After the Rapture #21 :: By Dick Ainsworth

After the Rapture – Part 21
Good Seed vs. Bad Seed

In His parable of the sower (Matthew 13:3-8; 18-38) Jesus always encourages us to plant good seed and avoid the tares (weeds) that get mixed in with the plantings. In today’s world of agriculture, it is much easier to control your open-field crops than it is to control the human race. Today’s farmer has a variety of treated seed, sprays, etc. that do the job for him quickly and efficiently. Not so when it comes to saving souls.

Today we have a remnant church planting good seed all over the world. Some falls on good, fertile soil but a lot doesn’t. The crazy-uncle sowers shouldn’t dwell on the rejections as God doesn’t expect you to twist anyone’s arm to make them listen. Just sow your seed and pray for a one-hundred-fold harvest.

After the rapture, you must leave behind as much sown seed as possible in hopes that it fell on good soil and the result is pleasing to God. The left behind are going to have an extremely rough time with just the physical aspect of trying to survive in the wilderness, but the most important phase is their spiritual survival during the tribulation period. It is a waste for someone to dodge antichrist for seven years and still end up in hell.

After the rapture, Christ will remove His Church from this dreadful, sin-infested world under the complete control of Satan. All the Christians will be gone and no more good seed will be sown. The new farmers in town will be the evil trinity (Satan, antichrist and the false prophet), which will be in a league of their own in sowing weeds. Their bad seed will grow anywhere because their time is short (Revelation 12: 12), and they will perform only the miracles God will allow them to perform. Since there will be few good things on earth, the left behind will have to depend on the Holy Spirit and themselves.

The few good things the left behind must seek out and cling to will be The Word of God in the Bible, the 144,000 Jewish prophets and teachers, the two Jewish witnesses on the streets of Jerusalem – who will be miraculously seen and heard by the entire world for 3½ years and then be killed by antichrist, their corpses left lying in the streets for 3½ days and then raptured back to life up into heaven for all to see.

Don’t worry about not being able to understand Greek and Hebrew from the 144,000 plus two. God and His Almighty Power will see that every tongue and nation will hear clearly. Read Acts 2:1-21 where the events surrounding Pentecost are recorded. The Holy Spirit came upon the room full of followers from different lands and tongues, and they all spoke the same, which caused the mockers to claim they were full of new wine. But the Apostle Peter set them all straight! They weren’t drunk but rather were engulfed in the Holy Spirit of God.

Another good thing for the left behind to grasp onto will be the pre-tribulation works of the worldwide network of crazy uncles that prepared left-behind boxes to guide them out of hell and into the pure and complete happiness and joy of heaven.

In that box (or boxes) should be Bibles (preferably KJV or NKJV), sound Bible-study materials, and a personal letter from the crazy uncle who loves them so much they don’t wish that you should perish. There should be articles and teachings from the Rapture Ready website (RR), which is a one-stop source to gather Biblical teachings on the end times. Take some time to browse. This “After the Rapture” series should be included in the box; but if that is too much, then I’d suggest at least #18, #14 and #1.

There is a directory index posted in general articles that gives a brief summary of the contents of each article in the series, thus far by number and its posted date to help you find articles quickly. I will update the directory index from time to time.

But don’t depend on being around after the rapture. I’m sure Satan already has RR in his sights as one of the first things to eliminate, so you need to browse the site and download printed hard copies NOW before it is too late. The RR staff will be gone upward into the clouds, so they will leave behind all the fly swatters and pest control supplies they use against unwanted guests!

It has been very uplifting and encouraging to me for the number of emails I receive from the crazy uncles of this world and the efforts they are making towards filling His Kingdom with once-lost souls. But I wish that I was getting more mail stating that groups were forming to start their own Bible study group and church? These are the ones who are stuck in a prosperity gospel, country club style of church that showers their sheep with fuzzy-pink, feel-good, tickle-the-ears “religious jabber” they spew out of their pulpits.

Now is the time to move, even if it’s just a handful of crazy-uncle Christians setting up shop in someone’s home on a regular meeting basis. The remnant church must get together and stick together during these end times when they are most needed.

Dick Ainsworth


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