After the Rapture #61 :: By Dick Ainsworth

After the Rapture – Part 61
Do it while you can!

I am hoping this article reaches two groups of people: (1) the crazy uncles and aunts, etc., that will soon be raptured to ever be with the Lord; (2) and those who might be left behind. In other words. everybody!

I hope it gives new ideas and plans for the crazy uncles to leave behind useable supplies and information to help those left behind to survive the 7-year tribulation period.

And I hope this writing might urge some of the lukewarm people to catch fire for the Lord and be taken up in the rapture. If not, it might lead them towards a personal revival in their own hearts to come to the Lord during that final 7 years of human existence on earth as we know it today.

Hopefully both groups will one day be together in the heavens to ever be with the Lord, enjoying eternal peace with no sicknesses or health problems ever, no wanting for anything, complete peace within all of His gigantic heavenly neighborhood, no arguments, no political parties, no racial tensions, no courts, no taxes, no taking sides, no us vs them, etc.

So read on and hopefully learn, inspire and make plans for the immediate future!


Very early-on (2017) in this series of articles, I made brief mention of how in the early 1990’s several groups of us families from our area made appointments with a Mormon LDS cannery (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) near St. Louis. We took several vans and made the 130-mile trip to Brighton (west of St. Louis near St. Charles) and spent the day canning long-term storage food at their cannery, loading it all in the vans and returning to Howard County where we stored it in our homes’ left-behind rooms.

This was prior to the Y2K scare, but we were all like-minded Christians who literally believed in the end-times Bible prophecies and the upcoming rapture, 7-year tribulation period and the return of Jesus Christ to put Satan, the antichrist, the false prophet and their gestapo in their prophesied place. The actual location we used and their contact information, etc., of the cannery is 12843 Pennridge Drive, Brighton, MO 63044. Phone: (314) 344-0313.

I am urged to write this follow-up article, which at the time was quite brief and lacked many details, when I came upon a recent April 3, 2019, article on the Ask-a-Prepper website (; so I went to the Mormon website ( plus added my own personal experiences to report the following. I also explored Mormon canneries in other states and countries, plus some changes they have made in their operating procedures since the 90’s, and a list of the 102 canneries in the U.S. and Canada.

We were allowed inside the cannery, supervised by volunteer Mormon church members. None of us were Mormon, and they didn’t try to recruit or convert us. They were very friendly and always helpful. Our differences in religious beliefs never came up. We canned our bulk food in 6-gallon buckets and one-gallon #10 cans (6 cans to a case). The food was very high quality. The cannery itself was very clean and well-maintained. It was indeed a pleasant experience. Mormons believe every family should have a one-year stockpile of food set aside for their families in case of unforeseen emergencies.

The price of the food was and is shockingly low compared to so-called wholesale outlets like Sam’s, Costco, etc., and nearly all survival food mail-order stores. It makes me wonder about the mark-up and profit margins at these stores who might be, in some cases, gouging their customers? And the Mormon facilities have a safe shelf-life of 20-30 years, whereas bulk purchases at Sam’s and Costco need to be repackaged to last 20-30 years. The cannery provides the oxygen absorbers, cans, case boxes, buckets, contents marking labels, lids for a tight seal after a can is opened, etc.

Go to the website to get locations, phones, open dates and other important information plus rules, regulations, etc., for Canada, Australia and U.K. (United Kingdom) and their possible updates. I’m also including a list near the end of this article for you to print off and save for future reference.

Most allow non-church members, but call ahead of time to confirm. Some may require a member to accompany the LDS non-member(s). The rules vary from center to center, state to state. As of 2016 they no longer allow “outsiders” to can their own food stock. Only LDS volunteers package food that is sold off of their LDS store shelves or through LDS online sales.

I have included a list of U.S. and Canada locations. They don’t call them “canneries” anymore but rather “home storage centers.” They don’t allow any outside groups to do their own canning anymore due to increased overhead concerns, volunteer work-force shortages, government rules and regulations, reducing warehouse space, etc.

All food is now pre-packed and can either be purchased in their stores or online orders that can be shipped to you. Buying off the shelf in their stores is now the cheapest way, while online purchases will have shipping fees added in. You can obtain order forms and price lists from the individual stores (see the following list) or at

Here are some examples of their low prices. At Sam’s Club, a 6-gallon bucket of pinto beans is $101.00, and 6-#10 (which is a case and is also 6 gallons) from a survival food-supply company is $83.00, while a Mormon store sells the same case of #10 cans for $33.00. Or a case of rolled oats (oatmeal) is $60.00 from a survival food-supply company while LDS sell the same for $26.00. No misprints or typo’s here! It is what it is!

