Pre-Rapture Prayer List #22 :: Compiled by Dick Ainsworth

The rush is on!

Yes, the rush IS on in more ways than one!

First, I was really thankful and grateful with the “rush” of prayers that came in to this #22 Prayer List that followed the weak and dismal #21 where I had thought many worldwide prayer warriors had given up on prayer. But lo and behold, the sun did shine through, and a “rush” of prayers did flood my inbox in the last two weeks.

But many more have yet to send in prayers as of yet. Time is growing short before the rapture. I wonder if when we stand face-to-face with Jesus at the believer’s judgment (Bema seat) after the rapture, if Our Lord might not ask “why did you not pray more”? And then judge us for not trusting Him? (John 14:14).

Granted, it is a good thing that we all pray in our own private way “in our closet” (Matthew 6:6), but I think of the pastors worldwide who have led their congregations in a group prayer, maybe frequently? Do you believe Our Lord will judge these pastors harshly at the Bema seat and say something like “you did it all wrong”? My opinion is “I don’t think so.” Rather, I believe they will receive rewards for leading those to pray who might not ordinarily pray on their own. That isn’t a bad thing.

Matthew 6:6 isn’t against group prayer. It is against the phony hypocrites standing on the street corners or in the public square by themselves showing off to the crowds just how holy they think they are. They were not seeking praise and glory towards God. They were seeking praise and glory towards themselves. “Look at how holy I am” they might be thinking? It’s an ego thing rather than sincere prayer to Our Father.

So we must all have our own private time in prayer with Our Lord, plus we must offer powerful group prayer. One method is to grab ahold of each person’s hand on your right and left, and they do also. This is “united in prayer” and follows Jesus’ command in Matthew 18:20 that says, “For where two or three gather together in my name, I am amongst them.”

If group prayer is not pleasing to our Lord, then this series of worldwide prayer lists is spiritually worthless. I get too many feedback emails stating how the prayers by worldwide prayer warriors are being answered by Our Lord and Savior.

Secondly and lastly, the “rush” is on to get as much prayer in to Our Lord before the rapture when we will meet our Lord in the clouds. I am not sure what we will do in heaven but we will be very busy serving the Lord without tire in his kingdom. I believe we serve the Lord on earth with earthly matters and then serve our Lord in heaven with heavenly duties without tiring. What we do on earth will likely determine how high of ranked jobs that we will get in heaven. I also believe that no matter how important or less important of service we have in heaven, we will be 100% happy and cheerful with our eternal service to Our Lord.  There will be no boredom, envy or jealously up there. We will be 100% happy and cheerful forever with what He gives us to do.

Here on earth we frequently go home after work tired and worn-out. Not so in heaven. There are no days and nights, no fatigue, no sweating, no 60-hour work weeks, no working two jobs to make ends meet and no sore and worn-out bodies. All work in heaven is joyous filled with instant and eternal happiness and rewards.

So don’t believe you are going to heaven for a new back-breaking “job.” It may be hard to believe but heaven is 100% joyous and packed end-to-end with shear happiness. It won’t be anything like life on earth.

And don’t pray for something once and quit. If you pray for a loved one’s salvation and they appear to still be lost, go back and continue to pray for them again. God does not tire from “too much prayer”!

Send all prayers in to:


Please pray for my husband Eric to see himself as God sees him. Please pray for my son Zack to hide God’s Word in his heart that he might not sin against Him. Please pray for my cousins Avery, Aidan and Justin to get saved, and for their parents (2 sets) to love God with all their hearts. Please pray for my Aunt Carmen and my mom and dad to have good physical, mental and spiritual health.

In the Name of our Lord

Amy Ince


Please pray for the salvation of Donovan Heymig, grandson; Mary Heymig is the great grandma; Joshua Heymig; Rosie Guzman; Adam Guzman; Emily Guzman; Louie Guzman; Anthony Guzman; Regina Heymig; and all backsliders everywhere. Thank you from Grandpa Robert Heymig.


