After the Rapture #19 :: By Dick Ainsworth

After the Rapture – Part 19

In this sin-sick world under complete control by Satan, the need for crazy uncles is ever-increasing, especially because the time of the rapture, and later His return, is growing near. For centuries Our Lord Jesus Christ has offered a free, eternal membership to this elite club of saints. But now that the time is short, I believe Our Lord has directed the Holy Spirit to establish an intense membership drive in hopes to fill the empty chairs at His Marriage Supper of the Lamb.

Those of us who are already in “The Crazy Uncles Club” keep plugging away, suffering rejection after rejection, but we need help. Our numbers are too low! If you potentially new members are intimidated and reluctant to witness the Word to the lost, remember that after the rapture we all go to the Bema seat (or Judgment Seat of Christ) to answer to the Lord for what we did and failed to do on earth in His Name. There will be no judgment of sins for the raptured, as those sins were erased at The Cross and forgotten.

Don’t face Jesus at that judgment of your earthly works and say, “I was too timid or too scared to witness Your Name.” You will be in heaven, but you will also be chastised harshly face-to-face with our Lord for your earthly works that will be burned up, due to your earthly sin of pride that stopped you from being His good servant and witness.

If the sin of pride is now stopping you from being a bold and courageous witness for the Lord, you need to slam the door in Satan’s face before the rapture and conduct yourself in a way that is pleasing to God. You are not going to be here that much longer, so you shouldn’t be concerned about what people might think about you.

The sin of pride was the first sin ever committed against God when Lucifer declared he was equal to and above God. You know what happened to him and one third of the angels after that? And the sin of pride is where all other sins begin. Why are you intimidated in spreading the Saving Word of Christ? Because Satan and his demons and fallen angels are placing those slothful, negative and anti-God thoughts in your heart and mind. You are doing Satan’s work for him and just don’t realize it yet. Your fears and concerns are not legitimate.

If you are timid, intimidated and so concerned with your own personal feelings that you keep quiet when you should be bold and strong, you are out-of-favor with Our Lord, even though you are raptured and in His perfect eternity (1 Corinthians 3:10-16). You don’t want Christ to burn up all of your works (wood, hay, stubble) while chastising you harshly, when He could be rewarding you with praise, crowns and other rewards with your works of gold, silver, and precious stones? You sincerely want to hear His words, “Well done, good and faithful servant” (Matthew 25:21, 23).

Over the centuries, the crazy uncles of this world have suffered rejection, mocking, scoffing and frequently physical pain, and even martyrdom in the Name of the Lord. But they continued to battle Satan from stealing away souls from the Kingdom of God. All of Christ’s apostles died a martyr’s death except for John, who died of natural causes after being imprisoned on the Isle of Patmos for years (where he later wrote the Book of Revelation after being temporarily raptured into heaven to witness and write down the end-times tribulation-period events).

There is none of that PC stuff coming out of heaven! All females are urged to be crazy uncles, too. Of course, we will refer to you as a “crazy aunt” if you wish? But that isn’t necessary and it’s up to you.

After the Judgment Seat (or Bema seat) of Christ, there will be one gigantic supper and fellowshipping reception. Since there is no time in heaven, there is no schedule or program to follow. All of the saints like Moses and Ezekiel from 6,000 years of Biblical history will be there. And all of the Angels of God. You can finally meet Gabriel, Michael and millions of other angels who cheered and rejoiced when you became a born-again Christian (Luke 15:10).

I look forward to meeting all of Jesus’ family. I know the Catholic church teaches Mary was “forever a virgin,” but the Bible names her and Joseph’s four sons after the birth of Jesus (James, Joses, Simon, Judas) plus “sisters” (plural, meaning two or more) recorded in Mark 6:3 and Matthew 13:55. Also, Galatians 1:19 states that James is the brother of Jesus – the same James who wrote the letter/epistle under his own name.

I will also be able to meet Joseph, whom I don’t know much about. I’d like to get to know him better along with Mary. And then there is Jesus’ cousin John the Baptist and his parents Zechariah and Mary’s cousin, Elizabeth. All of the Old Testament prophets and saints will be there along with the New Testament apostles and disciples, plus all of those up through the centuries like Billy Graham, Adrian Rogers, J. Vernon McGee, David Breece, John Wycliffe, David Wilkerson, C.S. Lewis, David Hunt, William Tyndale and a long list of others. And all of those crazy uncles I’ve met through the Rapture Ready website. I just hope they don’t eat all of the potato salad?!

