Pre-Rapture Prayer List #15 :: Compiled by Dick Ainsworth

Pre – Rapture Prayer List #15
More People praying for More People

The Holy Spirit of God surely works in mysterious yet direct and straightforward ways. He dearly wants His creation to choose to spend eternity with Him and is making every effort to give all of the remaining living a final chance to choose salvation in heaven rather than forever-suffering in the eternal Lake of Fire. But its each individual’s free choice to choose.

One would think that the left-behind would jump at this perfect promise by God of a trouble-free afterlife by finally getting their spiritual acts together? But many will be tricked and deceived into an eternal wide-awake afterlife of fire, brimstone, no water, forever solitary confinement steeped with ongoing torture, pain and agony without any hope of the least moment and shred of relief of any kind.

God has always placed opportunities, events and people in our pathways of life to guide us in His direction. Sometimes we see them, but a lot of times we don’t. On the other hand, Satan places stumbling blocks in those same paths disguised as something good and pure which we get suckered into falling for. I, for one, can hardly wait for those days to be over with. No more Satan; no more bad choices.

Well, the Holy Spirit of God is a lot more efficient than Satan, even when that evil devil is having his very best day. I got an open opportunity for a massive way to flood heaven with prayers for our spiritual and physical needs. It is so simple, and I want to thank my very good Christian neighbor Penny for giving me the idea.

The two of us were discussing the regular prayer request articles in Rapture Ready (RR) when Penny informed me that her church where she attends takes all kinds of prayer requests from their church members and prints them in their weekly church bulletin for all members to read and pray over. And this isn’t just a church thing. Like many churches, these bulletins are handed out after services, thus are taken home and read, including those who didn’t attend. I know of bedridden folks who can’t attend church services but always request another family church member to bring them home a current church bulletin.

So, it hit me like a ton of bricks! How many churches worldwide pass out weekly bulletins to their congregations after services? And do they include prayer requests? If so, why can’t they email me either the complete bulletin or just the prayer requests so I can include them in RR Prayer List articles that reach all four corners of the earth? Think of Our Lord’s reaction to a ton of prayers hitting heaven all at once!

Think of how many people worldwide who read RR articles in 60 different foreign languages, who would be praying for those in need of prayer? The world would be joining forces with each church against Satan.

Last issue, I wrote about “ganging up on Satan.” That is exactly what would be happening here. Satan fears prayer in the Name of the Lord Jesus more than anything. He knows it works, his time is growing short, and increased prayers will steal souls away from the evil one. “Loony Lucifer” is desperately trying to trick and direct souls into his eternity in the Lake of Fire. This is a way we can all collectively stick our finger into Satan’s evil eye.

How many of you go to a church that passes out bulletins with prayer requests inside? Can you email me those bulletins for me to include in worldwide Rapture Ready prayer request articles? And if your church doesn’t include individual payers, urge them to start doing so. Explain what they will be doing through their own church, plus what RR would be doing in the worldly battle against Satan and his loser imps?

Don’t be concerned about the time span involved in your printing the bulletins, emailing them to me, and me writing it into an article. Then I email it into RR who must then proofread, edit, fact check and then send it to the main office, who then puts it in the stack of articles scheduled to be posted. That takes time, but God is not constrained by earthly time. God created time for mankind on earth. That is why eternity is without time; nobody ages; there are no yesterdays or tomorrows. No time schedules or agendas to keep.

He knew who you and others were going to pray for long before Adam and Eve came into existence. Those prayers had already defeated Satan long before Lucifer and his demonic angels were kicked out of heaven. God already knows your prayers now and those in the future. God doesn’t need to wait to read your prayer requests in a church bulletin or on a computer screen. That is for us mortal human beings on earth to read and pray for. And he already knew that centuries ahead of time. But we must do the praying.

He already answered your prayers long before you were born because He already knew what you were going to pray for “way back then.” And He also knows now who is reading this article, and which of you will follow these requests and suggestions or who will just ignore it and let it slide?

