Sleeping in The Eye of The Storm :: By Jim Towers

It is 12 o’clock noon; the gas stations are pretty much dried up. Thursday and Friday the cars were lined up at the pumps at all gas stations, forming slow-moving long lines waiting to fill up at the pumps.

That’s the situation we in South Florida are in. If we make a run for it toward the North, we must leave now and go by way of I75 toward the Florida Panhandle. The East coast will soon be clogged up with traffic as the rain approaches in torrents, making it impossible to see more than a few yards ahead. Accidents are sure to happen. Today is Saturday 8/31/2019 in South Florida. Hurricane Dorian is at our doorstep.

Hurricane Dorian had been upgraded to a category 4 hurricane with wind gusts averaging 140 miles per hour. There was a belief that it might head north and hit Georgia and/or the Carolina’s; but the storm appears to be gathering strength as it approaches the Bahamas, and already we can see that many are panicking and heading out of Dodge even as the storm is beginning to hammer the Bahamas.


As I left the Naples Pier, the storm had just hit the Bahamas with a Cat 4 storm. Tomorrow we will know the results and the trajectory of the storm. With the storm twisting slightly West, Florida is still in the crosshairs with Palm Beach as its main target. (Hurricanes are very unpredictable and may take a turn at the last minute.) Thankfully this one did.

Some of those more directly facing the storm may repent and ask God’s forgiveness for not acknowledging Him in their lives – these are the times that try men’s hearts, and where else does a person go to for help? “God is a very present help in times of trouble.”

Jesus warned us that in this life we would have many trials and tribulations, and this hurricane is just one of those trials and one of many tribulations that will impact the lives of most of us. Many of us will have to just ride out the storm.

In all aspects of life, storms beset us all – in one way or another.

Jesus said;

“Everyone therefore who hears these words of mine, and does them, I will liken him to a wise man, who built his house on a rock. The rain came down, the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat on that house; and it didn’t fall, for it was founded on the rock. Everyone who hears these words of mine and doesn’t do them will be like a foolish man, who built his house on the sand. The rain came down, the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat on that house; and it fell—and great was its fall” (Matthew 7:24–27, World English Bible).

MONDAY – Labor Day.

Hurricane Dorian “sat” on the Bahamas for a day and night and ground the island to a pulp. Six people have been reported dead so far with more missing.


The Bahamas continues taking a pounding with Category five winds and torrents of rain.


Today the storm finally moved away, and people came out of their shelters to survey the devastation. One man said he felt like Job with everything he owned having been swept away. Still, though, he says he retained his faith in God.

A devastated woman said, “It looks like a bomb hit. I’m just thankful to be alive. The Lord saved me.” These people are facing very hard times ahead. Many have called or are calling out to God for help, and I cannot believe there are many atheists left on these islands.


Today there are 30 reported dead and over yet 200 missing in the Bahamas. The country’s health minister says the final tally of those who have died will be staggering.

Dorian is headed up the East coast, battering North Carolina. Already there are five reported deaths there, and it will spin off and sideswipe Canada; then it will move out into open water, from the looks of things.

Everything Jesus said would happen in the Last Days seems to be coming to pass. Hurricanes with angry roaring waves and water covering islands, as men’s hearts are beginning to fail them with earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tornadoes, flooding, hail, disease, pestilence – you name it – happening on an unprecedented scale all at once as well.

The world is in a state of flux with war a seeming inevitability for many. Hate crimes are on the rise with no solution in sight. Those who are losing loved ones or family members in recent shooting sprees must be coming under conviction that something is terribly wrong in such a violent and ungodly society. With all that’s going on, will we as a nation repent and seek God’s face? At this stage of the game, it doesn’t seem likely.

While revival is taking place in other parts of the world, we are woefully behind the eight ball and reaping what we have sown. I’m surprised that God has been so slow to anger and merciful toward our corrupt society.


A friend called from Jamestown, N.D., to say this obscure town was battered with heavy winds that tore down power lines, leaving the hospitals without electricity. The unusually high winds tipped over campers as well – while no tornadoes were spotted in the vicinity.

Only when we trust in Jesus can we sleep in the eye of the storms of life. Jesus gives a person a peace that surpasses all understanding in every circumstance.