Bear in mind, there are advantages and disadvantages to buying in 6-gallon buckets and #10 one-gallon cans. When you finish either and are in the wilderness, you will always have uses for the empty buckets and one-gallon cans with firm-fitting lids.

The buckets are fine for a group of 10-12 people; but when you open a bucket, you are exposing the remaining food items to the elements. A one-gallon can might be better as the remaining food can be safe from the elements with the tight-fitting plastic lids, while the other five #10 cans remain sealed and fresh. The empty #10 cans with lids would be great for storing hardtack, jerky, pemmican, dried fruits and berries, nuts, purified water, any other food you make yourself in the boonies, etc. Don’t discard anything during the tribulation period. It all has a use, and there are no Walmart’s or Lowe’s in the wilds! You live and survive on what you have available.

Also, don’t open several cans at a time because you want a buffet-style meal with a lot of variety to choose from. Those days are over with until Paradise and the Marriage Supper of the Lamb in heaven! You won’t have anything like that on earth.

You must learn to conserve and ration food and supplies. After the tribulation period, there will be plenty for everyone with no shortages or “empty shelves.” Opening several cans at a time will lead to waste and spoilage. Your left-behind campsite will look like your present-day refrigerator at home with all of those open jars, bottles, food containers, etc., that will soon spoil and need to be thrown out. So get out of that bad, wasteful habit now.

The final 3½ years will be especially rough with God’s final and harshest judgments about to fall on the left-behind earthlings, plus AC’s 666-mark mandatory system falling into place.

After the first 3½ years of tribulation, one might believe that those left behind and living in the wilderness will have learned to survive on their own, and be more apt to survive the final 3½ years and pass on into the thousand-year millennial reign of Jesus Christ in His earthly perfect kingdom.

The surviving new Christians out of the tribulation period will be needed to breed new offspring in the millennium and teach them about the Lord. You would think they would easily accept the Lord since He is forever present during the millennium, but many people were in the presence of our Lord over 2,000 years ago as He performed many miracles and always spoke the truth; yet, He was also rejected, booed, slandered, and murdered through a kangaroo court, etc.

The LDS canneries don’t sell MRE’s or ready-made dinners. Just long-term storage bulk foods designed for large families. Mormons tend to have large families. They sell a lot more than bulk beans, rice, oats, dried onions, potato flakes, etc.

Here is a short list of some of the other foods they handle in bulk: dried apple slices, berry drink mix, granola, granulated sugar, honey, cocoa mix, dried milk powder, macaroni, spaghetti, pancake mix, peanut butter, jam, jelly, olive oil, gelatin, powdered eggs, brown sugar, salad dressing, vinegar, powdered butter, instant yeast, molasses, dry soup mix, etc. A few items are not available online, so call first. They also have non-food items such as empty 6-gallon buckets with lids, aluminized mylar food storage bags and pouches, oxygen absorbers, freeze-dried foods, survival seed supplies in all-weather vaults plus a lot more.

Locations need to be checked frequently as new plans and changes are underway. In the USA and Canada there are 102 locations, but only 4 are in Canada plus a lone center in Anchorage, Alaska and a few along the Canadian-USA border. In the USA a total of 21 centers are in the state of Utah, but no wonder, as the Mormon international headquarters is in Salt Lake City. California is next with eleven centers, while a lot of states don’t have any centers at all.

I did get a chuckle going through the list of stores, and noted one store was located in “Snowflake,” Arizona! There ought to be a few jokes hidden in there somewhere!

Of the 102 centers in the USA and Canada, one-third are in two states (Utah and California). Some large states with high populations only have one center (Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, New York, Hawaii, Washington, DC to name a few), while some states don’t have any centers at all (Wisconsin, Iowa, the Dakota’s, Kansas, Nebraska, Arkansas, to name a few). I’m lucky, as in my home state of Missouri we have two (St. Louis and Kansas City) which are only 252 miles apart! Major cities such as Des Moines, Omaha and Wichita are about 175 miles from Kansas City.

Worldwide is a sad situation. Australia and New Zealand have none at all even though rumored plans are underway to start centers in Brisbane and American Samoa. The United Kingdom’s Mormon population is 186,852 but no LDS centers, while Mexico has over a million Mormons (1,273,199) but no LDS centers.



Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery –
Calgary, Alberta, AB. Phone: (403) 571-3762.

Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery –
Lethbridge, AB. Phone: (403) 320-1505. Alternate phone: (403) 320-1230.

Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery –
Etobicoke (Toronto area), ON. Phone: (416) 255-1777. Alternate phone: (905) 796-8507.

Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery –
Sherwood Park (Edmonton area), AB. Phone: (403) 464-3466. Alternate phone: (403) 464-3908.


Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery –
Palmer (Anchorage area), AK. Phone: (907) 745-3617.

Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery –
Mesa, AZ. Phone: (602) 967-8551. Alternate phone: (602) 833-1112.

Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery –
Snowflake, AZ. Phone: (520) 536-3458. Alternate phone: (520) 739-4562.

Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery –
St. Johns, AZ. Phone: (520) 337-2436.

Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery –
Tucson, AZ. Phone: (520) 745-6452. Alternate phone: (520) 749-9275.

Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery –
Chico, CA. Phone: (530) 891-0175. Alternate phone: (530) 895-0479.

Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery –
Colton, CA. Phone: (909) 824-0486. Alternate phone: (909) 794-1691.

Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery –
Concord, CA. Phone: (510) 686-2224. Alternate phone: (707) 452-1488.

Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery –
Fountain Valley, CA. Phone: (714) 437-9205. Alternate phone: (714) 847-8852.

Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery –
Fresno, CA. Phone: (209) 255-7075. Alternate phone: (209) 434-3412.

Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery –
Los Angeles, CA. Phone: (213) 261-6351. Alternate phone: (909) 627-2332.

Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery –
Sacramento, CA. Phone: (916) 381-5150. Alternate phone: (209) 745-2202.

Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery –
San Diego, CA. Phone: (619) 279-2441. Alternate phone: (619) 421-8935.

Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery –
Santa Clara, CA. Phone: (408) 986-1872. Alternate phone: (408) 281-1601.

Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery –
Stockton, CA. Phone: (209) 943-1892. Alternate phone: (209) 239-2867.

Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery –
Sylmar (San Fernando area), CA. Phone: (818) 833-6696. Alternate phone: (805) 297-2320.

Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery –
Aurora (Denver area), CO. Phone: (303) 371-7650. Alternate phone: (303) 841-7786.

Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery –
Davie (Fort Lauderdale area), FL. Phone: (954) 581-2165.

Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery –
Jacksonville, FL. Phone: (904) 772-8997. Alternate phone: (954) 746-3731.

Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery –
Plant City (Tampa area), FL. Phone: (813) 754-3845.

Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery –
Tucker (Atlanta area), GA. Phone: (770) 908-5782. Alternate phone: (770) 279-8178.

Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery –
Honolulu, HI. Phone: (808) 841-6311. Alternate phone: (808) 488-2955.

Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery –
Burley, ID. Phone: (208) 678-0434. Alternate phone: (208) 678-9366.

Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery –
Garden City, ID. Phone: (208) 375-7893. Alternate phone: (208) 895-8623.

Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery –
Idaho Falls, ID. Phone: (208) 529-2201. Alternate phone: (208) 523-8957.

Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery –
Pocatello, ID. Phone: (208) 233-1937. Alternate phone: (208) 233-9256.

Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery –
Naperville (Chicago area), IL. Phone: (630) 369-1379. Alternate phone: (847) 639-7325.

Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery –
Indianapolis, IN. Phone: (317) 872-1754.

Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery –
Slidell (New Orleans area), LA. Phone: (504) 646-2550.

LDS Cannery – 231 Brooks St, Worcester, MA 01606. Phone: 508-595-9319. Suggested by a visitor, ADDED: November 14, 2012)

Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery –
Worcester, MA. Phone: (508) 853-6937. Alternate phone: (508) 791-0998.

Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery –
Upper Marlboro (Washington, DC area), MD. Phone: (301) 735-5439.

Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery –
Farmington Hill (Detroit area), MI. Phone: (248) 553-2508. Alternate phone: (248) 528-3915.

Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery –
Apple Valley (Minneapolis area), MN. Phone: (612) 473-8246.

*Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery –
Bridgeton (St. Louis area), MO. Phone: (314) 344-0049. Alternate phone: (314) 441-7764.

Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery –
Kansas City, MO. Phone: (816) 453-4269. Alternate phone: (816) 737-0426.

Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery –
Missoula, MT. Phone: (406) 721-6914. Alternate phone: (406) 728-2381.

Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery –
Greensboro, NC. Phone: (910) 668-2994. Alternate phone: (910) 545-1510.

Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery –
Bridgeport (Philadelphia area), NJ. Phone: (609) 467-0031.

Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery –
Piscataway, NJ. Phone: (908) 777-9440.

Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery –
Albuquerque, NM. Phone: (505) 877-8620. Alternate phone: (505) 293-3320.

Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery –
Farmington, NM. Phone: (505) 326-3506.

Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery –
Las Vegas, NV. Phone: (702) 649-2852. Alternate phone: (702) 565-3062.

Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery –
Sparks (Reno area), NV. Phone: (702) 358-8948. Alternate phone: (702) 358-8595.

Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery –
Canandaigua, NY. Phone: (716) 394-4435. Alternate phone: (716) 352-6228.

Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery –
Groveport, OH. Phone: (614) 836-2627. Alternate phone: (614) 870-7664.

Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery –
Hiram (Cleveland area), OH. Phone: (330) 569-3113. Alternate phone: (330) 274-0220.

Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery –
Oklahoma City, OK. Phone: (405) 691-6788. Alternate phone: (405) 364-5982.

Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery –
Portland, OR. Phone: (503) 777-5815. Alternate phone: (503) 848-0110.

Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery –
Springfield (Eugene area), OR. Phone: (541) 746-6217. Alternate phone: (541) 688-5878.

Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery –
St. Paul, OR. Phone: (503) 633-4433. Alternate phone: (503) 922-3851.

Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery –
White City (Medford area), OR. Phone: (541) 826-4640. Alternate phone: (541) 826-7194.

Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery –
Columbia, SC. Phone: (803) 736-0324.

Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery –
Hendersonville (Nashville, TN) (615) 822-5584.

Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery –
Knoxville, TN. Phone: (423) 694-4973. Alternate phone: (423) 988-6875.

Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery –
Carrollton (Dallas area), TX. Phone: (972) 242-8595. Alternate phone: (972) 985-9810.

Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery –
El Paso, TX. Phone: (915) 566-1335.

Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery –
Houston, TX. Phone: (281) 537-1786. Alternate phone: (281) 550-4562.

Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery –
Castle Dale, UT. Phone: (435) 381-2253.

Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery –
Cedar City, UT. Phone: (435) 586-8682. Alternate phone: (435) 586-4615.

Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery –
Delta, UT. Phone: (435) 864-4753. Alternate phone: (435) 864-3017.

Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery –
Fillmore, UT. Phone: (435) 743-6641. Alternate phone: (435) 743-5334.

Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery –
Kaysville, UT. Phone: (801) 543-1855. Alternate phone: (801) 544-5802.

Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery –
Lindon, UT. Phone: (435) 785-0998. Alternate phone: (435) 785-5051.

Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery –
Logan, UT. Phone: (435) 752-6425. Alternate phone: (435) 753-4843.

Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery –
Magna, UT. Phone: (801) 250-5350. Alternate phone: (801) 266-7708.

Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery –
Manti, UT. Phone: (435) 835-7902.

Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery –
Midway, UT. Phone: (435) 654-5674.

Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery –
Moroni, UT. Phone: (435) 436-8244. Alternate phone: (435) 436-8646.

Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery -Murray, UT. Phone: (801) 266-1460. Alternate phone: (801) 272-3949.

Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery –
Nephi, UT. Phone: (435) 623-1602.

Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery –
Ogden, UT. Phone: (801) 399-3723. Alternate phone: (801) 782-9134.

Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery –
Price, UT. Phone: (435) 637-2409. Alternate phone: (435) 637-0509.

Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery –
Roosevelt, UT. Phone: (435) 722-2540. Alternate phone: (435) 722-2189.

Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery –
Sandy, UT. Phone: (801) 561-0214. Alternate phone: (801) 966-4049.

Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery –
Sigurd, UT. Phone: (435) 896-5443.

Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery –
St. George, UT. Phone: (435) 673-3491. Alternate phone: (435) 652-4361.

Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery –
Vernal, UT. Phone: (435) 789-9058. Alternate phone: (435) 789-1871.

Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery –
Welfare Square (Salt Lake area), UT. Phone: (801) 240-7370.

Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery –
Chesterfield (Richmond area), VA. Phone: (804) 743-1018. Alternate phone: (804) 478-5811.

Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery –
Kennewick, WA. Phone: (509) 735-6454. Alternate phone: (541) 922-3851.

Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery –
Kent (Seattle area), WA. Phone: (253) 852-8552. Alternate phone: (253) 852-8552.

Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery –
Mount Vernon, WA. Phone: (360) 424-0335. Alternate phone: (360) 853-7918.

Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery –
Spokane, WA. Phone: (509) 928-2535. Alternate phone: (509) 328-5754.

Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery –
Green River, WY. Phone: (307) 875-3800.

*This is the cannery I personally used in the early 1990’s and based much of this article on. That was nearly 30 years ago so LDS rules, procedures and regulations have changed. However, this list is current as of 1/1/19. Always call ahead to make appointments, get updated lists and prices, plus the availability of items.


Throughout this article I have mentioned shelf-life of foods being between 20 and 30 years. But the situation for those left behind after the rapture is only 7 years tops. So the following information may guide you to food for that 7-year period of time. Water will be a problem during the final 3½ years as God will pour out judgments on fresh water streams, lakes, rivers, ponds, etc., making it undrinkable. In earlier articles we discussed how to build your own solar distilling unit and oven with construction plans, materials, tools, etc., needed. I even went into distilling salty ocean water into drinkable water. Plans for a solar distillery are in the Rapture Ready article archives at this link.

