Pre-Rapture Prayer List #11 :: Compiled by Dick Ainsworth

To all of you prayer warriors who suffer the pain and heartache of praying faithfully for loved ones either for their salvation or health problems or a long list of other prayer requests that seem to go unanswered, write this down and recite before and after each time of prayer. The main thought you must have is Jesus always does what He says He will do. You either believe Him or you don’t. Always pray to the Father in the Name of His Son.

Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ said and promised the following:

“If ye shall ask anything in my name, I shall do it” (John 14: 14).

As Pastor David Jeremiah recently said, “God said it. I believe it. That settles it.”


Hi There,

If we could ask for any prayer, it would be for our adult prodigal daughters ages 25 and 20. Our girls were raised in a godly home, we were a loving and close-knit family, they were in church since they were born, and taught about salvation in Jesus. But it seems somehow with the public school system and the young men they have chosen to be with have led them away from their Faith and Values.

Since we didn’t approve of her boyfriend, our oldest, Nicole, got married without us out of spite almost 6 years ago on Father’s Day weekend. She has since changed her values and has marched in gay pride parades, supports LGBHTQ, the legalization of marijuana, Planned Parenthood, abortion, feminism, veganism, animal rights and anything else that is opposite to how she was raised.

Needless to say, dealing with all of this has been a living nightmare. Then, as if things couldn’t get any worse, our youngest who was ‘Our Sunshine” suddenly decided to give into her fleshly sin nature and yoke up with a 22-year-old young man who is an atheist, drug user, and alcoholic who now lives in her apartment, who also doesn’t have a driver’s license but has her drive him everywhere with her car. Since last June, Our Sunshine Brooke has stopped going to church, and since October has stopped communicating with us too.

This ongoing nightmare living with a broken heart is tortuous and often debilitating when you feel like no one fully understands all that you’ve been through or that you’re all alone in this battle that isn’t yours but God’s. But we know Abba Father God is close to the brokenhearted. We also have experienced Jesus giving us strength, wisdom, discernment, and courage each step of the way. He has promised to never leave us or forsake us. For that we are grateful and comforted.

Our prayer is for our adult prodigal children to repent and come back to a True Saving Knowledge of Jesus Christ before it’s too late. We don’t feel they have the luxury to be prodigals in these last moments before our Blessed Hope. We don’t want them or any other lost family members left behind; but they all have free will, and it’s up to them to decide to choose Christ or to deny Him. We can’t make that decision for them.

Thank you for any Prayers. God bless you Prayer Warriors. Maranatha!


The Austins

(Dick’s reply) Satan has control of many souls in this world, so there are many, many prodigals. In your case, Satan has directed two of his male prodigals to attack your daughters, as he knew they were believers in Christ; so he trapped them so that they will become prodigals also. Since the men belong to Satan, all of his satanic events and activities are made active and acceptable before your girls. Naturally he has it all disguised to look good, and your daughters are falling for it.

But your girls have a good Christian upbringing and those roots grow deep. Remember, the prodigal son in Christ’s parable came home and how the father, who had prayed long and hard, rushed out to meet him. I can’t help but think that one day soon your daughters will realize they are living with the pigs and decide to come home?

I will personally pray for your daughters but also for the two young men who are leading them astray. I am sure you are angry and maybe even hateful towards them; but God knows your hearts, and that doesn’t please God at all. Those two Satan-possessed men urgently need prayer. If the Holy Spirit acts on them to release your daughters, you may see the ones who corrupted your daughters in the first place be the ones who lead them back into the light.

What I am saying is that you are presently blaming your daughters for straying away from the path Jesus laid out for them. But the blame belongs to the two young Satan-possessed men who have led your daughters astray. So it is a good thing that you pray for your lost daughters; but I suggest that you include the two demon-possessed young men in your prayers, because they aren’t lost yet.

And don’t think and believe no one understands what you are going through? I guarantee you that there are many prayer warriors (maybe thousands!) reading this article right now that are going through the exact same thing you are going through, and they relate to you perfectly.

