After the Rapture #4 :: By Dick Ainsworth

To those left behind at the Rapture, the most important activities of your time during the tribulation period is Bible study and prayer. That is the reason you are still on this evil, sin-filled earth under the dictatorship of Satan and we are in heaven in complete peace and happiness with God. We studied the Bible and prayed, but you didn’t.

This is far more important than planting gardens, building shelters or hiding from the antichrist’s gestapo. At some point many of you will either be captured by his gestapo where they will insist on you taking his 666 mark or die, or you will get caught up in the wrath of God’s 21 judgments (7 seals, 7 trumpets and 7 bowls/vials) in Revelation’s 6th, 8th, 9th and 16th chapters.

And you still have starving wild and domestic animals, raging forest fires, a large population of tattletales, etc., to cope with. Noreen emailed me and says she thinks antichrist will be using drones to seek out and kill new Christians. I agree 100%.

If you take his 666 mark, you will automatically spend an eternity of pain, suffering and torment in hell. There are no play-overs! And eternity is a very long time.

But if you turn to Christ and reject the 666 mark and are beheaded or executed by a different method, you will spend an eternity of joy, peace, perfect health and happiness in heaven with God and billions of angels and saints. And again, eternity is a very long time.

And if or when you die praising the Lord, remember God’s promise where it is written “absent from the body, present with the Lord” (2 Corinthians 5: 8-10). It’s an immediate thing. The second you die an earthly death, your soul and spirit is instantly in the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ.

I really look forward to departing earth and going to my new eternal home. I’ve been sick and tired of Satan’s planet for quite some time now.

No doubt most of you don’t know how to hold a Bible-study class. A few of you might have attended Bible study in earlier years but became a victim of apostasy and the great falling away.

I remember the first time I decided at age 45 to study the Bible on my own. I didn’t get very far, as I became confused and discouraged very quickly. So I attended my first group Bible study 37 years ago, and that’s what I’ve done ever since.

In my first 45 years of life, I was born and raised Catholic, who aren’t known for their Bible study. So I then became a born-again Christian and got a biblical baptism at age 46. I was then baptized (total immersion) into the Kingdom of God and Christ’s church; whereas, as a Catholic infant I was sprinkled by a priest and baptized into the Catholic church, who taught that the only way to heaven was through the Catholic church. But I am now saved through the blood of Jesus Christ.

To the soon-to-be-raptured readers, you might consider getting books on how-to Bible study to leave behind in your left-behind box, but be careful of who authored the books. I would also recommend a theme of “Bible study for beginners” books. If you leave behind CD’s, DVD’s, etc., you need to hope they can use them while they still have electricity?

What I use the most is a 27-volume New Testament study guide by the late J. Vernon McGee. He has commentary on every verse in the New Testament. I trusted him very much and found him to be very accurate in his Bible commentary. Dr. McGee was a fire & brimstone preacher, which is my kind of guy!

And when will the rapture be? One of the best articles I’ve read recently on that question is the December 16, 2017, piece posted in Rapture Ready by Daymond Duck entitled “Close.”

In the first three editions of this series, an ongoing list of supplies and gear has been listed. You can expect more additions to the list in future articles. But let’s try to establish timelines of events for what is in store for the left behinders and why they’ll need to be collecting those supplies and gear as soon as possible.

Immediately after the rapture much of the world will go through what one might want to label as a never-ending over-priced Black Friday sale. It will continue until the shelves are bare and the left-behind merchants can gouge prices no more. Merchants will not be able to get their replacement orders filled, because raptured Christians worked in retail stores, drove delivery trucks, worked in wholesale warehouses, and the factories that manufacture the ordered replacement products.

Why will this be? Because all of Christ’s church (the true Christians) are gone from this earth to forever be with the Lord in heaven. The day after the rapture will see a whole lot of people in nearly all phases of society and business not showing up for work and scheduled appointments. I believe since Christians are more apt to hold a job and be a dependable worker, their absence from the workplace will really be noticed.

All branches of the military will be devastated with officers, enlisted and civilian workers gone. Terrorist groups and their armies ought to be at nearly full force as I doubt that any Muslims, homegrown radicals, etc., will be raptured. So look for effective terror attacks all over America from the thousands of terrorists in widespread cells they have established over the years throughout the U.S.A.

I expect antichrist to recruit various terrorist organizations into his gestapo. After all, they all have the same boss (Satan).

In my prison ministry I have told inmates for years to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior now, before the rapture. Many long-termers and those serving life sentences accepted my additional comments on how surprised prison administrators will be when a bunch of guards and staff don’t show up for work one morning without calling in, plus all of those empty inmate bunks at the morning bed check after the rapture! You might say those saved, raptured inmates got “an early release.”

