After the Rapture #56 :: By Dick Ainsworth

After the Rapture – Part 56
God the Father kicks Jesus out of heaven?!

This article heading is the main theme of DC Comics newest superhero comic-strip character in their latest comic book entitled “Second Coming.” Unlike God’s Word in the Bible that prophesizes Jesus’ Second Coming at the end of the 7-year tribulation period to rid earth of sin and evil, this new comic strip has Father God so disappointed in His “bumbling loser” Son Jesus’ first coming to earth that He kicks Jesus out of heaven and back to earth to move into an apartment with the comic’s new superhero named “Sun Man,” who is the all-star quarterback-type of son God wanted Jesus to be all along. I’m not making this stuff up!

DC Comics has long been known for superhero role models for children including Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman amongst others. In later years their themes and characters changed more towards adult readers (snowflakes), thus sprouted superheroes like Alfred Pennyworth, Black Girl Nerds, Cthulhu Mythos, Mister Terrific, etc.; but the basic profits came from kids whose parents would buy spin-off products like toys, Halloween costumes, video games, etc. And their superheroes made it big with kid’s television programing that also acted as a huge advertisement for selling more toys, costumes, video games, etc. And a good number of kids grow up (?) to become “snowflakes” and continue down the path Satan has laid out for them.

But Satan has now gotten a firm grip on the darkened souls of writer/creator Mark Russell and artist/illustrator Richard Pace whose first edition of “Second Coming” hits the retail outlets on March 6 of this year. I expect DC Comics and their dynamic duo of Russell & Pace to really cash in on this blasphemous undertaking. After their deaths I expect the two will get plenty of reruns of “Second Coming” when they stand face-to-face with their “bumbling loser” Jesus at their very final judgment.

These loco demons need our prayers now before it is too late for them. They can switch sides if they wake up to the real God.

You can get complete details in the article, “DC Comics Set to Release New Superhero Comic Book ‘Second Coming’…” at this link.

Also comic book critic Rich Johnston at his Bleeding Cool website has in-depth reports on this blasphemous money-making project. This was also briefly reported on FOX News and some Christian cable news outlets like the 700 Club.

Parents and loved ones need to do two things: (1) Be on the lookout for this new DC Comics venture and guard your children from this Satan-inspired trash. We know that Satan is after everyone’s kids so that he can corrupt their minds and souls when they are young and have a firm grip on them when they grow into adults, and (2) Regarding Mark Russell, Richard Pace and the entire DC Comics staff, production crew, the retail outlets and anyone else who is ever remotely involved in this satanic enterprise, we need all worldwide prayer warriors to unite in prayer for these poor lost souls who have been tricked and deceived into this evil project. If we pray hard and long, some new souls may change their ways and enter through the gates of heaven.

Disappearing History?

Those of us in the small remnant church still here on earth are losing the battle for souls to be saved in the rapture against a bigger more organized, dedicated and enthused army of evil. Granted, we win a few new souls, but Satan is winning a lot. In political language, it is a battle for the independent voters who haven’t made up their minds as of yet.

And just like our political world, there are two dedicated sides and the independents. One side will promise you the moon and hardly ever produce, while the other side kept campaign promises. Both sides then fight over the independent votes which the liars are apparently winning. Just look at how the House of Representatives vote turned out in November with anti-American political freaks such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Iihan Omar, Kanala Dolezal and Rashida Tlaib, to name just four. These demonic elected officials now speak on behalf of the American people and how their country should be run.

All one needs to do is look around our everyday lives and see how much more evil there is than good. No matter how many small battles we believers win, evil and sin is on a more rapid increase. We just can’t keep up with Satan.

Many of us Christian believers have a tendency to hide our lives from everyday sin and evil, while Satan’s horde will jump into our world and attack with trickery and lies from within. We don’t want to be in that world, but Satan’s bunch is right at home in the sewer. The return of Jesus Christ will more than level the playing field, but that will be too late for many. We have to win souls now.

This isn’t to say we don’t have dedicated Christians who work tirelessly against the world’s enormous evil elements. But our few are grossly outnumbered and overpowered by Satan’s evil band.

This isn’t me showing my pessimist side at all. It’s a Biblical fact. Just look around your everyday life from the political world to the entertainment industries to the mass news media to the falling away of the churches. There are plenty more held captive by sin in areas not mentioned. And if you lock yourself away in a small dark closet, Satan’s imps and fallen angels are invading your mind and memory with sins from the past, plus promoting sins of the present and future by you and others.

