We’re All in the Same Boat, and It’s Not Noah’s Ark :: By Clay Smith 

All of us live in this life and go through struggles, pain, heartache, and even happiness etc., and then we pass on. In an analogy sense, all of us are riding the waves of humanity in this boat we are in called life. Sometimes the surrounding conditions and cares of life while sailing are calm and soothing, but other times they are not.

Metaphorically, this “boat” I’m speaking of is not about the story of Noah’s Ark here. It’s about our lives that God gives us for a time here on earth with all the ups and downs we have. Funny how the little boats or dinghies on the ships are called “life boats.” They are there in case of an emergency and people have to escape the big boat to safety.

Most of us know and have heard the narrative from the Bible in the book of Genesis on Noah’s Ark. God told Noah to build a large boat so that he and his family with at least two of every living thing in the earth would be able to escape the coming judgment (Genesis Ch. 6 & 7; 2 Peter 2:5). The story of Noah and the Ark and what happened pertaining to this judgment is for another time.

I’m speaking now of how all of us live our lives: how we get through it, get by, barely make it, it’s a piece of cake, or whatever phrase you care to describe it as (there are many superlatives, I’m sure). We are in the same “life” boat here, but the difference is that some of us have Christ as our “life jacket” when life’s waves hit us and conditions gets rough. We definitely don’t want to get thrown overboard without a life jacket.

Trials and testings would be the theological terms to identify the wind and waves that toss us around; and some passengers do not have “life jackets” in their boat. Which group are you in?

The Anchor Holds

One salvation scripture analogy we can use is: Christ is our anchor—our hope and stay.

When the storms of life come, the anchor holds: solid, firm, not yielding to the perilous waves frothing with scathing conditions of life. That is, He keeps us so we will not fall out or get tossed overboard, sink, and go under. The storms toss us all around in this “boat of life,” but we maintain our position because we are secure with Him.

We are on even keel spiritually. Jesus gets us through the storms of life because we rely and trust in him, not the boat or anything else this world has to offer (Hebrews 6:19).

The people that don’t have Christ in their lives have no hope or guidance except extenuating circumstances or promises that usually fail when security and peace are needed most. Therefore, their ship of humanity is plunging ahead in hopeless eternity without the presence of God. They have made that decision, or non-decision about Jesus that does not include him in their life; how sad and terrible that is.

Most know there is a “creator or divine power” called God but do not pursue him. Some don’t even care or think about whoever this God would be. The Bible states this: mankind is without excuse (Romans 1:20b). Man has a built-in innate ability to realize that there is a Divine Creator that exists. It would be great if you read the entire first and second chapter.

Don’t Believe the Lie

I’m here to encourage you to make Jesus Christ that anchor, because He is the only Saviour to pull you up out of the depths of life’s daily despair and anxiety. Those two alone are tough enough without throwing in the enemy, Satan. He wants to keep you right there where you are and have you continue to believe the lie that he has conceived – to tell you there is no God, or if he exists, he doesn’t care about you. That’s a lie straight from the pit of hell. Don’t fall for that old trick he uses; with that he has led many souls astray.

Satan is the father of lies and the destroyer of life. God is the giver of life and life abundantly. God loves you more than you can comprehend.

I hope that – if this is you I’m talking about – you deny that lie. It deceives many souls who choose in various ways to take the wide road of destruction to eternal damnation, because they did not acknowledge God in their lives. Conversely, trust in the only one (Jesus) that can lead you down the narrow path which leads to salvation, where eternity and God’s Glory await.

We as believers go through the same life struggles that you go through. We are no different than you in respect to sickness, disease, loss of loved ones, trials, tribulations, and the list goes on. You get the picture.

But we know that, when our time is up here, we are going to glory where we will forever be with the Lord. This is not our home; we are just passing through. This earthly home is temporal only in its existence.

BTW, I have always found that, being a Christian, I have more fun and joy with other believers than I ever did before enjoying pleasures and sin the world had to offer. Whatever our situations are, we still have our brothers and sisters in Christ who are there for us when we need them. There is nothing like amazing fellowship together with brothers and sisters in Christ as we enjoy what God has given us.

Simple as A B C

I really plead and encourage you to say a prayer to ask Jesus into your life, even now, where you are at, if you have never done so. A person does not have to go to a church to invite Jesus into their life. You do not have to say a perfect theological prayer of words to impress God either “in case you might get it wrong.” Say and mean it from your heart. It’s simple really; you can’t mess it up. He is excited and joyful that you are coming to seek him just as you are. I’m excited for you; please let me know and I will rejoice with you as the angels will do also.


A- Admit you’re a sinner and in need of salvation (Romans 3:23).

B- Believe in your heart that Jesus is the only begotten son of God who was crucified, buried and was resurrected the third day according to the Scriptures (1 Corinthians 15:3-4).

C – Confess you’re a sinner to God and place your faith in Jesus his Son (Romans 10:9-10).

After this, when the time is appropriate, contact a pastor or someone you know that’s a true Bible believer and ask to meet with them and share what you have done. They will praise God with you in your decision and tell you what your next steps should be. Usually, find a Bible-believing church, get a Bible (KJV), and start living and serving Christ.

What a blessing that will be because you will have that eternal hope and peace now that no one can take away.

Where Are You Going?

With the age that I am in life now, the analogy of baseball can be applied. I’ve hit the ball far into center field, and the outfielder picked it up and threw it to third, trying to get me out. Whew! I just tagged the bag safely. Now, I just don’t know how much longer it’s going to take to go that last 90 feet to Home. Only the Lord knows.

1: I know where I’m going.

2: I know I’m going to see the King.

3: I know I will see our son.

4: I know I will be with the Lord and my family forever.

That’s what’s waiting for me when my time is up here on “terra firma” or if the Lord comes for his Church, which could be literally any second; that’s better. That’s the pre-Tribulation rapture (which you can read about on the Rapture Ready website). This way is much preferred.

In closing:

As far as the boat is concerned, are you just leaving the inlet and heading out to sea, or getting ready to come to the dock or port of call?  Maybe time’s almost up. Perhaps it’s not your age, but your health or living conditions – circumstances that have placed you in this tough time you’re in. It’s not too late to make a decision that forever will determine where you will go. You have free will. Make the right choice.

The Signs Are Upon Us

This boat that we are in is getting close to docking soon due to all the signs given in God’s Word. It’s we’ll known among end-time prophecy experts and devoted readers that we are in the end times (not the end of the world), and the saints (some of us anyway) are looking for Christ’s imminent return to get his bride. Time could be real short for us, and no one knows exactly when that will be. But there are too many events converging and happening recently that show us it’s close; so don’t delay your decision, I pray.

I hope this has been a blessing and hope for you, whatever stage of life you are in. All of us are sinners in need of a Saviour, and there is only one person who can fill that position. He was sinless and walked and lived a perfect life. He was and is Jesus. He showed us the way: because, He is the Way, and the Truth, and the Life, and no man comes to the Father but by him (John 14:6).


All Scripture is from the King James Version.

Clay Smith

Email: Clay02789@att.net