Pre-Rapture Prayer List #3 :: Compiled by Dick Ainsworth

As we finish our earthly lives in the church age, we must continue praying for those with both physical and spiritual needs. Blessed be those who follow this Rapture Ready (RR) website and spread its Good News onto others as His time for the rapture is quickly approaching. It is the time that we should all hustle in a united effort to expand His new eternal Kingdom.

This is the third Prayer List posting, and I urge you not to read and pray over these prayer requests once and then move on. I suggest to you to go back in RR’s archives and pray again over each list. I realize that nearly all of these prayers are for total strangers from all over the world, but remember that in less than a second after the rapture, nobody will be a stranger.

A good way to build a stronger prayer life is to print off Prayer Lists #1, #2 and #3 and continue with #4 and following lists; and at any time day or night when you want to pray to the Lord, take out your printed copies and read/pray over them again. God has a very big memory, and all prayers are recorded.

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Prayer Requests

Please pray for my family.

My daughter, who claims Christianity, married a very liberal and controlling young man. From the beginning of their marriage, I believe that he sought to separate her from her family that loves her so much. Believing his lies, she has completely alienated herself from all family and friends. He has complete control over her. She has estranged herself from us. Now she is pregnant. Her husband has a history of abuse.

Please pray that the Lord will restore her to her family and for salvation for her husband and her. (I cannot say that she is not saved but she is certainly out of the Lord’s will.)

The sadness of this is that I have terminal cancer. I pray to live long enough to see my family reunited.

Brenda Speights


My daughter married a controlling man 4+ years ago.

I remembered her crying often, saying she didn’t want to have to choose, but I didn’t know what she was talking about back then. They sat me down about 3 years ago, and my son-in-law told me all the things they didn’t like about me, i.e. I’m too religious; I talk about politics too much; I “mother” my daughter; I spoil the grandkids; I showed up at the birthing center (as did my husband and son) – about 20 accusations including untruths/exaggerations.

I vacillated between defending myself and crying as I was holding a new granddaughter for the first time. I told them the next day the meeting was disrespectful; they got mad, and I didn’t see our grandkids for about 9 mos.

I eventually confided in family and a few friends, and they got mad again saying I had no right as it was private and it made my son-in-law look bad. I’ve been walking on eggshells ever since. My husband is no help as he’s non-confrontational. They’ve twisted the truth/lied about things to justify their unkind behavior.

A year or so before my daughter met her husband, she had a dream that she and my husband missed the rapture. She woke up screaming for me, crying, saying it seemed so real. I comforted her back then but now wonder if it had been a warning? I don’t recognize her anymore, and I mourn the loss of my grandkids. I’ve given this to the Lord many times, but the pain doesn’t seem to go away; so I must have trouble releasing it. This has also hurt my marriage.

Please pray she returns to Jesus and I’m allowed to have a relationship with my grandkids before their youth has passed.

Linda Peterson


Please pray for my daughter Cody and me (Christine). I went through a divorce 2 years ago after 40 years of marriage. It is only my Adult daughter Cody and I now, and we both have health issues. Our family has pretty well abandoned us because of our health issues. We are not like everyone else in that we can work. I worry about us making it on our own, to the point I’ve lost 40 lbs. and made myself sick.

I do not feel I am being a very good witness to my daughter, and I ask for prayer for the Lord to strengthen me and restore mine and my daughter’s health, and to bring us a new family that can help give us emotional support.

Thank you.



My stomach cancer that I had less than two years ago has metastasized to my liver. I have six months or so; chemo might give two years. Incurable-type cancer. I decided not to have chemo for two reasons.  One, it would only give a short added time; and two, because of side effects.

It is all in God’s hand now. I have put my faith and trust in Jesus Christ and what he accomplished on the cross where he shed His Blood and died for my sins, was buried, and rose from the dead after three days and three nights. Salvation is only from God and cannot be earned or kept by our work here on earth.

I thank God for my salvation. Praise God. I am asking for healing from God for more years. Also praying for the trumpet to sound and Rapture to occur. Looking up for soon return of Jesus for Church. Time is getting short.

Since Israel became a nation in 1948 and the Bible says when we begin to see end times prophecies come true, it would be the last generation. I was born in December of 1948 and have been hopeful that I would see the Rapture. It is in the will of God whether I have the opportunity or not.

