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Recently I wrote an article called “How to Start a War.”

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In that article, I wrote about the weakness that America is displaying to the world since the illegitimate Biden administration overtook our White House.

Now, that same administration is boldly declaring its hatred of Israel. And what’s more, they are empowering the so-called Palestinians, Hezbollah, and Hamas.

Biden and his ilk are attempting to fund a UN Palestinian Refugee Agency.

I blame this crooked administration for what is transpiring in Israel as I write this piece. There are riots in all major cities, including Jerusalem. Rockets from the Gaza Strip rain down upon Israel.

It is not hard to see how Biden is making Israel’s enemies feel empowered. Perhaps the riots and burning taking place in Democratic-run cities in America have become an inspiration to the enemies of Israel who live IN Israel.



Republicans push back against Biden moves to fund controversial UN Palestinian refugee agency

Republicans are pushing back against the Biden administration’s moves to fund a controversial U.N. Palestinian refugee agency that has been dogged with accusations of anti-Israel bias — and one that the Trump administration stopped funding.

21 Republicans, led by Sen. Jim Risch, R-Idaho, wrote to Secretary of State Antony Blinken this week expressing concern about the Biden administration’s decision to resume funding to the U.N. Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) that deals with Palestinian refugees — and has faced accusations that it teaches hate against Jews and Israelis in its schools.

“We are concerned that this administration’s decision to resume U.S. assistance to UNRWA was made in haste, without any actionable attempt to secure much-needed and meaningful reforms of the agency,” the lawmakers wrote.

“Beyond its inflated and duplicative structure, there are serious concerns about the impartiality of UNRWA. Over the years, the agency has employed individuals affiliated with Hamas, a U.S. designated terrorist organization. UNRWA schools have been used to store Hamas weapons,” the senators continued. “Additionally, there have been numerous cases of UNRWA textbooks including material that is anti-Semitic, such as encouraging the destruction of the state of Israel and supporting martyrdom and/or violent jihad.”


Earlier this month, Blinken announced the U.S. would restore aid to UNRWA, which was halted by the Trump administration, in the amount of $150 million as part of a broader effort to restore Palestinian aid.

“U.S. foreign assistance for the Palestinian people serves important U.S. interests and values,” he said in a statement. “It provides critical relief to those in great need, fosters economic development, and supports Israeli-Palestinian understanding, security coordination, and stability. It also aligns with the values and interests of our allies and partners.”

UNRWA was set up in the wake of the 1948 Arab-Israeli war to deal with displaced Palestinians but is a frequent target of Israel, which rejects a so-called “right of return” for the descendants of those who were displaced in the conflict. UNRWA, meanwhile, has said it does not promote a “right of return.”

UNRWA is estimated to provide education, health care, financial assistance and food to 5 million people in the Middle East. According to UNRWA, its education system serves over half a million students in some 711 elementary and preparatory schools.

Critics also accuse UNRWA of using too broad of a definition for refugees, covering the descendants of Palestinian refugees, as well as people who have become residents in other countries and are no longer displaced. They also object that Palestinian refugees are the only refugees with their own refugee agency, with all other refugees coming under the remit of the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

Much of the controversy has focused on the textbooks that UNRWA uses in schools. The Bedein Center for Near East Policy Research, which reports on UNRWA’s curriculum, recently cited several examples showing what they claimed was anti-Semitic and religious incitement, such as a textbook given to fifth graders describing a terrorist as a martyr for killing 38 passengers, including 13 children, on an Israeli bus in 1978.

The Trump administration cut funding altogether, one of a number of moves it took to pull out of or defund agencies that it saw as anti-Israel or anti-American.

The letter to Blinken was praised by former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley, who was a key voice in halting funding during the Trump administration, and said this week the U.S. should not give UNRWA “a dime” until it “Stops employing terrorists – Stops promoting anti-Semitic textbooks – Releases the true number of “refugees.”

