After the Rapture #29 :: By Dick Ainsworth

Date-setting the Rapture?

One more puzzle in scripture I don’t yet understand? And it is probably in my best interest that I don’t get it. We believers all know that we don’t know the date or hour of the rapture. God’s Word makes that perfectly clear (Mark 13:32), but many of us feel the time is near. I don’t know how many times I have gotten emails saying the rapture is very close. And I agree with that 100%. Check out daily the dependable, honest daily news sites such as Rapture Ready news section, Breitbart, WND, and a very few others, and then tell me the rapture and the tribulation period aren’t very close to becoming reality?

While we believers are watching the events, mainly in the Middle East but also other events around our planet in Bible prophecy, the rest might be more interested in the Red Sox beating the Yankees. This is who the Bible, I believe, is referring to when it talks about the rapture coming “as a thief in the night,” as only the Father knows the time or hour.

Why does the Lord say in Luke 21:28 that – when these earthly events are beginning to happen – look up, lift your heads, for your redemption draweth nigh? Believers are looking up for the rapture while the others are looking up at the scoreboard in Boston’s Fenway Park.

The mockers, scoffers, lukewarm and unbelievers will be caught by surprise, but name me one believer (except for the mid-tribbers and post-tribbers) who will be surprised by the rapture? As Jack Van Impe once said about the pre-trib skeptics who were believers in Christ, “I’ll explain it all to them on the way up.”

1 Thessalonians 5 tells us that we believers are children of the light and day, and not children of the night and darkness; God has not appointed us to wrath. So we know what they don’t know because we can see what they don’t see.

Our present situation is that, besides the overwhelming and dominating influence of the “evil big three” (entertainment industries, mainstream news media, liberal progressive secular humanist government), we also have Satan’s mass deceptions and lies pouring out of more and more church pulpits and pastors’ mouths than ever before. Surf through the Christian TV networks and channels to see how widespread the false gospels have become and are being spread regularly to very large audiences.

This gives the true meaning to Matthew 15:14 and Luke 6:39 when Jesus addressed the mocking scribes and Pharisees by telling of the blind leading the blind, and they all fall into the ditch.

The Bible tells us we cannot save ourselves. Only God can do that as His free gift to us for recognizing and following His Son. You will find that you can only save yourself by making the righteous decision to invite Jesus to actually do the saving for you. It has to do with Revelation 3:20 when Jesus stands at your door and knocks. You have to make the decision to either open the door to Him or leave Him on the outside. He will continue to keep knocking until the time comes to where He quits knocking, which will be about 7 years after the rapture.

Then it won’t make any difference who won the Yankees vs. Red Sox game. You will have lost it all forever.

Always keep in mind that when Jesus Christ does come for the rapture of “His Church,” it’s truly “His Church” that He paid for lock, stock & barrel with His Blood (Acts 20:28). So it is free to everyone. All you have to do is open the door and let Him in. God really made it so easy for all of us, but Satan has lied and tricked so many into rejecting that promise.

Attention Crazy Uncles everywhere! The time is near, and we need to be shining a lot more light into the darkness than we are now—before it’s too late! The ditches are full of lost, blind souls who don’t know how to find their way out on their own.

EMP attacks revisited

Bible prophecy in the Word of God is abundantly clear as we witness global turmoil, especially in the Middle East, unfolding word-for-word in His end-times script as to what is to come. So often it is pointed out in various end-times articles where the United States is not mentioned in these end-times events. I gave my opinion of why this might be in RR general article #15 in this After the Rapture series entitled “Only one safe place” which was posted on March 7, 2018.

Much of that article centered on possible EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) attacks on the USA by its enemies, namely North Korea and/or China. I believe one of the main reasons the USA isn’t mentioned in the Biblical end-times prophecies is because God is telling us about the fate of His Chosen Nation Israel and the events that surround “the apple of His eye” (Zechariah 2:8). Even though the USA was extremely blessed by God during its 300-year existence, Bible prophecy deals mainly with the future of Israel.