Thank you for accepting my prayer request and may God Bless you. Keep looking up.


Richard Campbell


Dear Dick,

Please pray for my adult son, Jesse, and my adult daughter, Lorin, that they will be drawn back to God’s truth, that they will be saved.

They are far from God, but know that I continually pray for them and love them dearly.

Karen Clifford


I’ve been praying for my very recently separated husband of 4 years who is 1 year younger than me. We are young adults.

He left me to go out in the world, chasing after a career in ungodly rap music, and I don’t know if he will return to me or stay in the world and leave me forever. When I asked why he left me, he said he didn’t even know why. He is currently seeking who he is but is out in the world trying to find it.

He has no male role models. He is often confused even about what he thinks. He is always saying “I don’t know” about many things about himself. He often follows along with the crowds who are not good influences on the inner man and have no interest in Jesus.

I asked him if he believes and trusts that Jesus died and rose for his sins; and he said yes, but he is very carnal and a baby and is walking after the flesh.

Please join me in prayer to release darkness, confusion, and any strongholds over his mind and to replace it with the light of Jesus and truth, and to have him find his identity in Christ.

Please gather as many fellow Believers and pray for the wisdom and knowledge of Jesus into his whole being so that he can be a man of God. His name is Devin Nash, age 22.

He is a really nice guy who has never treated me in harsh manners until this random sudden leaving. It broke my heart, and Jesus has healed me; but I will always care for him even if he decides to never return.

Thank you for your support!


Hi Dick,

Thank you for your contribution to Rapture Ready with your articles and the prayer requests.

It is true that time is running out; however we must “occupy” until the Lord comes. And for that reason, we need to keep the gospel going out; people need salvation. Amen.

I am sending this mail for prayer requests for two people.

The first is for a friend of mine called Antoinette who is a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ. Her problem is her husband Dennis. When she met him, she was not a believer. She fell in love with his generous heart but soon found that he was an addictive person in nature.

Dennis always has to go to the extreme. If you give him a glass, he will go for the bottle; he will not stop until he has finished every bottle in the house, same for the cocaine and other drugs he uses. They say love is blind, and you can say it applied to her.

Throughout her married life, she has lived with his drugs and alcohol. She did manage to get his family to speak to him at one stage, and he went to rehab. He came out of rehab and was “clean” for 2 years before sliding back into the addiction again.

Although he drinks and does drugs, he never misses work. He can stay out for the whole night drinking, etc., but he will go to work every day and makes sure he pays all the bills.  The only way you can see his addiction is that he has binge nights; and when weekends come, he sleeps the whole weekend away. He no longer shows any love or respect for his wife or his daughter. He abuses them verbally but has never hit Antoinette physically. Throughout these years she has stood by him and prayed for him, but now she has had enough. She does not see change, believes God is not answering her prayers, and she just wants out. I think she has lost hope.

She wants to get divorced and is seeking legal help. She no longer loves him or respects him. This needs a miracle, and only God can perform miracles.

As her friend (she does not know I am sending this prayer request), I would like prayers for her and Dennis. Only the Lord knows what to do in this situation. I have over the years been there for her many times, but now I don’t know what to say to her anymore or how to help.

People think that when you are a pastor you have all the answers, but that is not true; you can only lead people to the ONLY ONE who has the answers, and that is Jesus.

The second person I would like to pray for is my nephew, Nelson. Please pray with me that the Lord delivers him and sets him free from the gay lifestyle he is living in.  He grew up in the church but is living this way and is moving away from family overseas; and I worry about his salvation. (He does not know that I pray about this every day and will never know because he does not allow anyone to speak to him about these things.)

Thank you for taking the time to read my mail. Please keep on posting teaching articles to RR; it is important and very needed.

As things get darker we need to be that light, shining hope and bright and leading people to Christ. He is the only answer to life’s problems!

Rapture Ready has been a light in the darkness. Amen. As we wait for our Lord’s return, let us be about our Father’s business right up to the trumpet call. Amen.


Pastor Elizabeth Amorim

South Africa

(Dick’s reply) Dear Pastor Elizabeth,

Your email is so typical of our fallen world today. Satan’s time is short (Revelation 12:12) and his anger and hellfire is spreading rapidly; and the world is falling for his lies en masse.