But He gives us all the opportunity to make the decisions for ourselves. If God were to make all of our decisions for us, there would be absolutely no sin at all in this world. Lucifer and his fallen angels would all still be in heaven while Adam and Eve would both be over 6,000 years old. There would have been no need for the flood, and the world population could have well been a trillion or more (no death caused by sin, so no sin equals no death!). And since there would have been no sin, there would have been no need for His Son to come to earth and die for our non-existent sins.

But God loves us, and His only requirement is that we love Him back (“If you love me, you will keep my commandments” John 14:15; John 15:10). We have to choose Him in order to spend a perfect eternity with Him.

An example of how a church works in passing on your prayers is the Light of the World Ministry and Church in Andhra Pradesh, India. You have read in previous articles, and later on in this article, how this church runs off copies of the Rapture Ready Prayer Lists in their Telugu native language. Then they pass these copies out to their congregations, their team of pastors and their Bible student classes where they all pray for those on the Rapture Ready lists. This is just one example.

So start emailing me your prayers in your church bulletins plus any additional prayers you wish for the Christian world to pray for. And if you hold a prayer night at your church or in your home, you usually have a prayer leader with a written list of prayer requests. Email a copy of that to me. If you want to please God, then pray to Him. Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ loves to receive prayer while the condemned-to-hell Satan hates and fears them. So please God while you stick your finger into Satan’s eye!

So let us all pile it on the head devil so all of us can witness His magnificent power of prayer. If you don’t want to email to me, send by the post office to:

Dick Ainsworth

Focus on Jesus Ministry

P.O. Box 156

New Franklin, MO 65274


“For with God nothing shall be impossible” (Luke 1: 37)




Please have your readers pray for the salvation of my family members and two friends. My brothers: John, Wayne, Glen and Tom; my sisters-in-law: Heidi and Judi; my nieces and nephews: Jennifer, Brad, Craig, Nichole Jadon, David, Melissa, Becky, Brian and Will; great nephews and nieces: Alexander, Natalie, Henry, Emma, Aidan, Reghan; my brother-law Phil; my nephew-in-laws: Mitch, Jim and Jeff; and my friends: Gloria and Julie.

Also to pray for my sister to come to peace and contentment with things in the past that she is bitter and resentful over.


Carol Peterson

Nancy Maupin is seeking prayers for her mother (Carol) who just went in for a biopsy in both lungs. She is now on palliative care. They cannot remove the cancers, while chemo or radiation are not options. God and the kids know she is ready to meet Him in the air, and only God knows when and where.

Nancy is also requesting prayer for her immediate family. Please pray for them.


Please pray for Travis Dometrorch who is undergoing tests for cancer. He is also scheduled for heart surgery. He is a young fellow in his mid-40’s. The cancer was discovered when this young man went in for a heart issue.


Dear Our Family of God,

It is our great opportunity to share with you this very important note. Today we are using India vote for Christian favor in India’s Government. Now ruling Hindu government, and they give more troubles to Christians. So Pray for India safety.

This week as we are proclaiming the Gospel in the streets, suddenly Hindu Extremists attacks on Pastor Teams who are beaten; so we all went to police station. They also have come with wrong information (lies) that “we criticized Hindu gods so we were attacked.” Two brothers and sister Sujatha underwent medical treatment, so pray for their healing.

Our Family and LIGHT OF THE WORLD MINISTRY are very much thankful to you for uncountable blessed prayers and keep sharing in RR Prayer List. We too also make copies and offered prayers for all of the listed. Very encouragement to the Saints Prayers for us.

So far Brother Mike family and Robin Reece have responded and giving prayerful cooperation through financial assistance. Our Light of the World ministry are very thankful to your family and Bro. Mike & Vicki as well as Robin Reece. So many blessed families’ powerful prayers are behind us from the USA. So we are soooo blessed through Saints fellowshipping. We especially praying for Sister Vitz and all the family’s ETERNAL SALVATION.