With all the Christian guards and inmates gone, I imagine that antichrist will arrange for all the prison cell doors to be opened and those left-behind convicts to be released to join his gestapo in exchange for them taking his 666 mark (mid tribulation). Those that refuse the mark will stay in the antichrist-controlled prisons worldwide. The antichrist will have complete control over food, water, torture, living conditions, medical care, etc.

Don’t call 9-1-1 as you might not get an answer. If you do get through, don’t ask for a policeman, fire fighters or EMT emergency medical team. They are understaffed after the rapture, especially with all the auto wrecks, a rash of burglaries, muggings, a wave of crime, massive missing persons reports, etc.; and the hospitals will be gutted of many fine doctors, nurses and technicians. But don’t worry as there will be a good number of abortion doctors and nurses still on the planet, so many of them will fill in as substitute hospital staff positions.

Rural people and farmers who raise an annual garden will have their hands full when the city’s grocery stores run out of food and all of those hungry city folks will be making “midnight raids” in the countryside gardens.

A lot of pet dogs won’t have any master to feed them, so they will hunt for food in their own neighborhood. That includes anything that breathes and bleeds.

Children’s daycare centers, elementary schools, children’s hospitals, nursing homes, senior centers, etc., will be drained of saved souls (residents, students and staff).

Airports and train/subway systems will be in shambles, making them vulnerable to satanic terrorist attacks and criminals.

We can tell from riots and protests on college campuses and elsewhere that the looters, thieves, and much of the criminal element crawl out from under their rocks when these social uprising opportunities present themselves.

Think of how this will affect all levels of government. There will be a whole lot less partisan bickering; they will mostly be in agreement with each other on the issues since all the Christians will be gone.

Our U.S. Supreme Court will probably have five immediate vacancies, and the Senate will have little trouble filling them with swamp people who were left behind. The left-behind Congress will also be passing legislation, as there will be little debate and opposing views. The bureaucrats will have Carte Blanche in establishing policy and regulations, as all the Christians will be gone, leaving them wide open to do anything they please.

And if you depend on mainstream media for your news, it will now become uncorrected fake news at its highest extreme.

Homeless and the poor will be easy pickings for antichrist, as many might take the 666 mark in exchange for a six-pack. The Charlie Daniels country hit “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” has more truth to it than fiction.

In the first edition of this series, I predicted how I thought the antichrist would take over control of the world’s drugs and narcotics illegal industries. I shudder to think of how many people will lose their souls in exchange for drugs.

And after Satan gets a person’s soul in exchange for that cheap bottle of wine or a small bag of meth, I doubt if that lost soul will see the evil one again for another fix. So that druggie must rob, steal and kill to get their next fix. And Satan has already gotten what he wanted.

One of the main themes of this series has been from the beginning that those of us who will be raptured need to witness to the lukewarm and unsaved now, before the rapture; afterwards it will be too late. Let me try to prove that with Jesus’ own words in Luke 16: 19-31. This is normally referred to as the story of Lazarus and the rich man. I don’t believe it to be a parable since proper names are used in the story. I believe Christ is telling about actual people.

Both Lazarus and the rich man die, with the angels carrying away Lazarus to Abraham’s bosom (paradise/heaven), and the rich man going directly into torment (hell).

We know people in hell can see what is going on in heaven, because verses 23-26 say so; and I believe that is one of the torments of being in hell (to forever see what you’re missing in heaven).

But I don’t believe those in heaven can see those in hell, because heaven is a place of never-ending joy and happiness. It would be painful and heartbreaking for those in heaven to see family members and loved ones going through continuous and intense pain, suffering and torment. I believe God erases any memory of the eternally lost in our minds.

Those in heaven have “the river of life” (Revelation 22: 1-7) flowing freely for all to enjoy while those in hell are begging for a few drops of water to cool their eternally dry and parched tongues. Those in hell never get those few drops of water but spend the rest of eternity (which never ends) looking at the beautiful, holy, heavenly flowing river. Like dangling a carrot in front of a donkey and its cart. They see the carrot in front of their noses but can never reach it.

Once we are with the Lord, He will have us busy with our new joyful duties: Marriage Suppers, etc. I don’t believe we will have any contact or recollections with left-behind people on earth until some of them join us is heaven. I can’t find anything in scripture that says otherwise (except for the one-thousand-year millennial reign of Jesus on earth after His Second Coming).

So we need to kick it in gear NOW and do what we can before the Lord calls us home. The Gospel of Luke was written 2,000 years ago. And Lazarus is still in heaven, while the rich man is still in hell. So I ask those who are left behind and reading this: Where do you want to spend eternity?

Dick Ainsworth

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New Franklin, MO 65274