Your good Christian friend Antoinette and her lost husband of 24 years, Dennis, who have a 21-year-old daughter, are living in a satanic mess so common throughout this world today as is your nephew Nelson who is deceived into a homosexual-entrapped lifestyle. Let me give you my views using Scripture as a basis.

I am not familiar with South Africa’s marriage laws, so let me say from the start that there are only two types of law in this world: (1) Man’s law, and (2) God’s Law. Antoinette and her daughter need to obey and honor God’s Law before anything else. Man’s law is often wrong and unbiblical, while God’s Law is never wrong.

So I am against divorce unless Dennis is proven an adulterer. I don’t mean in a South African Court of Law but by her own evidence of his adultery. If the divorce route is chosen, then she must consider a court settlement and alimony so Dennis continues to pay the bills. She might consider a private investigator to gather evidence.

What are South Africa’s laws regarding “legal separation?” I can’t imagine anyone staying away from home on drugs and alcohol binges and not be involved in affairs or one-might-stands?” Dennis has the memory of his own father’s “mistress” affair, so maybe it’s a case of “like father, like son?”

Antoinette and her daughter have been much too tolerant and forgiving of Dennis’ years of drugs, alcohol and emotional abuse. Paying the bills is not enough in a marriage. Dennis needs to be confronted with a choice: (1) A loving wife, daughter and home, or (2) Wine, women & song. It is his choice. Dennis wants it both ways which is selfish and self-centered besides evil.

But Dennis did go to rehab and dried out for two years, so there might be hope for him yet. He might make the wrong choice, but he may later see the light and come crawling back. Either way, divorced, separated or not, wife and daughter both need to continue to pray for his salvation as he doesn’t appear to be spiritually bright enough to seek the Lord on his own.

The daughter is now a grown woman who was raised without a father. Her mother has also been her father-figure. With this being the case, they both need to support each other in Godly fellowshipping.

Antoinette can’t give up hope and think that God hasn’t heard or answered her prayers. She must realize that God has at least three answers to prayers. They are “yes,” “no,” and “later.” She should realize that she can’t believe God has not answered her prayer. She should believe “God has not answered her prayer YET.” All prayers to God are recorded in His books. Many times a prayer might seem to be getting a “no” answer when it is really getting a “later” reply; and a lot of times the “later” answer is better than the original. Just trust God to answer in His time in His own way. Be patient.

Satan has a firm grip on Dennis, and he needs prayer. But Satan also wants to get to mother and daughter. He is the one who put the “giving up on God and Prayer” thoughts in people’s heads and hearts. She needs to realize where those negative and discouraging thoughts are coming from. Only then will she be able to battle back against the evil one. Know your enemy.

Psalm 26 and 2 Corinthians 6:14-15, among others, speak to us not to yoke ourselves with infidels and unbelievers. Matthew 19:9, Mark 10:11 and Luke 16:18 speak of adultery in detail.

Life on earth is about to end for her and her daughter, so they must put all remaining efforts into an eternity of peace, happiness and joy after they are raptured into heaven.

Your nephew Nelson is trapped in an increasing lie by Satan that has plagued mankind since the times of Noah and Lot. Non-believer gays and lesbians are one thing, but the power and acceptance of the LGBT crowd, concerts and parades have made it “the new normal.” I know firsthand as 9 years ago I lost my 29-year-old nephew to AID’s. The “evil big 3 or 4” are very active in promoting and participating in this fornication and abomination (Leviticus 18:22; 20:13; Jude 1:7).

If Nelson is not a believer, he isn’t going to believe God’s own words in Scripture. I have received an alarming number of prayer requests recently for young people who have been tricked to believe there is such a thing as a “gay Christian!” It is widespread but working for Satan’s behalf. If there were some way to get Nelson and others to read and even consider Romans 1:21-32, it would be so much easier to save them from the eternal fires of hell.

But I will place a prayer in “Prayer List #3” for Nelson and others in your name and hope that an outpouring from worldwide prayer warriors will change their eternal direction.


PASTOR SEAN GOODING is requesting pray for the family of his good friend Karl who recently passed away after a year-long battle with cancer.

