Can a Democrat Be a Christian? By Jim Towers

The way I see it, the Democrat political party is made up of Socialists, sexual perverts, druggies, criminals, Muslims and clueless people who would circumvent our laws and try to destroy our Christian nation – some just to have their fifteen minutes of supposed fame by burning and defecating on the American flag – in public.

Democrats are so determined to destroy the current administration that they will say or do anything to do so. Things have gotten so out of hand that Democrats will even disrupt Senator Cruz’s meal at a restaurant or issue death threats against political opponents and their families in their misplaced zeal. These self-righteous, hypocritical troublemakers are hard at work to undermine right-thinking individuals of all faiths, while, behind the scenes, Muslims are laughing and rejoicing at the thought that they may soon be in control and working with the Anti-Christ regime, of which they are a part.

Sex is – for most of us – one of the most enjoyable experiences in life, yet we use it and abuse it – causing harm to ourselves and others. Sex is a gift from God; He designed it to benefit and to procreate a replica of ourselves through this ultimate expression of love between husband and wife. But, have you noticed that most liberals are consumed by it? Like the scriptures say, “they are lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God.” They condone homosexuality, pedophilia, gay rights and abortion. It seems that God has given them over to a reprobate mind – just like He said He would.

Isn’t it funny how a Democrat president got away with rape, attempted rape and frequent drug use as a governor? It’s no secret that former president Bill Clinton was a prime example of sexual addiction, yet liberals never mention it. Obama was and is a crack-smoking bi-sexual according to Larry Sinclair (a former “lover”), as well as a rabid Muslim. If you don’t believe me, do your own research.

Who can forget the homosexual Barney Frank of the Clinton administration? This man ran a “hook-up service” for homosexuals from his apartment while in office. Then there are the Podesta brothers, John and Tony. All these perverts seem to think about is money and sex.  When sex hound Anthony Weiner was exposed for pedophilia for the second time and sent to jail, that investigation opened a can of worms exposing many powerful people in Washington D.C. The Democrat resistance and trumped-up charges of rape against Judge Kavanaugh for a chair on the Supreme Court proved their hypocrisy.

When even Republicans can’t or won’t take a stand for our country’s values – we are in serious trouble. The Republicans voted 10 -12 with ten dissenting against Kavanaugh. How is this going to impact the November elections? My guess is that many of the ten Republicans will lose their seats come November, and we will be back where we started when Obama left office.

Public schools are not exempt from this travesty and promote transgenderism, confusing and blurring the lines of human behavior for many impressionable children. Jesus issued this warning for people who promote such things, saying, “It would be better for those harming innocent children to be tied to a millstone and dropped into the sea.”

We are in the midst of a battle between right and wrong, a spiritual battle for the minds and souls of mankind; and it’s beginning to look like we’re losing. We conservatives, through years of apathy and adhering to political correctness, have made our own bed; and now we must deal with the fallout.

I woke up this morning asking God for me to have a spiritually productive day, and thought I should visit my mission station – the world-famous Naples fishing pier. I had a good breakfast, went to the gym, and afterward made my way to the pier. There I met Ken. Ken was a seeker – a fifty-something auto mechanic – and he initiated the discourse. “Where’s the dolphins,” he asked as he approached me. We talked about the red tide and how it affects sea life. I inquired about the type of work he did. “I’m an auto mechanic,” he replied. I found our banter exhilarating and at times laughed out loud. I liked Ken right off. There was no pretentiousness or one-upmanship with this guy. He was down to earth and easy to talk to.

“Are you a Christian?” I enquired.

“Yes, I am.” Then taking thought, he said, “I don’t know how anyone cannot believe in God. All you have to do is survey your surroundings.”

With this opening, I quoted scripture: “The heavens declare his glory.” Ken nodded in agreement. This man was a deep thinker – a seeker of truth, I surmised.

Ken went on to say that, with promiscuity everywhere you looked, today’s youth were in peril. He said, “God made sex as an expression of love between a man and a woman. We’ve turned it into a cesspool of garbage.”

It dawned on me that I was writing about this very touchy subject even as we spoke. Ken had nailed it down for me, thus confirming that this was a subject that had to be discussed openly before our youth follow the aberrant ways of their elders.

I told Ken that I was writing about that very subject and gave him my two-sided card. He thanked me –almost profusely. I couldn’t help but think that this was a divine appointment.


The movie “Unbroken – Road to Redemption” about Olympian Louie Zamperini was well-executed for a Christian film. I could hardly find fault with it, and the message was clear. I just hope it didn’t fall on deaf ears.


In the meantime, my church had over thirty baptisms again last week. Several were Hispanics who might have been leaving the Catholic church because of pedophilia.


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