But the subject of this article is survival foods, so we will continue with that theme.

Rule #1 is to first eat food that you can raise from a garden and find growing wild in the wilderness. And during the winter and lack of a growing season, eat what you have stored away until the next growing and harvesting seasons come around.

We will start out with what you raise in wilderness gardens and find growing wild to eat at that time and store away for the winter. Here is a short list of garden vegetables that you need to stockpile seed for. In the LDS section, they list seed vaults that you should get now and then fill in what else you need from outside seed companies like Park, Burpee, etc. We ran a list of seed companies in a previous article. Be sure to get heirloom seed for quality, disease resistance, good quality reproduction. Always get about a 3-year supply (at least) and store properly when not in use.

The list includes: winter squash, pumpkin, arrowroot, cabbage, parsley, celery, Jerusalem artichoke, tomatoes (need to be sliced and completely dried before storing), onions, garlic, mushrooms (know your wild mushrooms as some are poisonous), potatoes, sweet potatoes, salsify, spinach.

Naturally what you find in the wilds depends on where you are. In 7 years, you don’t have time to grow an orchard, so you need to seek out wild fruit and nut trees, berry bushes, etc.

As far as your gardening plan, the following is how much you need to plant to feed a group of 10-12 for one year plus allowing for saving seed and winter storage. Granted, some left behind will live in weather where you can grow a garden the year around. But I write this where people will have winter seasons to cope with; thus, food storage in food cellars are important. More on that later in this article. Unless the AC’s gestapo are a bunch of local farm boys, they aren’t apt to know the difference between a potato plant and ragweed. Look at how many people look at their marijuana plants expecting to see tomatoes pop out!

The numbers can mislead you if you don’t take into account that the seeds of carrots, beets, turnups, etc., are tiny-small and fine while potatoes, onions, beans, etc., are much larger.

Also, remember that “potato seed” and “seed potatoes” are two entirely different things. When I was growing up on a small family farm in Missouri, my parents would store gunnysacks (burlap bags) full of potatoes, onions, apples, etc., in our basement food cellar (where mom also put all of her canned quart jars of food for the winter). In the spring-planting time, we’d take the leftover gunnysack potatoes and cut them up into chunks, making sure there were “eyes” in each chunk. After a winter of setting in that cool dark cellar, those “eyes” (sprouts) had grown into lengthy sprouts maybe an inch or so longer. They were ready for planting if the weather was right.

“Seed potatoes” produce a fine crop of potatoes much faster than “potato seed,” plus a lot less work and effort is involved. But always plant lots and lots of potatoes in a wide range of locations. You can live on potatoes and One-a-Day supplements. Have burlap bags (gunnysacks) for storage. Don’t use plastic trash bags as they don’t breathe. Burlap bags “breathe,” but also stockpile large trash bags for the many uses explained in previous articles.

You should still be eating gunnysack potatoes into the summer. In the springtime, we plant new potatoes. We would then plant a “hill” of potatoes (a row of “hills”) which is a hole on flat ground about 6-8 inches deep, toss 2 or 3 chunks of potatoes with eyes pointed up in the hole, and cover with 6-8 inches of dirt. When you harvest in the fall, you should have 6 to 10 large root potatoes out of each hill. You would then have new potatoes for eating, plus start sacking-up potatoes for the winter storage in the following year.

Pick out the largest, best-looking potatoes for “seed potatoes” and eat the runts and medium-sized potatoes for your regular daily meals. Also peel and slice to let completely dry in the sun or your solar oven for food storage. If the taters are completely dry, they should store for at least 10 years.

It doesn’t hurt to have “potato seed” on hand for emergencies, but “seed potatoes” is the best way to go as it is much easier and quicker. Don’t plant all of your hills in one area. Plant several small patches in several different places. Planting a nice, level garden in the open with long, straight rows is a no-no. They are easy to spot by gestapo foot troops, airplane and chopper patrols and security recon drones. You want to hide your garden from AC.

You need to hide garden plantings, as a discovered garden in the deep wilderness is a sign of human activity close by. A few plants here, a few plants there, etc. Like nearly all plants, they need sun and water, but they need to be concealed as much as possible from AC’s gestapo. Clear weeds away from plantings area so as not to rob moisture and nutrients from your plantings and shading from the much-needed sun. You may have to water plants. A 6-gallon bucket with a 12-ounce tin can will work fine. Walk to your plant locations, scoop out a can of water, and pour at the base of the plants.

But remember what I wrote in three different articles about stocking 7 years’ worth of One-a-Day type supplements. I buy them 200 per bottle, and I get the generic brand (cheaper but just as good). That’s 13 bottles per person that will last a single person for 7 years. No matter what you eat that day, always start it off with a One-a-Day type of supplement.

