After the Rapture #60 :: By Dick Ainsworth

After the Rapture – Part 60
Some notes for the Left Behind

This article will aim itself at several areas in which I believe Satan has plans to trick the left-behind away from any chance at eternal happiness. That sly, evil ol’ devil spends all of his remaining time planning evil on God’s Creation ever since the Holy Father kicked him and one-third of the angels out of heaven and onto our once beloved earth.

The following are just a few of the traps I believe are planned by Satan to steal eternal salvation away from the biblically uneducated and lukewarm who will be left behind. It is incomplete (by far) as I just don’t have the evil mindset as Satan (THANK GOD!), so I have speculated a bit on the evil dominating the end-times 7-year tribulation period to come.

All illegal drugs will become legal

Under the worldly control, rule and dictatorship of antichrist (AC) with the 100% backing and support of Satan himself, all human laws AC chooses will go from illegal to legal with the purpose of furthering his evil plan and agenda. In other words, anything and everything goes. AC will be the law. Sort of like what we have today with the lawless, liberal, progressive, secular humanists in so much control trying to blank-out the Founding Fathers’ laws of the land plus God’s laws and commandments for the world. Only much worse, as what they want to replace it all with are new laws and commandments inspired and written by Satan.

One such change will be the world of legal and illegal drugs. I believe antichrist will make all drugs and alcohol legal to all ages under his new dictatorial laws. This includes dangerous drugs like opioids where increased mass production and widespread use will take over “legally” worldwide.

No prescription will be needed to obtain legal drugs while I believe AC will add to his upcoming worldwide food stamp program with a worldwide drug and alcohol stamp program.

Naturally it will all be paid for by the new one-world government who will have established a one-world economic system. This means the AC will control the treasury mints of all nations and be printing off all of the cash, bonds, bank notes and welfare stamps he needs and wants with no regard to balanced budgets (what budgets?), inflation, economic ruin, etc. Electronic banking will be greatly expanded under his control.

The left-behind world will be 100% money-minded for their earthly survival, and AC will have all the money. Antichrist isn’t into the end times to make money and show a profit. He will just be using money as a tool for complete dictatorial power and control over the deceived left-behind people. He doesn’t have to buy a single thing as he will have complete control and rule over the entire planet. If he wants or needs something, he just takes it. That also holds true for his gestapo and its followers. A seemingly true paradise for up to seven years for the lost.

Again, I will repeat what I have written in many of the early articles in this series: this is another reason for those left behind to flee into the wilderness with 10-12 like-minded folks, set up a barter-and-sharing system amongst themselves and stay completely away from city, urban and high-population areas. Those fleeing into the boonies with the Holy Spirit urging them to follow Jesus will find that Our Lord and Savior will provide all of their needs.

Then antichrist (AC) will use his complete control over the legal and illegal drug and alcohol industries which will be quite simple: getting all those left behind to take his 666 mark. He will control who gets drugs and alcohol (and everything else!) and who doesn’t. You won’t be able to “buy or sell without the mark” (Revelation 13:17-18) and you won’t be able to buy without money, government aid (like food stamps, etc.) or electronic banking.

Of course, if you have taken his 666 mark, you are entitled to “drug and alcohol stamps.” And if you have taken his 666 mark, you now have a hardened heart and you won’t share your dope, booze or food, etc., with anyone.

Satan knows his time is short (Revelation 12:12); that is why he now is working so hard for open borders between the USA, Mexico and Canada (and around the world) so the free flowing of drugs and drug cartels can go back and forth across borders with ease. They establish networks so, after the rapture, the legal distribution of drugs will be the norm and open to everyone. And there will be only one way to get your dope, etc.

AC won’t regulate drug and alcohol sales by anyone. No regulation at all. He just wants the left-behind people high and under control. He won’t care who sells the stuff as long as it gets sold.