The Bible tells us that the massive sin and evil we see today will only get worse (2 Timothy 3:13). Our remnant church still on earth cannot win the war against Satan. At best we can win a few more souls to accept Jesus Christ before the rapture, plus leave behind as much information to lead those left behind in the tribulation into eternal happiness in heaven. And only the Second Coming of Christ will put an end to sin and evil on Satan’s earth.

But I plan to battle the forces of evil until my dying day (or my rapture, whichever comes first). Every time I see someone who I thought was a good Christian person taken in by Satan, it makes me angry. Very angry. If he can take one of us captive, then I can take at least two of his out of captivity. Sure, my main objective is more souls in heaven, but I do enjoy inflicting spiritual pain and becoming a minor nightmare to Satan.

But it is 2019, and all kinds of outlooks for the new year are being presented to the world. I believe many of the Christian conservative views the most by far as they base their predictions on facts and the prophecies of God in the Bible. They don’t change the sources I just mentioned to fit an agenda and an ideology. They tell it like it is as they don’t want to be wrong.

Many of these writers’ articles appear on the pages of this website ( and can be trusted. And from what I’ve read so far, it doesn’t look too good for Christians and Jews on earth in 2019. It gets much worse.

On the other side of the street, the liberal progressive socialists are jumping with joy, as they just won control of the House of Representatives and have already released their list of anti-American, anti-God legislation to further change the USA into something more suited to Satan’s liking. At the top of their list is impeachment of President Trump for reasons they haven’t figured out yet (except for sheer hate). But they don’t need any legitimate reasons. They are Trump-haters, and that is all the reason they need. Besides, he is doing good things in “Making America Great Again” and keeping campaign promises, so they have to put a stop to that.

We are in the end-times, as the church age has nearly completed its job on earth. Don’t become the type of Christian believer that faithfully reads and studies their Bible almost daily and then only gazes upward into the sky, awaiting that blessed hope of the rapture (Titus 2:13). Those that do that are not fulfilling the great commission commanded by Jesus just before He ascended up into heaven (Matthew 28:18-20; Acts 1:7-11). Those that limit themselves in their service for our Lord are somewhat selfish and self-centered, as their main concern is themselves.

For those of you who do not believe in (or know of) the soon-coming rapture, see what God’s Word in the Bible has to say about it (for starters) at 1 Thessalonians 4:15-18 and 1 Corinthians15:50-55.

Granted, God wants you to follow His commands for your own salvation first (Matthew 5:3-5; Luke 6:41-42) but it doesn’t end there. You are then to spread “The Good News” to the lost. You will be raptured, but God also doesn’t want you to come to heaven alone. The thoughts in your head to only concentrate on your own salvation I believe are planted there by Satan, as he doesn’t want to lose more souls to God. So God urgently wants you to bring others up into heaven with you.

Time is running out for the people on earth. We believers in Christ are being rejected, mocked, scoffed, belittled and lied about in our efforts to bring more souls into the rapture. When they succeed, those souls are lost to Satan forever. Satan is having more success than we are, so we need help. Satan has contact with all of us until he loses all contact at the rapture. We must all pray to God for His Holy Spirit to come with a powerful last-play blitz before we go into overtime (the tribulation period).

After the one-thousand-year millennial reign of Jesus Christ sitting on the throne of King David, I don’t believe we will have any memory of Satan and his earthly actions. That is a part of this planet’s history, but history will have come to an end when we enter heaven. Most of our history involved sin and disobedience, as that is why Jesus had to return to erase sin and its sinful history. Everything will be new, fresh and unspoiled; thus, there will be no place for our old sinful history. There will be no looking back and remembering yesterday.

In heaven, we will be surrounded with millions of joyous people who don’t disagree or argue with each other. There we will have no different and conflicting belief systems. We will all believe the same as Jesus. It will be eternal perfect fellowshipping forever.

One day I will be in heaven with my Lord and Savior with no memory of earth’s history for all of eternity. I don’t believe I will have any memory of Satan and his evil deeds whatsoever. On the other hand, Satan will be in the lake of fire with complete vivid recollection of every one of his evil acts throughout history, from the fallen angels to those he tricked before Christ’s return. I hope by then I have contributed to his loss in recollection of memories.

