Pre-Rapture Prayer List #6 :: Compiled by Dick Ainsworth

A good way to build a stronger prayer life is to print off hard copies of Prayer Lists #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6 and following from the Rapture Ready archives, and at any time of day or night when you as an individual want to pray to the Lord, take out your printed copies and read/pray over them again. This also great for family group prayer and home church group prayer. God has a very big memory, and all prayers are recorded by Our Lord and Savior.

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I have been a Rapture Ready follower for many years. I’m so ready for Jesus to come but am so sad that many of my family and friends are not committed to Jesus.

My one son (Mason) has a drug problem, and I so much need prayer for him. I feel I failed him as a mother, and the guilt is so overwhelming.

Prayers are also needed for all the youth out there that are involved in drugs. My heart breaks as I see and hear story after story of broken hearts from the abuse of drugs and alcohol.

America the Great is no longer the America I once knew. There was a time when a neighborhood would get together and Pray for our children. Now it is not allowed dare we offend someone.

I pray constantly, not only for my family and friends, but also for all the lost souls out there that are hurting. I will always and forever be praying on my knees.

Thank you.


Your sister in Christ

(Dick’s reply): I recently found a post on Facebook from a concerned Christian mother regarding her son who hasn’t accepted Jesus Christ as of yet. It reads, “God hasn’t yet given up on my son, and neither have I.”

Satan is placing those lies in your heart and mind that you are a failure as a parent. That isn’t so as it is clear that you have been a strong Christian parent, and it is your son who is failing presently. Most youth get involved in drugs due to peer pressure. Satan (“the father of lies”) does those things (temptations, false feelings, etc.) repeatedly and continuously until the day when God will lock him away permanently for all of eternity. Satan will no longer be the spiritual pest and eternal threat he is now as he will be “out of sight, out of mind.”

It is your son’s free choice (given freely to him by God), and he chooses his present lifestyle. But King David, the Apostle Paul, etc., also switched lifestyles away from Satan’s deceptions to following God and becoming “good and faithful servants.” I look at my own life from my high school years up until my mid 30’s when I got married to a very good woman. My life did a real about-face; and now, as I am nearing age 80, I am a testimony to how God never gave up on me (1 Corinthians 10:13).

As much as you strive to lead and guide your son, I can’t help but think you are living the words of the country music song “one step forward and two steps back.”

You have made another of many steps forward towards your son doing an about-face in his life by sending in this prayer request so that thousands of prayer warriors worldwide will join you in prayer. So “be anxious for nothing” (Philippians 4:6) and continue to pray for, advise and lead your son. Keep doing what you are doing. The more of what you say to your son will be an unseen blessing. More of it is sticking to the wall than what you now realize. My parents were the dumbest people I knew when I was young, but the older I got, the smarter they got! Trust in God to have His Holy Spirit shine light into your son’s world of darkness.

God’s ways are not our ways (Isaiah 55:8), so put your complete faith and trust in God. He knows your heart, thoughts and mind; so when you fret and fail to get it the way you want it right away, God is way ahead of Satan. “Thy will be done.” God hears your prayers along with a large number of worldwide prayer warriors. “Ask and you shall receive.” Don’t be so hard on yourself. God definitely doesn’t want that. You’re on the same team!


Mark Brack has been a steady witness for the Lord over a period of time; and like most good witnesses, he gets rejections and is frequently scoffed and mocked. It is suggested that the worldwide group of prayer warriors use Mark Brack’s example to compile and submit their own list of names for prayer from the worldwide masses of prayer warriors.

