After the Rapture #55 :: By Dick Ainsworth

After the Rapture – Part 55

Hillary is an ordained witch

Do your own research on this one, but Rapture Ready News (RR) doesn’t post news items in their daily report that they have not verified and fact-checked thoroughly (December 28, 2018). That is why you learn so much more about the world and the USA in their daily reports than you’d ever expect to get from the mainstream media, including FOX News which is slowly and surely being overrun with liberal progressive humanists (see article #45).

Many sources have reported Hillary’s “religious” leanings including Alex Jones, former Hillary insider Larry Nichols and “The Common Sense Show” with David Hodges. It has been reported that Hillary was ordained a 4th Degree Coven Witch in 2015 and goes regularly to Los Angeles to “worship.” The word “coven” was first used in 1520 to describe a clan of 13 witches.

God didn’t create any place, animal or person as evil in the beginning on earth. Mankind did all of this to themselves. Even Lucifer and one-third of the angels weren’t created evil. They chose it themselves. God created the lake of fire, hell and the bottomless pit as a result of these actions against Him. Man, with 100% guidance from Satan, has done a thorough job of messing up God’s creation, so God will start over with “a new heaven and a new earth” (Revelation 21:1).

As far as I’m concerned, Hillary Clinton being exposed as a witch is a perfect fit. No surprise to me at all. And this witch was just about elected president of the USA!

More Wilderness Survival Tips

An article from the Ask-a-Prepper website ( really grabbed my attention due to its title “10 Life Skills to Teach Snowflakes”! To me, the words “Snowflakes” and “Left Behind” somehow blended together in my somewhat wayward and wandering mind! So I quickly opened the site and read it with the utmost interest.

Starvation will be a major concern for those left behind. They have their choice of living off the land with what is available in the boonies or by making a trade with Satan’s antichrist: your soul for all of eternity in the lake of fire or a double-bacon cheeseburger with double-fries?

Don’t laugh! Many will be suckered into falling for this lying, rotten deal when they are truly starving. Sure, some of them might have heard about the 666 mark of the beast, but most will discard it as another of those crazy Christian fairytales. Many will not have known about it at all as they probably went to a government school where the Bible was banned, or they attended a church that avoided those end-times teachings that might scare away church members. And a lot more were raised in a secular home where the world was their world.

Anyway, Satan’s antichrist will not come out and say “the 666 mark is here” to the world, as that would require him to tell the truth. That won’t be happening anytime soon. Old habits are hard to break, even when one tries. And Satan won’t try because he can’t help himself.

Instead, antichrist will dress it up with a sweet sugar-coating to disguise it into being something it isn’t. He will make the 666 mark appealing to where many uninformed people will want it because they don’t know any better. Sure, they were tricked, but that’s their fault. God has made His Word available to the world for over 4,000 years; and His team of prophets, disciples, apostles and crazy uncles have spread that Word to anyone and everyone who would listen. He that has ears to hear, let him hear (Matthew 11:15, 13:9 & 43; Jeremiah 5:21; Luke 8:8, 14:35; Mark 4:9 & 23, 7:16; Ezekiel 12:2).

But they will all be hungry and starving. Those that find a left-behind box from a crazy uncle will have a chance at an eternity in heaven where everything is provided by God and there is no discomfort whatsoever or wanting for anything. But how many of the left behind will use those boxes for their intended purposes or merely discard them as unwanted and unneeded “stuff”?

And remember, Satan and his imps will have combined forces with antichrist and his gestapo after the rapture to be a nearly unopposed force against God. All of Christ’s church will be gone, and Satan will have nearly free rein on earth. Those evil numbers will be overwhelming.

In previous articles, I covered many ways to raise your own food, books on edible wild plants and weeds, how to store and preserve what you raise and find to make it through the winter, tools and equipment needed for food storage and preparations, etc. If you missed all or parts of that, go to:

By clicking on that link, you will get a directory of the first 52 “After the Rapture” series articles. Scroll down the list to the desired article and click on its individual link. Each article and its link also has a brief table of contents.