With open borders worldwide, the need for border patrols, ICE-types of organizations, ports-of-entry staffers, etc., will be eliminated and will be re-trained into AC gestapo troopers and personnel, and surely relocated elsewhere. Some will be used to hunt down and capture new Christians.

This will be happening all over the world with the open borders rage in nearly all nations. All AC needs to do upon his revealing is to step into the ready-made system and take over without missing a beat. The worse the governments of this world sink, the better it is for AC when he steps in and takes over the world. There will be no opposition to anything he does after the rapture, as all of the believing Christians will be gone and will be with the Lord.

AC will also use food, medical and hospital needs, housing, etc., all the way up to concert and sports tickets to lure people into hell. No mark, no house, no dope, no health care, no tickets, no hotdogs!

AC is revealed in Revelation 13:1-9. He suffers a mortal head wound in an apparent assassination attempt, but Father God allows Satan and AC plus the false prophet (I have dubbed them as “the false trinity”) certain supernatural powers for several reasons.

Several of which involve the complete deception poured out on the lost and willfully deceived souls on earth. Miracles will be performed by AC, and he will speak “great things.” But first AC must be raised from the dead; and I believe that “miracle” will be performed by the false prophet (Revelation 16:13; 19:20; 20:10), which I personally believe will be the pope of Rome. It might also be a high religious figure from inside Islam. Presently the pope is trying to lure Catholics and Muslims together into one worldwide religion.

After these miracles (raising AC from the dead, etc.) and “great things” spoken, the lost and deceived will flock to the one-world church for “spiritual enlightenment” and answers to the events of the day, while they will follow en masse to the AC for this promised Utopia on earth.

Those that fled into the wilderness with their Bibles in hand are headed in the correct direction. They just need to hold out and evade AC for up to seven years to be saved. But if they get captured, stay faithful and true to Jesus Christ until their earthly end, which will also be the beginning of a true, perfect, eternal, heavenly paradise!

The choice will be theirs. A Satan/AC created, phony, superficial Utopia on earth lasting for up to 7-years, or “the Real McCoy” in heaven forever?

I am especially concerned about people in nursing homes, rehab centers, home care providers, drug & alcohol rehab centers, hospitals, etc. If a number of the home care providers, doctors, nurses, technicians, aides, etc., are raptured and the patients aren’t saved, the patients are left all alone for the AC and his gestapo. They are literally trapped by AC, and this should be a target for the crazy uncle’s prayers before the rapture. Try to take spiritual care of those who won’t take care of themselves before the rapture. Don’t give Satan a single soul without a fight.

With the open easy access to drugs and alcohol, it will be easy to get people hooked. I believe AC will also dictate a worldwide no-age-limit on alcohol consumption. If he can easily keep the world stoned and drunk, they are easier to control and recruit. Bye bye eternal peace and happiness in heaven.

So again, to those left behind, head for the hills after the rapture. It will be the safest place to hide from AC. But it won’t be easy. It is much better that you have control over yourselves than AC have control over you. By doing this, you will draw the Holy Spirit of God unto yourself for guidance and absolute true Godly knowledge.

Hopefully you are reading this before the rapture. It is by far the best way not to suffer through Satan and AC’s living hell on earth, and that is not to be there in the first place. Rather, come to the Saving Grace of Jesus Christ now and be rescued up into heaven for shear happiness forever. This is God’s Promise to all of His Creation.

Having 666 loons as neighbors?

First, antichrist (AC) won’t make the 666-mark available to the left-behind public until midway through the tribulation period (the 3½ year mark). We see this in Revelation 13:3-9. Verses 15-18 make the 666-mark official.

I believe the AC knows at this present time that it is he who is the soon-to-be announced AC. He is now preparing and training for his new position. I believe the AC is presently guilty of the unpardonable sin so has a hardened heart, thus has already given his complete allegiance to Satan. He is just waiting to complete his pre-tribulation training and for Satan’s command to come onto the world scene.

