After the Rapture #47 :: By Dick Ainsworth

After the Rapture – Part 47
Dreams that will soon become “Reality”

Heaven is now an ongoing series of dreams to many of us living earthlings in our present days and times, increasingly inspired by the Holy Spirit who leads our way into a perfect joyous eternity. I say “dreams” because that is exactly what they are. God and His Holy Spirit-inspired prophets, apostles and Bible writers were led to leave behind words of exact facts on heaven that we can only dream about now. We know the truth but, until after the rapture, we can only dream.

Fact is, such a dream woke me up very early a recent morning with an urge to write it down immediately before my weak, feeble and fading memory caused it to disappear completely before my normal time of awakening the fast-approaching morning. My 80-year-old mind just isn’t as quick as it used to be! But that will get fixed forever after the rapture. I will then be able to remember everything God deems worthy of remembering.

And so will many of you. We will all know all we need to know. We will all have no questions. We will all be in heaven forever and know why we are there, so why would there be any unknowns and questions?

But there is also, for some, the occasional sobering look at hell. Or should we say nightmare? I doubt if those are from Satan as he doesn’t want to scare anyone off. That would mean he would have to tell the truth about hell? Satan can’t tell the truth about anything, so any “dream” of hell by Satan would be far from reality and Biblical fact; thus, it would paint a picture of a utopian gathering of fun-loving sinners from all over the planet. I believe it is God who allows us to have those true nightmarish dreams for our own good (Romans 8:28).

And when I “dream” of heaven, either when sleeping or my numerous wide-awake “daydreams,” I also have the “nightmares” of hell completely focused on family, friends and the massive number of worldwide souls I have never met or known who will be forever condemned to an eternity in the lake of fire.

I believe that after the rapture God will erase from our minds the memory of those lost during and after the 7-year tribulation period. He promises us that there will be no heartache, feelings of pain and regret, continued mourning for the lost, etc.  Heaven will be a place of 100% happiness. But my pining regret now as an earthling is for those I now perceive as “lost,” even though I firmly believe “ask and you shall receive” (Matthew 7:7, John 16:24).

But don’t fret about me being slow posting your prayers. God is all-knowing – past, present and future. He knows your prayers before you ask (Isaiah 65:24, John 14:13-14). He knows what I will post long before I was born. So He knows your prayers before you ask, and He knows the many prayer warriors worldwide that will join you in prayer ahead of time.

I’d like to drift away from this article’s subject briefly to plug my recent new series entitled “Pre-Rapture Prayer List” which has really taken off. I am increasingly enthused and encouraged by the worldwide prayer warriors who have joined forces in the war against Satan. RR readers inform me how they print copies of all prayer lists and pray for them frequently as individuals, in family prayer, or in home church settings.

Prayer List info appears at the end of this article. Prayer List #6 will follow this article; it is a “WHOPPER” as we were blessed with a huge number of prayer requests. Our biggest thus far by far! To me it is a true sign that the rapture is near.

Many of us are amazed at how extreme sin and evil has taken over a once God-inspired America and world.  I watched much of the Kavanaugh “hearings” mainly on Fox News, and it is shocking at just how much evil has become a strong deciding force in America. The day in which goodness used to prevail in most of our lives is now a toss-up between good and evil as our new normal. And this evil and sinful onslaught is gaining strength and power. But we have all read “the end of the book” and know righteousness will prevail in the end for all of eternity.

But it is disheartening to see how strong Satan’s forces have become entrenched and forceful towards Brett Kavanaugh. We all know Satan is the father of lies (John 8:44).  An extremely highly qualified and Godly man barely squeaked out acceptance by two votes. What has become of our once great nation?

The time of the rapture is near, and all of His Church will be forever free of Satan’s constant evil temptations and inspired deeds of sin. It will all be left behind to wear itself out during the 7-year tribulation period.