Here is Mark’s prayer list in his own words for intervention by the Holy Spirit to the many of those who have not accepted his witness:

“Here is my list of people I would like prayed over for G-D to soften their hearts – draw them near to Him and away from the evil one”:

Lynne Fahlquist

John McCulloch

Lisa Fahlquist

All the Fahlquist clan

Tommy Lisa’s husband

Ray Grimalia

Janet Grimalia

Zoe Grimalia

Micheal Grimalia and Family

Bob Grimalia and Family

Jason Shelley

Paul Pecot

Steve Brack

Pressley Brack

Hunter Brack

Chris Brack

Sarah Brack

Tommy Shores

Brooke Humphries

Scottie Canfield

Alicia Duncan

Aiden Duncan

Natalie Ellis and Family

Daniel Radcliffe

Emma Watson

Jane Fonda

Peter Fonda


Rupert Grint

Tom Cruise

Meryl Streep

Jack Nicholson

Ray Ivey

Rachel Howell

Ronnie Bruno

Diane Feinstein

Pam Denman Brack

Jean Denman

Jana Iglesia

Dr. Kim Iglesia


Prayer requests are urgently needed for the Charles & Lourdes Holmes Missionary Ministry based in Bangkok, Thailand, as new government regulations and restrictions have made witnessing, teaching, baptizing, etc., at the many women’s prisons they have served for decades are now impossible.

I became involved with the Holmes ministry 26 years ago. They have spent 40 years establishing new churches in area villages plus witnessing in both male and female prisons in Thailand. In most prisons they visit, they perform baptisms, teach Bible classes, establish ministries inside prison walls, council individual inmates and minister to their spiritual needs.

But the female prisons have come under new administration, and they have established a new policy that no outside ministries are allowed inside the prison.

So prayer is urgently needed to soften the hearts of the Buddha fundamentalist administrators now in charge of establishing prison policies. They have locked the omnipresent God out of prison. And the Holmes have witnessed God’s Word to inmates for decades without incident. So prayer is urgently needed to return their prison ministry back to normal.

The Charles & Lourdes Holmes ministry can be reached at:


Hello Dick,

My wife and I have read your Pre-Rapture articles 1-4 and are sending some prayer requests as well. It is a wonderful blessing to do this corporately being part of the church and wonderful to be able to pray for other’s requests as well as many in the world that so desperately need the salvation that only Jesus gives.

God Bless you and we’re praying for your hospital stay that it won’t be long and that God will heal you.

Prayers for our 5 children: Robby, Katy, Mat, Chris and Aaron; only one has given his life to Jesus and attends many church activities. We know salvation is not deserved, earned or bought. It’s a free gift of God. Our other Children need additional prayer for their salvation.

My Father in-law Leo needs so desperately salvation. We pray the Lord will soften his heart that he will realize he needs salvation from Jesus.

Prayer for my wife’s health that it will improve, and that the doctors will be able to diagnose her muscle myalgia.

For our nation: that we will seek God (2 Chron 7:14) forgiveness, mercy guidance and grace, and while we are still here that we may continue the great commission to bring others the Good News. Our captivity is over.

We will continue with this new blessing of praying for those on the lists as well.

God Bless you and RR

Bob and Patty Fales


Dear Dick,

I am sending you my prayer list of my children and grandchildren’s names for you and your prayer group to pray for. They are all good people, but it won’t get them into heaven as you and I know. I cry thinking about what’s going to happen to them if they are left behind. They’ve been told; but as my youngest says, “I am a good person.” But that won’t get you to heaven!

Names of my children are:

Amy Howard

Katie Howard Lasker

Tom Lasker


Marissa Gayton

Deon Gayton

Kelsey Howard

Charlie Lasker (3 yrs old)

Clarisse Howard (5 yrs old)

Thank you so much for your help.

Now for my husband and his family:

Noel Peters

Children and spouses

Kelly and Paul Underwood

Kevin and Kathy Peters


Denise and Ryan

Rachel and Teege Price

Alex Peters


Maely 9 months old

And 2 little boys that I don’t know their names. Not a close family unfortunately. None even come close to believing in Jesus Christ. The boys are 3 and 5 yrs old.

I appreciate your praying for all of these kids. I am so afraid for all of them. If the Rapture happened, let’s say in the next couple of years, will these small children go to heaven? I am sure none of them are being taught about Jesus.  And none of them go to church. Mine I took to church, but they left going to church when they left home. I now go to Calvary Chapel church in Myrtle Beach SC.  I absolutely love this church, its members and Pastor Ron.

So Dick, that’s everything in a nutshell.  I pray your prayers work better than mine have.