There is a brief list where info can be found on food storage, water, wilderness recipes, etc., in some of my articles. There is much more related info in articles not listed here.

Article #2 has gardening tips and Mormon food-canning facilities that are open to all denominations and the general public; Article #3 discusses building food cellars in the wilderness; Article #7 has recipes and how to prepare long-term storage pemmican and jerky; Article #9 lists many ways to purify water; Article #24 and #30 discuss food preparation and storage; Article #32 has a lengthy list of items both crazy uncles and the left behind need to collect and store for the tribulation period. This list is broken down into categories.

Some other tips to consider are storing more food than what you think you will need. Store plenty of wheat, corn and grain if you find sources. It stores well if done properly for long-term. Wheat and grain stored in Egyptian pyramids were found to be edible after thousands of years. Store lots of salt for many uses like preserving meat. You might get lucky and find a saltlick in the wilderness. Observe where the deer, moose, etc., trail to and it might lead to a saltlick.

An easy-to-hide underground crop is peanuts. They are packed with needed vitamins and minerals, plus are easy to grow.

Drying fruits, veggies, jerky, hardtack, pemmican, etc., for the winter months is a must. Pemmican is centuries old and is commonly referred to as the “ultimate survival energy bar.” Also store more than enough seed for the next planting season. Let parts of your crops go to seed, and then harvest and store its seed in a cool, dark place like an underground cellar. Crazy uncles can buy and store heirloom seed but need to store it properly.

Other crops that store well in cellars are potatoes, beans, corn, winter squash, carrots, cabbage, kale, sweet potatoes, garlic, onions, etc. Save some potatoes for seeding (covered in earlier articles). Also cantaloupe, melon and pumpkin seed should be saved.

Most of this info is under the heading of “survival wilderness tips” (or other headings similar to that), plus other related info in other articles not listed above. The first 52 articles in this series (including those not listed above) have links in article #53. See that link at the end of this article. You will now notice this is my 55th article in this one series alone.

More “snowflakes”!

Back to the subject of “snowflakes”! The tribulation period will be extremely tough on those who are used to and raised on microwaves, pizza home delivery, climate-controlled homes, credit cards, etc. Learning to live like the Native Americans and the pioneer settlers of olden days will be a nightmare for most; but some will adapt and get used to it, while many of the weaklings will perish physically and spiritually. It is up to the present-day crazy uncles to teach them with their left-behind materials how to toughen-up and survive antichrist and the environment.

There are some basic skills most of us older people take for granted because that is how we were raised; and some of the training we received in the military. Here are just a few:

Snowflakes haven’t had to learn much about any real-life chores such as washing dishes (they have been raised on throwaway paper and Styrofoam plates). Or mending clothing like sewing on a lost button or mending a rip. They need to know this; in the wilderness when you lose a button or rip your pants or shirt, it lets body heat escape and cold/freezing air inside, leading to illness.

They need to take responsibility for their own actions. With snowflakes, nothing is ever their fault. Instead of looking for someone or something to blame, look for solutions. The more snowflakes learn now, the easier the trib period will be for them and everyone around them in the future.

It will be extremely tough at first for them, but stronger ones may see the errors of their belief system and start to turn towards Christ, thus realizing why and where all of those crazy uncles and infant children have gone and where they “disappeared” to (actually no Christians have disappeared; they just “changed zip codes”).

Another good reason to flee into the wilderness and away from large population areas is that they would also be fleeing away from Satan’s lies and deceptions. He will have a set line of lies as to where and how everyone “disappeared” and why. All of it will be the farthest from the truth, but masses of left-behind people who are in a state of confusion, bewilderment and shock will believe nearly anything that comes along. Especially when it comes from government offering them “free stuff” and appearing to sanely know what they are talking about.

Sound familiar? In reality, everything “free” has a price tag!

Also, nearly all of the millions of security cameras will be in heavily populated areas. There will be few at the beginning of the tribulation period in the boonies. Those left behind need to hide their existence from evil eyes. But as time passes and the antichrist’s attention moves away from urban populations and towards rural areas, he will be placing more solar-powered cameras in the search for more souls (he will have a nearly endless supply of these security devices).