I hope the many prayer warriors reading this will consider praying also for the enemies of God. Read about Moses, the Apostle Paul, and others who switched sides. We just can’t pray for the ones we love. I try to pray for the Obamas, the Clintons, Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Louis Farrakhan, Rosie O’Donnell, Joy Behar, and many other lost people that need our prayers. Satan hates and fears your prayers because he believes John 14:14 (above).

If the Holy Spirit acts on behalf of the evil people, there will be less good people led into sin.


Dear Dick and friends,

Thank you for your prayers! Over Christmas it became obvious that our daughter-in-law Whitney has come close to the Lord! Please continue prayer that she and our son David will continue to be drawn to and strengthened in the Lord, with no question of salvation.

Please continue prayers for our oldest son Joseph, his wife Meredith and grandchildren Corrine, Kennedy and Jack to accept our Lord Jesus Christ as their Savior. They live abroad, and Joe is not being paid during the government shutdown. His transfer to another post has been held up as well. We pray that it will be sorted out soon, that some unexpected blessing will result and that the Lord will be given the glory!

Please continue to pray for my sister Peggy and her wife Kathy to accept Jesus’ salvation, along with my sister Patti. Please pray for my brother and sister-in-law John and Angie to accept salvation.

Please continue to pray for our Lord to help our neighbors Chuck and Brookie with their serious health and family problems. Please continue to pray for my wife Vicki and me to become the people the Lord intends us to be.

Thank you; you are all in my prayers! The Lord’s blessings, love and comfort to all,

Mike Scheibel


My name is Candice, and I accepted the Lord during the fall of 2001. I have been following Jesus since with a lot of times off the path and back on. I am praying fervently for my desire to study and learn of Him to return in a mighty way – not just to open my Bible when I need to successfully debate the Word – but to learn of Him, because I want to fellowship with God and love Him!

I also pray for all women who are married, including myself, to follow our husbands’ leadership joyfully so all of our marriages may glorify God and brings souls into His Kingdom by our testimonies!

Last but definitely not the least, I also really need prayer for me to become disciplined into the Trim Health Mama food plan that has proven to be sustainable, so I can teach my 5 sons to eat better and have balanced meals that will bring health to our bodies and glorify God who lives in us!

Thank you for taking your time out to read my prayer requests! I am greatly humbled! Have a great week. Amen!



(Dick’s Reply) You are so fortunate to know when you drift off the path that you know where the true path is and how to get back on track. There are so many people in this world that drift off the path but don’t know it. So, teach those five boys of yours about the right path, and pray continuously for them to follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

It appears you are in a good marriage with a good Christian man, so that is the best situation for those five boys to grow up in and learn by the continuous example of a solid Christian marriage. It will pay off big-time in later years when those five go to pick a lifetime spouse. They will want one just like “mom.”

We should all pray for all married people who are trapped in marriages with spouses who are not followers of Christ. If they don’t follow Christ on earth, they surely won’t follow Him up into heaven. All Christian spouses need to stick to the straight and narrow path and not let anything detour them away from the Lord.

Physical food and diets are so important. A healthy child is a happy child. But spiritual “food” is most important. Once in heaven, there will be perfect health and no need for diets as God will provide everything in perfection.

I hope the many prayer warriors that are reading your email will be encouraged to follow in the ways of the Lord that He has laid out for you.


Good Morning.

I’ve really enjoyed reading your “After the Rapture” series and look forward to reading them. I’m an officer in the US Army stationed in Hawaii, having the honor of attending Calvary Chapel Kaneohe, pastored by JD Farag. I have been busy witnessing to people all over the Island of Oahu when the opportunity presents itself. I’ve also witnessed to military, but it has become difficult to do so as of late. I realize this is the same situation in the civilian world as well, but being on active duty has unique problems.

It appears that the closer we get to the trumpet call of God, the more blind people become to the truth. Any advice you may have or just a prayer for direction would be greatly appreciated.

I truly wish what God wishes in relation to mankind’s salvation, for no man to perish. I know this is your desire as well or you would not have been writing these articles since 2017. You are doing the Lord’s work as directed in Ezekiel 33:1-6, and you are blessed because of it.