We don’t know who the AC is but there is no shortage of evil, hardened hearts in this world at the present time to fill that evil position. I’m sure Satan has already picked him; and since the devil isn’t omnipresent, he is spending a lot of time training and grooming his super protégé for his job at hand.

When the rapture occurs, AC will have an additional 3½ years to refine and fine-tune his evil one. So when the AC is revealed, he will require little on-the-job training. He will be ready to hit the ground running. Satan may be the more evil one but he is not stupid. Thank God the smart evil one’s time is running out.

Those left behind will need to get established in the wilderness as quickly as possible. You don’t have 3½ years to do this. AC won’t be sitting around doing nothing. Satan, his imps, and fallen angels don’t sleep. The only ones on Satan’s side who require food, sleep, healthcare, sex, oxygen, etc., are his gestapo and other humans with hardened hearts.

And when any of them want sex, they take it legally. I don’t believe there will be any such laws against rape, sodomy, physical abuse, trafficking, etc. It will be another perk for the lost, which will be very cruel and brutal.

Satan’s first choice for new left-behind Christians will be for them to take the 666 mark. When that is accomplished in an individual, Satan’s job is done. They are forever lost and can’t change their mind and come back to the Lord. Forever lost means forever lost.

He wants their souls in hell. If not, he will chop their heads off; most will be martyred in Jesus’ Name and be translated as tribulation saints into heaven.

But the horror of a cruel, brutal death like that will cause some to weaken spiritually and switch to a last-minute conversion and take the damning 666 mark in order to save what little breathing time remains of their earthly lives.

The left behind who are following the crazy uncle’s lead and beginning to learn the Gospel have now taken up residence in the boondocks and are beginning to settle in. After they have transported tools, equipment, supplies, etc., into their new wilderness home, their small group of 10-12 needs to have established daily prayer, Bible study and praise meetings between their survival chores. As we mentioned before, it is best to work at settling in during the day and hold home church meetings in the evenings and early mornings before and after work.

I have suggested throughout this series that your group should be limited to 10-12 people. The following link gives reasons as to how and why: RR posted this article on April 29, 2018. Click here.

The following link leads to a partial list of supplies, tools, equipment, etc., that I have suggested to be stashed away for tribulation-period survival. That link is #32 and this article is #60, so a lot more suggestions are included in articles between #33 and #60. This list was posted in RR on 6/14/18: Click here.

Also, go back and review previous articles on stowing your stash, supplies, tools, equipment, etc., a distance from your camping area in case you must flee the scene. Review and plan on always locating and setting up alternative camp sites miles from your present camp area for the same reasons.

The purpose of this segment is to warn the groups of 10-12 about strangers that might drift into their camp areas. The groups have been warned and advised on how and whom to pick for their group of 10-12, but strangers just might pop-in.

I’m not sure how the 666 mark will be placed on its victims. There are many theories on the subject. Some say a tattoo. Others say an embedded chip. And there are many other theories floating around. A tattoo can be seen, an embedded chip is hidden under the skin, so AC will need a scanner-type of equipment to detect it. I’m sure AC’s security people will have lightweight pocket-sized scanners to trap new Christians who won’t visibly see the 666 mark on security people. So be careful of who you accept into your group.

Those left behind can see a tattoo but not an embedded chip; however, they have no way of knowing which method (or any of the others?) AC is using, as they have been in the boonies and don’t know a lot of what’s happened in the big cities.

The Bible doesn’t tell us when AC will require all folks to take the 666 mark. It does say it will be ordered and required at the 3½ year mark but it doesn’t speak of volunteers such as government workers, police, military, medical personnel, etc., and others left behind who become a part of AC’s gestapo. At the looks of today’s government, after the rapture those left behind might quickly volunteer when they see job advancements and other perks due to rapture “disappearances.”

They won’t want to be living on tepid pond water, lots of chiggers, eating dandelion greens and sleeping in the cold surrounded by wild forest animals in the boonies. If they take the 666 mark, they will have an airconditioned apartment, a car, big screen tv, home-delivery pizza and lots of other comforts.