Thank you,

Barbara Peters


Pray for God’s protective hand plus guidance and leadership from His Holy Spirit for President Donald J. Trump, his family and his administration and staff. They are under constant vigorous assault from the left orchestrated by Satan and his imps such as George Soros, Hillary Clinton, Vladimir Putin, Barack Hussein Obama, Chuck Schumer, Maxine Watters, etc.

Also pray for their individual salvation so they don’t get so involved in the problems of this country and earth that their minds and hearts drift off of what is really important, and that is what awaits them in the afterlife and eternity.

May the Holy Spirit have a stronger and intense influence on the person of President Donald J. Trump so he will follow God’s Plan and to do His Will to the letter.

Pray that the Trump administration may continue to lead the USA and the entire world of countries towards God before the rapture. Pray that the Middle East peace plan will be pleasing to God and true to His Word.

We pray this in Jesus’ Name.



Brother Ainsworth,

I am a daily visitor to the Rapture Ready website and have read many of your writings. As a sister in Christ, I thank you for everything you are doing. You stated that we could email you a list of people that are in desperate need of salvation.  I would like to add these names:

*Albert “Ricky” Clark (my husband who is also ill with a genetic disease, and time for his complete understanding is running out)

Jimmy Whitener (My brother)

*Jennifer Whitener (filled with evil and hate and so much more)

Harley Whitener

David Whitener

Johnathan Whitener

Jessica Brandon

Lesa Haller

Christy Johnston

Bryan Birge

Billy Birge

Chris Birge

Debbie Mulherin

Sara Birge

Marilyn Birge

Bailey Birge

Angel Birge

Stephen Foote

Keeley Jack’s

Jacqline Elise Osier

Mary Griffin

There are hundreds more, all family members (I have 22 Aunts and Uncles and their spouses, totaling 44 from both sides); so I could spend days at this, but I won’t subject you to that. These are the ones I’m closest to.

Thank you,

Traci Clark

(Dick’s reply): God never tires and becomes weary from too much prayer from His creation. The more you and the world pray, the more He likes it. So send me all the names you wish.


I have the same requests as many I have just read, and am grieved every minute of every day for the souls of my precious daughter, son-in-law and my 84-year-old husband. They don’t want to hear anything I want to tell them and do not believe anything I try to explain. They just get angry with me. So I just suffer in my depression, knowing what is ahead. I want to be happy, looking forward to the Rapture, or even my passing on into Glory if the Lord tarries, but the grief for my family interferes with the joy I want to have.


(Dick’s reply): I don’t know your prayers, so I hope my suggestions aren’t repeats of what you are presently praying. Pray to God in the Name of His Son to send His Holy Spirit to comfort your heart and ease your pain. The grief you are suffering is from Satan, as he wants you to become discouraged and give up on your family. That’s his plan for over 6,000 years. And it is working for him.

So don’t hand Satan another easy victory. Deal him a fit and fight for your family with intense vigor. God is the Almighty, and He answers yours and the many worldwide prayer warriors’ prayers. Don’t fret as a defeatist but rather attack Satan with strong prayer which Satan hates and fears. Satan will lose in the end. So stuff your prayers in his ugly face.


Rhonda Jones is requesting prayer.

Please pray for the salvation of the following:

Myriam A J

Kristofer J J

Idalina A















Lord open their eyes and hearts for You. Bind Satan in their thoughts, words and deeds.

Thank you Father for what You are about to do. I wait expectantly for Your grace and mercy in their lives. Amen.



Prayer is urgently needed for Allan Cronshaw and his OneWay new age ministry that the Holy Spirit will intercede in his life to lead him in God’s way to salvation instead of his own belief of self-salvation. Also pray for his followers he has deceived over time (see his letter in Reader Feedback in article #47).


Light of the World Ministry in Andhra Pradesh, India, is in need of prayer for protection and safekeeping from the radical satanic-influenced enemies of God who persecute them on a regular basis. Protect them from the Hindu terrorists as they follow God’s Callings in their missionary trips to the remote areas and villages with Bibles in hand to teach God’s Good News to families, individuals, youth groups, widows & orphans, street preaching, open baptisms in area rivers, lakes, ponds, etc.