Niki Haley’s Tweet on GOP Senators Against the Funding

The Biden administration drew further controversy this week when Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield met with the head of UNRWA Philippe Lazzarini, but the readout only hinted at the long-standing concerns.

“The two discussed U.S. re-engagement with UNRWA, including the recent announcement of the resumption of U.S. assistance to the agency,” the readout said. “Ambassador Thomas-Greenfield underscored the critical role that UNRWA plays in providing vital services to a vulnerable population and reiterated Secretary Blinken’s pledge of partnership with the agency.”

The statement concluded, “Ambassador Thomas-Greenfield also committed to working together with UNRWA to achieve important reforms to strengthen the agency’s effectiveness and efficiencies, as well as to promote shared UN principles of equality, neutrality, tolerance, and anti-discrimination.”

A source familiar with the conversation, who could not speak on the record about a private diplomatic meeting, later told Fox News that “Ambassador Thomas-Greenfield extensively discussed with Lazzarini the issue of inflammatory material in textbooks, a zero-tolerance policy, and the urgent need for reforms.”

But the criticism of the Biden administration’s moves toward sending taxpayer money to UNRWA is likely to continue.

Rep. Lee Zeldin, R-NY, also hit out at the Biden administration, saying it “is willing to look the other way while the U.N. actively perpetuates anti-Semitism.”

“The Biden administration’s eagerness to bury its head in the sand is a continued betrayal of America’s greatest ally, Israel,” he said.

The Biden administration’s intention to grow closer to the U.N. has also included an attempt to rejoin the U.N. Human Council, which the Trump administration left in 2018 due to its anti-Israel bias and ongoing concerns about its membership. The Human Rights Council currently includes members like China, Russia, Cuba and Venezuela. Source

As we watch – sometimes in horror – WE MUST Remember that God is in FULL CONTROL and is allowing events to happen in order to fulfill His Bible Prophecy.

I have to remind myself of this several times a day.

But that does not mean we should stop praying for the Peace of Jerusalem. We should NEVER stop that Scriptural prayer!

We are here to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the lost, and to PRAY!

How Can I Be Saved?

Shalom B’Yeshua


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How to Start a War :: By Geri Ungurean

It is so very obvious that the political climate in the U.S. is extremely dangerous and leaves us vulnerable to attacks.

Who is going to believe illegitimate Joe Biden who can hardly finish a sentence and often forgets where he is?

And who will believe a president who walks back his empty threats?

The Bible says this:

“A double-minded man is unstable in all his ways” (James 1:8).

Also, I cannot imagine the people of Israel and its leadership – how they must feel after the outpouring of love from the Trump administration; and now the hostile Biden administration. They are empowering Iran to carry on with its enrichment of uranium as they get closer to having nuclear weapons with Israel’s name on them.

I’ve read that the leadership of Israel has planned to meet Biden and his people soon. I hope they bring bag lunches with them. Do you remember when Obama walked out on Netanyahu and closed the door on him?

God does not take kindly to countries that hate Israel, but Biden would not understand this – not at all.

He is clueless.


Wars often arise from uncertainty. When strong countries appear weak, truly weaker ones take risks they otherwise would not.

Sloppy braggadocio and serial promises of restraint can trigger wars, too. Empty tough talk can needlessly egg on aggressors. But mouthing utopian bromides convinces bullies that their targets are too sophisticated to counter aggression.

Sometimes announcing “a new peace process” without any ability to bring either novel concessions or pressures only raises false hopes—and furor.

Every new American president is tested to determine whether the United States can still protect friends such as Europe, Japan, South Korea, and Israel. And will the new commander in chief deter U.S. enemies Iran and North Korea—and keep China and Russia from absorbing their neighbors?

President Joe Biden, and those around him, seem determined to upset the peace they inherited.

Soon after former President Donald Trump left office, Russian President Vladimir Putin began amassing troops on the Ukrainian border and threatening to attack.

