After the Rapture #59 :: By Dick Ainsworth

The Unpardonable Sin and the 666 Mark

Not everyone left behind will be liberal progressives. There will be a good number of conservatives who haven’t yet accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. I would think they would be much easier to reach with the Saving Gospel than single-minded liberals who are usually on the wrong side of everything (socially, morally, spiritually).

After all, conservatives are intelligent enough to know right from wrong, sin from evil, dishonesty from honesty while the liberal progressives are dedicated followers of Satan and his evil ways. Most don’t know it because of the efficiency of the devil’s lies and tricks. They will be harder to convince otherwise, not that it can’t be done. It will just be a very uphill chore. People like Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and many other evil people actually believe they are in the right.

So here is a situation that will cause the clear-thinking conservatives to further consider openly accepting the Lord, hopefully before the rapture.

Since many of us believe God placed the Trump Administration in its present position of authority as a part of His Plan, it is a normal reaction to be thankful to the Lord for His Blessings.

But the rapture could happen at any time; and if God did indeed pick the Trump family and administration to carry out His end-times plans, one can reasonably assume those same chosen ones would also be taken up in the rapture?

If this might happen, then a true miracle could happen – if the Democrats would, on their own, follow the words of our founding fathers in the Constitution, Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence as to the chain of command regarding the executive branch of our U.S. Government. That’s a miracle in itself that the liberals would actually follow the book! That would shock the socks off of many conservatives as they have witnessed the left-wing efforts for years trying to trash those founding documents and the Word of God.

What I am saying is that if President Trump, Vice President Pence, their families, administration and staffs suddenly disappear from this planet, the next in line to fill the office of the president is the Speaker of the House of Representatives. Can you say “Madam President Pelosi?”

But the church would be gone from planet Earth and wouldn’t have to suffer through a Pelosi presidency.

I haven’t seen much of anything in Pelosi’s public and legislative records that would indicate much of any obedience to God’s Word and Commands. And if you want to throw that “but you don’t know what’s in her heart” idea at me, I’ll throw back at you to look at those same public records and quote Luke 16:15. She hasn’t and doesn’t witness the name of Jesus before mankind, so His Word tells me Our Lord won’t exalt Pelosi’s name before the Father (1 Peter 5:6; Matthew 23:12).

We see Pelosi and her side actually giddy on camera over late-term abortion legislation. Plus Pelosi grinning from ear-to-ear in the background while Muslim Congresswoman Ilhan Omar makes anti-Semitic remarks and slurs towards God’s Chosen People at a news conference. The list against God by Pelosi and her ilk has gone on for decades, so don’t tell me Christ will be calling them up into the clouds anytime soon (unless they truly confess and repent).

The time remaining on earth for Christ’s Church of believers grows shorter each day. The rapture could come at any time. It is most urgent that the crazy uncles worldwide step up the pace trying to convince the lukewarm of the upcoming Satan-controlled 7-year tribulation period.

It is my opinion that we need to be pickier about who we are witnessing to and who we are trying to convert to the Lord. If you are trying to witness to those that you know have committed the unforgiveable sin, you are wasting your time. I know that will rub some of you the wrong way. It might be a family member or a close friend. But if they are lost with no chance of forgiveness, they are forever lost. So you are serving the Lord better if you just move on. I know that will hurt many of you.

Jesus commanded us in Matthew 12:31-32: “Therefore I say unto you; all manner of sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven unto men; but the blasphemy against the Holy Ghost shall not be forgiven. And whosoever speaketh a word against the Son of man, it shall be forgiven him: but whosoever speaketh against the Holy Ghost, it shall not be forgiven him, neither in this world, neither in the world to come.”

It is sometimes quite difficult to determine if someone has committed the unforgiveable sin or not. An accurate method is to remember that anyone who has committed the unpardonable sin will permanently possess an eternal “hardened heart.” In my opinion, it is equal to someone during the 7-year tribulation period taking the 666 mark of the beast. Both are eternally lost with no chance of forgiveness. All will have “hardened hearts.”

Just because someone is not accepting Jesus in the here and now doesn’t mean they have committed the unpardonable sin. If, in your present witness to an individual, you bring up the subject of the “unpardonable sin” and you quote Jesus’ words in the above Matthew 12:31-32, and they respond with a statement like, “But I don’t know if I committed that sin or not,” you are safe to assume that they haven’t. A person with a hardened heart would never have thoughts of remorse like that. They wouldn’t be concerned at all and would probably give you a “so what” type of answer.

So time is too short to waste time on the lost. Move on to others who might be saved. We are talking about numbers here. A saved soul is a saved soul. Don’t let Satan trick you into letting it get too personal so that you waste precious time on the forever-lost souls.

You have presented to Him dedicated prayer for family and friends. God has heard and recorded every single word of every single prayer. He didn’t forget a single letter or vowel. And He is true to His Word (John 14:14), so move on to strangers and others. There is plenty of room in the clouds for large crowds. If there isn’t, God will merely blink an eye and create more clouds!

And when the Holy Spirit brings your lukewarm friend or family member onto the narrow path, and they have questions or seek your wisdom, they will come to you. And you will be there for them.

Also remember that the Holy Spirit is the third person of the Godhead (The Holy Trinity). Nothing is impossible for God, so His Holy Spirit will be working overtime when the time comes.

Jesus tells us in three of the four Gospels to “move on.” He told His twelve to present the Gospel; and if it is rejected, leave their place, shake the dust off of your feet as a witness against them, and move on to others who will listen. You can find that in Jesus’ exact words in Luke 9:1-5, Matthew 10:5-14 and Mark 6:7-13.

And it continued on after the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. The Apostle Paul and Barnabas were on mission work at Antioch in Pisidia (Acts 13:45-52) and were attempting to teach Jews who rejected their teachings, but the Gentiles present listened to them. So they departed from the Jews and went to Iconium to teach the Gentiles.

Reader Feedback

I am writing in protest to abortion. Someone removed my object lesson (sign) from my front yard. Probably my kids who worry about retaliation towards me. So I will have my say here.

To the psychopathic demoncrats: Jesus loves you and died for you. No doubt you are too far into apostasy to care. How far into total depravity can you get?

The LGBTQ and whatever are depraved enough, but you sanction gun control to save lives, are against the death penalty, and want to cry over a spotted owl. But yet you are all for murdering children before, during and after birth; you pathetic hypocrites!

Well and true you deserve all the damnation you are going to receive. After one million years in hell, you will not be one day closer to getting out.

As you are cast into hell, please remember that I warned you. This could be a “pearls before the swine” moment? (Matthew 7:6).

Anthony Hamm


Brain Implants?

Hmm…not sure how accurate or updated this is. Just thinking about what this might mean:

“Are You Ready for Your State-Mandated Brain Implant? Brain implants are now a reality. How long will it be before you’re ordered to have one to correct thought crime?”

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