Also pray that God will provide them with the food, health care medicines, Bibles and other teaching aids, clothing and other vital needs, etc., to further prepare the fields for harvest.

Also pray for the good health and safekeeping of Pastor Param and his wife Asha, their daughters Deevena and Amulya and their families, their church staff and families plus their widespread congregations and followers. May God look over and protect them all until the rapture when they will all be snatched up and taken away in the blinking of an eye to ever be with the Lord.

You can contact “Light of the World Ministries” at:


Please pray that God would deliver me from bitterness towards others who have harmed me and also that my son Robin and his wife Tamarin would accept Jesus into their lives before it’s too late.

Thank you & God bless.

Beverly De Vos


Pray that the small remnant Church of Jesus Christ in the Philippines will grow by leaps and bounds before the rapture of Christ’s Church. The Philippine Islands is largely Catholic with an increasingly expanding Islamic growth. May the Holy Spirit of God shine His Light of Truth on this country in darkness so its good people will come to know God’s true plan for their heavenly salvation. Otherwise, many will be left behind in Satan’s/antichrist’s 7-year tribulation period.

The many Catholic people in the Philippines are very dedicated to Mary and the Pope in Rome just as the rapidly growing Muslim population is dedicated to Allah, Mohammed and Mecca. Many Catholics believe Jesus is a passenger in the car Mary is driving. An example is the rosary of beads where 95% of the prayers are to Mary while only 5% are to God. This is Satan and his imps who have tricked and deceived them away from God and His Word in the Bible. The many statues and other graven images (Exodus 20:4-6) are commonplace, replacing Holy Worship to God alone.

The Bible tells us that the end-times false prophet will institute a one-world church with a one-world religion. Though not named specifically in the Bible, Islam and the Catholic church appear to be the front runners in this evil satanic movement. They will preach that everyone must compromise their faith and get along with each other! God’s Law CANNOT be compromised. It is what it is (100% truth). If everyone would follow God’s Word to the letter, there would be no wars, violence, sin, hate and trouble.

Pray hard for Catholics, Muslims, lukewarm Christians (Revelation 3:16) and other false religions, cults, etc., that the Holy Spirit of God will open their eyes to God’s truth. Time is running out. Heaven and the lake of fire are FOREVER!


Please add my father, Walker Watson Graham in Memphis, TN, to your list. We have been trying for many years to convince him to come to Christ and be a born-again believer.

Thank you so much for all that you all do at RR.


Gwendolyn Tabb Graham


I got saved because a preacher gave me a Bible and two Chick tracts. “Holy Joe” and “This Was Your Life.” I read them and followed the instructions because I knew it was true.

Anthony Hamm

(Dick’s reply): I have used a lot of the “This was your life” Chick tracts (see article #8). Anthony is a prime example of how tracts work to bring souls to the Lord. That preacher gave Anthony two tracts and a Bible. Anthony is now a strong voice for the Lord with multiple left-behind boxes and bug-out backpacks plus his regular everyday witness to all who will listen.

The Chick tracts come in many foreign languages. For example, I send 500 “This was your Life” tracts in the Telegu language to Light of the World Ministry in India about 2 or 3 times a year. Free overseas freight. You can get a free catalog from Chick at:



Been reading your postings on Rapture Ready. So I too have a few loved ones I don’t want to see left behind. I pray for them daily but would appreciate additional prayer.

– Graci Ray – granddaughter

– Lexi Coomes – granddaughter

– Daniel Ray -son

– Leah Coomes – daughter, she is living on the streets in Vegas due to her drug addictions, while the grandparents raise her children


Rick Ray


Radical Muslim authorities in Pakistan arrested Asia Bibi in June 2009 and charged her with blasphemy against Mohammed for not rejecting Jesus Christ, which carries a death penalty. She is now age 37 and her husband, Abhiq Masiq, is age 50; and they have one child who lives in constant fear from ongoing death threats from the Muslim community at their home in the United Kingdom. Pray for them.


Hello Dick,

I need prayer warriors to uphold my son, Nathan, before our Lord. He is involved in a homosexual lifestyle and has refused all contact with us because of our biblical beliefs that it is sin (Romans 1:24-32).

