GOD Cancels Pagan/Witches Meet-up :: By Geri Ungurean

GOD Cancels Pagan/Witches Meet-up in Ellicott City, MD 

My husband and I live in Maryland. Covens of witches, Wicca members and Pagans are no strangers to our State.

But there is a town in Maryland which has made national news twice in the last two years – with the same story. Ellicott City, MD was pounded and destroyed by torrential downpours which resulted in disastrous fast-moving floods in July of 2016; and just two days ago, this town was once again ravaged by raging floods which carried away cars and debris from stores on Main Street.

People were stranded in stores, hurrying to the second floor to avoid being carried away by flood waters. They watched in horror from second-story windows.

The rebuilding from the 2016 flood event was still going on when shop owners watched in disbelief as the waters once again decimated their town.

After a three-hour downpour, the Patapsco River swelled over its banks into Ellicott City, bringing unrelenting flood waters which once again destroyed everything in its path.

From meetup.com

Pagans and witches from the area were to have a “meet-up” on June 5th in the basement of a brewery in Ellicott City.

Our out and about meet-up

Tuesday, June 5, 2018
7:00 PM to 10:00 PM

Ellicott Mills Brewing Company

8308 Main St · Ellicott City, MD


Join us for fantastic food and optional drink on Main Street Ellicott City.

This is our monthly out and about meet-up, a great chance to get to know each other in a public setting.

Our venue this month is Ellicott Mills Brewing Company; we will be meeting in the downstairs bar.

If you’re a Lobster fan, starting at 5:30pm there is a Lobster Special in the bars only (while supplies last). It’s perfect timing for you to enjoy your lobster and the rest of us can meet you afterwards!

http://www.ellicottmillsbrewing.com/ 8308 Main Street Ellicott City, MD 21043, [masked]

Surprisingly this location is not anti-children as long as they have something to entertain themselves with.

It’s important to remember that meetup.com, supplies and spaces for our larger gatherings are not free. We are taking the group suggestion of a donation jar at all our events that will go towards the site fees and supporting the group. Any small change (or larger bills) will be much appreciated. – source

I wrote a piece on the 2016 Ellicott City Flood:

Old Ellicott City Destroyed by Flood: God’s Wrath Cannot Be Stopped

Witchcraft is received just like a denomination of Christianity in these last days. Satan knows that his days are numbered and he is drawing in as many souls as his minions can garner. These people bring their children to events and celebrate their evil master. They truly believe that there is goodness in the gatherings. Strong Delusion.

The Mercy of God

Our Lord could have waited until June 5th to allow the banks of the Patapsco River to overflow and wash away much of Ellicott City – but He did not.  There will be no “Meetup” of Witches and Pagans in Ellicott City this June.

A large percentage of the stores damaged in these floods were Wicca, New Age, Crystal-selling Mystical stores, New Age tattoo shops and many other satanically inspired businesses.

In the 1990’s I used to sing at a Christian Coffee house which was situated right over a few of the pagan stores. The Coffee house called “The Upper Room” had a megaphone next to a window. The Christian music could be heard on Main Street until many complaints from the New Age store owners forced us to take the megaphone down.

Some New Age people would wander into The Upper Room just to see what was happening there. I always prayed that these were providential events and that a few of them might be saved.

I do pray that many store owners of Ellicott City would begin to realize that the second destruction of their town was not a coincidence.

I pray that the eyes and hearts of many of these lost souls would be opened to our Lord, and that they would be saved.

Shalom b’Yeshua



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