After the Rapture #46 :: By Dick Ainsworth

After the Rapture – Part 46
Will God lead and guide Donald Trump?

And the next question is, “and will Donald Trump be able to follow?”

I am like many of you crazy uncles out there who constantly rack our brains on how we can break through to the many spiritually stubborn and uninformed souls who unknowingly are headed to becoming active participants in the deadly, Satan-controlled 7-year tribulation period. Most of the time it is quite discouraging. I look back at my 35 years in ministry and all the face-to-face witnessing efforts, my over 30-years in prison ministry, the numerous articles and newsletters I’ve written and the 30,000 or so Gospel tracts I’ve distributed (see Article #8), not knowing how much of it will add to the harvest to be reaped.

I had quite a few prison inmates tell me how my newsletters and tracts were passed on to 5 or 10 other inmates inside their cell blocks. And you never know about individual witnessing efforts. Some will appear to really be taking in everything you say when it is really going in one ear and out the other. You never know about tract distribution. Some are saved and read, some are reread or passed on to others, while others are blown away in the winds. It is impossible for me to know how many I’ve been able to get through to. I guess I’ll only know that after the rapture.

These witnessing God’s Word efforts are usually quite discouraging with little success much of the time. When you do score that one-in-a-hundred, it is like hitting a ninth-inning walk-off grand slam homer in the seventh game of the World Series when you are behind by three runs. It is really a gigantic big deal for me. I usually say “a soul is a soul,” but we are talking about eternity in either heaven or hell for that single soul. Eternity is a very long period of time.

I really am looking forward to the rapture. But I do believe and try to follow Paul’s words in Philippians 1:23-24, “I am in a strait betwixt two, having a desire to depart, and to be with Christ; which is far better. Nevertheless to abide in the flesh is more needful for you.”

In the back of my mind (maybe the deceived part?), I want to be around to see how the midterm elections in November turn out. Will God step forward as He did in November 2016 (as I believe He did) and place Donald Trump in as our leader and president in answer to millions of intense prayers by God-fearing Christian believers? Or will He have the trumpet blare from within the clouds to call us home to ever be with Him in His Kingdom? At the present time, your guess is as good as mine.

If the trumpet does blow, that could clear out a good portion of the White House occupants, Congress, Supreme Court, etc., so the left-behinders who didn’t follow Jesus and His Commands would be “left behind” to legislate and rule in the ways of the “evil fake trinity.” But there is hope that some will see the light, confess and repent, and join Christ’s Church in the millennium. Pray for them now.

But I feel the timing of the rapture would have little to do with the political future of America. If the rapture comes before November 6, 2018, the God-fearing Christian candidates would be gone in the blinking of an eye. If the rapture comes after the midterm election, the elected good Christians would be gone. Either way, Satan wins (temporarily) and takes over complete control of the USA and the world (for a mere seven years).

It could be God placed Donald Trump in as U.S. President to curtail some of the evil generated and promoted by the 8-year reign of the Obama administration with support from others. This would show the lukewarm U.S. citizens the obvious difference between good and evil (Trump and Obama), thus causing some to repent and reform. It even shows those bamboozled by the Obama lies (taqiyya) on how wrong and truly evil he was/is.

I didn’t mean for the last paragraph to imply that Donald Trump is perfectly “good” when it is apparent that he isn’t. But it appears to me that the Holy Spirit is active in his life, and Trump is making the effort to repent and do the right thing. Pray that He is. It appears to me that he is a “late bloomer” (born again). He has a long way to go and a lot to learn, but at least he is making the effort to do God’s Will and follow Christ. I feel he is having his own Damascus Road experience?

I can’t say that for Obama, Hillary, etc. I can’t see where they ever made the effort to follow Christ. I see a lot of times where Obama put on a phony front and pretended to follow Christ, as he felt in the deepest regions of his darkened heart that the American people, on the whole, were ignorant and easily fooled. So he, a Shiite Muslim, practiced his Koran’s command of “taqiyya” (legitimate lying to infidels and all non-Muslims) and did what came naturally to him, thus feeling he was fooling us stupid peons and again getting away with something.