At some point, we will all leave to move into our brand-new, super-duper mansion (John 14:2-4). It sure beats a cold, damp, muddy cave or hiding in the bushes.

The crazy uncles battled for centuries with some success, but many rejections. They were determined to “go DOWN with the ship,” but the Holy Spirit has a new membership drive slogan of “going UP with the ship.”

Please get onboard now.


I marvel at how God selects members of His creation in order to fulfill a prophecy, instigate an event or many other tasks He wishes to put in place in this world and its civilizations. Many of these instances around the globe and throughout history go unnoticed but only show who is really in control. God “notices” everything. And the saved that obey God’s calling will be rewarded at the Judgment Seat of Christ after the rapture.

Not everyone answers God’s calling to which I believe they will be judged for, one day in the near future. But many obey and follow without hesitation, as their love and faith is so strong that they surely don’t think about doing anything else.

In Genesis 22, it is recorded where God spoke to Abraham and told him to take his only son (Isaac) up into the mountain, build a sacrificial altar, place his son on the altar, slay him with a knife, then cover him in firewood, set it ablaze and sacrifice his son as a burnt offering. The Bible makes no mention of either Abraham or Isaac putting up a struggle, pleading or arguing as they both willingly moved to obey God. But after God saw their obedience and faith in Him, He provided an animal sacrifice in Isaac’s place. We all need to look inside ourselves to see if we have the faith and trust as Abraham.

I am sure John the Baptist knew he was in hot water if he criticized King Herod’s sex life with his brother Philip’s wife (Herodias). This upset the adulterous mistress and her sexy, teasing daughter so much that they requested the head of John the Baptist (Mark 6:24) on a charger (platter), which the damsel presented to her loser mother.

John the Baptist was to blaze the trail and make ready for the First Coming of Jesus Christ. He did so amongst persecution, mocking and scoffing from the Pharisees, Sadducees and others. And his boldness and love for the Lord led to his decapitation and death ordered by King Herod.

In the near future, God will place two witnesses dressed in sackcloth on the streets of Jerusalem, which the whole world will see and hear, as the two witnesses attempt to prepare those left behind for the Second Coming of the Lord. Even though they perform many miracles before mankind, they will be mocked and scoffed by many for 3½ years, until they are killed and their bodies are left lying in the streets for the world to see (Revelation 11: 3-12). The people will rejoice and give each other gifts, but after 3½ days, the two dead witnesses will be resurrected to life and raptured up into heaven for all the world to see.

We have many people today who are preparing the way for the Second Coming of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Most of them go unnoticed by the general public except in their own area and locations. I have mentioned in previous chapters of this “After the Rapture” series about the Light of the World ministry in India that has gone through persecution and harm for the 20 years I have been involved with them. It mostly comes from Hindu terrorists, which are as bad as the Muslim terrorists we are mainly familiar with.

India has a population of over one billion people, in which approximately 80% are Hindu. The remaining 20% are made up of Islam and Buddhism with a small minority of Christians. The main three movements (Hindu, Buddhism and Islam) have different gods and ideologies but are led by the same leader (Satan).

Over the past 20 years, their street preachers have been beaten and hospitalized on a frequent and regular basis, with their Bibles and teaching materials burned in public displays of hate. Last month the terrorists burned their church to the ground. But they keep coming back each time and serve the Lord stronger than ever.

And like Abraham, John the Baptist, the two witnesses in Revelation and many, many others, they continue to blaze the trail for the Second and final Coming of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. After that time, they will finally have true and eternal peace and safety in heaven.

You can contact this bold and faithful ministry through Sister Deevena Kumari Koyya at:


In previous articles, I mentioned how important it is to have A good knife. As usual, I overlooked something. I didn’t mean that a person left behind have A good knife, but rather have several good knifes for a variety of good reasons.

Good hunting-style knifes with sheaths are a must to have, as are the Swiss Army knives that can handle a variety of small, lightweight tasks. But for heavy cutting one should have axes, hatchets, wood saws plus some wood chisels. Manual hand drills with a variety of bits are also recommended, as you will be doing a lot of your own makeshift building and construction work. There are no Home Depot stores in the wilderness. Also add a good supply of sharpening stones and a kitchen-knife sharpening tool.