He also wishes to thank all of you for prayers for Chris whose health is improving. Sean was able to take Chris fishing one evening recently, but he still has a year of rehab to do.


Dear Dick.

My name is Edwin. I live in South Africa with my wife and 2 children, one of which is disabled.

The reason why I’m writing you (please excuse any grammar or spelling mistakes, as English is my second language) is not for prayer for myself or family (maybe not directly), but for our country. I don’t know if you guys over in the States get, or hear of the news of what is going on over here?

Our country is in dire need of the Lord’s intervention. We are having national elections next year, 2019, and the leftist government is promoting to expropriate private land, including farmlands, urban areas etc., to give to “landless” people for free that didn’t work for it…

My point I’m trying to get to here is, a lot of us in the minority of the population know that our current government for the past 25 years, after apartheid, has been making empty promises to the “majority” of the population since they got into power.

The majority of the population is going to hold government to their word; and if expropriation without compensation doesn’t happen, the country will turn into a warzone.

Farmers are already being murdered on almost a daily basis. Some of the right political people say it’s a silent genocide, a type of revenge as well as for things done in the past. Whatever the case may be, a lot of people are scared, also because of the way these people are tortured to death. Little children, the elderly etc., demonically, on a daily basis.

There is already a silent war going on here in our once prosperous and God-fearing and Christ-loving country. I don’t know what world order or evil is sitting behind all of this, but this is what’s happening over here.

I’ve been a follower of RR for over a decade now and have seen through different posts and news headlines how quickly the world is changing for the worse and falling for all of Satan’s lies and deceits.

I’m happy for the USA that they have a president in office that still, himself a “young” Christian, is trying to bring back godly values into your constitution.

I’m asking from one believer to many other brothers and sisters in our Lord Christ Jesus, to pray for our country and ask God in prayer to intervene to prevent a civil war from starting and ultimately genocide of our people and to stop all the bloodshed, corruption, liberalism etc., which is currently happening.

We need the help that only Christ can give us. Please, brothers and sisters in the US and all over the world on this platform, pray for us. We all know summer is dawning upon all on earth, and we’re waiting for the trumpet to blow so that we all can be with our Father in heaven, very soon.

Be blessed!

Edwin Reid.


Prayers are urgently requested for the LIGHT OF THE WORLD MINISTRY in India that is still trying to recover from Hindu terrorist attacks that burned down their church in February, plus hospitalization of some of their pastors from beatings and attacks. They need both spiritual and financial assistance in rebuilding.

They just finished a 2-month missionary trip to remote areas and the quarry people that resulted in a Gospel harvest. Pray for the poor and lost people of India who suffer daily from poor health, both physical and spiritual hunger, adverse weather events, satanic persecution, terrorism, etc.

Pastor Param has been infected with health problems and seeks your prayers as does his wife Asha who is carrying much of the ministry’s burdens. Their daughters’ families also seek the protective hand of God: Deevena and her husband Moses and their daughter Riya Joe plus Amulya and her husband Solomon.

Their Christian library is very important in the training of new pastors and also a blessing for the youth seeking to accept the Gospel of Jesus Christ which leads to the saving of souls.

Sister Deevena can be reached at while you can reach Pastor Param at


Please pray for our son (Nathan) who has been deceived to believe that you can be a gay Christian. Our life is on hold as we pray for God to release him, our only child. We need prayers for him and ourselves. Give us a testimony to your Greatness, Jesus.

Karen Mayercsik

(Dick’s reply) Here are some verses from both the Old and New Testaments which clearly point out God’s commandments and judgments for practicing gay homosexuals. People deceive others with the old worn-out “God hates the sin but loves the sinner.” God loves you no matter what you do; that’s true, but God is also just and righteous who will judge and chastise the creation He loves. He also loved His Son Jesus yet He allowed Him to be beaten, tortured, nailed to a cross and die a slow painful death for the sins of the world. Jesus didn’t commit a single sin, so He was punished for all of our sins: past, present, future. Your only way to heaven is to accept Him as your Savior, confess those sins (even in your own closet – Matthew 6:5-6) and repent. There is no other way.

The verses are: Genesis 2:24; Leviticus 18:22, 20:13; Jude 1:7; Romans 1:23-27, 32; 2:2-8. Especially focus on Romans 1:24-32.