This first group of garden plantings I will discuss are underground root vegetables. These are not visible above ground to gestapo troopers searching the woods for Christians. A row of bright red tomatoes or a large spreading plant of bright orange pumpkins or a tall row of corn will stand out like a sore thumb to the gestapo as a sign of humans in the immediate area. Tomatoes, pumpkins, tall sweet corn plus many other varieties are not native to the deep wilderness, so to find them there usually means someone planted them. The only other way is an act of nature when a bird flying over a wilderness area poops out a seed they consumed earlier and let fly with their “bird fertilizer,” which hits the ground and grows into a plant.

Here are a few more underground root vegetables and how much it takes to feed 10-12 for a year. Remember to save seed after harvest time and store in cellars for the winter:

Carrots (360 plants = 150 pounds); beets (240 plants = 120 pounds); parsnips (108 plants = 36 pounds); turnips (162 plants = 60 pounds); onions (188 plants = 96 pounds); garlic (192 plants = 8 pounds); radish (180 plants = 45 pounds); sweet potatoes (33 plants = 36 pounds).

I did an article last year on building a solar oven, distiller, food dryer, etc. Dried potato slices last 10-20 years if stored properly. Peel the potatoes, slice thin and lay out in open sun or in your solar oven, and dry to potato-chip condition. The less moisture in the chip, the longer the shelf life. Same with carrots, onions, and many other items. Good for making it through the winter. Add water to the dried veggies, then let set to reconstitute or boil in water.

Previous articles can be found on this site. Articles posted after #52 have links at the end of this #61 article:

After the Rapture #53: Series Directory w/Links :: By Dick Ainsworth

Here are some above-ground vegetables and the likewise numbers for feeding 10-12 people for one year:

Brussel sprouts (66 plants = 72 pounds); broccoli (120 plants = 120 pounds); cabbage (60 plants = 150 pounds); cauliflower (108 plants = 72 pounds); cherry tomatoes (70 plants = 105 pounds); leeks (36 plants = 180 pounds); lima beans, bush (60 seeds = 400 pounds); peppers (36 plants = 35 pounds); snap beans, bush (150 seeds = 360 pounds); soy beans (180 seeds = 432 pounds); spinach (45 seeds = 180 pounds); tomatoes (360 plants = 120 pounds).

All numbers are approximate and may vary based on climate, God’s judgments, weather and other factors. Always save seed and make sure your food storage will last at least 180 days. Some seed will need to be sprouted into young plants in late winter to be transplanted in outdoor gardens in warm spring (examples: cabbage, tomatoes, peppers, etc.). You can layout young sprouted plants in the cellars at night, set outside during warmer days, put away in cellars at night, etc., as this toughens up the young plants when planted outside in a garden.

I didn’t list grains like corn, wheat, rice, etc., as it takes too much open ground to raise field crops. And it is nearly impossible to conceal from AC (antichrist).

You can grind dried potatoes, turnips, beets and others into a flour to make biscuits, bread, cakes, pie crust, etc. It may take some getting used to turnip or beet flour but you wouldn’t have had that problem if you’d have been taken up in the rapture. The food up there is perfect, fantastic and plentiful.

Ah yes. The morning greets you with a fresh stack of turnip pancakes!

I realize that so far what I have written sounds like a lot of work. Well, truth be known, it is. But you can be taken down in the tribulation naked and unprepared to suffer an antagonizing, painful, cruel death only knowing antichrist and his band of human demons (his gestapo) and still not knowing of salvation through Jesus Christ, or get prepared now for your last and final chance at perfect, plentiful, never-ending happiness forever.

Be sure to stock plenty of fishing gear. That can be a major source of food. Have plenty of hooks, line, floats, etc., as this equipment is light and doesn’t take up a lot of room. If you don’t know how to fish, you’ll learn! Some humans are actually smarter than many fish varieties!

Some canned items you can buy from grocery stores will last up to 3 years if stored in a cool place (such as an outdoor food cellar that will measure about 50 degrees or less if built correctly in your geographical location). More on that later in this article.

Here’s a short list of storable canned foods. All are pre-cooked and can be eaten out of the can. Save the empty cans after washing, and clean them thoroughly:

From Walmart you can get their generic brand “Great Value” cooked chicken breast and beef stew. At Costco they have Kirkland roast beef. Hormel Spam is available at many places. It has somewhat of a bad name starting around WWII which they don’t deserve. It is very nourishing, versatile and stores well, so get plenty of it. Canned tuna in oil is available nearly everywhere as is Hormel’s chili with beans.