And since the USA has rejected God’s Blessings so openly, intensely and frequently (“in Your face,” to put it bluntly), it wouldn’t surprise me one bit that part of God’s wrath on our disobedient nation would come quickly and harshly after He removes His Church. God will take care of Israel with or without America’s help.

For those that are left behind and trapped in the tribulation period, being in the wilderness and surviving on your own would be the best place to be in case of an EMP attack. You don’t want to be in a major population area where panic, violence, crime, theft, etc., will set in abundantly and run rampant. Sharing resources and wisdom works a whole lot better with 10-12 like-minded people than with out-of-control mobs of mixed beliefs where most will have a “me first” attitude. God-fearing people will pull together towards the greater good for all. Some might call it “working as a team.”

Russia’s military might has Israel surrounded by land, sea and in the air. They mainly use Syria as a launching pad for a very well-planned attack on Israel from all sides. Their best buddy in this satanic mess is Iran, along with Turkey and Syria, which are strong allies and receive heavy military support, plus providing a means for bypassing trade sanctions.

Turkey and Syria, plus others, didn’t have a strong or advanced military until Russia and Iran starting increasing their military aid to them. This was done several ways with the more prominent being (1) sell them the hardware, (2) give them the hardware plus schooling and advisors, (3) move within their borders, seas and air space, and set up shop.

And when Obama left a pallet of hard cash on Iranian soil, plus other large forms of financial donations, these freebees were another free gift to Satan. I can just imagine Satan standing by that big pile of money with his arm around Obama – and both of them standing there with big teethy smiles on their evil faces!

Iran surely used some of American’s tax dollars for their own use, plus portions that went directly to terrorist groups surrounding Israel. So they are set to wipe Israel off the face of the world map. This is all self-serving for Russia. But God and His Prophetic Word has a different plan.

Plus many of the terrorist groups that now surround Israel are surely getting weaponry from North Korea, China, Russia, Iran, Syria and others in the form of small nuclear bombs (such as suitcase bombs, dirty bomb components and makings, etc.), poisonous gas and chemical weapons, bombs, literally tons of missiles, etc.

The Obama Administration regularly aided Middle Eastern terrorist groups against Israel during his two terms in office, plus authoring and passing the Iranian Nuclear Arms agreement that gave Iran a free ticket to fast-forward their quest for nuclear weapons of mass destruction, and the ICBM (Intercontinental Ballistic Missile) program they needed to deliver those warheads both near and far.

And to further stick his finger in God’s eye, Obama, along with delivering pallets of hard cash on Iranian soil, has also lifted many trade sanctions against this terrorist nation and their rogue government so they can do business freely elsewhere.

So Obama laid the groundwork for the destruction of Israel. His heir-apparent, Hillary Clinton, was to carry on the plan and finish the job the Obummer started.

But the White House went from an 8-year nightmare by the secular humanist Shiite president with the big teethy smile and evil eyes that the world grew to adore, to the stability and open, keen judgment of an honest-to-gosh Christian who is keeping his many campaign promises and who has become Israel’s best ally once again.

President Trump is trying his hardest to undo Obama’s mess but is fighting an uphill battle against odds that include “the evil big three” led by Satan himself. The new national sport in the USA has been “Trump hating” for the last 16 months.

And many people will be shocked and surprised at God’s promised harsh and severe judgments that will soon fall on a God-rejecting America. The left-behind numbers need to be reduced so more of them will avoid this by being safely with the Lord in heaven.

But the USA would surely come to their defense in case of an attack on Israel. So I still expect either North Korea or China to launch an EMP attack, or some other diversionary tactic, against the USA to keep them out of, or greatly hinder them from, coming to the defense and aid of Israel. Satan and Obama surely had to change plans when Hillary couldn’t buy the USA presidency in 2016.

I realize President Trump has cancelled the peace summit with the North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un. I wouldn’t trust a single word “the Pillsbury doughboy” would ever “agree” to in any agreement. The same with China. I wouldn’t trust either one any farther than I could throw a fully-loaded tank!