I never once heard the likes of Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, Chuck Schumer, Dick Durbin, Maxine Watters, Richard Blumenthal, and a large host of others utter the name of Jesus Christ even once in their speeches, interviews and rants. But no surprise there.

In 2012, the Democrat Party was being criticized by conservatives for removing the mention of God and also removing mention of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel in their platform. So it was taken to a vote at the 2012 Democratic Convention as to whether to reinstate the phrase “God-given potential” in Amendment 1 and Jerusalem as the capital of Israel in Amendment 2. The amendments on the board can be seen at the 27-second mark in this video. Three times the vote was taken, and three times many in the crowd, by their “no’s,” denied God three times that night. When the speaker decided that the yes’s outweighed the no’s, they booed.

If God can count the hairs on your head (Luke 12: 17), imagine the boo count He has written down for final judgment?

If God were to step in again this November, it would surely guarantee that President Trump would continue keeping the rest of the campaign promises he made to the American people prior to his 2016 win. This would include stifling the powerful obstruction efforts orchestrated by Satan and his liberal- progressive, secular-humanist, Socialist-Democrat powers-that-be again being defeated – stopped from obstructing Trump’s campaign promises like building border walls, cancelling out the dreaded Obamacare, a worldwide effort to fight the growing persecution of Christians and Jews, continuing the rapid job growth and economic strength of the U.S., building national defense and inner security, more tax cuts, slashing unneeded government regulations, etc.

But America needs more Socialist-Democrats voted out and many new God-fearing Christian Republicans voted in. No more RINO’s (“Republican In Name Only”). Your November 6 vote is urgently needed. Don’t allow Satan’s apathy to set in and keep you away from the polls. Follow the Holy Spirit’s lead and vote against evil.

On October 3, the National Council of Churches (which is the voice for 38 major USA so-called “Christian” denominations) announced their withdrawal of support for Judge Brett Kavanaugh for the U.S. Supreme Court. Another strong sign of the end-times apostasy and falling away of the church. It wouldn’t surprise me one bit to see the Council of Churches support a Ruth Bader Ginsberg type of replacement for Judge Kavanaugh.

But God might finally say “enough is enough” of the world’s sin and disobedience. The Bible prophecies of this world are rapidly being fulfilled, which leads believers to know the time is near for the Lord’s Coming for His final judgments. The rapture before the USA’s midterm election would ensure that giant sucking sound which would take out all good leadership, leaving the governments wide open to Satan and the soon-to-be-announced coming of the antichrist and the false prophet.

It is my concern that President Trump will either fail or be eliminated after the midterm elections as the USA will go through the most crooked and fixed election in our history. Many reasons for this will include foreign government meddling, the “registering” of massive illegal immigrants, fabricated scandals of conservative Christians now holding office, left-wing tampering with automated voting machines, big dollar donations from evil sources (George Soros, for example), brutal intimidation by violent groups towards Christian conservatives entering the polls, etc. Satan has it all planned.

And don’t discount the probability of political assassinations accompanied by mass impeachments. This is the normal mindset where the evil-prone left-wing radicals are involved. That’s what they do when they are inspired and led by Satan.

We live in the last days of the church age with God’s remnant church faithfully awaiting His Call from above while still faithfully serving His command for the great commission (Matthew 28:19-20). You are a part of it. Do the right thing that is pleasing to God.


Some believers are under the impression that a person left-behind in the tribulation period must openly reject the 666 mark and be martyred in order to be saved and become a tribulation saint. I don’t believe that. I believe those left behind must live by the same rules to salvation as we did in New Testament times before the rapture. God doesn’t change (John 14:6; Malachi 3:6; 1 Peter 1:24-25), so what worked for us will also work for the left-behind. The only way to the Father is through His Son (John 14:6).

So it doesn’t matter if you reject the 666 mark and are martyred, or you openly accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior and are then eaten by wolves or starve to death in the wilderness; the end result is the same. You belong to Jesus and are saved.