OUR Lord is showing His Mercy upon you keeping His Mighty Wings. He is able God to give good health. God is using your mighty way for many countries. Your writings are Spiritual encouragement with End Times Alert to believers.

Our Library is Blessing to Youth groups. We Purchased some Telugu Literature for Reading (Telugu is their native language).

Brother, we having much blessing through your Spiritual Fellowship. Sowing Seeds in the Heart and waiting for the reaping of the Harvest of once lost souls.

Prayer Request:

Our young groups very much interested to listening and watching Video through understanding Word of God. So Need PROJECTOR.  IT IS MODERN MINISTRY TO MODERN MAN.

With Prayers,

Pastor Param (

Dear Dad Dick Ainsworth and Blessed family in Christ,

Thank You for your blessed prayers and PRAYER LIST #14. You keep sharing our India Ministry to all the Saints. So that we are having Power of Prayers through Saints. So that we able to Harvest of Souls in Villages. Soul to soul and person to person in fields. We have been Praying for your Health. Our Lord is Mercy and Wonderful God day by day kept His mighty hands given Strengthen you.

Our daughter Riya is growing. Please pray for her.

Amulya baby today one-month birthday to Alena (Lyra). Please pray for her.

Pray for Grandma’s Health.

Please remember my Mother Asha suffering from BP.

Pray for Light of the World Team for their safety and travel to villages.

Pray for the elections in India for good government.

Pray for the Needs of Ministry.

Pray for the Hindus attackers at our team trying to beat us when preaching the Gospel in the streets this week. The Hindu terrorists need our prayers before it is too late for them. Pray for Ramana and others salvation.

Sister Deevena

We remember your health in our prayer cells and church gatherings weekly and Daily. So Pray continue to fulfil our Ministry and Family needs.

Still also we facing lots of troubles in fields through Hindu and Muslims. They are forcibly attacking and argumentive with us while we are saying “Jesus is only way to Heaven” during our gospel proclamation in the villages. Hindu RSS groups giving false training and lying propaganda to village people to attack on Gospel groups when enter in to villages. So they blindly come and argumentative with us this week Gospel camp at Mangichettigudem Village. We have done good work in three Outreach camps.

Pray for Bro. Titus who is pastor from Tribal village, our co-Worker wife suffering with pains from past days. Now Doctor done operation. We are paying Hospital Expenses. So pray for her. We are caring for them.

This week The Hindu mockers attacked our area pastor who is Gabriel. The mockers beat him severely and admitted into hospital for treatment. He suffering with wrist pain too much. So need prayers for our area ministry and team’s welfare.

We Conducted Gospel Outreach Camp at Penakanametta Village and Peddevam Villages. Distributed tracts and reach souls personal Evangelism. Some have strictly prohibited Gospel. Some are joyfully receiving Gospel.

Majority of the people asked why propaganda saying Christianity is the America religion? We say to them Christ is the universal God and not the USA God. He is the Lord of all. They not agree with us.

Our daughter’s Deevena and Amulya families are ok and healthy so far. Please pray for them. Thank you, God.

Pastor Param

LOTW Ministry wishes to wholeheartedly thank Sister Robin Reece in the USA. In spite of her limited retirement Social Security income and her family hardships, she managed to donate a very generous offering to our Light of the World ministry. We deeply appreciate it and will pray for them and their hardships during our regularly held church group prayer meetings.

LOTW also wishes to thank the Mike Scheibel family for their past support and having the faith and trust that leads the Holy Spirit of God to guide LOTW ministry to do the will of God in guiding the lost.

Sister Deevena (


Crystal Ann Terrell is requesting prayer from all worldwide prayer warriors for the healing of her cousin Lonnie.


