Leading Cause of Death in 2018 :: By Geri Ungurean

Abortion – It wasn’t guns. It wasn’t the Flu. It wasn’t Ebola. It wasn’t natural disasters.

It WAS the satanic practice of interfering with a human developing in their mother’s womb, and taking the life of that person – ABORTION.

And yes – I said PERSON.

Shout Out Your Abortion Vs. Silent No More

Those who are proud of killing their babies joined the “Shout Out” group, while Millions of women who regret taking the lives of their babies have joined the “Silent No More” movement.

The niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Alveda Scott King, is one of the founders of Silent No More. Knowing that there are really two victims in an abortion (the baby and the traumatized mother), Alveda King is very outspoken on the evils of abortion and about the women who suffer silently with guilt and regret.

To combat the ‘Silent No More’ movement, Planned Parenthood came out with ‘Shout Out Your Abortion’ – a club of cheerleaders for murdering babies, encouraging women to brag about their “choice” to kill their own child.


When I was a very young woman, I was pregnant and the father of my baby demanded that I “take care of it.”  Ironically, this happened the same year that Roe Vs. Wade was made the law of the land regarding abortions.

I wrote an article a few years ago about this very dark time in my life:

Silent No More     < click here to read

I received so many emails in response to that article; it took me three days to respond to each woman who had been suffering silently in guilt and shame. I saw that it was God’s will that I write that piece, and let me tell you – that was the hardest thing I have ever done. I exposed myself to ridicule and judgment from the Christian community. I was not yet a Christian when this happened in 1973.

Nancy Pelosi and the Demonrats

Did you read that Pelosi’s first order of business, since her party took control of our House of Representatives, is to free up taxpayers’ money to support abortion worldwide? Isn’t it so very telling that murdering babies is priority to these sick people?


I wrote another article on a very strange stone formation in Georgia, on which is engraved “The Ten Commandments of Antichrist.” Of course, I gave it that name. It is called “The Georgia Guide Stones.” If you have not read this piece, you will be shocked at what globalists want the population of our world to be.

The Georgia Guide Stones And The Ten Commandments of the Coming Antichrist   < click to read

From christianheadlines.com

Abortion Kills 42 Million in 2018

The leading cause of death in 2018 around the world was abortions, according to LifeNews.

The news site and data site Worldometers reported that 42 million abortions took place in the world in 2018.

Officially, the 42 million abortions are not included in the total death count worldwide, which was 59 million for last year. With abortions counted, the death toll is 101 million from 2018, according to CBN News.

Later this month, pro-life supporters are expected to rally in Washington, D.C. for the 46th Annual March for Life rally. This year’s theme is “Unique from Day One.”

“When life begins and the stages of prenatal development are scientific facts. Humanity – and our uniqueness as individuals – begins at day one, at fertilization. Life, in its most vulnerable form, should be protected,” the group says in a statement on its website. “That, in essence, is why we march. We march to end abortion, with the vision of a world where the beauty, dignity, and uniqueness of every human life are valued and protected.”

Pro-life supporters are pushing President Donald Trump to defund Planned Parenthood. During his presidential campaign, he vowed to defund the organization.

“It’s very simple. Abortion is not health care,” Kristan Hawkins, president of Students for Life, told CBN News last year in an interview. “Planned Parenthood is not an institution where women go to get a flu shot or a check-up…

“Planned Parenthood is an institution where women go when they feel like they have no other choice. When they have to choose to pay someone to kill the very life they helped to create.” source

I will end this article with a video which came out many years ago. This video went viral, and I will never forget it:

12 Year Old Speaks Out on Abortion  <click here to watch

Pray for the lost.  Pray for the babies.

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Shalom b’Yeshua