The sheath is important so a person can carry a hunting knife and/or a hatchet with them at all times. And it provides protection from the exposed, sharp blades. The Swiss Army knife can be carried in your pants pocket. A double-edged axe is best; Hatchets are usually single-edge but can be turned over where the flat, blunt end can be used as a hammer. It would be a good idea to have extra replacement handles for tools with wooden handles, and many of these tools can be used as weapons, if need be.

A person should have at least two of each model of cutting tool. Blades break and items get lost, so you need replacements. When you stockpile tools, supplies, etc., think about enough to last seven years (even though you might not be around that long). Also extra knives, hatchets, etc., can be used as barter items in your underground economy.

ALSO a lot of good wilderness survival information can be obtained from the National Geographic writings and show series, “The Legion of Mick Dodge,” who has spent much of his 66 years on this earth residing and surviving in the Pacific Northwest.

FEAR YOUR MEMORY: That will be the downfall of many as they sit on the cold, damp ground staring at a handful of dandelion greens and a raw, cold turnip. They will think back to the days of BBQ, KFC, cherry cheesecake and the local all-you-can-eat buffet. Satan and his imps will depress you with thoughts and memories like that to weaken your spirit and tear down your barriers of resistance.

And the antichrist’s gestapo will also play mind games with you. If you are captured, they won’t kill you right away. They don’t want you dead until after they take your soul away from God with the 666 mark. So they might drive you to the local Dairy Queen and Pizza Hut but not let you order anything, while they sit there and gorge their ugly faces with the treats you so dearly miss.

It will work on your mind and probably weaken you. But remember that there are no Dairy Queens in hell.


Your letters, pro or con, are welcome. Inappropriate mail won’t be printed. Lengthy letters will be edited down. As Bill O’Reilly used to say, “Keep it pithy.” As Dick always says, “keep it clean.”

BRETT SLAGELL writes, “I would mention to you for those left behind kits is a bottle of good multivitamins. I am a former paramedic and have seen many people lose weight by just existing on vitamins and water for months on end. They won’t have much energy, but an all-in-one, once-a-day multivitamin has everything in it the body needs to sustain itself indefinitely. When food is scarce, you can survive on just that and water alone. Just food for thought.”

(Dick’s comments): I buy my multivitamins in bottles of 200. Old farts like me eat a lot of pills! By my count, there are 2,555 days in a 7-year period, so that would amount to 13 bottles of 200. I don’t know the shelf life or expiration dates on those pills, as mine never sit long enough to get old. Unused bottles should remain sealed until needed. Crazy uncles need to take note of Brett’s info. Thirteen bottles won’t take up a lot of room in a left behind box.

GARY GASKIN writes concerning #16’s question on whether children who haven’t reached the age of reason will be raptured? Like nearly every believer might think, we don’t know. But I am sure they are saved in one way or another due to the Old Testament teachings in Isaiah 11. In it we find infants at peace and playing in the one-thousand-year millennial reign of Christ. Are they earth’s children from before the rapture or are they children born during the millennium? They play at the hole of a venomous asp (cobra) and with the deadly cockatrice. I have mention of this in #18.

I hate to confuse this subject even more, but we think of infants and little children who are alive at the time of the rapture and their fate. What about those who are already dead and buried? And the millions of aborted babies over time who were just pitched into the trash heap and garbage can by the satanic abortionists? We know God’s plan for the abortionist (Luke 17: 2; Mark 7: 42, Matthew 14: 6).

The late pastor Dr. David Breece once said, “God has reserved the whole south side of hell for the abortionist.” I believe an aborted baby was conceived with a soul. And Jesus died on the cross to save souls from hell. So when 1 Thessalonians 4:16 is fulfilled, do those children come up out of their graves? You tell me?

Then we go to Matthew 24:19, Mark 13:17 and Luke 21:23 which tell us there will be infants and babies during the tribulation period, as Jesus warns them that “give suck” in those times. I asked in an earlier article if women could get pregnant during the tribulation period. It appears that they can. And we definitely know women will get pregnant during the millennium. What if a woman gets pregnant by a man and both have taken the 666 mark? That’s not the sin of the unborn baby.

Gary also asks that if any parent or grandparent really loves their young ones, they might just forgo the rapture so as to stay on earth to take care of and teach the Gospel to their kids/grandkids. I can understand that line of thought, but it isn’t the parent’s or grandparent’s decision whether they go or stay. When the trumpets sound, the decision is already made by God Himself. We must trust God to take care of the innocent little children, which I am sure that He will do.