Word has reached us that Anthony Hamm is in need of prayer for his bedridden wife who suffers from dementia. He is her only caregiver at their home. Anthony is a regular contributor to these RR articles. He went through heart bypass surgery several years ago, and now the results of that surgery have returned and flared up again and it’s causing Anthony health problems. If something happens to Anthony, there will be no one to care for his wife, which is causing him much stress and worry. So pray to the Great Healer to come to both with their health problems.


(Rapture Ready editor’s note from Cynthia Nuara: Ronda Lane will not be able to finish her 4-part series titled “Betrayed: Few Knew it Happened” of which parts one and two are currently posted on the Rapture Ready website. She is terminally ill and would like prayer for relief from pain and for God’s will to be done. She will be writing a letter to you all on this site as she is able. Ronda is ready to go Home to be with the Lord when He calls. She will be free from the pain she has endured for years from MS, thoracic spinal syrinx (technical term: syringomyelia), and other health issues, and from her recent diagnosis of stage 4 cancer.

Ronda shows such attention for detail in her writing. As her (and my) dear friend Alice Childs says, “She doesn’t just take in the entire forest and the individual trees, but chews on the bark and leaves.”


Julie Heath is seeking prayer for Michael Perkins who has been hospitalized with a very severe shoulder injury.


Mike Cashatt offers up the following prayer: “Dear God: I bow my head and ask, if it be thy will, please save this land from those who seek to destroy it. Amen.”


God bless you. Alina is my Name.

Please I Need pray. I have been sick for many years and I had cancer of the thyroid gland and this cancer my mother has it also. In 2015 I have two operations and my gland is out, and my organ was removed and the second operation took 43 nodules and mistakenly a good organ that kept my calcium and vitamin D in my bones and muscles. That is why they are often in the hospital and often paralysis occurs.

Jesus says that if we pray 2 or 3 in His Name He is among us and listens to our prayers. That’s why I ask you to help me again with prayer and trust that Jesus can give me all the organs back. In his name it is all possible and I trust that my mother Viorica Lenuta will. God bless you.

I have a Good Friend named Monika. Please if you wish to pray for her salvation. The Lord is to keep her and her son healthy. If you have something prophetic please tell me. Thank you so much

I still need a miracle in my house to stop those spiritual attacks from neighboring Jasmin. I trust that Jesus can touch her heart and her evil plans against me. She hates me so much that she even tries to make out [stalk?] from my home just because I said about Jesus. Thank you for always helping me in prayer and God to bless you.

Hoebl Alina

(Dick’s reply) You said it all as far as Monika’s eternal salvation is concerned. You have prayer warriors worldwide, along with myself, praying for her. Again, John 14:14 says it all.

By sending in your prayer request, I can assuredly say you will have a lot more than 2 or 3 Christian prayer warriors throwing your woes back into the face of Satan. Who does he think he is to be pulling stunts like these on you? He is no match for God who will overwhelm him with true final justice. He will dearly pay for all the pain he has put upon you and many others.

I wish for you to keep the faith and forever trust in the Lord. Always keep Jesus’ own brief words in John 14:14 in your heart and mind with unshakeable faith and belief. Just remember that “the best is yet to come.” God said so in His Word, the Bible.

As far as your hateful neighbor Jasmin is concerned, there are several things you must remember and practice. Jesus commanded us to love our enemies, and we must do that. I don’t hate Obama, Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Adam Shiff, OAC, Hillary, Farrakhan, Cummings, Schumer, Rosie, the present Pope Francis, etc., and a very long list of others (both local, national and international), but I surely don’t want to have dinner with any of them any time soon!

WHAT? No discussion of our differences?

Not with me. I will not compromise my beliefs in the Bible and the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights. So I don’t hate them but always pray for them at a distance.

Jasmin is in dire need of prayer, and you can help her spiritually at a distance. I’m sure her deeds against you are hurtful, but think of the hurt Jesus went through when He sacrificed Himself for our sins. Even His best friends (the apostles) ran and hid at his torture and death. If you won’t be like Him, His sacrifice was wasted on you.