And those who take the 666 mark will completely change. Going with the hardened hearts will be complete, undying allegiance to AC and Satan. They will lose the ability to make free choices for themselves. His gestapo and staffers will be completely devoted and faithful to him. He will be their “god” for all with the 666 mark. They will have no remorse or second thoughts about taking the 666 mark. It will be their believed “salvation” that ends up in the Lake of Fire.

AC will need to build his gestapo quickly. I doubt if his new military will be much of a problem, as AC will draft overseas terrorist groups to fill in for raptured Christians in the national militaries. Muslim, Hindu, etc., terrorist groups already have a foothold in our militaries and governments. AC will open the doors wide to them. Many are here already thanks to open borders policies, sanctuary cities, catch & release programs, etc. But this has been part of Satan’s plan all along. And it is working well for him.

To join the AC army, instead of taking an oath of allegiance, they take the 666 mark. It is completely binding.

So new Christians left behind will have to be very careful if strangers pop up unannounced. They just might be AC’s planted gestapo pretending to be Christians. They will be trained liars in the likeness of Satan.

If this happens, get rid of them immediately. If they have a hardened heart and no chance for salvation, my opinion is they can be eliminated and buried. (I can hardly wait for my emailed “Reader Feedback” on that one?!). But you can’t let them live to report back to their AC headquarters as to your location, number of members, and other vital information. After all, AC’s gestapo is out to capture and kill you! And he goes by his own rules.

I realize this will be difficult for new Christians to kill other human beings but anyone taking the 666 mark is no longer human. They are now demons. And it could be that someone who drifts into your camp is a family member, a good friend, etc. So be prepared for this.

My #1 News Source

We Christians are having a more difficult time finding accurate national and international news we can believe with the exploding popularity and acceptance of fake news outlets. Many have the “National Enquirer syndrome.” More and more people each day are believing that stuff. FOX News used to be that one ray of light shining in a dark world of inaccurate news media, but the current ploy is for God’s enemies to buy out their opponents, take over operations and change their message to match their own.

The Walt Disney Company just bought out FOX for $71.3 Billion and has already started transforming it into another fake news propaganda, brainwashing-the-weak, satanic tool (though it’s claimed that Fox News is not part of the sale). I wrote an article last year (#43-September 4, 2018) that envisioned the “falling away” of FOX News. The link that follows brings up that Rapture Ready article: Click here.

This buy-out has evidently been in the works for some time. Judge Jeanine Pirro was suspended for telling the truth about Muslim congressperson Ihan Omar on air. And we all know how the liberal left is allergic to the truth. Judge Jeanine is back in a more controlled way (sound familiar?); she has been reinstated with ultra-liberal progressive and Trump-hater Donna Brazile now having a strong voice. Brazile may be the new hero for FOX management, but I believe her ratings will tank and she will be as popular with viewers as Juan Williams, Marie Harf and Shepard Smith. Judge Jeanine returned to the roar of the crowd.

Brazile has been a high-ranking Democrat party leader for some time now, and a recent job was with CNN (need we say more?), where she got fired in 2016 for the publicly uncovered news report of her slipping Hillary Clinton some of the Democratic debate questions to give her an edge over Socialist Bernie Sanders. It is my opinion that CNN didn’t fire Brazile for slipping Hillary the questions. They fired her for getting caught! It is reported that Brazile will get her own show on FOX. My guess is Juan Williams, Marie Harf and Leslie Marshall will soon follow? Williams is already in control of “The Five.”

My Facebook page has an ever-increasing list of faithful Fox News viewers already dumping Fox in anger over these recent developments. There once high TV ratings will rapidly shrink, but I don’t think Disney is concerned one bit about that. Satan is in charge. Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, Mark Levin and Laura Ingraham might be some of the next conservative heads to fall.

Rupert Murdock has turned over the FOX reins (CEO) to his liberal son Lachlan who will have his wife Sarah Kathryn handle top-level policy changes. His wife is a super-liberal-progressive Trump-hater and was in the now defunct Clinton Foundation in high-level management.

My #1 source of accurate believable news is Rapture Ready News (home page, left column, very top). It is the first thing I read every morning, but I come back in the late afternoon as RR adds late-breaking news items.

There are others like World Net Daily (WND), but the left is putting an intense effort into shutting them down. WND founder and leader Joseph Farah recently suffered from a stroke, and I will update that in the upcoming prayer list #14.

Breitbart is also good. But the best source of accurate news is the prophecy chapters in the Bible. It tells you what’s happening thousands of years ahead of time. No way for fake news to infiltrate the Bible no matter how hard Satan and his captive lefties try. They can’t buy God out and take over.

A thorough report on this can be found on the NTEB website by typing in “FAIRLY UNBALANCED: $71 Billion Dollar Disney Merger Deal” (since the link posted in a document won’t work).

Jesus finally takes over

Also read “Trump in 2020, Jesus in 2024” on the WND website by Joseph Farah. It will give you encouraging hope about your future mansions prepared by Our Lord (John 14:2-3).

Read closely what Paul wrote in 2 Timothy 3:1-7:

1 – This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.

2 – For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy,

3 –  Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good,

4 – Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God;

5 –  Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.

6 – For of this sort are they which creep into houses, and lead captive silly women laden with sins, led away with divers lusts,

7 –  Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.

Paul’s writing is an exact mirror of present life today all over the world. We are definitely in the end-times, the rapture is near, and Jesus Christ will return to earth and make everything “right” forever. Just flip the channel over to CNN, MSNBC, the networks, or skim through the pages of The New York Times, the Washington Post, the Huffington Post, etc., and compare their people and their words and actions with Paul’s words in 2 Timothy 3 (Isaiah 5:20). Enough said.

I don’t know if President Trump will win re-election in 2020 or not. I sure hope and pray that he does. And I don’t know if Our Lord and Savior will enter the scene in 2024 or not. I also pray the sooner, the better.

But I want to remind all of you crazy uncles that after the rapture there will be over 5 billion earthlings left behind (by my own personal guesstimate), so we all need to put on our saving-gloves and do the Lord’s work until He comes.

And to those of you who will surely be left behind unless you confess and repent quickly, you can see how evil it is here on earth before the rapture even with Christ’s Church and the Holy Spirit here restraining Satan. Imagine how much worse it will get when the good Christians disappear from the face of the earth? Then you will have 100% evil.

Quit wasting time on earthly pleasures that will be gone forever in less than seven years. Set your sights on an eternity of 100% joy and happiness forever! The time for you to change directions is now.

Wilderness Survival Info

Here are some tips on how to make bread, pizza, casseroles, cakes, pies, etc., in the wilderness without modern appliances. In article #28 entitled “Once saved, always saved,”, scroll down to “solar water distilling” and the plans to build a solar distiller, which can also be used as an oven for baking using the sun. More information is also in article #35.

Also, a grain grinder (I recommended is needed. If you pull-up article #32, you can look over a list of supplies, tools, etc., that crazy uncles need to be stockpiling for the left behind.

You can find all kinds of recipes by pioneer and Native American women on how they prepared food from scratch in the 1700’s and 1800’s. I picked out one at “Bake Bread Like a Pioneer in Appalachia With No Yeast.”

Don’t be shocked by me listing “pizza” in the boondocks! You can take a large ball of hardtack dough, roll it out like a pizza crust, pre-slice it before baking, and start spreading on your toppings. Since pizza doesn’t have a set recipe, feel free to pile on what turns you on (and what is available). You can make a sauce out of a lot of things. Tomatoes are best, and Roma tomatoes are the sauce tomato of choice. They are less watery, so be sure to include Roma seed in your stash supplies.

