After the Rapture #48 :: By Dick Ainsworth

After the Rapture – Part 48
Adding to and Redirecting our Prayers

Even though I pray for America daily, I firmly believe the USA as we know it today will disappear. The USA is not mentioned or referred to in end-times scriptures no matter how much people read between the lines with their wishful thinking. I too wish it were so, but I just don’t see it in scripture.

I do pray more intensely for the Trump-Pence administration and their spotted scattering of faithful administrators trying to do the right thing. For eight years, Obama held office as the most anti-American president ever. Name me one who even equals his disgraceful record? Due to his evil “leadership,” America is now a 50-50 nation divided between good and evil. Divide and conquer was the “change” he promised for all of the USA. But very few hardly realized there is both “good” change and “evil” change.

And pity other poor nations of the world who wish they could move up to the 50-50 bracket such as Venezuela, Iran, Syria, Libya, China, India, Philippines, North Korea, etc. Most of them have their own Obama-types running and ruining their lives.

As bad as it is in America, Canada, Australia, etc., it is much worse elsewhere. This tells me Satan is taking over the world. And it also tells me Fox News tagged it correctly, calling it “left-wing mob rule.” I believe Fox News will soon be gone completely or changed beyond recognition (see article #43).

Israel will suffer the most as scripture clearly points out. Israel really needs our prayers now. All nations will rise up against Israel, and that includes the USA, which tells me the ‘liberal-progressive, secular- humanist, Democrat-Socialists’ will be back in control of the USA worse than any of the Obama days could have ever imagined.

Satan has put together a long list of political fools who are taking over the planet. These Lucifer-inspired loons are successfully leading the world towards the wrong side of everything. Israel will soon be alone except for God’s supernatural intervention in the books of Daniel, Ezekiel, Revelation and elsewhere. I refer to them as “political fools” as they are spiritually dumb enough to think they can actually battle and win over God.

So I believe our prayers should be directed away from governments and redirected towards the hearts and souls of people and their leadership trapped inside those lost countries, plus our own nations. All of us are surrounded by Satan’s hate and anger. Our prayers shine a little light into this dark world. The rapture will be the beginning of the end. Scripture calls it “the blessed hope” (Titus 2:13).

There are Christian believers inside many of this world’s governments. They won’t win on earth, but we must pray for them to ensure their good and honest efforts were not in vain. Their rewards are awaiting them in heaven.

The world’s human population is ripe for harvest now, so all of us crazy uncles need to get out our sickles and prayers so as to fill His Clouds at the rapture. I realize that all of you have family and friends who are lost spiritually. I do, too.  But God is pleased to hear our prayers for all of His creation. There are so many out there that we don’t know by name or face. But the Holy Spirit has His own way of handling that! There will be no strangers in the clouds after the rapture. I believe we will know each other immediately upon our earthly exit.

More Tips for the Left Behind and their Crazy Uncles

More and more articles and studies are now being released, telling of what life on earth will be like during the 7-year reign of antichrist and God’s period of tribulation. Some of it is speculation (like some of mine!) but believable, while the rest is from the actual pages of the Bible.

This is also all the more reason for those left behind who will accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior, and that they finally realized where all the crazy uncles have disappeared to and why.

Knowing this, moving into the wilderness is only the first step for the left behind. This initial step is the stepping-off point for step #2 which is move farther and deeper into the wilderness. After that is step #3 which is a repeat of #1 and #2. Then repeat for #4, etc. Keep moving away from antichrist until Christ returns to take complete charge and control. Then and only then will you have complete peace and safety.

You won’t be the only left behind fleeing into the wilderness. Fact is, it might get a bit crowded out there after a while. That is why you keep moving deeper, away from “civilization.” If your group of 10-12 gets bunched up with other small groups, it creates a security risk for all; if the gestapo discovers one group, it is easier for them to capture others close by.

Here are suggestions on some do’s and don’ts:

Get a collection of county maps for several counties in the general area you plan to move to. You can usually get them at county seats, abstract offices, chamber of commerce headquarters, county assessors’ offices, county sheriffs’ departments, local travel and visitors’ bureaus, etc. There is usually a slight fee for these maps. Don’t get state maps or road atlases like those found at interstate truck stops, convenience stores, etc., as they are too generalized and are designed for vehicle travel on paved and improved roads. County maps are best for foot travel as they show gravel roads, abandoned towns, some major trails and paths, creeks & streams, heavily wooded areas, etc. Google maps can also be downloaded and used.

