What’s Next for America? :: By Jim Towers

The stimulus package was finally voted on, and we may be able to surmount the Covid19 fiasco. I say fiasco because, although it is a deadly flu, we’ve had others just as deadly and managed to survive.

In fact, President Obama let H1N1 runs its course for six months before declaring a national emergency. By that time, millions of people in the US had been infected, at least 20,000 had been hospitalized, and over 1,000 had died while we prayed the prayer of 2nd Chronicles 7:14; but that’s because God wasn’t in any hurry to give us our just desserts yet, and He let Obama have the victory in subverting us while we gave him license.

On top of that, more unborn infants are sacrificed on the altar of Moloch every day than people dying from that or any other influenza daily.

This man took to the floor twice as a Junior Senator to advocate for abortions on demand. The two times were the only times he took to the floor.

While people were only mouthing the words from Colossians… our country was practicing Islam worship, infanticide, and Satan worship with the blessings of our once great institutions and churches during his tenure.

After those times and until recently, we Christians were still praying, “If my people will humble themselves and pray, then I will hear from heaven and heal their land,” but halfhearted prayers don’t work without earnest conviction and action.

After 9-11 and a time of mourning and reflection, we went back to life as usual. Abortion mills were cranked up, and we all but forgot our promises to God.

Even so, maybe – even with his hardheaded idiosyncrasies – President Trump was the answer to those prayers, and he began dismantling all the craziness that Obama had instituted to our ruin. Today, he is still battling the residual harm and subversive holdovers still in government – placed there by the previous president.

If this is true, then we could be looking at a short respite from totalitarianism, a time for us to get our act together – and quickly – before things like life-threatening epidemics continue to spiral out of control, during which we can expect there to be more and more violence. Some of this violence will be due to the deep frustrations and anxiety people around the globe will begin to feel as they lose jobs, housing and sustenance.

Many will continue to live under a rock and try to go on with life as usual, but it just won’t work. The police and, eventually, the military may have to intervene if things get any worse.

After a time, “Cabin fever” will take hold, and marauders will begin robbing things that they feel are necessary. People are already lining up in droves to buy guns. Anarchy and random killings will ensue.

If you stop to think about it for a moment, this catastrophe could usher in a new monetary system, one- world religion and the New World Order.

I know this news isn’t very encouraging, but we must face the fact that all the things that are happening today were prophesied many years ago in the holy Bible, and you can check it out for yourselves.

Today, 3/26/2020, the news headlines read, “The United States leads the countries of the world with Covid19, and why shouldn’t it, it being the number one nation of abortions, in distribution of pornography and promoter of homosexuality, murder and political corruption.

With people fighting for food because of shortages and high prices and no work to be had, we can expect civil disobedience and an imposed police state with the military eventually stepping in. That could lead to the UN stepping in as well, and they – just happy to be here – will rape and pillage as well, which would lead to total chaos and anarchy.

The only people who will be able to endure such pressure are Christians; and the closer they are to God, the more internal peace they will have. Many others will lose all reason as Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders are doing. The hubris of these people is beyond understanding.

My friend, the best that you can do is pray for yourself, family and friends and draw closer to God.

We really can’t ask God to help us without repentance on our part; in fact, He demands it.


Many of you don’t know I wrote a screenplay (movie) several years ago that became a blockbuster. It was stolen (plagiarized). Thinking I would never pass around a screenplay for possible production again, I have been waiting to be able to produce and direct my own material; but that requires money I don’t have – namely 3 mil. minimum for a theatrical release.

Right now, I am writing the most timely, informative and evangelical screenplay (movie) I ever have. It is based on the very things we are experiencing today, and I’m writing in all the spiritual implications surrounding our present situation as well. It will be heavy-hitting with nothing held back. Repentance and Salvation will be at the core of the movie with Bible verses scattered throughout.


My latest reading was from the book Profiles in Corruption by Peter Schweizer, and although I knew all the corruption that has and continues to take place in high office, this man laid it all out with names, dates and places. It was staggering the lengths these people will go through to take advantage of us, the Taxpayers.

Worse still, is the way they are handling the Covid19 so-called stimulus package. It’s as if they were doing us a favor in giving our tax money back to us while they slip in a clause to give themselves raises! The hubris of these people is beyond understanding.


Jim Towers

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The Lord Will Have Them In Derision :: By Jim Towers

I never thought I’d see the day when people would fight over toilet paper. But we’re seeing it every day now with the virus scare. People filled with fright are panicking and can’t give a reason for doing so.

Fear has these deserving people in its grip. Some are even looking for their long-lost Bibles to see if we are living in the end times (pun intended).

It all kind of reminds you of the fairytale about the king who worn no clothes – and it’s just as ridiculous.

While it’s ok to be prepared for any eventuality – since when did people need so much toilet paper? So much so that they will fight tooth and nail for it and – heaven forbid – maybe even kill for it. None of these actions makes sense except that God has made it so – like the Bible says,

“The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the LORD, and against his anointed, saying, let us break their bands asunder, and cast away their cords from us. He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh: The Lord shall have them in DERISION” (Psalm 2:2-4).

The world is already seeing manifestations of plagues, pestilences, earthquakes, floods, drought, illnesses and a myriad of various other troubles, but there are worse things right around the bend; and we’d better get ready for the avalanche of troubles coming our way in the very near future.

Soon, paper and coin money will be outlawed too because of its germ-carrying capacity, and you can be sure our debit and credit cards will also be done away with as well.

Yes, my friends, the stage is being set for the Third and final Temple to be rebuilt, a one-world government to be put in place, as well as the one-world religion the Catholic Pope and Ayatollahs are bringing together. I might add, the other religious leaders as well.

You (the reader) may also feel a tinge of fear for what is about to come on the world. But take heart; you are looking in the right place for answers. Find your long-lost dusty Bible and begin reading in the book of John, then Romans which speak of salvation (deliverance) from the hell to come, then read Revelation prayerfully. It’s all right there in black and white.

Forget what secular writers are saying about spiritual things; they are almost always wrong about everything. Secular writers these days are writing about these abnormalities, trying to sound like they know anything about the Bible. They misquote and amend most of what they say while, in reality, they shun God’s word and at times even ridicule it.

The only ones that really know what the scriptures say are those who have been given the Holy Spirit; otherwise, it doesn’t seem to make sense. With the restraining power of the Holy Spirit taken away (at the rapture of the church – prior to the time of tribulation), then fear will become a common commodity to all who remain on the face of the earth, and the need for toilet paper will seem trivial by comparison…… Thank God I have a bidet.


Jim Towers  jt.filmmaker@yahoo.com and www.propheticsignsandwonders.com