Refusing the Mark :: By L. Perry Wilbur

Most people agree that the first two Antichrists were Napoleon and Hitler. The third Antichrist is due to surface in the near future and again will rise from the world of politics. “From the eternal sea he will rise.”

Europe today is in chaos, so many believe the coming third Antichrist will make his headquarters there and rule from a major city in Europe.

Once in power, the Antichrist will use a microchip system to exert his full control of the mass population. Anyone without the mark of the Antichrist, or the number of his name, will not be allowed to buy or sell.

A Gestapo-like security force will be assigned to confirm that every person has the mark of the beast. Those who do not have it will be hunted down and executed.

Unable to buy or sell without the mark of the Antichrist, unable to secure a loan, invest, obtain groceries, or even pay taxes – all those choosing to refuse the mark will have to flee to the mountains or other safe hiding place in order to stay alive.

I tell you this: Far better it will be to refuse the mark of the Antichrist than betray and renounce the God of heaven, the Lord Jesus Christ, and Holy Spirit. Accepting the mark of the beast is a complete rejection of God.

Once the mark is received in the hand, wrist, or forehead, it cannot be changed or undone. This sin will not be forgiven. It means eternal separation from the God of Moses, Jesus, and the golden realms of heaven. Do not make what would be the worst decision of your life.

Do not throw away your free gift of eternal life, through faith and belief in what Christ did on the cross for all mankind. He took the sting and pain of death for you, for me, and for all of us.

In the inspiring film, “The Robe,” the young tribune, Marcellus, is assigned to Jerusalem and later to crucifying Jesus on the cross. Then, a bit later, he becomes ill and mentally tortured from his memories of that day. He would go into a spell and ask over and over the same question: “Were you out there?” “Were you out there?”

A bit later, Marcellus meets Simon Peter, the big fisherman. Seeing the sickness of Marcellus, Peter explains how the sickness of the tribune is due to his own decent shame for what happened to Jesus. The big fisherman assures Marcellus that Christ had already forgiven Marcellus from the cross.

Once learning that Christ had already forgiven him from the cross, Marcellus strongly vows his allegiance to the Lord Jesus: “From this day forward, I enlist in His cause. I offer Him my sword, my fortune, and my life.”

Accepting and taking the mark of the Antichrist, the beast, would be the absolute worst decision of your entire life. It would stamp your ticket to eternal life as null and void.

I wrote an earlier, published article on the web titled Nix the Chip. I still like that title. I say to you, do exactly what that title states. NIX THE CHIP. Amen and amen. This is a decision that will affect your soul down through the corridors of time.

Say no to the mark of the beast, the coming third Antichrist. Stay true and loyal to the God of heaven and the Lord Jesus. Keep His commandments. Walk in His ways. Believe His promise of eternal life, through His redemptive plan of salvation, which was designed so you and I can live forever with the Lord Jesus in heaven. What greater love could He show?

“Happy is he who has the God of Jacob for his friend, whose hope is in the Lord his God.”   (looking for a more secure e-mail service)

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