Jasmin is being controlled by Satan. She is a bully. And bullies thrive on seeing people they aim their hate at being hurt. But Satan wins twice if he can get you to hate Jasmin as a get-back sort of revenge. That is his whole point of getting Jasmin to aim her hate at you. To get you to hate back. Two birds for the price of one stone.

But you really let Satan have a long, hard one between the eyes when you follow Jesus. Satan may have control of Jasmin now, but you really slam Satan when you pray regularly for Jasmin. Satan fears prayer to Jesus, and you really upset his applecart when you do follow Jesus instead of Satan.

And you have sent in this post to where prayer warriors worldwide will gang up on Satan praying for relief for you but also praying that the Holy Spirit of God will touch Jasmin’s heart and soul to convert her away from Satan and towards God and His way.


Nathele Graham nailed it again in another of her Rapture Ready articles when she spelled out “Bible” (B.I.B.L.E.) and said it stands for “Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth.”

Then she goes on to quote the Apostle Paul in Hebrews 3:13 who taught “But exhort one another daily, lest any of you be hardened through the deceitfulness of sin.”

The unsaved and lost constantly judge Christians with their “holier than thou” put-on act. Let a Christian chug a single beer or let slip with a single cuss word, and watch them let fly and pile on with corrections straight out of their hip pocket. Like maggots on a decaying animal.

Of course, they don’t see their own sins, as their fake self-righteousness is in control. Maybe they just finished watching the latest porn films starring young children before they pick up their weekly supply of meth on their way to the city parade where they have to make a choice between whether to march with the LGBT mob or the abortion-rights fools’ group. They just can’t be in two places at once! Decisions, decisions, decisions!

We all need prayer as we are all sinners. Pray for the Christians who know they are sinners and seek our Lord’s forgiveness. But also pray for the liberal progressives that blare out in the public forums that being pro-life is anti-Christian and that Jesus was gay. These people really need prayer as they will break through all the stop signs over the speed limit on their way to hell. They think it is a joy ride because Satan has them tricked into his lie.

We need to pray for the lost who are spoken of by God in Isaiah 5:20: “Woe unto them that call evil good, and call good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter.” They don’t know they are sinners and need to seek our Lord’s forgiveness. Pray that the Holy Spirit will enter their souls and guide their hearts towards Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. If we can do this, those we fear lost within our families and circle of friends will have a better chance at eternal salvation in the heavens.


Our world and our nation are in a horrible satanic mess thanks to the “father of all lies” (John 8:44), Satan himself. And he has many followers who are likewise liars. One only needs to switch back and forth from TV channel to TV channel; go to a variety of websites; read newspapers and periodicals; follow Hollywood and the so-called entertainment industry; from the many pulpits from worldwide falling-away churches; from many public school, college and university faculty and administrative mouths, etc., and see the extreme depth of deception that is drowning the Word of God with lies, deception and false teachings. We believers see it very plainly. Fact is, there is so much of it, we become used to it, and it lulls many of us slowly into accepting it as the “new normal.”

We Christians must pray for each other that an end to Satan’s trick of lulling us in his direction and away from serving God will be stopped.

Then we need to pray for the political leadership of each country to be inspired by the Holy Spirit to follow and lead their nation in a Godly Manner that is pleasing to God Himself.

In my own country (the USA), we have a population where I believe about half can be called “Trump haters.” And I don’t mean people that strongly disagree with him politically. I mean sheer “hate” in its true form. My Facebook page is packed regularly with the most vile lies that can only be coming from Satan himself. Other countries that have good leadership who are attempting to do the right thing for their citizens are experiencing the same thing.


My daughter-in-law Stephanie has Leukemia. She has been taking treatments for the past 2 weeks and has been doing extremely well till this past weekend. She has developed an infection and is very sick. Right now if you have time, she could use all of your prayers. May the Lord take her in his arms and get her through this!

Jerry Niemeier



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