In Jesus name,

Joe Vaccaro

(Dick’s reply) Thank you for the kind words. You really picked a Biblically solid church pastored by J. D. Farag, and I only wish there were thousands more churches like this worldwide which would result in less apostasy that now plagues us in these end-times. I really enjoy learning from Pastor Farag.

I can’t really give you any advice as far as your witnessing is concerned other than to keep doing what you are presently doing. You are being led by the Holy Spirit, and I am sure you will keep doing that until He calls you home. The Holy Spirit is placing these witnessing opportunities in your path. He does the same with me, so I plan to go down swinging. This planet and its earthlings belong to Satan for the present time, and witnessing to the lost becomes more difficult the closer we get to the end of the church age.

But the Lord warns us of mockers, scoffers and the like as the end-times come to a close. Times don’t change. We will go through what Christ’s apostles went through in the Book of Acts. They never did give up. As one example only, look at the mocking, rejection, torture and persecution the Apostle Paul went through. Then look at the results of his teachings and writings today.

But I know from past experience that thousands of people worldwide are reading your email and will call upon the Lord in prayer in your behalf.  Even though the efforts of all of us who are attempting to fulfill His Great Commission seem discouraging with what we feel is the lack of success, we might well be surprised when we see the masses of saved souls in heaven at that given time. A combination of the saving powers of the Holy Spirit plus the avalanche of the prayers by the worldwide prayer warriors will make today’s glum-looking time shine in His Glory. The very best is yet to come.

There is a huge divide between those of us in the crazy-uncle world about individual salvation of those left behind in the Satan and antichrist controlled 7-year tribulation period. Many believe there will be a small revival during that time. Others believe there would be no revival at all, that those who go in the rapture will be the end of it and that no more will be saved. Antichrist’s gestapo will hunt down all of those left behind who will be forced to take the 666 mark, many of whom will be willing.

I can’t buy into that. The Bible tells us that surviving new believers will be those who will repopulate earth during the thousand-year millennial reign of Jesus. They will be the only ones who can repopulate the earth as the raptured, the old and New Testament saints, plus the martyred tribulation saints will be present in the millennium but in glorified, immortal, uncorruptible bodies that cannot reproduce human life. So it will be up to those born-again humans who survive the tribulation period to repopulate the new millennial world.

I, for one, am more optimistic as I believe and pray for a gigantic revival during the tribulation period. Those that doubt that belief believe we must save all we can before the rapture. I’m all for that, too.

But I believe it doesn’t end there. That is why I’m in my 57th edition of the “After the Rapture” series, trying to prepare those left behind for both physical and spiritual survival for the upcoming 7 years of hell on earth.

Many prophecy teachers say God will remove the Holy Spirit during the tribulation period, but I haven’t figured out how you remove the One who is omnipresent? I believe that two of the Holy Spirit’s many functions is to be a “comforter” (John 14:26) and a “restrainer” (2 Thessalonians 2: 7). At the rapture, Christ will remove the “restrainer” which will leave earth wide open to evil. Right now it is Christ’s Church on earth restraining evil (you wouldn’t know it watching the evening news!), but once His Church is removed, Satan has this planet all to himself. So if you think it’s bad now, just wait!

Will the two witnesses and the 144,000 teachers be on their own or led by Someone? Of course, I also believe that God’s Ways are not my ways. So those decisions are way out of my pay grade! But I also personally believe the Holy Spirit will be very active during the trib period?

I have read about how difficult it is on military chaplain services these days with secular PC problems and its attached blowback. I enlisted when Ike was President, and it has really changed over the years. I believe you are placed by God in His gifted place to do His work that chaplains are not permitted to do. (I assume you are a lay pastor and not a military chaplain?)

So far it isn’t a problem for military personnel to have free speech amongst themselves. I would only suggest that those you witness to not get discouraged and be silenced with their newfound beliefs. Since many will be baby Christians, then your follow-up is most important. They must be encouraged and reach out to others, but they will need you as a mentor to guide them in the light. This can be a big part of an end-times revival that can multiply saved souls to enter His Kingdom.