Putin earlier had concluded that Trump was dangerously unpredictable and perhaps best not provoked. After all, the Trump administration took out Russian mercenaries in Syria. It beefed up defense spending and upped sanctions.

The Trump administration flooded the world with cheap oil to Russia’s chagrin. It pulled out from asymmetrical missile treaties with Russia. It sold sophisticated arms to the Ukrainians. The Russians concluded that Trump might do anything, and so waited for another president before again testing America.

In contrast, Biden often talks provocatively—while carrying a twig. He has gratuitously called Putin “a killer.” And he warned that the Russian dictator “will pay a price” for supposedly interfering in the 2020 election.

Unfortunately, Biden’s bombast follows four years of a Russian collusion hoax, fueled by a concocted dossier paid for by the Democratic National Committee and the campaign of 2016 Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Biden and others claimed Trump was, in the words of former President Barack Obama’s former director of national intelligence, James Clapper, a “Russian asset.”

If Biden is seeking to provoke a nation with more than 6,000 deliverable nuclear weapons, he is certainly not backing up his rhetoric with force.

Biden may well decrease the Pentagon budget. He also seems to have forgotten that Trump was impeached for supposedly imperiling Ukraine, when in fact, he sold Ukraine weapons.

While Biden was talking loudly to Putin, his administration was being serially humiliated by China. Chinese diplomats dressed down their American counterparts in a recent meeting in Anchorage, Alaska. They gleefully recycled domestic left-wing boilerplate that a racist America has no moral authority to criticize China.

If Trump was unpredictably blunt, Biden is too often predictably confused. And he appears frail, sending the message to autocracies that America’s commander in chief is not fully in control.

Biden has not, as he promised, demanded from China transparency about the origins of the COVID-19 virus in Wuhan. By summer, that plague may have killed 600,000 Americans.

More disturbing, as Russia puts troops on the Ukrainian border, China is flying into Taiwanese air space, testing its defenses—and the degree to which the United States cares.

For a half-century, American foreign policy sought to ensure that Russia was no closer to China than either was to the United States. Now, the two dictatorships seem almost joined at the hip, as each probes U.S. responses or lack thereof. Not surprisingly, North Korea in late March resumed its firing of missiles over the Sea of Japan.

In the Middle East, Biden inherited a relatively quiet landscape. Arab nations, in historic fashion, were making peace with Israel. Both sides were working to deter Iranian-funded terrorists. Iran itself was staggered by sanctions and recession. Its arch-terrorist mastermind, Gen. Qasem Soleimani, was killed by a U.S. drone strike.

Under Trump, the United States left the Iran nuclear deal, which was a prescription for the certain Iranian acquisition of a nuclear weapon. The theocracy in Tehran, the chief sponsor of terror in the world, was in its most fragile condition in its 40 years of existence.

Now, U.S. diplomats bizarrely express an interest in restoring cordial relations with Iran, rebooting the Iran deal, and dropping sanctions against the regime. If all that happens, Iran will likely get a bomb soon.

More importantly, Iran may conclude that the United States has distanced itself from Israel and moderate Arab regimes.

One of two dangers will then arise. Either Iran will feel it can up its aggression, or its enemies will conclude they have no choice but to take out all Iranian nuclear facilities.

Biden would do well to remember old American diplomatic adages about speaking softly while carrying a big stick, keeping China and Russia apart, being no better friend (or worse enemy), and letting sleeping dogs lie. Source

Brethren, it is no secret that under the Trump administration, America was strong, and our enemies seemed to tip-toe around her so as to not poke a dangerous foe. They knew that Trump followed through with all things he promised. He followed through quickly – we saw this often.

But now we are under Marxist rule, and our economy is faltering from the plandemic restrictions. We seem like a wounded animal to our enemies, and that makes us a perfect target for those who mean us harm.

We must pray for America and for Israel. We must pray for the remnant of believers in our Nation. And always pray for God’s will to be done.

How Can I Be Saved?

Shalom B’Yeshua


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