You need to mix the above canned meats with vegetables into a stew to feed more people and to stretch out the meats. Remember to ration, conserve and not waste. Canned goods can last up to 3 years, but always use “the sniff test” after you open a can of anything. Dried foods last longer than wet, canned foods. The main reason to tight pack dry foods is to keep away insects, mice, etc. Mylar bags with oxygen absorbers work very well at that.

Dry foods need to be completely dry. Spread out and let lie in the sun to ensure they are dry (usually 7 days, flipping them over every day). Don’t pack dry foods on rainy or humid days. Label and date all food. Then eat the oldest first. When buying canned or other packaged foods in a store, go to the back of each row of cans, etc., to get your newest and freshest food. Store employees rotate stock and put the freshest in the back so people will use up items with the oldest expiration dates first. Go to the back of each row to get the freshest and newest. It isn’t cheating! It is the smart thing to do.

One last list

One last list where I compiled a collection of food items that have a shelf life of at least ten years. All of these items need to be stored in a cool, dark place in airtight containers. I have a section on cellars with airtight mylar bags with a good supply of oxygen absorbers. Some of these items are important for survival, while others make life in the wilderness more comfortable.

Here’s the list with a brief explanation on storage with some additional information. Be sure to have a large supply of mylar bags and oxygen absorbers. There may be some duplication of some articles already mentioned:

1 – Apple Cider Vinegar (has some health benefits)

2 – Baking Soda (buy at least a couple of large bags)

3 – Bouillon Cubes (Beef or chicken: Be sure to store in mylar bags with oxygen absorbers. After removing a cube, seal up mylar bag with a fresh, new oxygen absorber.

4 – Pure Unsweetened Cocoa Powder

5 – Corn starch

6 – Corn Syrup (can be used in place of sugar. Keep in airtight containers)

7 – Dried Beans, Dried Corn

8 – Hardtack & Pemmican (shelf live: maybe a lifetime. Recipes in previous articles)

9 – Honey (if it hardens up, heat it up and it will soften. Honey was found in Egyptian pyramids that was 3,000 years old.

10 – Maple Syrup

11 – Pasta

12 – Potato Flakes

13 – Ramen Noodles (will last a few decades; keep in dark cool place)

14 – Salt

15 – Soy Sauce

16 – Powdered Milk (with oxygen absorber last 10 years)

17 – Sugar

18 – Tea

19 – Vanilla Extract

20 – White Rice (lasts for years, but brown rice only lasts 6 months)

21 – White Vinegar

22 – Whole wheat Grains (you need a grain mill for grinding into flour, also coffee, corn meal, etc. Get extra blades)

Be sure to leave a note in your left-behind box for the left behind to go through your kitchen, pantry, storage rooms, etc., to find tools, foods, supplies, etc., that they can take and use in their new wilderness home. Look for blankets, cold weather clothing, tools (shovels, saws, axes, etc.).


I have discussed wilderness cellars in previous articles #2 and #3 (from 2017) plus #5 and #26 (from 2018), so this section is an add-on in 2019 with this article #61. It contains new ideas and suggestions to be added to the pre-mentioned articles #2, #3, #5 and #26, so I suggest you review those articles before reading this #61 (that’s your homework assignment for today!).

Kidding aside, it is important that those left behind do it right on the first try/year as they can’t afford any trial runs, especially those that reside in winter areas. So they must do it right the first time out.

Earlier articles spoke of walk-in and crawl-in cellars, so that has been covered. This article will speak of buried cellars. When you are storing away food, medical supplies, books and survival manuals, all-weather clothing, etc., I suggest you crazy uncles pack it away in your left-behind rooms in large, empty, clean trash cans, large 5- or 6-gallon buckets, 55-gallon barrels, etc., with a tight-sealing lid. Make a written list of what is in each container and place it on top of the contents before sealing the lids and covers. Tape a second list to the outside-top of each container. If you get sealed #10 cans and/or 6-gallon buckets of bulk food from the Mormons, they are sealed to last 20-30 years, so no need to put them inside a barrel, trash can, etc. And the contents and dates are marked on the outside.

I talked before of the importance of having lots of large trash bags. You can double-bag stuff and store away. I even spoke of body bags for the deceased since you won’t have caskets (see article entitled “Left Behind boot hill”). But only bag foods in sealed containers. No loose food (like potatoes, etc.). And always save and reuse trash bags, etc.

Also, in your left-behind room, leave some empty clean barrels, plastic and/or galvanized metal trash cans, etc., for their own cellars. You can also store your own hardtack, jerky, pemmican, etc., in them. Be sure to seal each packet in mylar storage bags with oxygen absorbers.

The left behind then need to transport the barrels, trash cans, buckets, #10 cans, to the wilderness area where they plan to set up camp. And then bury the barrels away a good distance from their living and sleeping area. They need to be buried below the freeze line. Don’t leave out in the sun. Draw 2 or more maps of where everything is in case you die.