The same hardtack dough can be used for pot pies, or just crumble-up hardtack crackers into soups and stews to give them more body and make them more filling. Your imagination is open to all ideas to develop a variety for your wilderness menu. Make a gravy and spread over crumbled-up hardtack for a “boondock’s biscuits & gravy.” Dried fruits, berries and nuts can be mixed in the dough and solar-baked into “wilderness fruitcake”-style cookies (also pre-slice before baking).

After a while in the woods, you will develop a variety of eats that will make your miserable existence much more tolerable. Hardtack by itself can last forever without refrigeration. So bear with it, pray a lot and endure until the end. It sure beats dandelion greens and tepid pond water.


Another fairly inexpensive item to stockpile that doesn’t spoil, etc., is petroleum jelly (Vaseline). Get the larger jars and plenty of it as it has many uses. Use it to start fires, as a lubricant, waterproofing and stopping leaks, as a barter item, plus many medical uses such as healing scrapes, minor wounds, sunburn, itching, moisturizing, face & hand care, etc.

Activated Charcoal works to absorb foreign objects like a vacuum, meaning that it will pull out any dirt and bacteria that may be present when applied to a wound. By cleaning up the wounded area and removing any fluids, toxins, and debris that may slow down the healing process, activated charcoal is able to prevent infection while at the same time helping a wound heal more quickly.

If you can buy activated charcoal and stock it, go for it. Making it is a complex and tedious chore. Some websites say it’s so easy. Well, it’s not. I’m not saying it can’t be done, but you have to be patient and respect and understand the process.

FineVine activated charcoal is available on Amazon. Here’s the product info:

>>Why choose us>> We looked at all the other activated hardwood charcoal powder on the market and were disappointed with the level of quality and fineness. So we decided that we would source the strongest, purest food grade charcoal powder and sell them at a reasonable price- satisfaction guaranteed!

Made in USA – activated carbon at its finest – this charcoal powder comes in an ultra-fine grade for easy, fast absorption.

Food grade – ideal for detoxification, face mask, teeth whitening & cleansing – safe and effective for both topical and internal use. 

Vegan grade 100% pure activated charcoal powder, whiten your teeth with nature’s solution.

Money- back guarantee – we are so confident that you will love this product that we are offering a 90- day money-back guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied, we will refund you your order—no questions asked. 


Reader Feedback

The article #59 falls in line perfectly with my thinking.  The power vacuum would leave America rudderless and ready to line up with the AC.

In Christ

Janet (Canada)


Hi Dick,

I have read all of your After the Rapture series and I love them.

Today, I think #59 tops them all.  You mention Nancy Pelosi.  I know they will be miserable after the Rapture, and I live in California. You can see the misery in the cities here in California. Our governor is a total mess. People are dying because of the “Sanctuary” in our state. I know the Rapture is close. Thank you so much for the commentaries, and God bless you and your family.

Thank you,

Rachael Edwards

(Dick’s reply) Thank you for the kind words. Those of us who will be raptured will be safe from “President Pelosi,” but those left behind are in for some very rough times. They need our prayers now to first go up in the rapture. But if they don’t, that they survive the tribulation period and its satanic evils.


Here is the WND article speaking about Joseph Farah’s stroke at this link.


CRAZY UNCLE ALERT! Can you feel it? Can you see it on your phonetv? Time is short. Whatever you have been thinking about doing for Jesus, do it now!

I’m homebound here taking care of my wife. But I can still do things for the left-behind crew. I’m still putting together those left-behind kits and boxes. Keep it simple and practical.

Four basics: Knife, fire-making, cook pot and first aid kit are a must. Go from there as finances allow. Bibles are a must, so get plenty of them (new or used).

Trust Jesus to get the stuff in the places it needs to be. He will.

Anthony Hamm



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#59 – The Unpardonable Sin and the 666 Mark; Reader Feedback; Brain Transplants; Directories (March 16, 2019)

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