Jim Towers

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A Jewish Seeker :: By Jim Towers

The elderly couple on the Naples pier (my mission station) were Orthodox Jews. The encounter went like this:

At the far end of the pier is a shelter consisting of two walls and a roof maybe fourteen feet square. It stands on a bigger platform that is surrounded by a railing for people to fish from. Inside the shelter are two benches, one on the sides of each of the walls. I often go out there seeking conversation and, hopefully, a fish or two.

I had hardly been there twenty minutes when the elderly couple showed up and sat on the opposing bench across from me. The woman had her arm in a sling; and, impulsively, I asked what had happened to her arm. She replied that she had fractured her shoulder in a tripping incident. After the man made sure his wife was comfortable, he came over to me, noticing my cap that has “Writer” emblazoned on it. I wear caps with different captions, Film maker, Writer and Artiste to garner attention from those interested in the arts – it works well.

Stanley thanked me for inquiring about his wife, telling me that people seldom did that anymore. I agreed by saying, “It seems that people have become cold and are afraid to talk to each other anymore.”

“You can say that again,” he replied. “Let me introduce myself; my name is Stanley, and my wife’s name is Carol. We were at a huge party where several high-profile people were gathered when my wife tripped over the huge family dog – fracturing her shoulder.”

He let it be known that these prominent people were with Google and other such tech giants, but that he couldn’t divulge names. I was wondering how he came to be attending such an affair and asked him what he did for a living; he said he was an educator. I never doubted him for a moment since he was a well-spoken and intelligent man.

His wife, having excellent hearing, heard me question her husband and asked me, “What do you do?” I told her that I was a movie actor/writer. By this time, I had taken my “Writer” cap off as it was warm and humid.” They were impressed.

Stanley and I talked about movies a bit but soon moved onto other more important things.

He told me he was an avid reader, and I told him I was too. We began to bond after I told him of my Christian faith. He even went so far as to mention he had once entered a celebrated church to view the inside. He was a very inquisitive man who apparently spent time with other intellectuals, one of which was a psychologist who told him a story about a client who appeared to have experienced previous lives after he had hypnotized her. I asked him if he believed in God, to which he answered he wasn’t sure if God existed. At this point, I mentioned that Lucifer, an angel of God, had been cast from heaven to earth and had taken a third of the angels with him. This fallen angel has information on everybody and is the father of lies, and was probably speaking through that woman. He had never considered that this might be the case.

I could see that he was thinking deeper thoughts; and, finally, he proceeded to tell me about having researched Hinduism, Buddhism, and Islam. From this, I deduced he might be a “seeker of truth.”

I began to inject things about Jesus into our conversation and that all the Apostles were Jews except maybe for Luke, whom most scholars consider having been a Greek Doctor of Medicine.

As we continued to talk, he attempted to try and stump me. At this, I told him I had been a Christian for over forty years and knew the Old Testament and the New Testament well. I mentioned the prophecies of Daniel and Jesus and told him that according to their prophecies we were living in the last days. He agreed that these were very strange times.

In any case, I parried any objections he might have had with the inerrant truth of God’s Word.

Knowing that many secular Jews just like Gentiles are driven by worldly success and are impressed by it, I also knew that there were many “seekers” out there as well, because I once had a ministry in a coffee shop where many Jews congregated, drank coffee and kibitzed throughout the day and night. It was there and then that I got to know many Jews and Gentiles as well; and even though I was always ministering the Word of God to them, they liked me and enjoyed the discourses we had.

Still, though, I had never met anyone so engaging and Religious as Stanley. He was a true “Seeker.”  Stanley asked about my writing and even went so far as to giving me his Email address before they left so that I could send my testimony to him in the form of a 240-page bio I’d written.

Before leaving them at the entranceway, I asked Carol if she would like for me to say a prayer for her. She replied, “Please do.” And I did so while many others milled around us as they left the pier for the day.

I sent out the manuscript this morning (Labor Day), saying that our meeting was God-ordained. He wrote back this Labor Day evening saying;


I feel likewise. Ran in to a Messianic Jewish couple in Rural King in Bonita. Conversation started the same way about Carol’s injury. You are all good people, because you genuinely care about others. Please give me a few days to read. Once again, you were an important person in our day yesterday.



Jim Towers

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