Those left behind will have many competing factors for ample supplies of food in order to survive. The shrinking bee population leads to less pollination of plant-bearing food. The increasing number of unpredictable weather events wipes out crops and gardens. Droughts and forest fires take their toll on plant life, as do flooding and crop diseases.

Also, bear in mind that the antichrist’s gestapo will be watching food sources and their locations, thus being on the lookout for unauthorized people having access to food supplies. If antichrist controls the food supply, he then controls the starving people. City stores will be easy for him to control; but they will also monitor farm crops, orchards and gardens with night-vision security cameras and other advanced technology, roving camera-equipped drones and his massive gestapo forces of police and troops.

Those left behind are advised not to plant traditional gardens (in flat clearings with sunny, open plots in manicured, neat, straight rows, etc.) as they will stand out like a sore thumb, especially to air patrols. In previous articles, it was pointed out how to plant a few plants and seeds here and there throughout a wilderness area to blend in with the natural surroundings. And food should be planted in an ever-expanding large wilderness area. So harvesting and storing in cellars large amounts of seed is very important. Extra seed is important in case of crop failure, bad weather cases, forest fires, etc. Stored seed underground has a much better chance to survive fires, being found by the gestapo, etc.

Seed also needs to be stored in many widespread locations. Mini-cellars would work fine for this. The gestapo is less likely to find all seed and food-storage locations. And the new Christians are less apt to run out of supplies needed for survival.

Evading Antichrist’s gestapo

I’d like for all of you to revisit article #30 and the section entitled “Disappear from the digital world” for how you must instruct those left behind on how to lose or hide their earthly identity and location from antichrist for seven years. The following suggestions should be added to those in #30:

Crazy uncles will have no need for their computers, email addresses, passwords, phone numbers, credit cards, etc., after the rapture; so they might leave all of that for the left behind to use. Those left behind need to discontinue using their own personal digital name I.D. and other info immediately after the rapture.

The world will be in complete chaos and mass confusion at the rapture. No one but God knows for how long. This will be the best time for those left behind to get their immediate survival plans started and into play. How many that will do this is unknown, but we must all pray that the Holy Spirit will move those left behind to realize what has happened and what to expect in the next seven years.

Crazy uncles need to leave all of their digital information listed above in their left-behind boxes, plus a note telling the left behind to immediately search their left-behind clothing pockets, billfolds, purses, etc., for credit cards, cell phones, etc., for them and others to use in their absence. This is temporary, as antichrist can trace all internet activity, cell-phone traffic, etc. So the crazy uncles’ stuff must be used and discarded quickly, and any UPS, etc., deliveries should be to the crazy uncles’ residences under the raptureds’ names.

It is very doubtful that antichrist will be taking a rollcall to see who’s here and who isn’t, so the more confusion the left behind can cause, the better. The point is to use a crazy uncle’s identity quickly and then discard it in one place; then disappear in the opposite direction into the wilderness. You are still unknown and not present to the antichrist’s gestapo (for the time being), and they will continue hunting the crazy uncles (who are safely in heaven). You will no longer have a traceable digital footprint. Just stay on the move and away from “civilization”!

For any shopping at local stores, use cash but remember that many stores have security cameras focused on the check-out stations. On internet purchases, use your crazy uncle’s credit cards. If sending emails, use public computers in public libraries or those belonging to crazy uncles. Stop all Facebook, Twitter, etc., activity immediately. Those left behind need to get as much done as soon as possible and get off the digital and internet world as soon as possible.

If you must take any cell phones with you into the boonies (I strongly urge against this), remove the batteries. Your location can be traced and pinpointed even if the cell phone not used yet has a battery in it. If you pitch the cell phone, you won’t be tempted to use it. And it won’t get stolen and used by someone in your group who can then give away your group’s location.