Please pray for the salvation of my adult daughter who is currently living with a guy with a dubious character who is not very nice to my 6-year-old grandson. Also, please pray for protection for them both and to help my grandson see Jesus despite his situation.

Thank you


Please pray for my family. I have terminal cancer. My daughter who was raised Christian now declares herself an atheist. She supposedly was saved as a child. She married a man who also claims to be atheist. Pray for my husband also who is so depressed at my health status. I’m ok with dying, for Jesus tells me that I will just step from life to eternal life. I’m tired and am ready to go be with Jesus.

In the Name of Jesus,

Renda Spreights


I ask for prayer for my son Quinton for salvation. And for reconciliation between my son and myself and husband, please.

Thank you,



Please pray for my son Jacob. He needs to come back to the Lord. Please pray for me as I have been having overwhelming fear and anxiety. I’ve been praying. I believe it is a spiritual demonic attack. I started a new job, and the women there are being difficult. I don’t believe any of them are saved although one does go to church.

Please help me and my family to repent of anything that the Lord would want us to, and pray that we would follow Him well. We are growing weary. We need His strength. Thank you.

Andrea Higgins


Hi Dick, I have been reluctant to message you as it seems that everyone else has major issues to pray about but the prayers of a righteous man availeth much. So if you receive this from little old Perth, Western Australia, please pray for my wife who has decided to leave our 15-year marriage. Her name is Katya, and she has loved the Lord all of her life but the world has grabbed her, and it is too attractive for her. It is so sad that she wants earthly temporal pleasures instead of our Mighty Lord and Savior. We have no animosity and still talk, but she does not want to discuss anything Christian. Please pray that The Lord turns her around and we can be united under Christ again.




Dear Brother Dick,

I trust you are well and the Lord is ministering to you in a powerful and amazing manner. There is nothing that happens that he is not aware of; therefore, we can rest assured in His goodness and love and mercy.

Please pray for my country South Africa. Please watch the news and see what is happening in this beautiful country. Our country is burning! People are dying! Hatred abounds! How we desperately need the Lord to heal us. South Africa needs a miracle right now and we are urgently praying for one.

Thank you, Dick.

Your Sister in Christ,

Pastor Elizabeth


Dear Dick and friends,

Thank you for these prayer lists, and thank you for your prayers. Dick, we continue to pray for your health and your family’s salvation. Blessings and love to all!

Please continue prayers for our oldest son Joseph, his wife Meredith and grandchildren Corrine, Kennedy and Jack to accept our Lord Jesus Christ. Kennedy needs prayer for calming down in school. She and her 5-year-old twin Corrine can be a handful, so please pray for spiritual protection, wisdom for their parents and teachers, and the great love of our Lord to be upon them and all of their family.

Please pray that our son David and his wife Whitney will continue to be drawn to and saved/strengthened in the Lord, and that they would openly proclaim their salvation.

Please continue to pray for my sister Peggy and her wife Kathy to be drawn to and accept Jesus’ salvation. Please pray that Peggy will be able to quickly and completely resolve matters with our parent’s estate. Please continue to pray for my sister Patti, who has been involved in occult and suffers from depression. She needs the love of our Lord and His salvation. Please continue to pray for our brother-in-law and sister-in-law John and Angie’s salvation/to draw close to Jesus. Please pray for the health and salvation of our Aunt Katie and Uncle Gary.

Please continue to pray for the Light of the World Ministry in India – Pastor Paramjyothi, his family, church members and converts. Pray for their health, safety, provision and many continued victories and souls won to Christ Jesus. Pray that Hindus and Muslims persecuting them will feel remorse and conviction for harming innocents and disrupting meetings. Lead them to our Lord. Pray that our Lord’s mighty angels protect Light of the World evangelists and converts, and that our Lord would rebuke the devil and his minions. Please pray that government officials and police feel remorse and embarrassment for turning a blind eye to past attacks, and that Light of the World and its people would find favor and protection from them. Lead them to the Lord.