These are mini-cellars. It will have its own problems, mainly if the gestapo discover your camp area and you have to flee to an alternate camp area. That is another good reason to bury supplies a good distance from your living area and out of sight. Gestapo forces might use metal detectors to find the galvanized metal trash cans, #10 cans, etc. They may not dig them up but will surely place solar-powered security cameras to observe you digging them up. Then you are captured.

I believe immediately after the rapture is the best time to put these plans into play. Of course, the planet will be in a state of mass confusion at that time, so that is why the “left-behind letters” are so important. Antichrist (AC) will be revealed at that time, but I don’t believe by an announcement like “here’s the antichrist.” I believe he will come on the scene as the new powerful world leader who has the answers to everything. He will say great things, and many of the people will flock to him for answers and comfort.

Satan is eagerly looking forward to the rapture so as to get Christ’s Church out of here on earth, so he will have the power and influence over the remaining 5 or so billion (my personal guesstimate) left-behind souls ripe for the picking. One of his answers for the rapture will be a supernatural cleansing to get rid of all of those haters. No Christians will be left on earth to argue the point. So many of the left behind will believe that lie. The left-behind letters are important. Read my reply to Australian Kieran Roberts email in the following “Reader Feedback” section for websites.

That is why the left-behind letters are so important. Your family and friends know by your earthly example that there wasn’t a hateful bone in your body. After the rapture, you need to explain fully where you are and why.

Maybe you are the type who believes you can’t write such a letter. Writing isn’t one of your skills. But I guarantee you that if you pray to the Lord for the words to write in such a letter, you will even surprise yourself at your new, unknown writing abilities. The Holy Spirit of God will lead the way. Believe and it will be done (John 14:14).

Reader Feedback

Dear Mr Ainsworth,

My name is Kieran Roberts. I live in Australia, and I read your articles as well as other articles written by other contributors to the website.

Last year I wrote a very long letter to my parents and put it in my Crazy daughter folder. The folder is brown in colour and in plain sight, right next to my five-ingredient recipe cook book.

We have preppers here in Australia; I only found out about them a few years ago. I am listening to what they say. I also use my judgment.

My art teacher recently told me about a dream he had. The dream was:

He is in the suburbs; three people of Asian descent come up to him; they are hungry and demand that he gives them food; he doesn’t, and they kill him because he refused to help them.

My interpretation of that dream is this:

Hungry and starving people will come. Should they find food, they will hang around; and more will come when they hear that food has been found. Eventually, they will find his house and they will kill him.

It all comes down to whether you value your life over theirs.

To avoid having bodies in your yard, dig a few graves and toss them in, then bury them. “We came from the earth and we shall return to the earth.”

I have enclosed A “Dear Mum letter” Document as an attachment. You can read it and tell me what you think. You may even decide to add a few words of your own.

Keep up the good work.

Yours Sincerely,

Kieran Roberts

(Dick’s reply) Some other articles I would suggest you leave behind for your family:

After the Rapture #18

After the Rapture #14

After the Rapture #23

If you can get your family to read these three articles before the rapture, that would be great. If they still reject those articles, at least they would have read them beforehand. You should leave these articles in your left-behind box also for after the rapture. Then things will fall into place, and they will accept the fact that you weren’t a “crazy daughter” after all. You have disappeared like you said you would. That should wake them up to God’s real truth.

My way of thinking is all effort should be towards converting beliefs into being taken in the rapture. If you make extreme efforts before the rapture, they all have memories of those extreme efforts. And those extreme efforts just might convince them of the way and plans of the Lord.

My only suggestion is for you to put more emphasis on the fact that the antichrist (AC) will take over all national governments which includes Australia. He will have a gestapo there just like he will have in all countries in his “new world order.” People left behind will have to flee their homes and head for the wilderness (or the “bush” in the inner central area in Australia). AC will have a strong, powerful, well-equipped gestapo to enforce AC’s laws. There are a good number of Christians in Australia. I can tell by the number of emails I receive.

And I also hope that other crazy-uncle readers who are in similar situations with lukewarm family and friends in other countries can use Kieran’s informative email as a guide to solve their salvation problems within their own group. The Bible is the Bible, word-for-word all over the world. There is only one way to heaven no matter what language you speak!

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After the Rapture #53: Series Directory w/Links :: By Dick Ainsworth

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Prayer List info and guidance

A good way to build a stronger prayer life is to print off hard copies of Prayer Lists #1 thru #14 and following, and at any time of day or night when you as an individual want to pray to the Lord, take out your printed copies and read/pray over them again. This is also great for family group prayer and home-church group prayer. God has a very big memory, and all prayers are recorded by Our Lord and Savior.

Below are the links (in blue) to all prayer lists thus far:

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