Some born-again left-behinders will survive the trib. God has to allow for that or else there would be no one to populate the 1,000-year millennium. So it is important for them to read and hold group Bible study as soon as they realize they have been left behind. Those in antichrist’s gestapo who don’t confess and repent won’t survive the trib. Where will they go? They can’t come into the millennium? They will die and await the Great White Thone judgment on their way to an eternity of torment in hell.

The gestapo, etc., who don’t repent during the trib will die and go to hell. It’s their own fault as they never accepted the witness from the saved and/or His Biblical Word. Even some of the soon martyred will forgive their executioners and offer witness to no avail. But that is what Christ wants of the new tribulation believers. The gestapo, etc., will have seven years to get their acts together. If they do, I would advise them to leave their comfortable state under antichrist and head for the hills.

But it is important that left-behinders read and study their Bibles plus consume the contents that the crazy uncles have provided them in their left-behind boxes.

Captured left-behinders need to remember they still serve the Lord until death. As the gestapo marches you on your way to the guillotine, you must forgive them for what they are about to do just as Jesus forgave His executioners (Luke 23:34; Mark 11:25-26; Matthew 6:11-14).

And witness to them that it is not too late for them to repent and be saved. Don’t fear and pity yourself, but rather be bold in death and thus pleasing to the Lord. You will have died as Christ died for you. In a short period of time you won’t be able to forgive and witness to anyone, and then you will instantly be with the Lord into eternity. FOREVER!

Reader Feedback

Hello Dick,

I just read part of your “After the Rapture #45” article. I believe in the power of prayer; and rather than confronting folks with the Gospel anymore – if I know they are against GOD or are opposed to hearing the Gospel, I do this:

“Lord, please soften the heart of (insert name of person) and draw them near to you and away from “the evil one.”


I got the idea to create a list from the movie “War Room.”

Hope all is well with you.


Mark Brack

Dallas, Texas

(Dick’s Reply): Mark, as far as you and I are concerned, I’d like to proclaim that “all great minds think alike!” If you would go into the Rapture Ready (RR) archives for my Pre-Rapture Prayer List #1, #2, #3 and #4, you will find numerous names of people posted by me and other worldwide prayer warriors asking for prayers for those lost and lukewarm souls. Prayer warriors (including me) ask for prayer for family and friends, many by name; and these prayer lists are read and prayed for by thousands worldwide in 36 different languages.

I would suggest that you email me a list of names of people who have rejected your Gospel witness so I can add them to RR’s growing list of names already submitted. I am working on Prayer List #5 presently, so your list of names would reach thousands of prayer warriors worldwide. And continue to send me lists regularly for #6, #7, #8, etc.


Eternal death is the punishment. Not torment. I love your articles, but I disagree on this (article #45). Rev says “the second death.” Immortality is achieved only after accepting Jesus’ payment of death (on the cross). It’s in Timothy? A great book that is scripturally accurate for both views is “Hell Know” (author Dirk Waren).

Love in Christ

Susie Collins

(Dick’s reply): Amazon carries the book but has no consumer comments or ratings. The only way I can check the book out for Biblical accuracy is to buy it, which I won’t do as my Bible is paid for and I know it is “Biblically accurate!”

We have both saved immorality and unsaved immorality. They both are forever in either heaven or hell.

Jesus tells us the story (not a parable, my opinion) of Lazarus and the rich man in Luke 16:19-31; and in four of those twelve verses, Jesus calls hell a place of torment. The rich man states he is in torment in both verses 23 and 24. In verse 25, Abraham states “thou art tormented,” and in 28 he states “thou are tormented.” Hell is a place of torment, and souls will go to hell for all of eternity in torment.

The second death is a conscious wide-awake death. The rich man in Luke 16 experienced that. He died an earthly death and was buried, yet later was “wide-awake” carrying on a conversation with Abraham. And he was in continuous torment.

I’m not arguing with you. When you are in hell, you are in hell for all of eternity. You can call it and describe it in different ways, but hell is still hell.


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