After the Rapture #38 :: By Dick Ainsworth

After the Rapture – Part 38
Most urgent left-behind survival information

Over the last 8 months of this “After the Rapture” series, I have become more aware of the many worldwide followers of Christ who are sincerely concerned about the eternal well-being of those who will be left behind in the tribulation period to endure the evil doings of Satan, the antichrist, the false prophet and their worldwide gestapo forces.

I am forever grateful to the many readers who pass on to me information and tips for me to research and pass on to Rapture Ready’s vast readership in hopes that they (the remaining crazy uncle numbers still on earth) can do anything and everything within their power to prepare those left behind so as to one day spend eternity in the presence of the Lord.

One such reader is Anthony Hamm who alerted me to the military program called “SERE” which stands for “Survival, Evasion, Resistance, Escape.” This training program was founded by U.S. Air Force General Curtis LeMay after WWII with Germany and Japan to prepare troops in case of capture by the enemy.

Here is Brother Anthony’s brief email to me:

“Dear Brother: Study SERE tactics. Elderly people with medical issues such as me cannot burden the younger more fit. But we can give them such as we have and can no longer use. Rifles, tents, knives and such. I have taken my gear and prayed over it that the right people would find it.”

So I immediately Googled “SERE tactics;” and the first section I opened was “Wikipedia” which gave me a starting place for further research. As I traveled through further research, I realized two things: (1) There was way too much good information for me to include in these somewhat weekly articles I write; and (2) I had already gone through a portion of the SERE training in 1963 while in the Marines at Bridgeport, California. It wasn’t called “SERE” then. We just called it “POW (Prisoner of War) training.”

Here are a couple of websites for you to gather information, sources, history, etc., of this important program. The Modern Survivalist site also has a free download:


All U.S. military branches have their own training facilities along with Canada, Great Britain, etc. And I urge all readers to research this topic immediately on their own, as my bet is that after the rapture this will be one of the many sites antichrist will be pulling down (along with Rapture Ready). So you need to print off hard copies for your left-behind boxes, etc., as the rapture could happen at any time.

And don’t believe for a minute that the only people following this Rapture Ready (RR) site are true followers of Jesus Christ. It ain’t so! And I have a stack of nasty, angry emails to prove it. Satan is well aware of everything God’s people are doing in order to further His Kingdom.

Anthony also gave me the idea for another prayer for the “Prayer Request” section in this series for all to pray over for their left-behind boxes, etc., that God will protect them and place them in good but left-behind hands.

Also, I urge all of you who email me to please use the “subject” box below my email address. Simply type in “RR” so I might be less likely to miss your email. The reason being is I get some emails in my spam box that should have been sent to my in-box. Anthony’s above email was in my spam box, and I wouldn’t have opened it had I not recognized his name from previous emails. I believe Yahoo is a liberal enterprise, so maybe I’m growing too paranoid in my old age? But I hate to miss emails because they have been misdirected to spam instead of my in-box.

If you have sent me emails in the past that I have not responded to, it might be they went to the spam folder and were deleted as is most of my spam. If so, please resend those emails but use the “RR” in the “subject” box.

Following-up on the falling-away

Article #36 in this “After the Rapture” series was entitled “The falling away will be left behind,” but I was only able to scratch the surface in this well-organized and thought-out plan by Satan. The devil has had 2,000 years of church-age time to tweak and refine his evil plan to lure good, well-meaning family people into hell without them knowing what hit them.

Many Christians say Satan doesn’t know the Bible. I say that he does more so than any living person presently on earth. How else would the devil know so many Bible scriptures to spin and twist around to make them in opposition to God’s Word and fool so many pastors, Bible teachers and other people into believing the devil’s own lying nonsense? Satan is not a dummy. He could sell a whole bunch of oceanfront property in western Kansas!

Satan has made this religious world into a very complicated place in which we all now live. He has taken a very simple plan of heavenly salvation in the afterlife and cluttered it up with literally thousands of manmade religions, sects and cults to where the world’s population can take their pick in a buffet of religious choices. Just take your pick and find a flavor you like, and then go with it. If it feels good and says what you want to hear, a god (or whoever) will “promise” it to you as he wants you to be happy here in an earthly eutopia. So he says.

True Christianity is obedience to His Word in whole without question, while the devil has made sin and disobedience so attractive to so many that they have become comfortable away from God and His Word. Many can no longer tell the difference between good and evil. Just how many “good people” do you know that believe in a false religion? Hell might be a very crowded place as reputable sources estimate that 6.5 billion of earth’s 7.4 billion population may be bound for hell?

Since Satan’s plan includes every living soul on earth, let’s briefly skim over what Satan has already set in motion and accomplished in these end-time days.

We start out with the lost souls who don’t even think about God at all during their normal day. Drive by a city’s recreation park at 10:00 a.m. on any Sunday with 25 youth soccer fields filled to the brim, or the local golf courses, and count the cars in the adjoining parking lots. They would surely fill many church parking lots.