Please add him to your prayer list.




Dear Dick:

Please pray for the salvation of my family and friends:

Mike, Pam, Michelle, Michael, Melissa, Tony, Phil, Brenda, Merriam, Brian, Eric, Kris, Beth, Ann, Neil, Jamie, Megan, Jamie, Ellen, Debbie, Cheryl, Brooke, Kevin, Nathan, Adam, Katie.

In my immediate family, I pray for at least one person to get saved so that I am not the only one witnessing to the rest.

Thank you and Lord bless you for making these prayer lists.

Come Lord Jesus,




Please add the following names to the new prayer list:

Beverly Ann Dandeneau

Arthur Dandeneau

Steven Dandeneau

Thank you,

Joanne  Long


Please pray for my family: Autumn, Bert, Melissa, Luke, Lilly and Ricky.

Thank you so much.



Please add Claire T., Aubrey T., and Nathan T. Needing prayer for true salvation.

Michele Tressler


Dear Dick,

I have several family members whom I would like added to the prayer list.

My sister Connie and her husband Norman and their family members. My brother Max and his family members (one daughter is saved). My daughter Diana, her husband Marty and son Archie. My daughter Katrina and her husband Steve were once saved but have now gone into the New Age, although they were once strong Christians. Their daughter Bianca has backslidden. Bianca’s husband Jesse needs Salvation. They have 2 children, Olivia and Ryan.

Katrina’s son James and his partner Katy are not interested. Another daughter and her husband are Christian. My youngest son Peter and wife Ruth, and their sons Alexander and Timothy are believers but are “too busy” to go to Church. They need the urging of the Holy Spirit to become involved again.

My eldest son Mark and his family are strong Christians. His daughters Lara and Monique would love to find good Christian husbands.

Thank you for your prayers and support. May God bless you,

Kathleen Strelnikow


Sharon Wall is requesting prayer for the salvation of Carl Bloomquist and Florence Worak. May the Holy Spirit touch their souls and bring them to the Saving Grace of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


Sandy’s list of family, friends and neighbors lifting up to the throne of our Almighty God and Savior! May the Holy Spirit of God touch their hearts and souls to draw them to His Saving Grace that they all will spend a blessed eternity in heaven!

Salvation for: Sue, Dean, Scott, Paula, Ian, Karen, Patty, Kim, Erich, Blake, Quinton, Addy, Mindy, Carol, Mike, Alex, Christy, Perin, Norah, Nick, Rachael, Diane, Granddaughter, Michael, Jenni, Kenny, Ava, Vincent, Amanda, Josh, Gabby, Gavin, Denise, Randy, Gisch children & Grandchildren, Barbara, Marty, Elizabeth, Sebastian, Mary, Terry, Shannon, Phil, Sharon, Jeff, Jesina, Kalli, Barb, Dean, Tim, Linda, Katie, Steve, Alicia Children and Grandchildren, Rikki, Michael, MaClain, Mason, Lynne, Hank, Brian, John, Kristin, Emma, Michael, Rick w/his wife and daughter, Malani and her husband, Edward, Tammy, Jim, Jenna, Sue, Nick, Amy and daughter, JR, Amy, Zhou, Joey, Jack, all buildclassical designers and Dixdrivers.

To Jesus be all the GLORY!

Thank you for all you do…seen and unseen… our Lord Jesus knows and He is the rewarder of all those who seek Him with all our hearts!

-Mrs. Tuz and my beloved Mr. T. in Bloomington, Minnesota


Please add these names to your prayer list for salvation and other needs that God knows:

Son Joey

Daughter Lisa

Grandson Ethan

The rest of my family and my husband’s family; all those friends and their families that I’m praying for, and for my ex son-in-law and his girlfriend to open their eyes to the gospel and do right by my grandson.




Don’t forget to download in hard copy all previous Prayer Lists from the RR archives plus add current and upcoming Prayer Lists to use in prayer to our Lord. Time is running out before the rapture, so individual and group prayer is urgently needed.

And be sure to forward this Prayer List to others!

Email your prayer requests to: