After the Rapture #2 :: By Dick Ainsworth

We continue with the second edition of the “After the Rapture” series as we go into more depth and detail, plus listing new sources and contacts to better improve your left-behind package for your family, friends, neighbors, loved ones and total strangers. At the present time there are only two ways to heaven: (1) the easy way through the rapture, and (2) the hard way through the 7-year tribulation period where many new Christians will lose their heads by the antichrist and his guillotines.

This is very important, because those of us in Christ’s Church have one last chance to witness face-to-face to those who will be left behind. After the rapture we won’t be able to answer their questions, take them to Bible Study or hand them a tract. So we must leave behind resources and information so they can learn about salvation with major help from the Holy Spirit.

They aren’t concerned with the end-times now, so we must try to inform them before it is too late. When the rapture comes, they will be caught off-guard and be shocked and confused. The answers they will get to their questions will be lies and deception from ungodly sources, because all the Christians with the truth will be gone.

How-to knowledge is most important, especially to a society dependent on microwaves and drive-thru windows. Our son-in-law is a high school history teacher, so several years ago I went to two state and county historical societies and went through their collection of books. I found the local history of the area and how they survived in the early 1700’s through the 1800’s. It included pioneer recipes, homemade medical care, shelter designs, life in the wilderness, and a host of other good pioneer-life survival information. So I bought him several for his history library.

Along these same lines are your local black powder clubs who hold weekend club events for their members. This is an excellent source for survival information. They dress in authentic pioneer clothing – the men in buckskins, coonskin caps, etc., and the women in long dresses with bonnets. They camp out and have shooting competitions with their muzzleloader rifles and pistols, Bowie-style knife and tomahawk throwing, bow & arrow marksmanship, etc.

At one event I was kidding one of the “pioneer ladies” I knew, who was cooking up a large kettle of rabbit stew with a can of Diet Coke in her hand! I took her picture and asked her if the can of Coke was “authentic.”

Another very good source of information and source of know-how are local Amish communities. We have several in our area whom you see daily in their horse-drawn buggies on the road, some heading to the local Walmart! Most lead traditional family and community lifestyles with no electricity, phones, motor vehicles and modern farm equipment, etc.

We frequently buy their homemade foods and produce, and find them very friendly and sociable. This is the way they live and raise their children. But you’d better hurry! After the rapture, I doubt if very many Amish will still be on this earth. You can obtain from them the addresses of Amish warehouses and stores across the U.S. where you can obtain catalogs on their mail-order equipment, tools, hardware, etc.

Stashing away bulk foods will be a must, especially before the 666 mark goes into effect. A great source is Mormon food centers which have canneries the general public can use. Their prices are very reasonable and the food quality is excellent. The Mormons require their members to have a one-year supply of food stored away and on hand; so you have to make an appointment as they don’t allow non-Mormons to crowd in line ahead of a Mormon family.

The closest one to us is in the St. Louis area (about 140 miles away). Several of us families go down in 2 or 3 vans and spend the day. Everything is provided including the 5-gallon tight-seal buckets and one-gallon permanent-seal cannisters. This is an excellent long-term storage food source.

Here are a few odds & ends you might consider for your stash:

>Garden seed in long-term-storage sealed cans

>Vitamin supplements like One-a-Day (they won’t be eating balanced diets in the wilderness, so it is important to maintain one’s health with very few medical professionals close by)

>Old-fashioned oatmeal (not the instant kind)

>Shelled walnuts

>Canisters of dry powdered milk

>Go to Hobby Lobby and buy them out of candles (remember to save the melted wax drippings).

>Solar-powered radios with a hand crank to hand-generate power when needed

>Large containers of red-hot cayenne pepper powder (antichrist gestapo will search for Christians using tracking dogs, so by sprinkling the chili pepper powder on frequently used trails, the dogs can lose your trail by scent and get a bad case of the sneezes. Meanwhile the Christians can move to another area),

>Take a day to browse through stores like Bass Pro Shop. They will have close-out sales after Christmas, and after the rapture their shelves might be close to empty.

Many of us Christians are well aware of the Christian persecution all over the world and how it is growing rapidly in the U.S., where we used to have complete freedom of religion. Those left behind probably are unaware of this until it directly confronts them. My guess is that many will accept the 666 mark of the beast through antichrist’s lies, deception, persecution and intimidation.

Many ministries have prayers for persecuted Christians. One of the best I have found is an all-weather prayer card authored by Pastor Robert Jeffress at his Pathway to Victory Ministry. It is entitled “A Prayer for Persecuted Christians,” and you can obtain a copy by contacting them at PO Box 223609, Dallas, TX 75222; phone (866) 999-2965;

There are probably a lot of useful items you can leave behind for the left behind in your own garage, attic and storage rooms. Spend some time going through it all and you surely will find “stuff” you forgot you had: items like old Boy Scout handbooks with Merit Badge instruction manuals, military boot-camp field manuals, etc.