The blue laws have nearly disappeared from the USA with legalized gambling, riverboats and taverns soaking up many profits from people who used to go to church on Sunday in years gone by.

Only twelve states still enforce Sunday blue laws. Legalized gambling, riverboats, nightclubs and taverns have drawn people out of the church pews and into their establishments that ruin lives, break up families and homes and get their minds and hearts off of The Lord Jesus. One of the few exceptions might be Branson where they do have and advertise a list of Sunday church services to accompany their wide schedule of clean entertainment. So they might live up to their motto of being a “family friendly” entertainment spot.

Satan is one slick operator. He knows how to cover all the bases. Take football for instance. As it is now, high school football is on Friday nights, college is all day and night Saturday, while the NFL is all day and night Sunday plus Monday and Thursday nights. The high schoolers and their coaches are glued to their TV sets all day and night Saturday and Sunday to watch and learn from the collegiates and the pros. Same with the college players watching the pros. And you have beginner and flag football leagues for the youngsters plus junior high/middle school conferences.

Don’t get me wrong. I love the game of football from my high school days (we were issued and wore leather helmets back then!) up until now as an avid KC Chiefs and University of Missouri fan. But my Lord and Savior comes first. If there is football in heaven, maybe then will I get to start?

A lot of former church goers will say that Sunday is their only day to mow the lawn or to sleep late. When Christ Jesus burns up “the old earth,” also going up in flames will be all of the lawnmowers and weed-eaters of the world! Good riddance!

So this is a brief picture of how the devil is working 24/7 outside the churches of the world to establish apostasy and the great falling away. Now let’s take a look at those still inside and attending a church somewhere to ensure that not a single soul will escape Satan and his damnation. He wants everyone.

In article #36 it was pointed out how Satan has established a wide range of false belief systems (like Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, etc.) to lure people away from God. But he has also tricked “believers” who would never think of being a Muslim (for example); he has provided them with a “one true religion” like Mormonism, Catholicism, Christian Science, etc., to lure more people away from God. The devilish trick here is to make the people believe they are following Jesus Christ without following and obeying His Word in the Bible. And it is working in over a billion people in the world today who have been deceived.

Satan has a religion for everyone. No matter what flavor you like, he is the Baskin Robbins of deception and lies. His only hurdle remaining is the small remnant church which remains true to God’s complete Word. But Ole Red is intensely chipping away. He wants ‘em all.

All Mormons, Catholics, etc., will say they believe and love God and Jesus Christ, yet they only follow parts of His Word (In John 14:15, 23 Jesus said, “If you love me, you will keep my commandments.”) Satan has many deceptions and tricks to fool people into believing they are obeying God when they aren’t. That is the main selling point behind the upcoming one-world church. If all religions will just give in a little bit and compromise, all will be happy and peaceful. Except true Christianity cannot be compromised one iota.

In #36 it was also pointed out how Satan has infiltrated the Protestant and non-denominational churches, mainly with his “go with the flow” tactics. Many churches now accept abortion, homosexuality, etc., as “normal behavior,” thus taking in their congregations to accept and believe the same. They make sin “sinless” and acceptable to all. They wear out the word “tolerance.”

An example of how Satan has worked his many schemes would be the 2009 Sunday morning shooting death of late-term abortion “Doctor” George Tiller (also known as “Tiller the baby killer”) as he was performing his duties as usher at his long-time church, the Reformation Lutheran Church of Wichita, KS (which has a membership of under 2,000 members). Tiller was one of only three abortionists who performed late-term abortion in the USA.

The New York Times “reported” (I use that term very “loosely”) how cruel it was for late-term abortion-seeking women in the middle USA who would now have to travel a longer distance at a greater expense to themselves to get their abortion, as Tiller was no longer available! Can you believe that?

Knowing that God is in control of everything, He allowed Satan to infiltrate that church. He also allowed for the shooter (Scott Roeder) to point the gun and pull the trigger at Tiller as he handed out church bulletins to the incoming congregation filing into the church that Sunday morning. The church approved of Tiller’s membership and appointed him to hold a church position. So what does that say about the clergy, the elders and the church board? And the 2,000 membership? Why do they still go to that church?

And once again I will quote one of my favorite pastors, the late Dr. David Breece, who once said “God has reserved the whole south side of hell for the abortionist.”

This sort of falling away is happening worldwide at different levels or degree. This article will focus on how Satan is using the New Age Movement to infiltrate and corrupt churches away from the Saving Grace of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The remnant church is truly the minority.

What seems to be a “true Christian church” needs a second look. You can take a can of rat poison, mix it in the fillings of an apple pie, bake and set this big, thick, beautiful pie out on the table sliced up with large scoops of vanilla ice cream, and it will disappear very quickly. Because the people will not know what they are eating. They taste with their eyes.

So it is with solid Christian churches that Satan hasn’t yet sunk his filthy fingers into. The New Agers corrupt the pastors, elders, Sunday school teachers, etc., that are now in “the god business.” If you confront them about New Age creeping into their church, they deny it and say something like “that is that bunch of wacko’s down the street and not them.” And then they offer you a slice of their delicious pie.