Crazy uncles need to do as much as they can before the rapture because we don’t know how quickly the left behind will act on these suggestions. The longer they wait, the better the chance of being captured by the antichrist’s gestapo.

Crazy uncles need to inform those they feel are good candidates to be left behind about the boxes, supplies, materials, instructions, etc., they are leaving behind. Let them laugh for the time being. As soon as you are raptured, it ought to hit many of them like a ton of bricks, and they will be scrambling all over themselves to find it all. It does no good for crazy uncles to go to all that effort and no one finds it or uses it for its intended purpose. You want these left-behind boxes, bug-out bags, etc., to get into the unsaved’s hands as soon as possible. The sooner they can disappear into the wilderness, the better.

Antichrist’s gestapo will be tracing and locating those still in the digital and computer world. I feel those that opt out the quickest have a better chance of evading antichrist. Once the gestapo has located those easy to locate and catches them, they will then go after the harder cases. And if the left behind are already in the boonies and organized, their chances of evading capture grows even bigger.

Reader Feedback

Dear Mr. Ainsworth,

I read your latest after the rapture article. A word of advice:

When the SHTF, do not come down to Australia. We will be barely able to feed our own people. Outsiders will not be welcome; in fact they will be shot by some very hungry and desperate people.

Getting here is half the battle. If you survive the ocean, especially the Southern ocean, that’s good. Queensland and Western Australia have their annual cyclone season, and some of those storms can get pretty strong (i.e. Cyclone Yasi). But then you would have to dodge the Navy, and they will have orders to shoot on sight.

If you can get to Darwin in one piece, be aware of the local wildlife and feral humans. Make sure that you are armed and a very good shot.

If you have experience with certain skills, then you will be useful to the survival of the group you attach yourself to.

If you can get through the city to the country areas, be aware as you will not be welcomed by the people already living there. However, they may change their minds if you help them in some way.


Kieran Roberts

(Dick’s reply) Very sound advice from the Roberts family down under.

I don’t think a lot of people will attempt to move from continent to continent. It will cost too much when those funds could be better used on the many needs while staying in place. And also these moves would be into the unknown, whereas people would be more comfortable and less fearful in familiar surroundings. It would mean learning an all new lifestyle. It might take the complete seven years to learn to fit in.

Such moves would be after the rapture when the world would be in a state of chaos and confusion. I wouldn’t want to take a boat or plane ride after all the believers in Christ have disappeared and planes will be crashing all over the place. All of these new crews would be manned by left-behind folks, many of whom will be future gestapo members. Beware of turncoats and tattletales!

By the time the shock of the rapture has calmed down somewhat, it would be dangerous to attempt such a move. I believe left-behind people need to concentrate on the here and now, plus learning all of the Bible teachings they didn’t learn in their earlier years on earth. They should be focused on Jesus from here on out.

If you’ve seen the movie The Great Escape starring Steve McQueen, James Gardner, Charles Bronson, etc., it was based on a true WWII escape from Hitler’s prison camp. The scenes where Hitler’s gestapo checked train stations, etc., for I.D.’s, etc., is mild to what antichrist will implement.

One aspect of these end times that concerns me is the many people from all over the world who will be on vacation trips, business trips, etc., in foreign countries when the rapture happens. Those raptured aren’t a concern, as Jesus won’t miss a single soul no matter what country they are in at the time of the rapture.

But most of those left behind will be literally trapped in those foreign countries. Return tickets might well be useless as planes, etc., will be grounded due to all of those “unknown” crashes. Also, the pilot and crew shortages will hinder return travel, as will airport personnel from baggage handlers to security officials to refueling crews. Later on, antichrist’s gestapo will fill many of those positions with evil and unqualified people.

I doubt if any of those left behind on foreign trips will have taken any of the crazy uncles’ left behind boxes with them. Those boxes will then be left behind. Many of the Bibles found locally might well be written in foreign languages.

So there are a lot of things that need to be considered by the crazy uncles and their beloved left behinders on future actions and movements after the rapture. Going to a foreign country might be a giveaway, leading to your downfall.

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