Wilderness Survival Tips

There are way too many breeds of poisonous snakes throughout the many countries of the world that it would be nearly impossible for me to cover them all in this article. Think about the many snakes in Australia, India, South Africa, Western Europe, etc. I will leave it to crazy uncles worldwide to research information for their left-behind boxes. This is especially valuable for the city slickers who will be left behind and new to the outdoor wilderness. It will be easy enough to research. An example is to Google a title like “poisonous snakes South Africa,” and you should get the information you need to download for your South African left-behind boxes.

There is info on many of the USA poisonous snakes from the outdoor survival website Prepping 101 at this link. It covers the ten most venomous snakes, some from Canada to Mexico, in North America. Seven are from the rattlesnake family including Timber, Prairie, Tiger, Mojave, Black Diamondback, Eastern Diamondback and Western Diamondback. Also included are Copperheads, Coral and Cottonmouth Water Moccasins.

Also included are what areas they are found, which are the most poisonous, life-length expectancy after a bite, what to do and what not to do after being bitten, plus much more valuable information.

In previous articles we covered snake bites. All left-behind boxes should have a snakebite kit and instructions. I listed sources, brand names and contents. Or you can Google “snakebite kits” and research it yourself.


Here are a couple more free survivalist email newsletters to add to the list I have provided in previous articles. Expect a lot of ads, but that comes with free. Click on the blue links to access their page.




Crazy uncles should be finding instructions for the following, printing them off and placing in left-behind boxes:

  1. Learn CPR.
  2. Learn the Heimlich maneuver.
  3. How to apply sutures and stitches
  4. Set a splint.
  5. Support a sprain.
  6. Soothe a heart attack (can start in the wilderness with an aspirin).
  7. Spot and control a concussion.
  8. How to treat a 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree burns.
  9. How to stop severe bleeding.
  10. Treating hypothermia.


Reader Feedback

Thank you for your articles, especially the Tribulation series. I believe you are strengthening souls that already belong to Jesus and bringing more to Him. I know He will bless you. I’m 72 and have been saved since 1999 but now only beginning my efforts to reach out to lost souls. Your articles helped me realize that sticks and stones can’t hurt me as long as I’m on God’s side.

Cheryl Adamson

(Dick’s reply): There are no sticks and stones in heaven and if there were, nobody there would ever be in a throwing mood. Your heart is right, so leave the rest up to the Holy Spirit. He is leading you now. Congratulations on your 20th Anniversary (1999-2019)!


I’m trying to find a way to convey the ultimate desires of my heart. I will never be satisfied until I see Jesus Christ in person. Nothing can even come close to being with Him and in His kingdom and glory. I want to live where He rules and reigns. The only rightful King of the earth.

I’m annoyed at the people who want a perfect earth but rebel against the only one who can give it to them.

I’m really sure we don’t have a lot of time left here. After the rapture those who will be left behind and quickly accept the truth will have a window of time to prepare. They need to raid the crazy uncles’ houses. Those that know me will be well off for a long time.

But survival means nothing unless they turn to Jesus. Unless you make Him your master, you will receive Him as your judge. I have stocked everything from clothing to food to bug-out bags in the plenty.

But I cannot guarantee how this will go for you. God holds your life in His hands. Make no mistake about it. You will glorify God in His mercy or you will glorify God in His justice. Please pick mercy!

Anthony Hamm

(Dick’s reply): It’s ironic that people will line up and camp out for days in advance waiting on a rock concert or championship game tickets. Look at the long lines and massive overflow for the recent Trump rallies days in advance.

Granted, I personally was overjoyed to see Trump was drawing the big numbers while the liberal progressive socialists had to pay “fans” to fill a phone booth. But I do wish people would line up for Jesus the same way they line up for the human stars.

What us crazy uncles are also doing with the stockpiling survival supplies, printed information, Bibles, etc., is buying the left behind much needed time for study and catching up. They will go through a continuous season of “cramming” for those final exams that will end when Christ once again sets foot on earth. So the less time they have to spend hunting down survival supplies and instructions, the more time they will have to catch up and “cram” for their final exams.

Many of those left behind will focus only on physical survival, thus may splash down into the lake of fire with a full stomach. The spiritual survival will last for an eternity while a full belly will be gone by the next meal time.


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A good way to build a stronger prayer life is to print off hard copies of Prayer Lists #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9 and following, and at any time of day or night when you as an individual want to pray to the Lord, take out your printed copies and read/pray over them again. This is also great for family group prayer and home-church group prayer. God has a very big memory, and all prayers are recorded by Our Lord and Savior.

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