They start first with their “feel good” messages with catch-phrases like “getting in touch with yourself” and a dream-world of positive thinking. They twist honest efforts into self-improvement leading to a one-world humanity caused by self-evolution. Church is now a happy place to be with many social activities. See how all of this happy-happy-happy feel-good New Age stuff fits in so snugly with the prosperity gospel folks. Everyone is so happy at church that they believe heaven is the here-and-now on earth. If we are so happy within ourselves, who needs God?

And the pastors are blindsided by Satan. They don’t realize what harm they are doing to God’s Kingdom. After all, the church is packed each week and the collection plates are heaped full. It might be time for another building project to expand the church size for more seating plus a sports & recreation complex?

The Laodicean church is alive and well with the New Age (or as some call it, “the Old Occult”) movement very strong and growing. Here is a short list of notable New Ager celebrities who highly influence people into doing Satan’s work: Oprah Winfrey, Denzel Washington, Tina Turner, Steven Segal, Angelina Jolie, Stephan Colbert, Madonna, Mel Gibson, Alice Cooper, Tyler Perry, Shirley MacLaine, Deepak Chopra, Kris Jenner, Mark Wahlberg, Jennifer Lawrence, Ice Cube, plus many, many others.

Prayer Requests

There have been some changes beginning with this article with the “prayer requests” section. Due to space limitations and the growing popularity of prayer in these end-times, my articles will now be divided into two separate posts: (1) Will be the title subject of the article in the “After the Rapture” series, and (2) a new series of articles for “prayer requests” only entitled “A Pre-Rapture Prayer List.” So instead of getting the entire article in one place, you may now get it in two.

I’m requesting that those of you seeking prayer to please update your prayer requests when needed. You may want to add to or take away from, so I depend on you to keep the prayer list current. Also get back with me via email when you are getting a positive result from group prayer so I can report it to the worldwide prayer warriors. That will be an encouragement to them that their prayers are being heard and acted upon by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

The following are the new prayers that have recently come in. They will be transferred to the new “Pre-Rapture Prayer List” when it is necessary to do so.

Email your prayer requests to:

NANCY SCHUMACHER has a most urgent prayer request with a medical situation her Christ-filled family has suffered through for years. Only the Great Physician God can give them peace in this painful matter.

On a visit to a cousin’s farm 20-years ago, Nancy’s 10-year-old son Ryan was riding down a 3-story-high hill that he had ridden down many times before, when he skidded off the trail and hit a metal fertilizer wagon head on at full speed (about 30 MPH). The rest of the family and his siblings were in the barn playing when the crash occurred. Ryan’s head was bleeding and his scalp was peeled off of his skull.

He was rushed to the hospital where 15 staples attached his scalp back onto his head. No fractures, aneurysm or concussion were found, and an MRI that was sent to the University of Michigan came back negative. Ryan had migraines for two years after the accident, but a neurologist could not find anything physically wrong with him. The doctors didn’t want to test him until he started projectile vomiting due to the numbing medication to his scalp to kill the pain. Ryan doesn’t want to take out a medical marijuana card.

The migraines went away for several years but came back stronger than ever before, and he had to be put on a special program just so he could graduate from high school. The neurologist put him on Fioricet, but it affected his personality in a negative way; he became suicidal, so they won’t use that anymore. The only thing that helped was CBD oil, but he can no longer get that in Michigan without a prescription.

Sometimes his migraines are so bad he has to take off work as a sous chef. Ryan would rather be dead than suffer through this almost constant pain. The hospital doesn’t want to do another scan as they feel the two previous MRI’s would be too much radiation in his body. He is a certified scuba diver, and the oxygen seems to help when he dives. Their insurance won’t cover oxygen therapy unless a stroke or diabetes is involved, and it is too expensive privately. Ryan would be happy if only half of the constant pain would be reduced.

Please pray for God to heal the cause of these migraines and the constant pain. Ryan is a believer and knows God allowed this to happen for a reason, but doesn’t understand why. When this accident happened, Nancy calmly told God He had loaned Ryan to her husband and her, but Ryan is His baby and He can do whatever He wants with him and they will trust Him. People have been praying for Ryan’s healing for years. Nancy is not ready to give up on prayer. That is one more reason they are anxious for the rapture.

So please pray for Ryan’s healing.

“Thank you so much, and to God be the Glory”

Nancy Schumacher

PLEASE PRAY OVER THE MANY LEFT-BEHIND BOXES and other spiritual and physical supplies, tools, Bibles, manuals, equipment, etc., so that they do not fall into the hands of evil. May God protect these crazy-uncle efforts to further His Kingdom with those that will be left behind.

Go to in the new articles (right column on home page) for a post entitled “Prayer” by Alice Childs (posted July 22). What I did was run off hard copies of the prayer, plus I also posted it on my Facebook page.