Another email prayer with medical suggestions concerning Nancy Schumacher’s son Ryan and his intense migraine headaches that I last reported in “Pre-Rapture Prayer List #2” is as follows along with Nancy’s reply:

Regarding Ryan’s migraines, I suffered for years with most painful ones where it felt like my head would explode. No pain medicine brought relief. Finally a doctor recommended Sumatriptan. Pain went away instantly! Maybe Ryan’s mom could talk to Ryan’s doctors about this medicine.

For Ryan …. God Bless.


(Nancy’s response) Thank you very much. Ryan is getting through a bad migraine that started days ago. As soon as I get our insurance reinstated for him, I will ask our neurologist about that.

He just saw his aunt (who is a doctor), and she said they were trying to treat migraine with Dayquil along with Tylenol to cause restrictions of the blood vessels and other parts of the body. She gave him Compazine to go along with his Fioricel.

We were camping together as a family reunion in Bar Harbor. Please keep the prayers coming, even half the pain would be more bearable. We appreciate all suggestions, and I am happy to hear this one.

Nancy Schumacher

I found that drinking strong coffee helped reduce my migraines. Prayer is still the saint’s most powerful weapon. They (the left behind) will need to use it a lot. Where should I go, what to do, and what to eat & drink. Consult your Master before you do anything else.”

Anthony Hamm


Anthony Hamm emails his prayer: I am the only believer in my house. Pray for my wife and kids (family of six); they age from 37 to 76. My sisters are old like me and saved. My family thinks I’m misled and intolerant.

I’m old and have a long white beard. My way of mourning for this world and my goal is to stand up for Jesus to the best of my ability even if I am the last one who is. I am grieving for the world that will not accept the truth.


When Christ returns the second time, He will separate the sheep from the goats (Matthew 25:31-46). The left-behind who become born-again followers of Christ will be counted amongst the sheep. PLEASE PRAY OVER THE MANY LEFT-BEHIND BOXES and other spiritual and physical supplies, tools, Bibles, manuals, equipment, etc., so that they do not fall into the hands of evil. May God protect these crazy uncle efforts to further His Kingdom with those that will be left behind.

Also pray for the 144,000 witnesses for the left-behind Jews that they will also witness successfully to the left-behind Gentiles.


Please pray for my daughter Kori to get saved. She is a 15-year-old “good” girl who goes to church and follows all the rules, but has never accepted Jesus.

Also pray for my brother Jarod and his boyfriend Chaz to accept Jesus.

Amy Ince


Dear Dick,

Thank you so much for taking these prayer requests. To God be the glory.

Please pray for me. I am in such a spiritual warfare. My husband says he is saved but he is so emotionally abusive to me. I have so much anxiety from all of his behavior that I don’t know how to think straight anymore. My mind and emotions are so torn up.

Also my son Stephen. I’m not sure of his salvation. He has had open-heart surgery and also has high blood pressure. He has no insurance and is living in a tent in order to save money.

I am devastated due to this situation. I am retired so have no extra money to help him. I’m so hurt and mixed up I don’t know which way to go,

All prayers are greatly appreciated. Praise the Lord until we meet in the air which I pray is very, very soon.

Love in Christ



PLEASE PRAY for all the people and pastors who are FALLING AWAY from God’s Word in today’s churches. Pray that the Holy Spirit will turn them around in the right direction to follow God instead of chasing the cares of the world.

Also pray for those who don’t know the true God at all and those who follow false gods, that they will know the truth and come to His Saving Grace.

Pray for all those who are witnessing to the lost and unsaved people of this world living in darkness that the protective hand of God will guard them.


MIRA ACKMAN AND HER FAMILY are requesting prayer for Jennie, Bradey and family. Please pray for their family as they grieve. Their daily struggle of coping with their September 2017 tragic loss of husband and father Brian has yet to lessen. They are still trying to live through their new normal.

And please pray for Sandra as she is going through some health issues.

(Dick’s note) I need to make some corrections from this prayer when first posted: Brian was a high school coach & teacher who was en route taking his cross-country team to an event. He was driving the school bus when a driver swerved onto the wrong side of the 2-lane country blacktop road and caused this head-on crash. The driver had several DWI convictions and had his license revoked at the time of this tragic wreck.


