After the Rapture #17 :: By Dick Ainsworth

After the Rapture – Part 17
Only Two Kinds of Law in This World

I have served on jury duty several times in my lifetime, starting back in the mid 60’s, and I always came away learning a great deal. It didn’t make any difference whether it was a criminal case or a civil suit; one aspect was the same with both. And that is how our courts favor man’s law over God’s law.

Now don’t tell me we also have the law of gravity, the laws of nature, etc. Those are not laws unto themselves. God “invented” gravity, and everything in nature to perfection.

To me, if man’s law is in complete agreement with God’s Law, it is a no-brainer. That’s the way it’s supposed to be. But that is usually not the case. Of all the juries I sat on, I never heard God’s Law from the Bible EVER quoted. But mankind’s law book after law book has been opened and quoted word-for-word time and time again. I’m sure the phony separation of church and state distortion and debate might have something to do with that, but I think the main thrust is from the widespread and deeply entrenched rejection of God and His Word that has taken place over this nation and world in recent decades.

Go back a couple of centuries and see how those in our founding father’s era believed, and how their court cases were conducted. That will give you an idea on how far down in the dumper our judicial system has sunk spiritually and morally in recent years.

But President Donald Trump is making headway in keeping another of his campaign promises by appointing more federal judges than any other president during his first year in the 228-year history of the U.S. The Senate has approved all of his conservative nominations. Trump appointed four times as many judges than Obama’s liberal, progressive appointees in his first year.

I see President Trump as a campaigner against evil. Look at his policies this first year in office. Most presidents in the past have tolerated evil. Some like Clinton and Obama actually promoted certain evils such as abortion, homosexuality, anti-Semitism, etc. But President Trump is taking on evil face-to-face: MS-13, the illegal drug industry, deporting illegal alien criminals, reducing Christian persecution, eliminating mindless regulations, etc.

I was proud to be selected to be one of the twelve from the usually large pool of potential jurors. And it was a fulfilling experience. Taking part in the official justice system makes you feel like you are a part of the better good. But is it really?

I wasn’t a rapture believer back then in the 60’s for good reason. I was a Catholic. They didn’t, and still don’t, teach to any degree the end-times prophecy parts of the Bible. I never heard of the rapture until I became a Christian.

There is much, much more of what they don’t teach from the Bible, or else they alter Biblical teachings to fit in with their own man-inspired teachings, beliefs and “sacred traditions.” I was born and raised Catholic but became a Christian 37 years ago, and my outlook and belief system were opened to God’s Word for the first time.

When judges and attorneys graduate from law school, they come away with a very good knowledge of man’s law, and very little, if any, of God’s Law. So they carry that training and knowledge into the courtrooms when presenting their cases.

Some have a consciousness of God and His laws but are afraid to mention it, as they fear it might hurt their case or bring disapproval amongst their peers. So God, for the most part, is locked out of the courtrooms just like He has been locked out of the public schools, the liberal media, many public business policies, etc. And many of these attorneys go on to be elected to the Congress and Senate, thus authoring the new laws of the land, usually minus God.

We now live in a world where coaches are fired because they pray with their players after a game, and a privately owned business is bankrupted because they refused to bake a wedding cake for a homosexual couple. In those cases the school’s administration, school board and/or the courts sided with Satan. This is the new normal in our world today.

There are lawyers, judges and jurors out there reading this. They need to examine how they conduct themselves and make court presentations and decisions. Being an active part of the justice system makes a person feel they are contributing to the better good, and not the better bad. But if you are NOT following the laws and commandments of God, you are doing Satan’s work. Then you have to consider who makes the final decisions as to who is taken up in the rapture, and who isn’t. And why?

If you know someone or are a family member to a judge, lawyer, etc., that might need to read this, then send them a copy. Or maybe you have been called for jury duty. Take these truths with you. When the attorneys go through the jury selection process, you can say to them while being quizzed that you follow God’s Law over man’s law and make all of your decisions based on God’s Law. It will probably get you disqualified from jury duty, but I doubt if they will hang you on the courthouse lawn. At least not yet?