We must all join together in joint prayer against the overwhelming and devastating attacks by Satan and his minions in these latter days. We know our all-knowing Father God has known the identity of the antichrist since before the beginning of His creation, so we pray He will strengthen those left behind and lead them towards the light of His true words in the Bible. We pray that many of the left behind will become born-again believers before the Second Coming of His Son.

We pray for two large revivals: (1) the first to happen before the rapture, (2) the second to happen during the tribulation period.

The present world is under a deep, dark cloud of satanic deception. We pray to God to unleash the powers of His Holy Spirit on the multitude of lost unsaved people on earth before the rapture so as to rob Satan of souls he intends to trap in his tribulation period. Open up their hearts and minds to accept the leadership and teachings of God’s Holy Spirit so they may be raptured up into the clouds to meet their Lord and Savior face-to-face in the air.

After the Rapture, many of God’s creation will be left behind. This will be a most difficult test of faith for them, plus it is their final chance to avoid an eternity in the lake of fire. So once again, we pray to you Father God in the Name of your Son, to send your Holy Spirit onto the lost and lead them to become born-again before your Son’s Second Coming.

Holy Father, we ask for your protective hand over the many pastors, teachers of Your Word, crazy uncles, missionaries, and everyone else who is attempting to expand Your Kingdom from the increasingly angry and violent persecutors attempting to quiet your word to the lost and unsaved of this world. Also extend your protective hand to shield the many ministries such as “Light of the World” in Andrea Pradesh, India, who are under constant assault from radical terrorist groups guided and inspired by Satan. World persecution of Christians and Jews is now most intense and is growing stronger as Satan’s time shortens. Please bring relief and safety to those who follow you.

Also bring calm and peace to those crazy uncles whose hearts are troubled over lost, rejecting and unbelieving family and friends they are sure will miss the rapture. Give them the strength and power of Your Word to believe the power of prayer works miracles in Your Time and Plan. Due to Satan’s meddling with their thoughts, so many are giving up hope as the rapture draws near. Please give them the strength to reject Satan’s meddling and to believe your promises without question and emotional pain.


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Like so many of you, nearly all of my family is lost. I have tried and tried to witness to them, but they want nothing to do with me and reject all I say. One is a hard-core atheist who openly mocks and blasphemes our Lord.

My only child, now 19, has been very ill since having a vaccine when she was 12, and any time I try to speak with her about the urgency of the times, she gets upset, depressed, and insists I not talk about the ‘end times.’ While I understand that her life was drastically changed after the shot and she sees her so-called friends all going on with their lives as she sits at home sick, I cannot make her understand that soon she will not be sick anymore; she will no longer be disabled.

But she gets distraught if I try to talk about such things, and I worry so that she will be left behind. She was saved, I think, as a young girl – she says she asked Jesus to come into her heart and save her. The church we attended questioned her and said they believed she was saved, because when they asked her why she wanted to go to heaven, she said to be with God. They felt an unsaved child would say ‘to be with mom and dad.’

She wanted very much to be baptized, although the church kept putting her off. Why – I don’t know. It was a very unfriendly church we tried to be part of. But they seemed always not to welcome us.

Finally, when asked why she wanted to be baptized, she said because she thought it was what God wanted her to do. So she was baptized. We no longer go to that church, and the small one we attended after has since closed down. Now she is too sick to attend, and I won’t go without her. And there really aren’t any around that I feel are worth attending, as they have all wandered away from truth, it seems.

Then, just a couple of years after her baptism, she was harmed by the vaccine, and her life turned upside down. She never talks about ‘Christian’ things; she doesn’t seem to seek the Lord. She just sits in her room alone, looking at who-knows-what on the computer. She loves to draw, otherwise. She’s 19 now and I cannot control what she does. But she is all alone with no friends or family, just me. I try whenever possible to speak truth to her, but she gets so down, so depressed, or so angry at me that I’ve learned to just keep quiet and pray.

I live my life as a watchman, trying to warn people via my FB and other ways, by sharing articles I read on this site and others. I am desperately trying to tell people that Jesus is coming soon. But my beloved daughter is sitting in her room isolated daily, and she doesn’t hear anything I say.