Gary got the impression I was implying that God changed from the Old Testament times to the New. He’s correct that God doesn’t change, but I didn’t mean to give that impression.

In my gut, I just don’t believe God would leave the infants and little children behind to be subjected to the evils of antichrist, his gestapo, the turncoats plus hungry bears and wolves. And the intense and violent weather, forest fires, floods and so on? But God allowed millions of abortions to take place for years. He has a plan for the little ones. I think it might be that, during the millennium where Christ will reign for the thousand years, they will learn about Jesus firsthand. At the end of the millennium, the little children (now mentally matured) will then choose whether to accept or reject the Lord? Just a thought.

I guess this must be another of those mysteries only God will reveal to us in due time. One thing we all must keep in mind when we have discussions over these Bible prophecy subjects is that we must not think of God in human terms. He is 100% righteous and just (Isaiah 55:8-9).

BRUCE PETERS writes, “I’m afraid there are some things I don’t get about your series? Most of this has to do with the order of the book of Revelation: Is it written in order? Or not?

When does the “antichrist” (AC) actually come to power, and when does he go south and show his true, bad colors? I was always taught he comes to power and tricks everyone at first; and everyone is in love with him, even the Jews, and people line up to take the mark because they are tricked. But then he turns on Israel midway through and becomes bad.

If the AC is around from day 1, why isn’t he mentioned in relation to the two witnesses in chapter 11 or the 144,000? And how can the seals be released and all that wrath be poured out upon the world, and the AC stay in power?

Even if Revelation isn’t written in order, the AC doesn’t appear until chapter 13, and then God almost immediately pours out the 7 final vials of His plagues and wrath. How can AC do anything of any horror to anyone when God is far more horrific? I don’t get it?

How could one expect to survive God’s plagues and wrath on the earth by escaping to the woods with a bug-out bag?”

Dear Bruce. Thanks for the outstanding letter. I think I could write a whole article in just trying to answer it!

I don’t know if John wrote Revelation in chronological order. He witnessed all the events in God’s order, but how he wrote them down might be another thing. He might have written them down in an order that would be understood by first-century people, as most believed Christ would return at any time.

I do believe there is some overlapping of events. Events in Israel might be going on at the same time other events are happening around the world? John may have written them down in two different chapters? And some of the judgments may overlap, for example, the end of the scroll judgments overlapping with the start of the trumpet judgments? They are written down in separate chapters but could be happening at the same time?

There is so much going on in Revelation, I envy anyone trying to put it in any kind of order true to its actual order of happenings. I usually don’t have a lot of trouble understanding the New Testament except for the mysterious Book of Revelation. I can look back 30 years or so and remember what I believed then, and then compare it to what I believe now; and a lot of the time it is quite different. I hope that means I am growing in His Word.

As far as the revealing of the antichrist is concerned, I believe like a lot of other pre-tribbers do, in that antichrist can’t be revealed until after Christ has removed His church. He is probably present now, plotting and planning under the guidance of Satan but won’t be revealed until due time. And when he is revealed, I don’t believe it will be with bells and whistles. He will be a strong leader that people will like and follow.

We can see the coming of Obama the same way. He was a fairly unknown senator until he ran for president. Then his big, teethy smile with that convincing gift for gab won him two terms in the White House. He was an awful president who caused many evil policies to be enacted. He did great harm to America and to Christianity; but to this day he has enormous popularity with high ratings and polls, even though he is such an evil man.

Antichrist could be the same way. He will build such a faithful following that, when he opens his 666 mark “program” (I believe at the 3½ year mark after the rapture), loyal followers will rush to line up to take the mark. And remember, even those who are not big fans of antichrist will take the mark in order to survive (buy or sell food, clothing, etc.).

God will “allow” antichrist to get away with all sorts of evil. God knows antichrist and the false prophet are going to hell, but everyone else has to make a choice between God and Satan. So the judgments won’t affect antichrist that much. Revelation says he will make it to the end of the tribulation. He will perform miracles in front of mankind. Revelation 13:3-8 tells of what I think is an assassination attempt on antichrist where he comes back to life in a miracle. God allows all of this to happen, just like in our times He allows for millions of abortions to occur.

I don’t believe going into the woods with a Go-Bag is useless. Everyone will try to survive. Those left behind might not realize it yet, but they are fleeing the 666 mark. And we know many new Christians will survive the tribulation to populate the millennium, and will be “be fruitful and multiply.” It is all part of God’s plan.

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