It’s very simple. If one puts man’s law over God’s Law, they are openly rejecting God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ. Think about that before you act and speak.

Welcome Visitors in the Wilderness

So far in this series, I have painted life for the left behind after the rapture as a pretty miserable and lousy time until Christ’s Second Coming. For all of those left behind and also for the mass of crazy uncles worldwide, it is time all of you have some good news.

I have advised those left behind to form their small group of 10 or 12 and establish a DAILY Bible Study and group prayer meeting. Naturally, each individual should read and study their Bibles and pray for their thanksgivings and needs on their own time, but the group needs this DAILY fellowshipping session no matter what kind of weather hits them on that particular day or night. A good rule to follow is “pray first, work last.”

One prayer the left-behind group and each of its individuals should ask of the Lord is that He sends at least one of the 144,000 witnesses to visit them. They will find you easily, as they will be guided by God. And those witnesses won’t have to hop a plane in Jerusalem and spend air time getting to your cave in Mississippi, while the antichrist’s gestapo, their turncoats and all the bears and lions in the jungle will be running in circles and beating the bushes hunting for those pesky Jesus freaks. I’m sure God has planned ahead of time concerning those matters.

How do I know that? Well, I don’t really, but I do know that no harm will come to any of the 144,000; and if one of them is with your group of 10 or 12, then I believe your group will also be protected from harm at least until that witness departs.

And all of you crazy uncles need to be praying that same prayer before the rapture. Those left behind aren’t as spiritually strong as you, as they will be praying out of fear and despair while you pray out of love and concern for them, and faith and praise in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. You believe that if you ask, you shall receive (Matthew 7: 7).

Other Survival Tips

When digging out your cave, several other considerations need to be incorporated into the project. After all, if you are going through all that sweaty, hard labor and time-consuming effort to construct a cave, don’t do it in a shoddy manner. Those of you who aren’t used to working with shovels and other hand tools will end the day with sore backs, shoulders, arms and legs plus a bunch of hand blisters. So if you are going to put yourself through all of that pain and effort, do it right the first time.

All caves and shelters should have at least two entrances, and no two should be within visible sight of another. Both sides of a hill are recommended, but make sure the two or more entrances are not level with each other. That is for flooding purposes. You don’t want a heavy rainfall to puddle-up inside the cave. You want the water to flow on through and out the other entrance(s). Standing water inside a cave can cause many problems.

You also want multiple entrances for ventilation purposes. The fresh air is for your well-being, especially since this is where you will be sleeping. Stagnant air is not good for the lungs.

But most importantly, the additional entrances are escape hatches in case of unwanted visitors. It could be the antichrist’s gestapo or a bunch of turncoats. Or it could be a cold, hungry bear or lion or wolf deciding this new readymade cave would be an ideal new home. Snakes also like dark, cool places like caves, under fallen rotting logs, in a pile of rocks, etc., to reside in and to breed.

One can observe how equipped burrowing animals are, like groundhogs, on how to burrow down with multiple entrances. And if you find a snake hole in an open field or yard – not far away, but generally concealed, will be another hole or two.

Another “home model” for the wilderness is to find a slightly downhill and fairly narrow running ravine or gully. The slightly downhill aspect is for drainage, but you will need to build dirt berms and/or cut in ditches on the high side of the gully plus the concealed living area to keep most of the rainwater from flooding you out. The best waterproofing is to keep or channel the water away from you and your new home.

Heavy snow can be a plus if you have built a strong enough roof to withstand the weight of the snow. The snow will act as insulation from the cold, plus will camouflage your dwelling as long as you don’t leave a lot of footprints and visible trails for the enemy to spot. If you have an ample supply of food and water inside your dwelling, there would be little reason to venture outside. This is an ideal time for group prayer and Bible study.