EVERYONE PLEASE PRAY for all those who do not know God’s word and promises, and that the barriers of Satan will be torn down and Jesus’ light and truth will shine through before the rapture. Pray for Ron that the truth of Jesus Christ will soon become clear and evident to him as the time of the rapture and Christ’s Coming grows near.


Would you please pray for my son Jacob?

Jacob is going into the 10th grade. Last year he was suspended for vaping (Juul). He does not seem truly repentant.  He is often rude, disrespectful and has an entitlement attitude.  My ex-husband (CEO) basically worships money and power. He has expensive cars, multiple houses, and fancy clothes and  shoes. My son seems to think that this is where life is. Jacob said the sinner’s prayer years ago when he was very young. However, he is mimicking my ex-husband’s priorities.

Please pray for Jacob’s true salvation (if he isn’t really saved), and please pray for him to want to fully repent and submit under Jesus. Please pray that Jesus would show Jacob who He really is.

Thank you,



Please pray for my son Andrew. He’s 26. I think he is saved but he is away from the Lord. He is moving back east to start a new life. He struggled with alcohol but has been sober for a year. He does have anxiety and some depression. He needs a mental and emotional healing. Please pray that God will get a hold of his life this year and he will rededicate his life to God and be healed.

Thank you & God Bless,



Dear Dick,

We grew up in a cult church. I got saved in 2000. I have six children that need salvation.

My son Andy is on drugs and was sabotaging the house so that it would burn down today. He made it so the air conditioner does not work. He had the heat on 86. He stole a package off my porch today that was delivered. I found drugs in one of his shoes in my car. I could go on – and that’s just for today.

Brent has a disability and is in continual terrible pain. He is not married to his companion.

George is an alcoholic and has had a broken back and other injuries.

Katherine, my daughter, prays but her and her husband have not taught their children and do not go to church.

Christopher is a good person but not saved or his wife or any of their family.

David and his family claim to be Christian but are not saved and do not go to church.

I am in continual prayer for my family, and have been for years.

I would be so grateful for prayers for my family.

Thank you very much. Blessings to all of you.



THE USA NEEDS GUIDANCE from God’s Holy Spirit to lead many lost people to God’s Saving Grace. The president and his family along with the vice-president and his family need protection from Satan and their deceiving ways as our nation’s leadership tries to lead this country back closer to God. The president’s administration and staff are under continuous attack from the earthly forces of the devil and need God’s help to battle through these evil forces to do what is righteous for Americans in the eyes of God (Daniel 2:21). So please pray for the entire Trump administration as they try to follow and enforce God’s Laws and Commandments.

Also pray for America’s many enemies and adversaries within the USA and from the four corners of the earth that they will come to Jesus Christ and their hearts will be changed for the good, and away from evil.


Please pray for my son and daughter; they both had given their lives to the Lord when they were young but are not walking with Him now. They think they are ok, but they want to do it their way, not His. They are not teaching their children about the Lord. Please pray that the Lord will open their eyes and place a great desire and hunger inside of them.

Please pray for my husband; he is not saved and has totally rejected anything to do with the Lord. May the Lord place in him a new heart. My brother and his family and my sister and her family all need the Lord. They too had given their lives to the Lord at one point, but have now turned to alcohol and sin. Please Lord, awaken them; quicken their spirits to repent and turn back to You.

The enemy has tried to take me down with great illnesses. Please, I would be grateful for prayer that I may stay strong and continue with my walk, and that I may be found faithful when our Lord calls His bride home.

While it is harder and harder to walk in this world, I am grateful for this opportunity to not only add my prayer, but to pray for all who have reached out. God bless each and every one, and may His peace be with us all.

God bless, and thank you once more.

Cindy Burke


Hi Dick,

Thanks for your boldness in proclaiming gospel truth! My wife Debb and daughter Ryann are unsaved. Satan has been deceiving my wife for over 30 years. We are planning to go to Israel this coming February. Please pray God will use this time to draw Debb to HIM, that she might be unshackled and come to receive HIS gift of salvation!