I’ve asked her to make sure she is ready, and she says she is. But I worry so much. I know Satan is trying to steal my crown, the crown I want so much because I can’t wait for my Lord to come for us. I can’t wait to see Him.

Please pray for my daughter Danielle, that she IS saved and ready to be Raptured out of here when the Lord calls us home, and please pray for my family that they will be saved. I have dear aunts who were like mothers to me, cousins who were like siblings, and my mother who abandoned me who now is in my life so I can take care of her in her late years….all who need Jesus.

I will be so happy to see you all, but mostly I will be so happy to see my Lord! I can’t wait. Please pray that I have strength and boldness to do whatever I must do until He calls us home.

God bless you all, and MARANATHA!

Robin Reece

(Dick’s reply) Don’t be so hard on yourself. You are following the Holy Spirit of God which Satan hates with a passion. Therefore, Satan puts his efforts into steering you away from God’s Blessings that He bestows on you. Satan does this by invading your mind and heart with feelings of despair, discouragement, rejection, failure, and other negative thoughts so as to stop you from doing what you are doing.

Those mind-control antics by Satan seem to have control of your family members, but you are the shining light amidst a world of darkness. It is a good thing that you got away from that early church, as they were wrong on nearly everything.

I have been handicapped for four years and bedridden on home health hospice for one year. I count being handicapped as a blessing from God as the things of this evil world no longer distract me, and I can concentrate nearly full time on my Christian articles. It gives me the time I needed to better serve God. The doctors told me I wouldn’t live thru March 2018, but here it is nearly a year later. It’s the Saving Strength of Jesus doing this.

Have you considered establishing a “home church” in your home? Find a few people in your neighborhood who don’t have a church they attend. They can get together once a week or so and hold informal prayer meetings in your home. This would be a way to get some different faces in the house. Give it some time to let it grow on Danielle as she listens to other people and their problems. It won’t do any harm and could be a breakthrough to get Danielle back on the right track.

A possibility exists that if you establish this home church, Danielle won’t want to participate at first. But maybe that might change after a couple of weeks of sitting in her room listening to laughter, singing and happiness from the outside? She might start to loosen up and join in? Be patient and give her time. And quit fretting.

I did two articles in the “After the Rapture” series on establishing a home church. In Article #3, my article centered on establishing a church and prayer group in the wilderness after the rapture. You can get some pointers there.

But the best yet is article #6 which deals with establishing a home church in this day and age due to the apostasy and great falling away of the Satan-infiltrated and controlled church system today. So many Christians cannot find a decent church that teaches a literal Bible these days, and the situation is getting worse. False teachings and prosperity gospels have taken over Christ’s church as the church age comes to an end. So you might get many good pointers in #6.

Try to have your daughter watch Sunday church sermons on TV. Since I am permanently bedridden, I personally watch Jack Graham, David Jeremiah, John and Matt Hagee, Robert Jeffress, etc., but stay away from the Benny Hinn, Jim Bakker, Joel Osteen, etc. She is confined to her room, so fill her room with good godly stuff instead of Satan’s who will squeeze his way in at any opening. Maybe you can set some chairs in her room and hold “home church” there?

Also YouTube has many good sermons recorded by many pastors like J. Vernon McGee. Billy Graham, Adrian Rogers, David Breece, etc. There are also plenty of false prophets on YouTube, so be careful.



This is Beth. My friend sent me the information to have your prayer team praying for my mother. She needs to be healed with no more stoma, wound-skin issue on her legs, swollen legs due to poor blood vessels, and strength to walk again. She is 84 years old.

Thank you for praying for my mother.



(Dick’s reply) Since you seem to be unfamiliar with the Rapture Ready website, I urge you to follow it daily. There is always something new on it, and its archives are packed with years of excellent articles by its founders and contributing writers. You should add their website address to your list of favorites:

I am also sending you some of my past articles including: “The final 1007 years,” a list of past articles and prayer request articles with links.

Your prayer request will appear in #11 which goes all over the world and is translated into 36 different foreign languages, so many prayer warriors of different nationalities will be praying for your mother. God insures us that there is much power in prayers to Him.

Here are the links in blue to click on:

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