You want to keep your camp away from all improved roads, unimproved roads, used and unused trails and any routes accessible by vehicles, troop trucks, etc. This includes “out of sight” areas from the gestapo.

The gestapo will be in armored and equipped ATV-types of police and military vehicles, backed up with drones and other equipment. You need to move into a spot and keep physical movement to a minimum and away from roads that are accessible by vehicles. And also pick all camp spots near a source of water.

Your first step #1 should be near where you started collecting, stockpiling, storing, etc., your supplies, equipment, tools, etc., ahead of time in your planning in advance. In other words, your “stash.”

When you move to step #2, there are 10-12 of you to move your stockpile along with you. If you come under a surprise gestapo raid, you just might have to leave parts or all of your stash behind and flee on foot. Depending on the individual situation, you might scatter your 10-12 in different directions. But don’t panic. Use a cool head.

If the gestapo discovers your stash, they will probably leave it be, but set up surveillance (probably solar- powered security cameras) in case you return for a pick-up run later on. BINGO! You’re captured and probably get a one-way ticket to the local guillotine! So if you flee in a hurry and can only grab a quick handful of stuff, be sure it is the most important stuff, thus reducing the need to return. You’ll just have to learn to live without what you left behind.

If you set up camp in an area that has normal winter conditions, it might be best if you move camps in the early spring and/or the early fall if possible. Summer will probably be too hot, and you don’t need heat stroke to add to your problems. Besides winter being cold, if there is snow, you have to deal with human footprints leaving an easy visible trail to your new camp. 10-12 people will leave a very visible trail in the snow. It would take a warm weather thaw before the footprints melt away.

Those left behind will have more to deal with than the antichrist, the false prophet, the gestapo, angry and hateful citizens, a wilderness full of wild animals (some will want the left behind for dinner), etc., God will be pouring out His wrath in the form of 21 judgments on the entire earth. God won’t just target antichrist’s house with an earthquake or the gestapo’s headquarters with giant hailstones. The left- behind camps will also get hit with hurricanes, tornados, and the other of God’s judgments, etc.

Here are some of God’s judgments to be poured out on planet Earth after the rapture: Stars (may include asteroids and comets) falling and crashing to earth; an increase in earthquake activity in many different places; hail and fire mixed with blood falling to earth and causing all grass and one-third of the trees burned, plus one-third of fish in the sea killed; Wormwood star hits planet Earth, poisoning 1/3 freshwater rivers; giant locust-like scorpions released from bottomless pit; antichrist initiates 666 marking system at the 3½ year mark.

There will be massive forest fires all over the world. Think of all the forest land, jungles and wilderness in Africa, South America, Canada, India, Russia, etc. The USA has had many forest fires for two decades that burned off large plots of forest land and homes that took hundreds of firefighters from all over the nation weeks to get under control. During the trib, many fires will be Acts of God but antichrist will start many fires intentionally, trying to flush out Christians hiding in the wilderness located all over the globe.

But antichrist won’t make any attempt to extinguish the fires. He doesn’t care one bit about the little bunny rabbits or whose home or village gets burned down. He is inspired and controlled by Satan. He’ll just let the fires burn themselves out. Of course, many firefighters worldwide might have gone in the rapture, so he might have been a little shorthanded anyway.

But God knew everything antichrist would do long before Lucifer and one-third of the angels were kicked out of heaven. So God just might allow a one-hour rain “shower” of about 20 inches in “selected locations” (major forest fires in areas where new Christians are in hiding?). But that is my wishful speculation.

Always stay close to water (streams, creeks, shallow ponds, etc.) as forest fires are deadly. In trying to outrun a fire, you can easily be overcome by smoke and/or swallowed up in a fire pit or trap. You can wade into shallow water (no deeper than armpit high), turn your back to the raging fire, and cover nose, eyes and face with wet rags or cloth. When fire gets close to the shoreline, you can dunk yourself continuously until the fire either passes or burns itself out.

But bear in mind that wild animals will also be in a panic, trying to flee to safety from the raging forest blaze. So be on the lookout for added dangers from the crazed wildlife.