One RR reader wrote me of his unique way to leave his left-behind letter for those to find after the rapture. He prints off several copies, and his main prime location is to fold one up and put it in his pants hip pocket with his billfold. Every time he changes pants the letter is transferred to its new hip pocket. It might surely be found when left-behind people find his vacated pants in a pile on the floor. The ladies can do the same with their purses. He also leaves copies in his car, throughout the house, etc.

Those left behind will soon have to head for the hills to survive, as life in high-populated and urban areas will be difficult. Violence and fighting over the necessities of life (such as food) will be the new normal. I believe the antichrist will take over the worldwide drugs and narcotics business as a way to control the population. So the urban areas should be avoided.

Public water supplies will no longer be safe to drink due to antichrist’s government-controlled “additives?” Many of those in high-populated areas will turn in new Christians for a single loaf of bread. The new society will be loaded with evil tattletales everywhere trying to survive.

The awakened new Christians left behind must seek each other out and form small groups to take up a new residence in the wilderness. In the beginning, antichrist will be seeking out large groups mainly in urban areas, but that will change with time. The wilderness is the safest place in spite of all the starving wild animals and the ever-increasing number of large forest fires.

In my area we are just north of the Ozarks where people can all but disappear. One lady and her husband emailed me after my first edition and informed me of how they are trying to prepare the left-behinders. They live in Ontario, Canada, and the thought hit me immediately on how difficult it might be to survive up there in the dead of winter.

When I was stationed at Camp Pendleton, California, I spent time at a camp we called “Pickle Meadows” in the mountains on the Nevada border. It was very remote with all the clean mountain drinking water you could ever expect to use. In the approaching winter season, people are told to get out before it snows in those mountains. This is because, if you don’t, you might not be able to get out until spring. The good thing about this is, if you can’t get out, the antichrist’s gestapo probably can’t get in.

Once your small group of like-minded people is formed, you need to pick out at least two remote areas. One will be your primary camp, and the others will be alternate camps farther away (but within walking distance) so that you can move there if need be.

Most of you will probably have to move into “your new home” by packing down a minimal number of vehicles to transport people, supplies, gear, equipment, etc.; but if you can’t completely conceal the vehicles from the air and the roads, it might be best to ditch them near towns and hike back to your area. Since you can’t buy or sell without the mark, the vehicles will be useless when they run out of gas. And no matter how full your tank is or how fast of a car you’re driving, you won’t be able to outrun or ditch the antichrist’s gestapo and their advanced, modern police technology and equipment.

Besides, you want to avoid as much unnecessary movement as possible.

You need to stay put as long as possible (hopefully until the Return of Jesus Christ to put an end to all of this earthly evil and grief), plus survive the twenty-one judgments in Revelation, God willing. An excellent movie on this very situation is entitled “Years of the Beast” and is available thru Google, Amazon and YouTube on DVD for about $7.00. It would be excellent for your left- behind box. I have bought several copies and given them out as a witnessing tool on the end-times. It was made in 1981 but I really believe it to be way ahead of its time.

There are many new skills and practices the left-behinders should learn: How to sun-dry fruits, berries and veggies (like raisins), water purification, collecting rainwater, trapping for meat, etc.

Don’t hunt with rifles and shotguns, as they make too much noise and can give away your camp location. And always beware of tattletales. Get a good bow with lots and lots of arrows and learn to shoot. When I was a kid I used to hunt rabbits and squirrels with a 10-cent bag of marbles from the local Five & Dime and a slingshot.

Learn to garden, but not the traditional garden in an open area with nice, straight, long rows. That style of garden is easy to spot from the air, plus the antichrist gestapo knows that where you find gardens, you find people. Instead find sunny spots in the woods and plant a single hill of beans here and a few potatoes there. Plant and eat a lot of garlic for health reasons. Some survival manuals will list edible foods growing in the wilds such as dandelion greens, etc. Spread your garden out over a large area that blends in with wild plants and foliage. It will require more care, but you don’t want to get caught in an open field pulling weeds.

Your eating habits will need to change. Don’t cook and use open fires too much. Fires create smoke that can be seen, while cooking odors will carry over long distances. Get used to eating raw food as much as possible. Your days of the all-you-can-eat buffet are over. You can no longer pig-out while picking and choosing what you like and what you don’t like. You are now eating for survival, so you must learn food rationing. But don’t worry about this. In a short period of time your stomach will shrink down, and it will take less food to fill you up and satisfy you.

I have never been concerned about witnessing to a family member over a total stranger. A soul is a soul, and there will be no strangers in heaven. We need to take as many people as possible with us in the rapture but still make every effort to see that the left behind are exposed to the Gospel. One of the most effective ways is daily prayer. And if you belong to a prayer group, add the left- behinders to your list.

Dick Ainsworth

PO Box 156

New Franklin, MO 65274