When I was a young lad on the farm and my dad used to leave me my daily list of chores, and he would come home after work to find his list not completed as he wanted, he would scold me with remarks like “talking to you is like talking to a brick wall.” About the only way he could get my attention was by taking away my after-school baseball privileges!

An enormous number of crazy uncles have spent an enormous amount of time and energy talking to an enormous number of brick walls to an enormous amount of rejections. An example is Mark Brack’s prayer for a long list of rejectors in the upcoming Pre-Rapture Prayer List #6. I hope all of you crazy uncles will check it out when it is posted. And see how Mark’s example has exploded into others also sending in lists of names to be prayed for. The Holy Spirit has led Mark to do this for His Glory!

Time is running out, as the rapture could come at any time. Then it will be too late for both those left behind and also the crazy uncles who were rejected many times trying to shed light into the left- behind’s spiritual darkness. It’s panic time for the crazy uncles while those who will be left behind will be trapped, asleep at the wheel.

I don’t know a cure for the panic except complete witnessing success. But I doubt if that will happen. A large mass of humanity will be left behind. So you crazy uncles need to double-time your witnessing efforts and also be filling at least twice as many left-behind boxes, making sure those left behind will know about their locations and purpose. While you crazy uncles are doing this, also double-up on your prayers for those who might be left behind – that if you can’t wake them up this side of the rapture, that they will become born-again in Christ during the tribulation (John 3:3-7; 15-17).

Reader Feedback

Dick –

You mentioned “NewsMax” as an unbiased source for news. I would also recommend “One America News Network.” They are straight news with capable people.  Of course, if you want ‘happy talk,’ or a gang of loud, low-intelligence nit-wits shouting at one another, or some anchor’s favorite recipe from their grandma, OANN is probably not for you.

They are available on channel 347 on DIRECTV.  They are also found at on the web. If your cable/satellite provider doesn’t offer OANN, see if you can convince them to pick it up.


Hi Dick,

Please keep writing, fascinating insight into the future demography of people. Have you considered reading this article? au via yahoo

I keep re-reading it; you’ll see the card must be turned upside down) as this is what our evil oppressors do. You will see the great earthquake splits the earth in two, two UFO’s represented by the tape disks are present, and this earthquake when the Rapture happens will slow the Earth down back to 360 days just at is says in Revelation.

What do you think? Am I reaching?


Nick Lagos

Production Support

(Dick’s reply): Thanks for the informative email. I enjoyed reading the Cutting Edge newsletter (even their speculations). I deleted their email address and inserted yours so readers can contact you directly; the copyright statement states no copy and pasting, so I won’t!

I do question their estimation as to the number of earthlings who believe in one god. The one billion Muslims believe in “a god” but not “THE GOD,” so I wouldn’t include them in those who might be raptured.

And then there is the case for or against one billion Christians. There might be that many that claim to be Christian, but I doubt that many will be raptured when you count in the falling away apostasy, the lukewarm, etc. Obama claimed he was a Christian. And you have religions like Mormons, Catholics, Jehovah’s Witnesses, etc., that claim to be Christian.

And the 18 million Jews. Many are still awaiting “the first coming,” so many will be in the 7-year trib to get “The Word” from the 144,000.

Their newsletter is, however, a major encouragement for those left behind to travel deeper into the wilderness and away from high-population “civilization” areas.

I tried to subscribe but they rejected me. But I’m used to that.



I just read your article, and you said in the following paragraph the very thing I felt God had showed me:

“It could be God placed Donald Trump in as U.S. President to curtail some of the evil generated and promoted by the 8-year reign of the Obama administration with support from others. This would show the lukewarm U.S. citizens the obvious difference between good and evil (Trump and Obama), thus causing some to repent and reform. It even shows those bamboozled by the Obama lies (taqiyya) on how wrong and truly evil he was/is.

This is a small window of time before the beginning of the end, known as the tribulation, begins and the Antichrist is revealed. I am looking forward to and praying for the coming of Jesus.