Those of you who have followed my series of articles since Day One have probably noticed how I frequently quote from various prepper websites in compiling articles for both the left behind and their crazy uncles. That is because I’m a prepper and have the backpacks, left-behind boxes and rooms filled with letters, survival supplies, manuals, equipment, long-term storage food, etc., to prove it.

If you don’t receive free emails from prepper websites, here are four I use the most. Besides them emailing their latest survival articles, they also have an archive you can go to for informative articles posted in the past. Just look up the title of a subject you are interested in. But be aware that all of these websites are selling something, which is both good and bad. (I just ordered three more solar sun kettles from Food-4-Patriots for my left-behind rooms.)

As I write this article (October 24), Prepper 101 has a very good article entitled “Know your Snakes” that includes the snake bite do’s and don’ts. It should be downloaded and placed in the left-behind box. The highest recommended kit is the Sawyer Products B4 Extractor Pump Kit, but Coghlan’s Snake Bite Kit and a Wilderness First Aid Kit should also accompany the Sawyer Kit (which is reusable; and as one reviewer wrote jokingly, “it sucks”). The Sawyer also works on many stings from bees, wasps, spiders, scorpions, etc. But those left behind need to read the instructions before they need them. If you are snake-bit, you don’t have time to fumble around reading instructions!

The four websites I use the most are:;; and

Some of those left behind might have outdoorsman/woman experience, so that is a plus for them. But many won’t, so the city slickers will need guidance and direction. Their lives, including their dependence on cell phones, computers, social media, etc., will probably be worthless after the rapture, so much of this needs to be taken care of now.

Don’t stockpile all of your stash in one spot. Have it spread out in different locations. You will probably be dealing with left behinders with a lack of survival skills and education. Make sure a fire or flood or an enemy discovery doesn’t wipe out all of your stash. You don’t want to leave bank accounts behind (no matter whose name you think you are leaving it to) as after the rapture the world will be in utter economic chaos. The bankers and antichrist might have and control all of your savings, CD’s, accounts, etc., so don’t worry about your 1% interest growth. You won’t be around to spend any of it anyway.

And after the rapture, the world will be under communist-socialist rule; government will provide all needs (healthcare, food, housing, etc.) to whom “government” deems deserving. The 666 mark will come into play when some people will be able to survive on their own without “government assistance.” So go deeper into the wilderness and farther away from the guillotines!

When you leave your stash for the left behind, leave them rolls of camouflage plastic sheeting and netting. Google has a lot of sources. Military surplus stores, Amazon, etc., have camouflaged netting that was/is used to hide artillery weapons, headquarters, leader’s outposts, etc., from airplane overhead gun and rocket-fire attacks, etc.

Anyway, going in the rapture is the only way to avoid this 7-year mess to come upon the earth. Those taken in the rapture will never die but live forever in pure happiness, free from all pain and hardships that have plagued us for centuries here on earth.

Not so for the earthlings left behind. It will literally be “hell on earth” packed with pain, suffering, sorrow, fear and torment. They will either live through those horrible conditions or die by starving wild beasts, health and violent weather events, or by the satanic hands of the antichrist.

It’s your choice – eternal, never-aging, pain-free life and complete happiness in heaven with Your Savior or a violent existence that may result in an eternal state of suffering and torment with Satan and his imps in the lake of fire.

You can make your choice now before the rapture or do it the hard and painful way if you get left behind. It’s your free choice.

Reader Feedback

Michael, both the storm and the archangel.

This is a must read. Why is there such a disconnect between how the American Christian and the Jews view how President Trump is “blessing” Israel….?

Gary Gaskin

(Dick’s reply): After Gary submitted the above letter, he submitted a follow-up article which is following:

“Why is there such a disconnect between how  the majority of American Christians and Orthodox Jews, as seen by this article, view the actions President Trump has taken towards Israel in the capital recognition of Jerusalem and the embassy moves? Was this recognition and the embassy move in Jerusalem truly a blessing towards Israel, resulting in the good part of the blessings and cursing’s principle given in Gen 12:3?  Does the Scripture give us any insight into the answer for this question?

“Hebrews 4:12 states, “For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.”

“James 3:10-11 states, “Out of the same mouth proceedeth blessing and cursing. My brethren, these things ought not so to be. Doth a fountain send forth at the same place sweet water and bitter?”