If this sounds too uncomfortable, think of the millions of foot soldiers during our many wars in all kinds of weather conditions that dug out open fox holes and sat for hours and days in the middle of their mud puddles with their only weather protection being their poncho and field jacket. But at least they had C-Rations while all you will have is your cold raw turnips!

The ravine & gully model will need a roof which can be constructed from fallen trees, logs, branches, etc. You can cut down trees for this roof work, but we covered how stumps in the middle of the wilderness are an open sign to the gestapo of human activity. Waterproofing your roof will be difficult. You will probably have continuous roof leaks.

Another aspect to wilderness survival is for those left behind to know their allergies. Some people have been known to eat plants, etc., that they are allergic to, only to have their throats swell up which led to choking and death. So know what you are allergic to and avoid it.

Prayer Requests

As the rapture of Christ’s Church draws near, it is extremely important that we offer up prayer through our Lord Jesus Christ to our Heavenly Father for our lost family and friends. You are urged to go into Rapture Ready’s archives and download the “After the Rapture #14” prayer kit for the unsaved and left behind. Or you can email me directly and I will email you a copy of #14, plus you can also send your prayer requests all to my email address:

We urge you to keep your prayers as brief as possible. Lengthy prayers will be edited down, and inappropriate prayers won’t be published.

Paula (United Kingdom) is requesting prayer for her entire lost family. Her 25-year-old daughter (Rachel Violet Parsons) is into the new age movement. Paula’s parents (Tony and Georgina) were Catholic but now don’t believe at all. Georgina has horrendous, violent, sleeping disorders that Paula believes is due to her being tormented by demons who feed off of her extreme fear of death. Paula’s brother and his wife (Vince and Val) believe it’s all rubbish and have banned Paula from family functions. Their son (Paula’s nephew), James (age 12), believes as his parents. May the Holy Spirit of God come to the spiritual rescue of Paula’s family.

Sister Deevena Kumari Koyya (India) is requesting prayer for the rebuilding of their Light of the World church that was burned to the ground by Hindu terrorists in February. The week before, Hindu terrorists attacked their traveling street pastors, beat and abused them, thus putting two in the hospital, and burned all of their Bibles and Christian teaching materials. May God look over the congregation and its pastors and teachers to grant them safety from further persecution and harm, and to fill their needs to better serve Him. You may contact Sister Deevena at:

Prayer is urgently requested for Dick’s entire family (USA) who are into the world’s pleasures and activities,  and haven’t come to the Lord’s Saving Grace as of yet. They are his wife Vitz (66), who is a dedicated Catholic and believes that salvation is through the Catholic church. Also his son, Jet (39), and his son, Taylor (15), plus Taylor’s custodial parents (Beth and Scott) and his half-brother, Colton (9). Dick’s oldest daughter, Mira (37), and her husband, Chris, plus their four children, Brette (8), the twins Carter and Garrett (3), and Tatum (3 months). Dick’s youngest daughter, Hope (35), and her boyfriend, Jonathon. May the Holy Spirit lead them all to become born again into the Saving Grace of Jesus.

Reader Feedback

An email from Ron scoffs the Apostle John the Divine and the Book of Revelation. It goes as follows:

“I hope you have a full understanding of the book of Revelation you quote so frequently. It was written 80-100 years after the death of Christ so, therefore, John also would have been dead and, therefore, had no part in this writing. No one can say with any degree of certainty who penned this violent tome.

“Secondly, let me ask you a simple question. If a person who was forced to live on an island because he/she exhibited anti-social behavior came to you TODAY and claimed to have a book that he received from cartoon-like visions he had of God, would you believe them? Or would you, like me, realize that person was probably delusional and mentally unstable? Many, many people have made similar claims that God has led them to write, preach or simply rant and rave on a street corner. Yet they are rejected while a similar story from 2K years ago is believed. Isn’t this hypocritical and/or narrow minded?”

(Dick’s comments): “I do not have a full understanding of the Book of Revelation, but so do most renowned, lifetime Bible scholars who admittedly say the same. The Bible does contain mysteries only known to God. He will reveal the answers to questions on His mysteries in due time.