Ralph Dawson


Dear Friends,

God is good all the time. We were blessed to have some visitors at church last week, and we expect to have one all the way from Barbados tomorrow.

If you do not have a home church, come and visit with us and see if God will lead you to be with us.

In His Love,

Sean Gooding


Dear Dick Ainsworth:

I hate to inform you, but the Rapture has already come, and you missed it (see The End Times – Armageddon/Rapture – The Coming of the Kingdom ).

Now I realize that the Church has made a fortune on End-Times predictions that not only never came about when the predicted date arrived – but the fact that the Gospels tell you that the Kingdom will never come upon the earth so as to be seen with physical eyes – and can only come within the seekers own mind and being – how will you come to terms with being portrayed as a “blind guide” when you get to the hereafter?

Moreover, how will you face the body of believers who relied upon you as a guide when they also realize that what you preached to them while in this life denied them the opportunity to enter through the “narrow strait gate” and enter the Inner Kingdom?  As one sent as a servant and a guide, I am writing to assist you to open the eyes of your heart, and seek the Kingdom within you. Instead of looking for the Kingdom to come in the outer world in the manner of the Pharisees who threw away the Key of Knowledge, you can only find and enter the Kingdom by seeking it within you.

GodSpeed in TheWay,

Allan Cronshaw

(Dick’s reply): I quit responding to false teaching letters such as yours, but I did run it by some Biblical colleagues; and some of them felt you needed to be exposed and Christians needed to be warned that TheWay is the wrong way.

Bear in mind that I, like all RR article writers, believe in a literal Bible interpretation. It says what it says. And I, like many of the writers, use the King James Version as our Bible of choice. So I am lost when you (Allan Cronshaw) continuously quote from the Gospel of Thomas and the writings of Bob Dylan.

I read some of your writings. It was too lengthy, so I just skimmed it. I only got into it a little when it reeked with the New Age movement. You claim to be a mystic and a gnostic. In a former life you claim your name was Jacob, and you write about your times in the first century.

The New Age malarkey burst onto the scene when you used terms like “the kingdom within you,” “higher truth,” “higher mind & soul-self,” etc.

Now I’ll comment on your letter.

You state the rapture has already come and gone and I missed it. So why are you still here? Or was that “another you” in another time that was raptured? So one of “you” is with the Lord in heaven and another “you” is now going through the tribulation period?

Did you get a head count at the rapture? How about time and date? I haven’t seen any news reports about a mass disappearance of Christians. No reports of pilotless airplane crashes or driverless stage coaches and chariots that wrecked.

After the rapture, the antichrist was to be revealed, plus a Middle East peace plan with Israel was to be reached. Maybe the fake news is hiding that?

You say people like me make a fortune making false predictions that never come true. I have never received a plugged nickel for any article or anything else, nor have I ever made rapture- or Second- Coming predictions. And I have never seen such by other RR writers. Only God knows. So you need to know what in the hell you are talking about before you start talking about it?

And you call me a “blind guide?” I suggest you look into a mirror so you will be able to recognize a blind guide when you see one.

So I am a bit rough on you, but many ex-Marines have a tendency to be in-your-face on various issues. But I hate to see and hear false gospels being spread about by the likes of you. Quit that Satan-inspired stuff and follow Jesus. Just pray that to Jesus with a pure honest heart, and the Holy Spirit will do the rest!

I am placing a prayer in your name in Prayer List #6 for worldwide prayer warriors to pray for the Holy Spirit to soften your heart and spread light into your darkness, so you would follow the Lord’s plan for your salvation.

Peace, Brother!

Prayer Requests:

A good way to build a stronger prayer life is to print off hard copies of Prayer Lists #1, #2, #3, #4, #5 and following; and at any time of day or night when you want to pray to the Lord, take out your printed copies and read/pray over them again. God has a very big memory, and all prayers are recorded by Our Lord and Savior.

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