So here we have two biblical principles to apply to President Trump’s actions towards Israel. The first one, from Hebrews, states very clearly that God judges the intents of the hearts. We all know that actions follow intents, so the intent is what is really important here.

“What was the intent of President Trump in moving the embassy and recognizing Jerusalem as the capital? His stated intention, as recently as the last week of September 2018 at the UNGC, was so that these moves would help facilitate the signing of the “ultimate peace deal” between Israel and the Arabs. As stated publicly by several members of Trump’s ME peace team, Greenblatt and Kushner, this plan will require Israel to give up part of the West Bank and/or East Jerusalem to the Arabs in order to obtain this peace deal. So his intent was to put Israel into a place where they would have to do “some things” they don’t want to do, namely give up land against God’s commandments to them in order to obtain peace with the Arabs.

“The next one is James, which clearly states that a fountain can’t give both sweet and bitter water from the same spigot. If these moves by President Trump are going to require Israel to give up land, is it truly a blessing to Israel, or a curse? The Bible is clear. It can’t be both.

“Which leads me to my next question: Are these actions by President Trump truly blessing Israel and by extension, the United States? And if they are, how many more of these “blessings” – namely Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Maria, Florence and Michael – can the United States take? All five of the “blessings” occurred within hours of the United States putting pressure on Israel to accept the peace plan.

“President Trump’s stated intent in these moves was to help facilitate the division of God’s land to obtain the ultimate peace deal. And if we continue down this path with the stated release of this plan sometime between after the elections and before the New Year, what will our next “blessing” be? Will we as a nation survive this one? Obadiah 15 is very clear on this as well. When the day of the Lord is near, whatever you do to Israel will be done unto you.  And remember, the intent of the heart matters with God. If we want to divide Israel’s land, ours will be divided in return.

“So back to my original question: Why can the Orthodox Jew see the intent of President Trump’s heart, but not the American Christian? I don’t like the answer that comes to my mind for that one.”


(Dick’s reply #2): Gary brought up some good points that deserve “Reader Feedback” from other RR readers. Also you might go back in the RR archives for article #41 entitled “God’s wrath on us for the wrong Israeli-PA 2-state solution” posted August 25, 2018).

Rapture Ready’s editor fact-checked Gary’s letter with the following findings:

“Trump’s Middle East team members have not publicly stated that Israel would have to give up part of the West Bank and/or East Jerusalem. Kushner even said in an interview, “I don’t want to speak about specifics of the deal we are working on.” Writers of articles on various websites are just speculating on what may be proposed (two to four months from now when the “peace” plan in unveiled).

“That said, I agree that there should have been no strings attached to the embassy move and that God has and will judge the US for its part in dividing His land. But God put Trump in place for such a time as this who is known for the “art of the deal.” Will this proposal be a forerunner of what the coming European Antichrist uses? We don’t know. What we do know is that God can and does use the most unlikely people to fulfill His purpose. And once Israel realizes (3 ½ years into the Tribulation) that it has been fooled by signing Antichrist’s “peace” plan, Israeli’s (including some who may have been secular up to that point) will turn to God for help.

We brethren must put our complete trust in God, not man. President Trump has done many good things, but he is not beyond making mistakes. “It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man. It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in princes” (Psalm 118:7-8).


RR editor

(Dick’s reply #3) In addition, France has a Middle East peace proposal they compiled late in the Obama administration that calls for a two-state solution with 1967 borders and East Jerusalem being made the Palestinian capital. France denies an Israeli media report that French President Emmanuel Macron plans to release this plan if President Trump doesn’t release his soon.


Hello Dick Ainsworth

That’s not right in my opinion. Those who have heard the Gospel and rejected, do not get a second chance. Those who have never heard the gospel and convert themselves receive the chances for salvation. Those who have rejected the gospel will have petrified hearts and accept the commemorative 666. These, I see it already today, are massively hostile to Christians, and hostile to Jews. These are the ones who will fight a big mob against the evangelization of the 144,000. Maybe the left to say so.