“I’m sure the Apostle John understood most of what he was writing about because he was there and witnessed it all. He might not have understood, for example, the modern weapons of war that he observed that would appear 2,000 years into the future. So I believe he reported it in the descriptive language of his times. The people in the first century wouldn’t have the foggiest idea what a tank, a missile, or a jet fighter was.

“You claim the Book of Revelation is “violent?” The Apostle John was recording what he actually saw, so it appears that you’ve gotten so used to modern day’s “fake news” that you might prefer for John to fudge a bit and tone it down? I take John’s book as literal and true with a big dose of “what you see is what you get!

“By the way, John wrote Revelation in 96 AD and his three epistles in 90 AD. John and his brother, James, (fishermen sons of Zebedee) were younger than Jesus. John died of natural causes while in his 90’s.

“I believe the Bible is the Holy infallible Word of God inspired by the Holy Spirit, so I believe every word of it starting with Genesis and ending through Revelation, no matter if I understand it all or not. It’s the mockers and scoffers who can’t say with “any degree of certainty” who penned this prophetic book. The Bible says that John was the author, so I assume you feel that the Bible lies about that, too?

“Of all the prophecies in the Bible fulfilled so far, name me ONE that didn’t turn out the way it was inspired by the Holy Spirit and originally written.

“I don’t see where the Apostle John exhibited any “anti-social behavior,” but if that’s what you call preaching the Gospel Word of God to the people, then that’s your opinion. Actually, John the Divine was a very loving man who I don’t believe had an anti-social or violent bone in his body.

“I definitely would not be like you if a person TODAY would approach me with a similar book. I would first compare what he writes with what’s written in the Bible. If they are different, then I’d have to consider that person a false teacher. It wouldn’t enter my mind that the Bible could be wrong and that person was right. I don’t believe it’s hypocritical and narrow-minded to believe and follow the infallible Word of God literally.

“I pray that you discard the false beliefs and anger towards the Word of God that Satan has placed in your heart and mind. I hope you will turn unconditionally to God and Our Lord and Savior before it’s too late.”

Another Email: This one from Catherine, and she writes:

“My husband and I just read your article (After the Rapture #15) and wanted to make this comment. I’m so thankful for your articles and everyone at Rapture Ready. I was saved in 1986 and seeing the downside in churches since.

We live 20 miles north of Boston. God’s Word is hardly being preached anymore. I mentioned the blessed hope and Christ’s soon return about a year ago with a member at a church I was attending. She got so hysterical and about bit my head off, and was so angry with me she never talked to me again. Heartbreaking to say the least for a believer in Christ to feel this way.

“A Baptist church nearby has a gay flag hanging outside the church and had a Muslim Imam speaker. We are seeing gay flags on churches everywhere. But you’d never think of a Baptist church that was once strong. I’m so looking forward to seeing our precious Lord face to face very soon.”

DICK’S RESPONSE:  “I have emailed you a copy of article #6 which I hope will give you some ideas in obtaining spiritual peace in this evil world.

“Blessed are you who do the will of the Lord in the midst of persecution. You are doing what the Lord wants you to do, and that is to spread the Good News. It will be rejected by many, and accepted by a few others. Be thankful for the “few others.” In three of the four Gospels, Jesus instructs His Apostles to spread the Word in homes and villages; but if anyone rejects them, depart from that place and “shake the dust off of your feet as a testimony against them,” and then move on to the next home or village (Luke 9: 5; Matthew 10: 14; Mark 6: 11).

“God doesn’t want you to twist anyone’s arm and make them believe. Jesus never did. Look at all the times the Lord’s Words were rejected? And Paul’s? And John’s? And all the people we don’t know about yet? Foxe’s Book of Martyrs is packed full of this from cover to cover.

“So don’t get discouraged. Keep doing what you are doing. God is writiing it all down in His Book. I hope you don’t get a sore neck from the weight of all of those crowns you might receive at the Bema seat judgments?!”

Dick Ainsworth


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