A Prayer :: By Alice Childs

Lord we beg You, please, if it can possibly be Your will, let tomorrow – right now even, be the time when You call us Home. Oh God, we cannot bear the stench of this vile place any longer.

Oh Merciful God, rescue us and rain down fire and fury on the wicked reprobates who are defiling Your land and blaspheming Your name – those who willingly trample underfoot Your great grace and who mock the precious blood of You who died to redeem us, vile creatures that we are.

Oh Lord, we long to be in Your holy presence. We long to see our little ones removed from the crosshairs of Satan’s devices and to see our persecuted brethren freed.

Oh Righteous Judge of all the earth, roar out Your holy vengeance upon the earth dwellers! We plead with You in deepest humility and fervor to bring in now the last Gentiles into the Church.

LORD God most High, pity us and send our Redeemer to get us!

Oh God of Glory, we bow our countenance before Your splendorous glory. We fall prostrate before you as Isaiah did and cry as he did, “Woe is me, for I am undone in the presence of the Lord!”

Oh great I AM, deliver us as You delivered the children of Israel from Egypt. Remove us before Your all-consuming fiery judgments as you removed Lot and his family before You thundered down fire and brimstone on Sodom and Gomorrah. Lord lift us out as You did Enoch before the Flood, and preserve Your people Israel through the Tribulation as you did Noah and his family.

Lord God, we do not have the words – the vocabulary to entreat You, nor do we within ourselves have the right to even approach Your holy throne in prayer save for the blood of the Lamb which covers us. Lord we can only stand in Your presence by the GRACE and righteousness of the slain and risen Lamb who has imputed to us HIS righteousness that covers our vile and filthy sin-stained souls.

Oh Lord, before You we fall in abject gratitude and humility. Lord, You KNOW our hearts. You know that we are but dust. Lord, before You as Job did, “we repent in dust and ashes.”

Lord, we do not come before You demanding – we dare not do such an arrogant, unholy thing as to demand anything of the Great God of Creation. No Lord, we do not come demanding, but rather PLEADING; Lord, attend the cries of Your children.

Lord, Your word tells us that You hold our tears in a bottle and that every moment of our lives is recorded in Your books. Because of Your grace our names are forever recorded in the Lamb’s Book of Life; and because of this, You have given to us the privilege of coming boldly (though never arrogantly) before Your throne of grace. You have given to us the privilege to make our requests made known before You because the Lord Jesus is our High Priest.

So it is in this manner and in this heart that we plead before You now. Lord, please, PLEASE, PLEASE take us Home now. Please deliver Your Church now. Rescue our little ones now. Please, if it can at all be Your will, take us Home now.

Yet, as in all, we ask this according to Your will, ever yielding our will to Yours. Oh great God of mercy and love, You know our hearts. You know our pain and suffering.

Dearest Lord, Jehovah Sabaoth, COME. Your bride pleads COME!

Even so COME, Lord Jesus. Amen.