In HIS name,



Dear Dick,

Thank you very much for the Prayer List. It is a huge blessing for all of us! Please, pray for my family and loved ones; for the ones that at least believe in God are Catholic, and the rest are unbelievers. In this secular world it’s getting harder to get them to listen, and I’m ridiculed and scoffed at all the time. Especially pray for the hardened heart of my grandfather and my boyfriend. Please, pray also for me, as I feel lost and exhausted and am constantly struggling to find God’s way, even though I’m yearning to be his vessel.

God bless,



Thank you so much for your encouraging articles and reminders of our Lord’s soon return.

I am asking prayer for my family and me as we face a financial crisis, a health crisis and a housing need.

Six years ago we were a normal Christian homeschool family with my husband and me raising our adopted daughter to love and honor the Lord and to remain watchful for His return. We loved our simple life of serving the Lord, studying His word and preparing our little girl for a life of service to Jesus.

This is when a health crisis hit her with a vengeance. We had no answers as to what was wrong; but her health declined quickly, and we soon concluded she was likely to leave us if we did not find answers soon.

After much prayer and being abandoned and ridiculed by healthcare workers and doctors, we found an alternative support group for parents and individuals facing similar symptoms and issues that we were. To make a long story short: after five years, a great deal of money, a lot of support and education from others who had gone before us in this health battle, the Lord graciously healed our daughter, and she is doing well now. We praise Him for this!

During this time of crisis, we sold our home to move her to a healthier, mold-free environment and went through a great deal of money for medications and therapies. We were also rejected by a number of close family members, which was emotionally very hard. Just as we realized that our daughter was on her way to health and as we began to hope for the chance to move out of an RV and into a home of our own, I was diagnosed with cancer.

For two years we have battled this disease with both alternative and standard of care methods. Our finances are gone and the hope of a home and normal life seem distant. We are constantly being attacked by the enemy of our souls and often have to fight to keep from depression and despair.

Our daughter who has always felt she was called to the mission field and who weathered her own health crisis with deepening faith in Christ, is starting to waver in her faith when it comes to the possibility of losing her Mom. She is very attached to me as many adopted children are. My husband is past retirement age and tired and discouraged. Nothing that we have attempted for my healthcare has worked to put the cancer into remission, although it seems to have held it back from progression to some degree.

The Lord is good and He has provided greatly for our needs along the way, but now the provision seems to be drying up. We are scared even though we know He loves us and cares for us.

We desperately need prayer. We have searched our hearts and minds for anything we might need to confess and change to please and be in right relationship with the Lord. There are many ways He has corrected and matured us; but the bad news just keeps coming, and we are truly exhausted. We know the Lord is sovereign when it comes to life and death of His people, and we trust Him to heal me or take me home, whichever is best and brings glory to Him. But we ask prayers for our daughter’s spiritual protection, my husband’s health to be protected for peace and joy in the midst of this, and for financial provision as we have little left to live on, let alone treat cancer.

We have tests coming up for myself and are asking for good news on my progress to encourage us to go on.

We have many things to praise our Lord for… our daughter’s recovery, financial provision along the way, and the strength He has given us so far to keep going. But now we are in greater need than ever and are feeling hard pressed to go on.

Please pray for us.




I am a regular viewer of rapture ready.

I want to request prayer for my sister Carrie and niece Abby. My niece has been molested by her dad. Next week she is to testify against him as well as my sister having to testify also.

My sis has 6 children, 5 special needs. We think he hurt his other children. As a result, I’ve had to step up as a father figure to them. They are damaged, and it is not the first time their father has been to jail. 10 years ago he molested my other niece who is my brother’s daughter.

We have a lot of family members who are not saved and need to be saved. I come from a family of 8 children, and my mom is still alive. I don’t want to be too long because there is so much, I could go on.

Carrie’s husband was also involved in satanic witchcraft and voodoo dolls. I’m praying that he is found guilty of the latest charge and has to serve a long time for what he did to Abby.

In addition to this trial, Carrie has shingles bad, and my sister whom they live with is a 10-year survivor of ovarian cancer and 4 years ago a survivor of sinus tumor.

God has been really great for my family. Please pray for them!

Thank you!

Jeff Savage


Please pray for my precious daughter Penelope and her dear husband Julien, that they might be saved. Thank you, and God Bless you and your ministry.

Pandora Shaw

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