Thanks to the 8-year Obama administration policies to tear down and weaken the USA’s mighty military, the USA can no longer fight wars on two fronts like they did in WWII against Japan and Hitler’s Germany. No matter whose administration is running things, they would likely protect the home front first. Besides, an EMP attack would do extensive damage to America’s military, economic, social and political systems.

Russia, China and North Korea might try to discourage the Arab nations from using nuclear weapons against Israel as they want the spoils of war as undamaged as possible. Who wants a bunch of destroyed and wiped-out oil wells, anyway? But an EMP attack could be fixed or repaired over a shorter period of time. Their main motivation would be to eliminate the USA as a world superpower, plus reap in the spoils of war.

The satanic Arab nations hate Israel and the Jewish people with a passion as they are guided by Satan’s hate for God. But the God-rejecting Russia, China and North Korea could care less about any religion as they are mainly interested in the spoils of war and Israel and America’s vast resources and wealth.

If God wasn’t in charge of these happenings, it would be quite a sight to see all of those anti-God nations and governments fighting and at war with each other over the spoils like a flock of buzzards battling each other over two lone dead and decaying carcasses!

Another strong possibility exists that if the rapture of Christ’s church should happen before Israel’s enemies stage such an attack, that wouldn’t be at all good for left-behind Jews. I don’t think it would be wild speculation to assume that many more conservative Christian believers (including converted Jews) would be raptured over the likes of secular humanists, liberal progressives and the Jews who are still looking for the Secord Coming of their Messiah, to name just a few.

The liberal progressives and secular humanists would surely take over complete control of the world’s individual governments after those pesky Christian believers are gone? With the current administration and its congress gutted of God-fearing people, I doubt if much concern would be given to any kind of USA support for Israel after the rapture.

A recent example of intense, mindless Trump-hating is congresswoman Nancy Pelosi’s May 17th “diarrhea of the mouth” rant concerning President Trump’s observation that the animalistic MS-13 gangs and mobs were “animals.”

She responded that they are all “children of God” and President Trump doesn’t treat them with the “dignity and worth” they deserve! What Nutty Nancy doesn’t understand is that the MS-13 animals will need to do a lot of confessing and repenting before He judges and accepts them as His children? Maybe she needs to invite a few of them over to her mansion for dinner to talk over how mistreated and unappreciated MS-13 have become?

After these foreign enemy attacks, there would likely be little help from Great Britain, Canada, France, Germany, etc., to assist the USA in defending itself, as those countries all have liberal-progressive leadership and governments. Muslim refugees have taken over population control of all those countries. London has even elected a Muslim mayor! And those countries have become very anti-Semitic.

I don’t get tired at all of seeing the term “MARANATHA” used so much these days! The one and only safe place for us to be IS IN HEAVEN! Those that are bound to be left behind need to ponder those realities long and hard before it’s too late.

No matter how bleak and discouraging the world looks today, a very bright and completely fulfilling future lies ahead. God promises us that.

Is Aadhaar a forerunner to Revelation 13:15-18?

The government of India has forced into nationwide existence what they kindly call “The National ID Card” system which may be much more than that. Since India’s 1.1 billion population is 80% Hindu and 14% Muslim, they and other national non-Christian countries like China and North Korea could care less what God prophesied in His Word.

In India it started out harmlessly-sounding enough over four or so years ago, but each year has seen more restrictions, regulations and requirements added with more and more human rights vanishing from view. In the old days, we used to call government actions like that “the creeping crud.” It slowly and silently sneaks up on you when you are comfortable and at ease.

As soon as I became aware of it in RR news, I immediately contacted Sister Deevena at the Light of the World ministry in India for more details. This is the ministry that Hindu terrorists targeted, burning their church to the ground in February. Everyone that “volunteers” for the card gets a 12-digit number, so she sent me a copy of her 2-year-old daughter’s Aadhaar card. Yes, a photo ID card for a not yet 2-year-old baby!

The authorities claim it isn’t mandatory, yet they ruled that anyone who didn’t get their 12-digit number by December 31, 2017, would have their existing bank accounts “cease to be operational.”

So far, just about all of the 1.1 billion of their population have “volunteered” to have their faces, eyes and fingers (fingerprints) scanned with the results entered into the government’s National ID data base. Revelation speaks about antichrist marking foreheads and hands. Is this a stretch or what?

A growing number of financial institutions are climbing on the Aadhaar bandwagon. The Reserve Bank of India is blocking individual savings accounts without an Aadhaar number. Monthly pension checks are frozen. So much for buying and selling without “the number.”

You are now unable to obtain and maintain a Facebook account. No more government welfare benefits, or you can’t buy a cellphone without your 12-digit number. You are still allowed to enroll in schools, trade schools and colleges, but you can’t take test exams without “the number.”

Most people’s private information is becoming less private and widespread as it can be shared with other governments and private businesses. There is very little protection of privacy in this government scheme.

Quora is a major authority on the pros and cons of Aadhaar. They list an example of what it would be like to place an order at the local Pizza Hut by phone in 2020 with a required 12-digit number. A customer calls in an order and the clerk rejects the Pizza Hut promotional offer for three free bottles of cola with a pizza order, as their records show the caller is diabetic and shouldn’t be drinking cola!

The clerk continues to rattle off all sorts of personal and private information on the caller to the caller by just entering their number. And this is from a clerk at a local Pizza Hut that now has free access to all personal information to anyone who calls in and gives him or a co-worker their number. This info can then be passed around and used as the pizza clerks or whoever sees fit. It is happening in India now. And elsewhere tomorrow.

To read this Pizza Hut example in full, go to this website:

What we are seeing in these end-times is Satan preparing his antichrist and the false prophet for their arrival in the tribulation period, and his spiritually insane plan to lure God’s children into the fires of hell. After the rapture, the antichrist and the false prophet will be able to step into a ready-made system of control of the world’s population and then control all buying and selling, normal everyday life and activities, etc.

Since at least 94% (80% plus 14%) of India’s 1.1 billion population (or 1.034 billion) are lost and unsaved. Satan will possibly be taking at least that many to an eternity in hell along with himself.

We have seen the rapid rise of artificial intelligence (AI) technology on the world scene with nearly all countries climbing aboard. It is nearly set to go; and when combined with evil deceptions like Aadhaar, it is being tested and just waiting for the rapture to rid this planet of believing Christians and then mow down the souls who have very limited Biblical knowledge and will willingly accept this evil system.

And when all countries of the world adopt such a system, you might call it “an instant new world order.”

The false prophet will do something similar to create the “one world religion.” All religions of the world will have to give & take with compromises to fit in and be accepted. The only problem with that is the Gospel of Jesus Christ cannot be compromised. But after the rapture, who will know that?

The rapture will assist Satan so as to hide the truth of God’s free gift of eternal salvation for those left behind and to all that might seek it.

Let us all pray for the small number of Christians now in India, that Jesus will snatch them away in the rapture of His Church before antichrist arrives on the scene and takes control over all world government systems. And these same remnant church members in India need to fill up those left-behind boxes with letters and Bible-teaching materials for those left behind so they might obtain Christ’s second chance at a perfect joyous eternity in heaven.

Survival Tips

Early on in this series (article #1), it was suggested that the crazy uncles leave behind guns and ammunition for those left behind. There are mixed feelings amongst the readership on this subject. I’m a pro-gun second amendment guy myself, so I lean in that direction.

But I also stated in this article that there were other uses for guns in the tribulation period besides shooting the lousy gestapo creeps. I even did an article (#13) entitled “Don’t join or start a militia” explaining how the new Christians would be outnumbered and outgunned by the dominating and powerful gestapo under antichrist.

In the wilderness, there will be a large variety of wild, hungry animals (“beasts”), and firearms can be used as a defense against them. I suggested that you get a good bow with lots and lots of arrows. A back-up bow with extra bow strings is also recommended – much quieter but very deadly. But it will take some practice to learn how to use them properly.

If you run out of arrows, you can always make your own like the Native American Indians did in the good old days, but they won’t be as sturdy and accurate as today’s store-bought, evenly balanced arrows. So buy plenty of extras. Some will get lost or broken. At first you will not always hit the practice targets you are shooting at.

Another suggestion was that, since money and currency will be worthless to the new believers, those left behind will need to set up their own economic system, probably a barter system. You might be able to swap guns and ammo for a pair of boots or a sleeping bag?

But for those leaving behind guns and ammo to those who aren’t familiar with the safety and handling of firearms, it might be a good idea to also leave a gun safety manual or book.

I don’t think it will do much good to enroll them in a firearms safety course. What are you going to tell them? “Son, you are going to be left behind in the end-times 7-year tribulation period so I want you to take this shooting course!” I don’t think you will get many takers with that.

Any gun shop ought to have books and manuals on their shelves. Or you can go online and Google “gun safety books.”

The NRA (National Rifle Association) has a long list of books and manuals. Gun safety is a top priority with them. You can contact them at:

Also Remington Arms ( has a free download manual.

SOLAR POWERED SECURITY CAMERAS: There are many models available for under $30.00 and a few more under $50.00. Try, Home Depot and Cabela’s plus Amazon to compare. A great place for one is outside your cave and your place where you hold Bible study and prayer. Be sure it is hidden and camouflaged (the sun can reflect off any shiny metal and give your location away), but make sure that the camera lens has a clear and open view.

Kicking Satan’s Butt #2

It really makes an old man happy to see things go right. And that is how I felt when the prayer requests more than tripled after I wrote the segment entitled “Kicking Satan’s Butt” in article #27. It did my heart good to envision the smoke rolling off the many computer keyboards from everywhere as Rapture Ready readers took it to heart that just filling up a left-behind box and writing “before the rapture” letters just isn’t enough. It also takes a lot of intense prayer to the Father through His Son, who will assign the Holy Spirit more lost souls to shine eternal light into the hearts and minds of those who might be left behind after the rapture.

We need many more members in our “Crazy Uncle’s Club” (article #19).

More readers are realizing that sincere, faithful prayer by Christ’s Church presently on earth really works. The more we pray, the farther down the bottomless pit Satan and his gang of imps will be stuffed.

So keep those prayers a-coming. Satan and his imps hate it, and a large turnout of mass prayer scares the hell into them. If the number of prayers continues to increase, this could become “the rolling thunder show!” We win and the losers lose.

Disease and Pestilence judgments

There was no sickness or illness in the Garden of Eden until Adam and Eve sinned and were cast out of the Garden and into the real world. That is when sickness, illness and physical injuries began.

And as the population of the world increased, the world of sin also increased. God had to take matters in His own hands on occasion, namely the flood in Noah’s time and the fire and brimstone shower from heaven in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah.

We live in the days of worldwide death on such a regular basis that it really doesn’t have much of an emotional impact anymore. Death is so commonplace now that a terrorist attack or a mass shooting or a deadly tornado or an epidemic don’t have the shock value they once had before we had overpowering mass media instantly telling us everything about everything around the clock. If it didn’t happen in your backyard, it is usually forgotten in a couple of days. It was usually drowned out by the other numerous news events of the day.

One of the major problems with modern-day news media is that there is so much good news that needs to be reported but isn’t. And there is so much evil, bad and fabricated news that shouldn’t be reported but is pounded continuously into the hearts and brains of the world.

So I repeat that Satan has nearly 100% control of the world’s massive news media.

I usually get a twinge in my gut whenever FOX News hints that they don’t deal in “fake news.” Someone needs to inform them that “The Shepard Smith News Hour” is on Monday through Friday from 1:00 to 2:00 P.M. EST!

RR news reports that Suzanne Scott has been named the new CEO at FOX News. One of her first acts was to take Lt. Col. (ret.) Ollie North’s office and convert it into a prayer room complete with Muslim prayer rugs. North has left FOX to take over the duties of leading the NRA (National Rifle Association).

In these prophetic end-times, God’s wrath on a disobedient and ungrateful world is repeatedly promised but isn’t heeded except by a very few of His faithful. The rest of the planet continues to tolerate and endure the woes of this world as they seek the manmade pleasures, entertainment and excitement over the obedience to God’s way that would surely make life more stable and eternal. Taking risky chances with eternity is exciting and adventurous to many lost souls these days.

God’s wrath on this disobedient earth is promised in many forms, including more frequent harsh and violent weather events, widespread wars and violence, disease and pestilences – just to name a few. And what we are experiencing now before the rapture is mild compared to what is in store for those left behind during the 7-year tribulation.

Disease and pestilence will snowball during the tribulation period due to errors of mankind. When the antichrist takes over the world, do you believe organizations like the WHO (World Health Organization) and CDC (Center for Disease Control) will still be in existence? I doubt it. If you need a doctor, there might be a lot of abortion doctors around, but they will be overloaded, poorly qualified – and some will be needing a doctor themselves due to God’s wrath and judgments.

Besides, an abortion doctor or nurse who has spent most of their lives killing unborn babies in and out of the womb won’t have a lot of compassion on an adult who walks in with medical injuries and illnesses. I just wonder if some of these left-behind and God-rejecting medical people won’t be used by antichrist to administer the 666 mark.

And where will these “doctors” get their pills, vaccines, medical equipment and supplies, etc., after the rapture has taken the many good Christian workers up into the clouds? I’m sure they will come up with something. Maybe use dangerous street drugs to make the sick and injured feel better?

I just wonder how they will try to treat the 5-month scorpion-locust stings (Revelation 9:1-10) that come from the bottomless pit. I’m sure they might want to try to practice on themselves first?

This is another good reason for the new Christians left behind to flee into the wilderness. Be sure to pack along good first-aid kits, medical supplies and snake-bite kits along with medical first-aid manuals. Untrained do-it-yourself medical help just might be a whole lot better and safer than a God-rejecting doctor or nurse who won’t have your best interests at heart.

You don’t want to be in a major population area where pandemics might start or exist. Something like the flu virus has killed large numbers of people worldwide over time.

In 1957, Asian flu (H2N2) killed two million; in 1968, Hong Kong flu (H3N2) killed a million; but the largest so far was 1918 when the Spanish flu (H1N1) killed 5% of the world population with over 100 million dead. So far this year, an average of 4,000 a week have died in the USA of the H3N2 virus.

Some flu viruses in recent years have started with animals and spread to humans such as Bird flu and Swine flu.

This is just the flu mentioned briefly here. E. Coli and HIV virus are now common; but once thought controlled, eradicated or extinct diseases like bubonic or the black plague are making a comeback even here in the USA.

STD (sexually transmitted diseases) have shown a sharp 40% increase in the last five years in Australia alone. The State of California has had a 48% increase in STD’s (no surprise there!) So who do you think needs a wall?

And in this present “anything goes” sex climate we now live in, it will get much, much worse in time remaining on earth. Those left behind (whether raped or not) will suffer intensely if infected by these evil STD carriers and spreaders of diseases.

Animal diseases such as rabies, mad cow and Lyme diseases that can spread to humans are now more common.

We know from Christian history that disease follows sin. It is one of God’s judgments on sin since Adam and Eve. And I believe that antichrist’s enormous, satanic gestapo will be transporters and carriers of many old and new diseases worldwide. Hello pandemics!

This is yet another convincing selling point that the antichrist can use to force sick and infected people to accept his 666 mark. You can swap your soul for some pills. He will cause you to be infected and then give you a shot to cure it (in exchange for your soul).

And you are also taking a chance as to what he is putting into that syringe. If he has your soul, he doesn’t need you around any longer getting in his way. You have served his evil purpose.

Healthcare and disease control will bottom-out during the tribulation period. Antichrist won’t be coming up with any healthcare plans anytime soon. People will probably be praying for Obamacare once again! That’s a “sickening,” scary thought! (no pun intended.)

Today we use terms like “what goes around comes around” and things “have gone full circle.” And this will be proven Biblically true again after the rapture. Adam and Eve both had a perfect health environment until they screwed up and sinned and were cast out of the Garden.

As the population grew, so did the world of sin which was followed by more death from illness, injuries and natural causes. Adam and Eve would have probably still been alive today if they would have not sinned against God. As it is, the Bible tells us Adam lived to be 930 years old (Genesis 5:5).The Bible tells us “the wages of sin is death” (Romans 6:23) but eternal life is the gift of God. You can take that literally.

Those taken in the rapture will go through eternity with not even the sniffles or a simple limp or a mild headache. Those sicknesses and ailments are things of the past. But those outside of heaven will be an entirely different matter. Lots of pain and suffering… FOREVER!

Sure, there will be some doctors and nurses in hell, but they won’t be able to help you! Everyone will be in solitary confinement with no contact with anyone for eternity. Your only “company” will be your continuous memories and regret for a lifetime of unforgiven sin.

Please rethink your life’s priorities for now and for your upcoming eternal afterlife.

Prayer Requests

Please note that I frequently rerun prayer requests for good reason. (1) Some readers might have missed it the first time it ran. (2) It never hurts to pray for the same things over again. God does not get weary with too many prayers. (3) The more we pray, the farther down the hole we stuff Satan. All prayer gets good results. There is no such thing as negative and too much prayer.

I would also appreciate it if those of you who send in prayer requests would get back with me when you see good results from the group prayer. Just a quick email. I like to run these results as it is an encouragement to those who are praying for you and yours, plus it also encourages others to send in prayer requests as they see others getting positive results. And those total strangers praying for you appreciate your “thank you” and will pray again and maybe even harder.

Email your prayer requests to:

COLLEEN urgently requests your prayers for her lost family. She writes, “Please pray that my 2 nieces and 8 nephews, 3 brothers-in-law, one ex sister-in law, one brother and 4 sisters will have a revelation of who Jesus Christ is, that they will accept Him as their Savior. Please pray that they will have others that know Christ who will come into their lives.

“Please pray that each one of them will have their eyes opened to the truth of who Jesus Christ is and their need for Him. Please pray that my husband will have a hunger to follow Christ.

“Please pray that God will cure my health issues so that I might have the physical strength to serve God and seek after Christ. Please pray that my heart will be surrendered to Him and that I will be led by God and His Spirit.

“Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I have lost my focus and will to even know how to be a testimony in these times.

“In Christ alone.


(Dick’s comments): Colleen hasn’t lost the focus and will as to how to be a testimony for Christ. People who have lost their focus and will can’t write a prayer such as what Colleen just did. Satan is the author of confusion, and it is he who tricks people into believing they have lost their focus and will. If Colleen wasn’t doing God’s Will, Satan wouldn’t be battling her so fiercely, trying to convince her otherwise and for her to just shut-up. But Colleen is a true prayer warrior who doesn’t let illness and physical ailments stop her from serving God and being a strong witness.

KATHY FRAZIER is requesting prayers for several of her family members. Her 87-year-old Dad is not saved and has a very hard heart towards anything to do with God.

Also please pray for my older brother and his family, my younger brother and his family, that they all will come to Christ. And also my daughter that she draws closer to Jesus.

And please pray for my Mom who has been diagnosed with a rare cancer three years ago, and so far has been in remission (she’s outlived the prognosis by 2½ years!) She is experiencing some symptoms that have her worried, even though she just had a great check-up and lab work with her oncologist. Pray that she feels better soon! I love my Mom so very much.

And please pray for my husband’s parents who are not saved either. Please pray for them!

Thank you so very much, prayer warriors! You are so appreciated.

In Christ.

Kathy Frazier

SHERRY asks for your prayers for salvation and deliverance from drugs for my adult son… His name is Joe. And also for her daughter, Amy, for her relationship with the Lord be restored, and for her healing from several health issues she has been having.

Also pray for the salvation of Sherry’s two grandsons.

Thank you and God Bless all of you.

SANDY is asking for prayers for all of her family members. She has been praying for them daily to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior into their hearts. “I need your prayers so very much.”

“And I thank you, all my dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ.”

RHONDA WILLIAMS has nine (9) nieces and nephews who do not know or accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. So Rhonda is requesting prayer for all of them by name.

Brother and sister Christopher and Misty need Christ in their life. Misty claims to be Wiccan. Also pray for nephew Jake.

Brothers Travis and James also with brothers and sisters Tabitha and Matthew, and Steven and Christine.

Rhonda also says, “It’s exciting to know our prayer requests are going around the world.”

GRETA BRYANT needs prayer for her lost family that consists of three grown sons with families plus her husband and his family.

LIGHT OF THE WORLD ministry in India continues to struggle trying to recover from the devastating Hindu terrorist attack that burned their church building to the ground, plus many of their teaching materials, tracts, Bibles, etc.

Also pray for their safety as they travel to remote areas to preach the Gospel to young and old alike. May God guide and protect them with his protective hand against the evil that confronts them continuously. Pray for the widows, orphans and others in need of God’s Blessings.

You can contact and get more information on this ministry from Sister Deevena at

CYNTHIA is most grateful for everyone’s prayers for her family, and she reports that she is seeing positive results firsthand. She is especially happy that her daughter and her husband are doing an about-face with regards to Jesus. They are now both looking forward to the rapture and are getting closer to the Lord and reading His Word.

But her daughter still has major health problems, and that is why the court awarded custody of her now ten-year-old son to her atheist ex-husband. His girlfriend later moved in and is constantly keeping the whole family situation in turmoil by doing everything she can to try and limit contact.

Both the atheist and his live-in would prefer it if the son’s mother, stepfather and grandparents weren’t in the child’s life at all. But the court ruled the mother could have visitation. If her health problems could be healed, they could go back to court and get the custody ruling changed. The son is very unhappy at the present time in his present situation and wants to be with his mother, step-dad and grandparents.

Cynthia is really in grave need of prayer from all of you to pray for her daughter’s health issues to be resolved and her quick and complete healing and recovery so she can regain custody of her son, and this good Christian family can be back together. The young son is not allowed any exposure to Jesus Christ and His Gospel at all by this atheist dad who presently has legal custody.

Cynthia is still asking for prayers for her atheist son as well.

Please pray that God will come to their rescue and also find a way for her grandson to learn about his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ so this family can be together forever after the rapture.

MATT JACKSON requests prayer for the Rohr family and their daughter Rachel. He also wishes the Lord would find a way for him to come into contact with this family again so he can continue to witness the ways of the Lord to them.

DICK wants to express his sincere appreciation to those who have prayed for his family and his improving health. Some of his family members are really coming alive spiritually, and it is easy to witness to them now and answer their questions.

The doctors told him they are going to keep him on antibiotics for 20 more days, and that he is showing improvements health-wise.

RHONDA WILLIAMS is requesting your prayers for the unsaved members of her family which includes her two grown sons (Daniel and Charles), her two granddaughters (Amiyah and Saniyah) and three sisters and a brother (Faye, Vickie, Sharon and Greg). Please pray for them all.

PAULA PARSONS is requesting prayer for her good friend Nicky White who has started chemotherapy and radiotherapy for her cancer. Nicky had drifted away from God in recent years but lately has come back to the Lord. She really wants to thank everyone for their prayers.

Paula also wants to thank everyone who has prayed for her daughter to return to Christ. She is a new person and is growing stronger each and every day.

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