After the Rapture #67 :: By Dick Ainsworth

What’s so good about the Rapture?

I’ll bet this headline will get some attention.

Actually, the only bad thing I see about the rapture is that so many earthlings will be left behind to suffer through the 7-year tribulation period orchestrated by the antichrist and his guiding light (or should I say “his guiding darkness”?) by the name or title of “Satan.”

But everything else regarding the rapture event is as Duck Dynasty’s off-the-wall Uncle Si might say, “Happy, Happy, Happy”!

First and foremost, all of those raptured will see fulfillment of the goal and dream of each member of Christ’s Church, and that is to come face-to-face for all of eternity with their Lord & Savior Jesus Christ. There is no way to put any of the other “rapture perks” ahead of that! That is light years ahead of all the eternal everlasting joys and blessings we were promised, plus all of the untold and yet-to-be revealed. Eternal life after the rapture will be different (and presently unknown), to say the least.

God is perfect, thus heaven will be perfect. It won’t be like The Garden of Eden which was also created perfect, but Adam and Eve were given free-will, plus Satan was cast down to earth and allowed to tempt them with sin. All they had to do was say “no” to Satan and obey God’s simple rules. But they didn’t, and look at the mess this world is in today.

God will give us a New Heaven and a New Earth shortly, and it will be impossible for those who are saved to corrupt it. Those that wish to corrupt the New Heaven and New Earth  will be someplace else (hell) beyond a great divide (Luke 16:26). The saved will all be changed at the rapture and forever in the presence of God, so sin will be impossible. They will have a perfect eternal life without the slightest thought of sin. What a relief that will be!

Here are a few more pluses in our afterlife in heaven.

2nd – You and I (and everyone else taken up in the rapture) will never sin again. And this will be through no effort of our own. You will never have to fight temptations again as there will be no one to tempt you. Satan, his imps and all the lost with hardened hearts will forever be absent and out of our new eternal life and our eternal being. Out of sight, out of mind. All of us will never have a bad or evil thought again, no more accidental swearing or cussing, no more sins of the world because we all will be in a new sinless world. We will be in the eternal presence of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and sin is not allowed in the presence of God.

Granted, when Christ walked this earth as a human for 33 years, He was surrounded by sin continuously but never buckled. And that ended at His resurrection for those who accepted His work on the cross if they accepted Him as their Lord and Savior.

There is quite a long list tied for 3rd and there is no way I will be able to list them all. But I will list a few off the top of my bald head:

>No more credit cards, cars that won’t start, junk mail, road rage, cell phones, water & light bills, property taxes, good parking spots at church (don’t need them in heaven), no more liberal progressive socialists anywhere to be seen, no need for airports, no more fast food or drive-thru windows, and adios Halloween.

>No more cold leftovers, no more income taxes or any other taxes for that matter, no need for pest exterminators, no weekly trash pick-up, no pills or prescriptions, and so long gay pride parades.

>No need for overcoats or short-shorts, no more bills to pay, no more angry parents at little league games, no such thing as homeless people, no more Publisher’s Clearing House mail, no more waiting in lines anywhere, school snow days, door-to-door sales people, no more tv advertising, the neighbor’s dog will cease to pooping in your lawn and digging up your flower beds, no need for capable & qualified government bureaucrats, and bye-bye to abortion clinics.

>No more ongoing home repairs (your new mansion will never wear out), no more need for hospitals and clinics, no artificial cheese, no more diabetes (eat what you want), no need to wash dishes, eye glasses and hearing aides are history, no more need for drug stores, cancer will not be remembered at all, no more yard sales, no more dirty tv programs & movies, no need for annual flu shots, and the list goes on and on and on.

You can fill in the many blanks I didn’t cover. But when you get to heaven, I don’t believe you will remember anything unpleasant from your earthly past. You now remember the bad things in your life now because Satan keeps reminding you. Everything from the rapture forward is forever joy, happiness and contentment. Your past will definitely be your past.

Why anyone would choose to miss the twinkling of an eye is beyond me. How anyone can choose the everlasting eternity in hell over the rapture is current insanity at its very worst. And why are these people so convinced in their ways?

I pray that all crazy aunts and uncles will receive strong guidance, strength, and direction from the Holy Spirit to lead the lost upward into the clouds to ever be with Jesus.


Reader Feedback

Hello again Dick,

I last wrote to you in early August. Well, another wonderful article has come to me; it’s not as long as the last one!

I leave it in your capable hands to have a look at it, and I hope you enjoy reading it. Actually, you’ll find this one’s closer to home.

The name of the article is – “The Gifts of God – His Amazing Grace.”

Yours in Yeshua (Yours in Christ) 

Signed Name withheld

Wilderness Survival Tips

All that I write in this wilderness survival arena is based on a maximum 7-year period (the Biblical Tribulation period) and is intended to assist those left behind on guidance to lead them into surviving the 7 years when they are unable to “buy or sell” (Revelation 13:17).

In order to build your own solid 7-year survival plan, I urge you to download my RR article #61 which featured a list of 104 Mormon (LDS) canning facilities, most of which are open to the public. Most of the canned and packaged food products have a 20-year shelf-storage life so is well within the trib’s 7-year limits. There is also other survival food info other than that from LDS. You can find #61 in the directory at the end of this article.

Those left behind need to leave behind many of their earthly lifestyle habits they were trapped in prior to the rapture. They now live in a harsh, cruel, difficult 7-year world dictated by the antichrist and the false prophet, with direct orders from the head devil himself. So those left behind must adopt quickly to a new lifestyle and transform their hearts and minds with prayer to God.

Previous articles in this series have urged those left behind to flee into the wilderness away from high populated areas where antichrist’s vast resources of troops, imps and expertise knowledge and equipment will be stationed. I have run articles on how to build food cellars to store food for the winter. This article fits in nicely.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. With no doctors, grocery stores, drive-thru windows, etc., in the wilderness to help sustain one’s self, one must depend on themselves to maintain good health the year ‘round.

I have urged those not to set campfires as that can lead to detection by antichrist and his followers. We have urged those to build or buy solar cookers; but morning breakfast usually lacks sun, so learn to eat uncooked food. A bowl of raw oatmeal with raw fruit or berries will work well. Powdered milk with water mixed in plus jerky on the side. Don’t forget that One-a-Day capsule.

I ran an article on solar thermos bottles that you fill with water, tea, coffee, soup, etc., and set in the sun for hot meals. Even in the winter, the bright sun shines through the cold temperatures.

Get eating off of a menu out of your mind. It is a thing out of your past. You can soak brown rice or pearled barley overnight to eat as a breakfast food that you can season up with raisons and other dried fruits plus cinnamon, brown sugar, maple syrup, etc.

Notice to Readers

My writing these articles has been day-to-day for 5 months due to my declining health problems. That is the main reason I have been so irregular lately, this last month.


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Prayer List info and guidance

A good way to build a stronger prayer life is to print off hard copies of Prayer Lists #1 to #15 and following, and at any time of day or night when you as an individual want to pray to the Lord, take out your printed copies and read/pray over them again. This is also great for family group prayer and home-church group prayer. God has a very big memory, and all prayers are recorded by Our Lord and Savior.

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