Thank You

(Dick’s reply): I’m not sure I agree with your blanket judgment? I can’t see Christ turning anyone and everyone away who come to Him. Saul of Tarsus, who strongly rejected Christ’s Gospel but later accepted the Lord, became the great Apostle Paul. I believe that people like Obama, Hillary, George Soros, etc., can be saved with a lot of help from the Holy Spirit. King David broke every one of God’s commandment Moses brought down from the mount but he repented. Christ said in Revelation 3:20: “I stand at the door and knock, if any man  hear my voice… .” I believe many people over the centuries were saved late in life. In 2 Peter 3:9 it is written “…not willing that any should perish.” And Christ himself told us to pray for our enemies (Matthew 5:44). Why pray for people who are hopelessly lost.


Hi Dick,

In article #46, I see the word “Immorality” was used instead of “immortality” when referencing heaven and hell eternity.

God Bless,

Steve from Minnesota

(Dick’s reply): You’re absolutely correct! But it’s not my fault. Blame it on the spelling correct function on my computer. They’re supposed to catch all of that stuff.  As far as my spelling is concerned, I never was the fastest turtle in the pond!

[Editor’s note: Thanks for bringing the mistake in a reader’s email to our attention. The correction has been made. That first little letter “t” makes a big difference].


Wilderness Survival Tips

A very important part of wilderness survival is proper nutrition and remaining healthy. No doubt you will get plenty of exercise being on foot and doing everything by hand. But gardening will be very important. And I went into detail in previous articles about stocking up a seven-year supply of One-a-Day type of vitamin supplements. Also how to conceal your garden from the gestapo.

Nutrition experts say the #1 nutritional vegetable is the sweet potato. And sweet potato leaves are nearly as nutritious, followed by spinach. But don’t eat white potato leaves as they are poisonous. But sweet potato leaves are an excellent source of vitamins, minerals, proteins, etc. You can make them into a slaw or cook them with onions and garlic. I like them both ways.

Sweet potatoes are a warm weather plant. Frost will kill off the plants quickly. We grow them here in central Missouri but they require a lot of tending. Warm weather states and countries are excellent places to grow sweet potatoes.

Spinach, on the other hand, is much easier to grow; so stockpile a lot of spinach seed. A lot of people don’t like spinach, but let me remind you that your days of the all-you-can-eat buffets are over. You are now eating for survival. And a diet of good nutrition is important for your survival.

An excellent healthy salad is to toss a combination of sweet potato leaves, raw spinach, dandelion leaves, blossoms and chopped-up root, chopped garlic cloves, chopped carrot, and walnuts. It may take some getting used to (especially without any dressing) but it is healthy and doesn’t require cooking or a campfire that can give away your camp location.


Free 10-year calendars are available on the internet. Download one or more and put in your left-behind box(es). Those left behind need to know where they are in the 7-year tribulation period. It is especially important to know when the 3½ year point arrives (start of the “great tribulation,” antichrist starts 666 marking system, know your seasons for winter food storage, etc.). Be sure to mark each day off to be accurate.


Dear RR readers,

I just wanted to point out two superior revolvers for long-term survival. You can’t beat the Ruger single six. I have two. It’s rugged and reliable. You don’t have to use “kid gloves.” It handles .22 shorts, longs and long rifle. Switch cylinders and you have a .22 magnum. Heritage Rough Rider is my second choice.

Anthony Hamm


Plenty of camouflage is a must. You need to hide from antichrist’s gestapo for seven years. Your clothing for all seasons should be camouflage-designed. Rolls of camo plastic sheeting can be used to make tents, covering for supply piles and stash, etc. The sheeting acts as protection from rain, snow, etc., while concealing from foot troops, overhead drones, choppers, aircrafts, etc.

Outdoorsman stores like Bass Pro Shop will have a variety of camo gear and clothing. Also Army Surplus Stores. And don’t forget your local garage and yard sales. You never know what low-priced stuff you can find there for your left-behind boxes? And if you are planning your own yard sale, be sure not to sell off items the left behind might need.


Prayer Requests

A good way to build a stronger prayer life is to print off hard copies of Prayer Lists #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6 and following, and at any time of day or night when you as an individual want to pray to the Lord, take out your printed copies and read/pray over them again. This is also great for family group prayer and home church group prayer. God has a very big memory, and all prayers are recorded by Our Lord and Savior.

Go back in RR’s archives ( for previously posted Prayer Lists and prayers:

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Email prayer lists and articles on to others.

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