of the group very quickly

(7) If antichrist’s gestapo discovers your camp unexpectedly and your group has to scatter, it is easier to get a small group back together at another location than a large group. And the more there are in a larger group, the more are apt to be captured; thus, the risk of turncoats and tattletales are increased.

(8) A large group will have more lazy people than a small group. They just want to sit on their butts and let everyone else do all the work. You don’t need people causing disharmony and ill feelings amongst the whole group. You have enough problems as it is without adding more.

Churches before and after the rapture need to be praying for God’s Chosen People in Israel. We can keep informed of the plight of Israel before the rapture, and offer aid and assistance any way we can. That will be nearly impossible to do after the rapture, but prayers for Israel must continue. God hears all of our prayers no matter how deep you dig your cave and how quietly you pray!

Safety in Numbers?

Throughout this series we have advised to keep your left-behind wilderness group small (10 or 12 members) and not have several groups bunched up in a close area. Large groups are a bigger target and hard to conceal. We had a saying in the Marine Corps, “Don’t bunch up over there! One hand grenade can get you all.”

I feel more can evade the antichrist if they are spread out over a large area. For example, a widespread million groups of ten people throughout the U.S. have a better chance than the population of the city of New York. People in the city and urban areas are a big, visible target for the antichrist. A few might escape capture on their own for a while. After all, where do they escape to? The other side of the town?

Be careful and cautious of churches and pastors who were left behind. If they got it wrong the first time, who is to say they don’t have it wrong after the rapture? Any that you are considering to admit into your group need to be vetted as to what they believe now against the words in the Scriptures.

Don’t make it easy for the antichrist to capture you. Make the ole’ devil work for it. Large groups are easy pickings anywhere over numerous small groups spread out over miles and miles of wilderness.

Help Wanted: Job Opening

A scary thought recently came to mind: What if the unnamed antichrist-to-be is somewhere in Europe and he follows the Rapture Ready website daily. And he is TAKING NOTES.

Of course, the thought also came to me that he might be reading the Rapture Ready website enough that it converts him and he becomes a believing Christian. Then Satan would have to go out and find someone else to do his evil!

A Final Note

There are those who fear the rapture, so they are quick to deny there is any such thing as the rapture.

Why would anyone fear the rapture? This is their chance to escape a sinful, awful world dominated by Satan and pass on to a perfect sin-free paradise for eternity with God and hoards of saints, some of whom they knew on earth, and millions of angels.

Satan doctors up and makes this ugly, sin-filled world look great. He has distracted the world away from God with his nightclubs, television, casinos, internet, etc., and many other temporary pleasures.

This needs to be pointed out to those you witness to who appear not to be rapture material.

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