Pastor Paramjyothi can provide information about Light of the World’s efforts and needs at or

Please continue to pray for our Lord to help our neighbors Chuck and Brookie with their serious health and family problems. They both have suffered many hardships. Please continue to pray for my wife Vicki and I to become the people he wants us to be.

Thank you; you are all in my prayers! – Mike


Hi Dick,

Thank you for all you do; you are such a blessing!

I would like to request prayers for my sister’s husband Sal. My sister is saved and her husband wants nothing to do with Christianity. She has tried many times to witness to him and has warned him of what will happen after the Rapture, but his heart is so hardened and he’s in a very dark place. Please pray for their marriage; it’s been very difficult being unequally yoked with a non-believer, but she has a strong faith in Christ and continues to try and reach him before it’s too late.

I will continue to pray for everyone on your prayer request list. God bless!

John 16:33

(Dick’s reply) I believe your sister is doing the right thing by sticking it out with her lost husband. She is probably his only chance at being saved. He isn’t going to be saved in this present world alone.


Dick Ainsworth,

We have a Theresa Ainsworth that goes to our church. Two days ago she donated one of her kidneys to be implanted into our preacher who was in need of a kidney. They matched! Little bitty Theresa’s kidney went into a 6-foot 3 man’s body. She is a dear heart. The reason behind all of this story is of course… she is an Ainsworth! But, of course, her husband would be the one related to you, and I don’t know his name. If there is a possibility, I will find out his name for you. Just wanted to share that story with you.

Joyce Heishman

(Dick’s reply) As far as I know, I am the only Ainsworth in my family line left in Missouri. My parents and my kid brother are deceased along with my only nephew who is also deceased. We have 3 adult children and 5 grandkids, but 3 are infant toddlers. So I doubt if the donor is any kin to me, and we would surely know about it.

Our blessings to the donor, and we pray for her good health. This is a wonderful gesture, and the great healer God will do the rest. We must all pray for the good health for both the donor and donee.

Joyce: You and Bill are a true blessing to Christ’s Church. I haven’t seen Bill since our old motorcycle racing days.


I would like to thank everyone for your thoughts and prayers. They helped, along with a great team of doctors. I will get out of the hospital today at 2 o’clock and then come back Thursday to get the left side of my heart done. I feel really good and will continue to get better. Your prayers really did help me with this. Again, thank you all.

Raymond McNish


Please pray that The Lord will intervene and change the mind of every woman who has decided to have an abortion. That He would weigh continuously upon each woman’s mind even to the moment of the act, turning them the other way, saving the life of their baby.

We must never stop interceding for these babies.

Donna Harris


We pray to God that His protective hand be extended around our White House to safeguard, encourage and guide the Trump administration in these end-times to better serve the Will of God and tear down the obstructions placed by Satan and his imps in their efforts to bring down America and its people into the eternal lake of fire.

Please lift the discouragement and doubts placed as stumbling blocks in the paths of God’s warriors still on earth as they try to reach the lost in their remaining days before the rapture.

Satan is making these remaining days on earth extremely difficult for Christ’s warriors, and they need help from the heavens above. Many of the nations of this present world are under the same controls of the devil as he dominates and leads most of their governments, churches and societies, thus leading all of their people towards eternal damnation. We pray to God to stop Satan in his tracks before it is too late.


Father God is presently pouring out His promised and prophetic wrath on a sinful disobedient world. This is evident from the recent proof of worldwide hurricanes, flooding, earthquakes, forest fires, droughts, and many others adverse weather conditions.

We pray that our God in heaven will have mercy on the unsaved and use these warnings to bring more of them to Him. And that He extend His protective hand over His believers who are true and faithful to Him to protect them from this same wrath and judgment. They are followers of Christ whose sins were forgiven at the cross, so we pray that they be protected from this same wrath and judgment.

We pray this in the name of Jesus. Thy will be done.

We need not worry about these things. Just pray. If we belong to Him now, we will be with Him in the future no matter wat happens here on earth.



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